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The second episode was to be recorded at the indoor water park in F City. In this issue, Jiang Mochen still chose Team Sun Xun, and Yan Qingchi also chose Team Sun Xun. Chen Xuanlang watched the three of them stop there, and turned to ask the director, “Is it too late for me to quit now?”

The director smiled. “Xuanlang, you must have a challenging spirit.”

Chen Xuanlang felt that he had no challenging spirit at all. When he saw such a lineup, he just wanted to quit, leaving the stage to Sun Xun and his team. However, whether he was willing to face the difficulties or not, as the captain, he still needed to cheer up his players.

“Come on! We can do it!”

Team members: …No, we can’t.

Everyone changed into their swimsuits, and after the staff gave the order, they collectively entered the water and started the warm-up match before grabbing the wooden signs – water volleyball.

The rules of water volleyball were very simple. The red and blue teams stood on the left and right sides of the net respectively. The players hit the ball back and forth at high altitude with their hands. Whichever team’s ball fell into the water first would be judged to have lost. Five rounds. Three wins.

Jiang Mochen, as the most aquatic among everyone present, made outstanding contributions to his team in this session and successfully helped his team win.

After the water volleyball event, everyone entered the stage of grabbing wooden cards. Due to the limitations of the venue, there were not many places for everyone to hide this time, but also because of the special nature of the water park, it added some unexpected fun to the wooden sign grabbing.

For example, Ding Zinan finally caught up with Yang Xiaoxiao, and Yang Xiaoxiao slid down the slide. She thought she had escaped and waved goodbye to Ding Zinan, but in the next second, Ding Zinan also slipped down and was sliding down the slide, then he fell into the water with Yang Xiaoxiao and snatched her wooden sign when she was confused.

Jiang Mochen gave full play to his advantage of being a dragon in the water and chased people extremely fast. He and Yan Qingchi were responsible for chasing people and delisting them. They cooperated tacitly and quickly killed many members of Chen Xuanlang’s team.

Chen Xuanlang looked at Zhao Qiang, who was still the only one struggling in his team, and thought about his struggling situation. He looked like he had guessed this would happen, but in order to implement the spirit of sports, he still had to do an unnecessary death struggle.

The final victory undoubtedly belonged to Sun Xun’s red team, and the MVP was won again by Yan Qingchi. Although Yan Qingchi felt that he was only responsible for collecting kills to gain experience points, and it was Jiang Mochen who really played the key role. However, the program team still awarded him the MVP.

Because the program team knew that netizens were interested in the contrast between Yan Qingchi, who had good skills and good looks, but had a poor musical temperament, they deliberately did some tricks so that he would still be required to sing to receive the prize after the draw.

Yan Qingchi had experienced solo singing and chorus singing in “a family of three” and was already a “singer” who was about to mature. This time, probably to improve his growth trajectory, the award requirement was that he must choose a guest on the spot to sing a love song duet with.

He looked at what was written on the note: Choose a partner and sing “You Are Written in My Life” with you. Yan Qingchi looked confused, “I’ve never heard of this song, I don’t know it.”

“It doesn’t matter, you just need to sing the chorus. We have prepared the lyrics and music for you. You have half an hour to study. The learning part will not be broadcast,” the staff member said.

Yan Qingchi felt that the program team probably had a grudge against him, otherwise how could they choose such a song for him, “I don’t dare to sing a love song duet. After singing, I probably won’t be able to show up alive at the next recording session. Me and whoever partners with me and his fans will tear me apart.”

“Don’t worry, this is the last issue of the season, there is no so-called next issue.”

Yan Qingchi was heartbroken, “Really not letting me go.”

The director of the program team smiled and said, “Qingchi, please choose a partner. Didn’t you just say that your team’s victory was all due to Mochen? Or just choose him.”

Yan Qingchi: …I see. Little House Sisters are really going to tear me apart.

At the end of the recording, Yan Qingchi sang “You Are Written in My Life” with Jiang Mochen. However, when it came to selecting a partner, because he refused to choose a partner and insisted on performing the love song duet alone, the program team directly asked the remaining guests that it would be decided by guessing, and the winner would sing a duet with Yan Qingchi.

Sun Xun said with a smile: “Singing a duet with a music killer like Qingchi is not a reward for victory. It is clearly a punishment for failure.”

Jiang Mochen did not speak, but calmly watched everyone guessing. When Sun Xun guessed and beat Chen Xuanlang, and was playing guessing games with Jiang Mochen, he saw Jiang Mochen giving him a slight signal. Sun Xun was so smart. He thought to himself, with his serious spouse here, how could it be anyone else’s turn to sing with Yan Qingchi.

So he gave Jiang Mochen a signal to punch. Jiang Mochen received the message and won the round easily.

“So it’s me and Qingchi singing together?” He looked at the staff.

The director originally already liked him, after all, he was the most popular in the audience, so he nodded quickly.

Yan Qingchi took a look, and it was him in the end. He said, “Come on.”

