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When the meeting was about to end, Yan Qingchi sent Jiang Mochen a WeChat message, saying that he would not go to his place tonight and would stay in the room arranged by the program team.

Jiang Mochen knew that he wanted to avoid suspicion, so he didn’t embarrass him and replied “Yes”.

The two said their goodbyes in the corridor. When they separated, Jiang Mochen dug in his pocket, took out a handful of candy and put it in his hand.

“I told you to save some food and not eat it so fast. Counting the first two times I sent it to you, this is already the third time.”

Yan Qingchi said in his heart, is it not just because you only gave me a handful at a time, you should be more generous and give me a little more every time.

Sun Xun stood beside them, looking at Jiang Mochen fussing over everything, with a look of helplessness on his face, “Isn’t it just candy? One is 998. Is it still worth saving.” As he said this, he stretched out his hand to take one. As a result, before he even touched it, Jiang Mochen raised his hand and knocked it away.

Sun Xun couldn’t believe it, “Damn it, what’s wrong with you? Are these candies gold-plated? You won’t even let me eat one.”

Jiang Mochen looked at him speechlessly, “Is it appropriate for you to still eat candies at your age?”

“Why is it inappropriate? A sixty-year-old man is still eating candy.”

“It’s late, Uncle Sun, you should go back to bed.”

After Jiang Mochen finished speaking, he directly closed Yan Qingchi’s hand holding the candy, “Eat it yourself. Don’t give it to others.”

Yan Qingchi responded with a smile: “Okay.”

Sun Xun: … woof woof woof! Woof woof woof! This show can’t be recorded!

The next morning, the penultimate episode of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” started recording. The program team went through the process as agreed yesterday and divided the teams. Sun Xun’s team was still the red team, and Chen Xuanlang’s team was the blue team. Within the specified time, whichever of the two teams found the golden key first and called timeout could count the number of people. If neither team found the golden key before the specified time, the number of people would be counted directly. The team with the most remaining players would be the winner, and the person who grabbed the most wooden cards would be the MVP.

With an order, the game officially started.

The recording location this time was H University in H City. Sun Xun and Jiang Mochen slowly walked into the teaching building and said, “I thought Yan Qingchi would be on your team? But it turned out that he chose Chen Xuanlang.”

“He is such an independent person, he must have his own ideas.”

“Then you won’t be merciful when you see him soon, right.”

Jiang Mochen thought for a while, “Maybe I will have to count on him to be merciful.”

Sun Xun laughed. He stood up and said, “You’re right. With his speed, your wooden card might be snatched away before you could even react. Oh, you should be smarter. If it doesn’t work, just play the emotional card.”

“Sun Xun, as the captain, shouldn’t you say at this time, ‘Don’t worry, I will protect you when the time comes’?”

Sun Xun looked at him coldly, “Then you really think too highly of me, do you know what they are calling Yan Qingchi on the Internet? Humanoid cheat, bug, plug-in, and there are those who say that Yan Qingchi will surely win, and our team is already hovering on the edge of failure.”

“This is the time when you should have some ambition, captain.”

“Goodbye now, the title of captain is given to you, come on, Captain Jiang, lead us forward.”

Just as the two men were talking, they met Yan Qingchi and Chen Xuanlang head-on.

“F*ck.” Sun Xun exclaimed, “Run quickly.”

Before Jiang Mochen could react, Sun Xun had already quickly run to the other side, calling him while running, “Hurry up, why are you still standing there? Are you waiting to be killed by someone?”

As Sun Xun was talking, Chen Xuanlang and Yan Qingchi were already running towards Jiang Mochen. Jiang Mochen simply dodged and entered a nearby classroom and closed the door.

Chen Xuanlang saw him hiding in the classroom and said to Yan Qingchi, “Go after Sun Xun first.”

“Okay.” After Yan Qingchi finished speaking, he glanced at Jiang Mochen who was staring at him through the small window on the door. Seeing that he saw him, he waved to him in goodbye.

Jiang Mochen watched him wave and leave, then he breathed a sigh of relief and rummaged around the classroom for the box containing the key.

Sun Xun also relied on good luck and fast running to escape the disaster. He patted his chest and thought to himself, it was really not easy.

Not long after, while Jiang Mochen was still looking for the box with the key in the classroom, he heard the announcements that Ruan Wenxuan and Song Li were eliminated from the same team as him. Jiang Mochen was a little surprised and secretly wondered why they were eliminated so quickly. Now there were only four people left in their team: him, Sun Xun, Jiang Hanhui, and Ding Zinan.

Jiang Mochen was thinking about it when he looked up and saw Chen Xuanlang standing not far from him, tiptoeing towards him. Their eyes met, and both of them were stunned for a moment. Chen Xuanlang suddenly rushed towards him, and Jiang Mochen turned around and ran away.

Chen Xuanlang quickly chased after him.

