KHSW Ch. 345

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Xiao Nuo looked at his grandma in confusion, “Grandma, why can mom and dad drink it, but Xiao Nuo can’t?”

The little guy was just plain curious.

Su Zhiyan’s tone was extremely gentle, and she secretly glanced at the two of them from the corner of her eye, then lowered her voice, “Didn’t Xiao Nuo say last time that he wanted his mother to give him a younger brother? If your parents drink this soup, then I promise it will be OK.” She said and gave Xiao Nuonuo an “OK” gesture.

Xiao Nuo also secretly made an OK gesture.

When Ling Xi saw her mother-in-law not letting Xiao Nuo drink the soup, she immediately said, “It’s okay, Mom, Yizhi and I can’t drink much, let Xiao Nuo have a taste too!”

Su Zhiyan shook her head, “This soup is specially made for you. Weren’t you exhausted last night?”

Ling Xi almost spit out the tonic soup she just drank.

Xu Yizhi paused while holding the empty bowl.


Mom was really brave enough to say anything, “What kind of soup is this?”

Hearing that her son remembered to ask, Su Zhiyan said with a little pride: “This is a unique secret recipe that I learned from others. There are many things in it. If you think it is effective, I will teach it to Yizhi and you can drink it every day before going to bed. Drink a bowl and I guarantee that you will be pregnant with Xiao Nuo’s brother or sister within a month.”

Ling Xi covered her stomach and looked at her mother-in-law bitterly, “Mom, this soup is too ‘effective’. I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Suddenly, Xu Yizhi also felt uncomfortable in his stomach…

“Zhiyan, I told you not to study before, but you still didn’t listen. See what happened now? Are both my son and daughter-in-law unwell?”

As soon as Xu Xinrong finished speaking, Su Zhiyan lowered her head with a guilty conscience, “How would I know that my son and daughter-in-law don’t have that? Isn’t that kind of me?”

“You did something bad with good intentions.”

Su Zhiyan suddenly thought of a question and approached Xu Xinrong like a thief, “Tell me, our son and daughter-in-law have never had anything to do with each other, right? In this case, when can we hold our little grandson?”

“Anyway, I’m content with Xiao Nuo. I don’t want any grandson.”

Su Zhiyan glanced at him displeased, knowing that she and he were not on the same side.

Flight Academy.

At this time, there were only four people left in the team.

Shen Bingqian said, “Do you think our flight instructor will be a handsome guy?”

For the sake of the show, even if they didn’t want to respond, they had to reluctantly talk to her.

“How would we know?”

Shen Bingqian glanced at Yu Jiayin. In fact, he was quite boring.

When Bing Yanyan saw a group of people not far away, she suddenly remembered the pilot in a certain TV series she had watched. It was the original version, so handsome.

A pair of big sunglasses and a blue flight training suit, especially the one in the middle, who was tall and had fair skin.

“Take a break and stand at attention. I am your flight instructor – Meng Yang. Since you are here for training, please cheer up 200%.”

Shen Bingqian looked at their flight instructor, with a hint of infatuation on her face, and said in her heart: No, now that she knew from Ling Xi that Brother Jiayang also liked her, she must find ways to remove Brother Jiayang from Ou Mengxue and snatch him back into her hands. As for the other men, they were still out of her range.

“We will start the first round of training now, and we will eliminate one person every week. In other words, only one person will remain in the end.”

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