Jiang Mochen had never heard this song before, so when Yan Qingchi was learning, he also listened and learned together. Soon, Jiang Mochen said that he knew it, and Yan Qingchi felt that he almost knew it, and then the two started singing duet.

As a result, Jiang Mochen couldn’t help laughing while singing. When the chorus was finished, Jiang Mochen looked at Yan Qingchi, “Don’t worry, my fans will definitely not say anything about you.”


Jiang Mochen was helpless, “Because after listening to our song, others wouldn’t realize it was a love song duet. If you don’t know, they would probably think you were beating me up.”

Yan Qingchi: “…”

Jiang Mochen sighed, “Qingchi, fortunately you are an actor. If you were a singer, a tuner with an annual salary of tens of millions could still not fix your voice.”

Yan Qingchi: Plastic couple, divorce online!

“…Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Mochen said shamelessly.

Because this was the last recording, the program team recorded a small interview with everyone after everyone said “See you next season” together.

As a promotional guest and the most popular artist among them, Jiang Mochen was naturally the first to record.

The host first exchanged a few words with him and then chatted with him about the filming of “Lost” before starting the interview.

“Mochen came to record “Let’s Fight! Friend!” for the first time. How do you feel?”

“I feel that everyone was very interesting and the recording was very happy.”

“Mochen, you were on the same team as Sun Xun in both episodes of the program, do you feel there is any difference between Sun Xun in the show and Sun Xun in your daily impression?”

“There are still differences. In the show, Sun Xun is more responsible because he is the captain, and he takes care of many things. While, when we get along on weekdays, he will be more casual and talk better.”

“Apart from Sun Xun, Mochen, you seem to be very familiar with Qingchi.”

“Yes, Qingchi is also a member of our “Lost” crew, and he is in the same agency as me, so he is considered my junior brother, and we have a very good relationship in private.”

“Qingchi is very powerful in the show. He grabs wooden cards very quickly. Netizens call him a humanoid plug-in. Is this the same when you are filming or getting along in private?”

“That’s not true. Qingchi is actually a very cheerful and gentle person. Because he was a newcomer when filming, he was very modest. Even if he did not have any scenes, he would sit on the set and listen to the director explaining the scenes to other actors. In private, he would be more considerate, good at accommodating others, and gentler.”

“The review is so good. It seems that you two have a really good relationship. After this recording is over, you will go back to the crew to film again, right?”


“Then, finally, what do you want to say on behalf of our program crew?”

“”Let’s Fight! Friends!” is a very positive and interesting variety show. The first two seasons have done very well. I believe it will get better and better in the future. Here, I wish you all the best. Keep watching “Let’s fight! Friends!” and see it achieve better results!”

After the recording, Jiang Mochen stayed in H City for another night and left. He didn’t feel anything good when they were together, but it was only after he parted with Yan Qingchi that he felt that he was still a little reluctant to leave him. But as the male protagonist of “Lost”, Jiang Mochen sparing two days to record “Let’s Fight! Friend!” was already very difficult, and Yan Qingchi was embarrassed to say anything to make him leave even a few hours later.

The two said goodbye to each other, returned to their respective crews, and continued their work.

Soon, time came to the end of November, and Jiang Mochen’s recorded “Let’s Fight! Friend!” episode was also officially broadcast on TV. As the first person to win the wooden sign from Yan Qingchi, Jiang Mochen quickly became a hot search topic along with Yan Qingchi.

Wei Lan and Yan Qingchi were watching the episode on TV together. When he saw Yan Qingchi taking the initiative to hand the wooden sign to Jiang Mochen, he was shocked and asked him angrily, “I have been chasing you for so long and you haven’t let me go. But you grabbed it and gave it directly to Jiang Mochen. Your conscience won’t hurt!”

“That’s different.”

“What’s the difference? It makes me so angry!”

Yan Qingchi was helpless, “You, what are you comparing to him? His assets are half mine. Do you have the same too? If so, I will give you my wooden sign immediately.”

Wei Lan: “…Huh!”

Online comments about Yan Qingchi’s move of giving his wooden sign to Jiang Mochen was met with mixed reviews. Those who liked him felt that he was simple-minded and grateful. Because Jiang Mochen had helped him, he was unwilling to steal the opponent’s wooden sign and even gave his own wooden sign to the other party. People who didn’t like him thought he played too much, so they blamed him. Why didn’t he give it to other guests when they came? He rushed to give it to Jiang Mochen, because he saw Jiang Mochen’s popularity.

A scolding war between the two parties was about to break out, and the pink-black war started again. Some people said that this move of Yan Qingchi showed that he did not have any sense of collective honor. What if their team lost because of such a willful move on his part? However, Sister Oats quickly responded. Didn’t you see that he gave it to him to ensure that his team would win? Didn’t you see when he hit double kills one after another? Didn’t their team lose in the end?

In the smoky atmosphere, only the Chenchi CP group was screaming, saying it was so sweet, Chenchi was indeed real, Qingchi was so sweet to Mr. Jiang, and Mr. Jiang also molested Qingchi! What kind of magical CP is this! The city is not imaginary, it is real!

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