IAPP Ch. 51

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Gu Anxin grabbed the big-breasted girl’s hair and refused to let go, no matter who came to pull her away, the big-breasted girl also seemed to be more expert at fighting with women. She touched her face with her fingernails, and Gu Anxin only felt a burning pain.

Sister Liu and Qin Ling were both frightened. There were very few people working in this building who would take action if they disagreed. Now these two people were like shrews, which was an eye-opener.

Especially Gu Anxin, who usually gave people the impression of being delicate and frail, was now riding on a woman who was taller than her, taking full advantage.

The cubicle was in a mess, the chairs and tables were squeezed and creaked, manuscripts flew all over the floor, and some had big footprints left on them.

When Xia Dachuan got the news and rushed over, the busty woman’s face was already swollen, and Gu Anxin also had two nail scratch marks on her forehead.

“Both of you, follow me!” Xia Dachuan was also very angry. This was a comic company and he was a cultural person. Although he had published several martial arts comics, he would never want his company to become a martial arts training ground, especially when two women were fighting!

The big-breasted woman changed her previous heroic demeanour of not being afraid of losing, and followed her in tears, “Manager, it wasn’t me, it was Gu Anxin who attacked me first. Look at my face…”

Gu Anxin had nothing to say. She was indeed the one who made the first move, but when it happened again, she slapped her mouth.

Xia Dachuan sat behind the desk, very speechless, “You two…” He glanced at Gu Anxin, Xiao Yishan had originally arranged for her to come work for him, but he never knew who she was to Xiao Yishan, so when he spoke he calmed down his arrogance and said, “Tell me what’s going on!”

Gu Anxin didn’t speak, but the big-breasted girl couldn’t wait to wipe her tears. “Manager, it was Gu Anxin who made the first move. I just passed by her seat and talked to Sister Liu, and she rushed over like crazy, and hit me!”

Gu Anxin narrowed her eyes and glared at her. It was really the evil person who complained first. She didn’t feel it before, but now she only felt a burning pain in her forehead. “The manager will tell you how to deal with it!”

She was too lazy to say those obscene words, which tainted other people’s ears and her own mouth.

Xia Dachuan was stunned. He really didn’t realize that Gu Anxin was usually weak and a little bit soft like the girl next door, but now she looked so powerful and domineering, which was simply shocking.

However, Xia Dachuan was not embarrassed for long, because soon, Alice walked in without knocking, glanced at the busty woman with cold eyes, and then looked at Xia Dachuan.

But it was Gu Anxin who was frightened. Alice’s coming here meant that third brother also knew about it. Gu Anxin shrank her neck. Did he also know that she was riding on someone else?

Gu Anxin wanted to cover her face.

Xia Dachuan was startled and stood up quickly, “Why are you here?”

Alice smiled coldly, “Can I not come? Mr. Xiao asked me to greet Manager Xia, and also wanted me to ask Manager Xia how he takes care of people!”

Before Xia Dachuan could say anything, Alice turned to Gu Anxin with great respect and said, “Miss Gu, the car is waiting outside to take you to the hospital for a check-up!”

When the busty woman heard this, she jumped immediately. She was the victim, she was the one who was beaten. Why did the assailant need to have her injuries examined? She was still thinking of tricking Gu Anxin, “No, she can’t leave. She wants to leave just because she hit someone?”

Xia Dachuan’s forehead was sweating. He stretched out his hand and secretly pulled the troublesome woman. He lowered his voice and reminded, “She belongs to Mr. Xiao Yishan. You can’t afford to offend her!”

More importantly, don’t involve him and the company. Xiao Yishan was a carefree person, but his actions were underhanded. Although Dachuan Comics Company was well-known in the industry, it relied entirely on its own strength without any background or backing.

If Xiao Yishan wanted to mess with him, he wouldn’t even have to blink, let alone take a breath.

The big-breasted woman’s eyes widened, Xiao Yishan’s person?

Xiao Yishan’s reputation was louder than that of celebrities in the entertainment industry. He slept with all the sexy women in the world, especially those in the entertainment industry.

Gu Anxin didn’t notice the interaction between Xia Dachuan and the big-breasted woman at all. She only knew that she was embarrassed this time.

Originally she just took action to teach this woman a lesson, but she didn’t expect that it would alarm third brother, especially the people around him. Would third brother think that she was uneducated and embarrassing him?

Gu Anxin was worried that her hair was blocked.

Alice just left Xia Dachuan with an indifferent expression, “Mr. Xiao will reserve the right to pursue Dachuan comics’ responsibility!”

Originally, Gu Anxin didn’t care about the cowardly name of sugar daddy, but now that Alice came to get her with such a big fanfare, she shouldn’t be too arrogant.

After leaving the building, she saw the low-key car of third brother. Gu Anxin bit her lips and moved to the car like a turtle crawling.

Alice wanted to laugh a little. She looked like a bog fighter girl just now, but now she had turned into an ostrich. She kindly stepped forward and opened the door for Gu Anxin, “Miss Gu, get in the car. Sir is also worried about you!”

Gu Anxin got into the car with a wrinkled face.

Ling Yue in the car put down the official document in his hand and looked at Gu Anxin with indifferent eyes, full of displeasure. When he saw the scratches on her forehead, his indifferent expression finally broke and he stretched out his hand to pull her into his arms, “Are you working in a martial arts gym?”

He raised his hand and touched her scar gently, causing her to gasp. Ling Yue’s eyes were filled with fire, “Go to the hospital!”

Gu Anxin said quickly, “No, no, let’s just go back and put a band-aid on it. We don’t have to go to the hospital!”

It was already embarrassing enough, why should she be more embarrassed and thrown into the hospital?

With such obvious injuries, the doctor would probably know at a glance that she had been in a fight with another woman.

Ling Yue frowned, “Alice, ask Hong An to come over!”

Alice’s eyes widened, and there was more than a little surprise in her eyes, “Sir, Miss Gu’s injury… doesn’t look serious. Do you really need Dr. Hong?”

Hong An was a doctor of medicine from the United States. His whole family was a legend in the medical field, and he himself was a leader. Later, he met Ling Yue somehow. Both of them were freaks. Freaks had a way of communication that others could not understand, but they cherished each other, and Hong An even came to China to work as a doctor because of him.

However, Alice was not afraid that Ling Yue will be ridiculed by Hong An!

Ling Yue narrowed his eyes, “Are you a doctor? Do you know?”

Alice choked and stared, she definitely meant well!

Gu Anxin didn’t know who Hong An was, but she only knew that Alice meant that third brother was making a fuss!

“Third brother…”

“Shut up!” Ling Yue raised his hand and stroked her forehead, “Who is it? Why?”

Gu Anxin lowered her head to shut herself up, and said slowly, “No one, just a little quarrel!”

It was very noisy outside the car, which made the inside of the car even quieter. Gu Anxin huddled in her seat and asked hesitantly, “Third brother, do you think I have embarrassed you?”

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