IAPP Ch. 52

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The anger in Ling Yue’s heart had not subsided, but seeing her cautious look, he felt a little distressed. He was afraid that he couldn’t help but be angry with her, so he just closed his eyes and ignored her.

When they got home, Ling Yue pushed Gu Anxin away and looked coldly at Alice, “Do you know how to deal with it?”

Alice bowed, feeling that Ling Yue was now a parent whose daughter was fighting outside, and was extremely protective, “Sir, please give me instructions!”

Even if their daughter lost a fight at school, parents couldn’t take action, right? So tasteless!

Facts proved that Ling Yue’s shamelessness had not gone to the extreme yet, “I don’t want that woman to appear in front of Anxin again!”

Fortunately, he still had some sense and didn’t say to bring down the company.

After Alice left, Ling Yue stood up and went to the bedroom, where he saw Anxin putting a band-aid on her forehead in front of the mirror.

Ling Yue walked over and took the band-aid away, “Let the doctor take a look at it later!”

Gu Anxin took out another band-aid from the medicine box, pouted and glared at him, “What’s the point of seeing a doctor for such a small wound? Do you think I’m not embarrassed enough?”

On the third day after finalizing and eating her boyfriend, she got into a fight with a woman and was caught by her boyfriend. Gu Anxin frowned, God was trying to kill her!

Ling Yue sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap, “The wound is not a trivial matter. Tetanus is caused by the wound, as well as rabies and so on…”

“That is caused by a dog bite, okay? I was just scratched twice by nails!” Gu Anxin pulled his sleeves and begged, “Don’t let the doctor come over. I’ll cook some noodles for you, okay?”

“I’m not a foodie!” Ling Yue was dissatisfied, but he didn’t say anything more about asking the doctor to come over.

After all, Ling Yue didn’t let Gu Anxin cook. How could the injured be tired?

Gu Anxin performed a martial arts show during the day and went to bed early at night. Although she was still worried about how embarrassing it would be to go to the company tomorrow, she fell asleep as if she had fainted after getting stuck in bed.

Ling Yue sat alone in front of the computer and reluctantly posted on Weibo again.

When he saw the video above, his eyes turned cold, he turned down the sound, and clicked on the video.

“I don’t know where I offended Gu Anxin. She rushed up and hit me regardless of the obstruction of her colleagues. My face was swollen. She has a disabled rich boyfriend, but she still hooked up with Mr. Xiao Yishan. I…”

The background of the video was in a hospital. The man standing next to the speaker was one whom Ling Yue knew. He was the man who sent flowers to Gu Anxin.

Ling Yue closed the web page, with a cold face, reached out and typed on the keyboard for a long time, then picked up the phone and dialled Xiao Yishan, “I want to see the acquisition of Dachuan Comics tomorrow!”

Before Xiao Yishan could get up from the woman, he heard that Ling Yue had hung up the phone. Xiao Yishan was so angry that he vented his anger on his female companion again.

Ling Yue turned off the computer, but after thinking about it, he was unwilling to give up. He turned on the computer again, and after fussing with it for a while, he returned to the bedroom with a look of disdain and fell asleep holding Anxin in his arms.

At the same time, Du Ming refreshed his blog over and over again, but it always showed ‘connection error’. He originally thought there was a network problem, but other web pages could be opened, only this one could not be opened.

And when he wanted to buy something he was interested in, he found that his account balance had reached single digits. He was suddenly shocked. He refreshed the bank website over and over again but could not change the fact before him.

Du Ming called the bank, but the other party didn’t know what was going on. They checked the direction of the money in his account overnight and found out that it was donated to a poor primary school in Guizhou.

Du Ming was furious.

Of course, this was not the end. He gradually discovered that on the 20th of every month in the future, this day of universal celebration for wages, if he did not withdraw his salary quickly, it would be donated inexplicably.

The car he just bought had to be repaid every month. In the end, he had to ask his parents for help.

Du Ming finally changed his bank card, but it still couldn’t stop some people’s bad intentions.

When Gu Anxin woke up early the next morning, she looked at the scar on her forehead and felt a little embarrassed and didn’t want to go to work.

Ling Yue was more direct, asking Alice to send the documents he needed to see here, and worked directly at home, while keeping Gu Anxin at home, with the excuse of…recuperating.

Gu Anxin looked at the two shallow scratches on her forehead and twitched the corner of her mouth.

Xia Dachuan naturally didn’t dare to make any sense, especially when Xiao Yishan informed him with a constipated look that he wanted to acquire his Dachuan Comics Company, he almost wanted to kneel down.

Gu Anxin and Ling Yue had since entered the relationship mode of a homebody and a homeboy. This was the rhythm they originally imagined.

After breakfast in the morning, he read documents and she drew comics, he poured water for her, he cut fruit for her, and they spent the day in a warm and tacit understanding.

However, the fact was that the two of them were working together in the bedroom, and then he flirted with her, and she flirted with him, and finally put aside the computer and comic books and rolled on the sheets together.

Then, the bed was for sleeping, not for working, so they changed places. The next day they went to the living room, and there was a sofa on both sides. Finally, with a look exchange, they rolled off the sofa again.

In the end, it was decided, one of them will work in bedroom, other will work in living room, and finally… did it in the dining room.

In Gu Anxin’s words, even mountains and rivers could not stop third brother from going into heat.

In Ling Yue’s words, whether Gu Anxin pouted or gnawed her fingers, it was an ambiguous invitation to him.

Finally, after Gu Anxin’s injury was completely healed and Ling Yue’s job was pushed back again and again, Gu Anxin was finally able to go to work.

Gu Anxin originally thought that it would be embarrassing to go to work, but when she arrived at the company, she discovered that the big-breasted woman and some people who were too keen on watching the excitement had disappeared. They had either resigned or been fired. It turned out that in the past few days when she was gone, everything was going well.

Qin Ling even gossiped with her in a treacherous manner, “That big-breasted girl also exposed you on the Internet. Guess what happened?”

Gu Anxin raised his eyebrows, “Why didn’t I know?”

The female pig trotter didn’t even know about it. Qin Ling felt very satisfied and said quickly, “She and Du Ming also took a video and posted it on Du Ming’s Weibo, but the technical support of that Weibo suddenly stopped!”

“What do you mean it suddenly stopped?”

“It’s just that the Weibo website has been hacked!” Qin Ling laughed, “Two days ago, I heard from accountant Xiao Zhang that Du Ming is particularly keen on charity donations. I wonder if his conscience has been discovered!”

Would a person like Du Ming have a conscience to find?

Gu Anxin was very suspicious.

The two were whispering when they saw the accountant Xiao Zhang coming over happily with a red bomb, “Anxin, I will be going to my hometown to get married. I’ll invite you for my wedding. You and Sister Qin can come together!”

With that said, he put down the invitation in his hand, and like a magic trick, he took out two bags of wrapped peanuts and melon seeds from behind, “I’ll treat you to something to eat!”

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