Yan Qingchi was walking when he saw the two of them rushing over, and immediately took a step back to prevent him from hitting them.

Chen Xuanlang grabbed him and said, “Why are you hiding? Chase him.”

Only then did Yan Qingchi realize that he was now hostile to Jiang Mochen, so he chased after him.

As Jiang Mochen was running, he noticed someone behind him gradually catching up with him. He looked around and saw that there seemed to be a classroom in front of him, so he accelerated instantly and ran to the front of the classroom. As soon as he opened the door, Yan Qingchi caught up with him. Jiang Mochen quickly closed the door but was blocked by Yan Qingchi’s hand.

“You are really persistent.” Jiang Mochen was pressed against the door.

Yan Qingchi pushed the door hard.

“Were Ruan Wenxuan and Song Li eliminated by you?”


“So you want to eliminate me now too?” Jiang Mochen couldn’t believe it. He thought Yan Qingchi had some special plan for not joining his team. Okay, it was indeed very special, and he wanted to eliminate him. Sure enough, they were a plastic couple. They were not flying separately when disaster struck[1], but even if there was no disaster approaching, he would not let him fly! It was really shocking to think about it.

Yan Qingchi could almost see his “Surprise!” from his disbelieving expression. When a newlywed wife deliberately “murders” her husband, is this a sign of moral decay or a distortion of human nature?

Yan Qingchi was helpless, “Am I this kind of person in your eyes?”

“Then why are you squeezing so hard now?”

So Yan Qingchi let go, and with a bang, Jiang Mochen shut him out.

Yan Qingchi: “…now you know why I was squeezing you.”

He knocked on the door.

Jiang Mochen looked at him through the glass window on the door and asked him what he was doing with his eyes.

Yan Qingchi continued to knock on the door.

“Give up, I won’t let you in.”

Yan Qingchi was helpless. He looked at Jiang Mochen and smiled behind the door, sighed silently, waved his hand, and walked forward.

Jiang Mochen waited for a while and saw that Yan Qingchi had left, then finally opened the door and looked around. Fortunately, the corridor was empty and no one was there.

He felt relieved, but when he looked up, his eyes suddenly widened when he saw the camera.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Mochen asked. As he asked, he turned around, and then he saw Yan Qingchi.

Seeing that he finally came out, Yan Qingchi rushed out of the classroom diagonally opposite him and was about to catch Jiang Mochen, but unexpectedly he turned around.

When Yan Qingchi saw him turning around, he lost control of his speed and ran straight towards him. Jiang Mochen took a step back when he hit him, knocked open the door, and took two steps back before finally getting pressed against the door again. Just as he stood still, he felt a soft touch on his chin. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw that Yan Qingchi had unconsciously stretched out his hand to pull him back when he just stepped back and bumped into his arms. Because of his height, his lips were just touching his own chin.

Jiang Mochen: “…You are so impatient, it turns out you want to throw yourself into my arms.”

After Yan Qingchi stood up, he realized what the situation was. He raised his head and looked at Jiang Mochen, with a look of helplessness on his face.

Jiang Mochen smiled, “I can feel your permanent guests’ enthusiasm for promotional guests.”

Yan Qingchi didn’t talk nonsense to him, grabbed his hand and raised it, looking coldly at the wooden sign on his wrist.

Jiang Mochen: “…” I was careless.

“Do you still feel that we are very enthusiastic?” Yan Qingchi asked him.

When Jiang Mochen saw this, he simply didn’t struggle, “So am I going to be eliminated?”

Yan Qingchi looked at the wooden sign that was shaking on Jiang Mochen’s wrist that he was holding. He looked at it for a while, and then looked at Jiang Mochen, who had a calm face, then gently let go of his hand.

Jiang Mochen raised his eyebrows.

Yan Qingchi smiled and said, “I told you that you took good care of me before, Brother Chen, on the set, so now that you come to play, I will take care of you.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his left hand that was wearing a wooden sign with his name on it, stretched out his hand and said, “Here you go.”

Jiang Mochen was stunned for a moment and looked down at his wrist, “You want to give me your wooden sign?”

Yan Qingchi nodded.

“This is not good.” In competitive games, openly asking the enemy to kill you would definitely make your teammates dissatisfied.

“It’s okay, you can’t win anyway.” Yan Qingchi was very calm, “If you eliminated me, you just eliminate me.”

As if to verify Yan Qingchi’s words, the news of Jiang Hanhui’s elimination came on the radio.

Yan Qingchi had a complacent look on his face, “You, Brother Xun, and Sister Ding are the only ones on your team. No one in our team has been eliminated yet. Moreover,” Yan Qingchi came up and whispered in his ear, “Don’t you want to be the first person to take my card?”

After he finished speaking, he took a few steps back and looked at Jiang Mochen with a smile.

It had to be said that the word “first” always had great appeal. Jiang Mochen only now thought that in order to let him be the first person to win his wooden card, he did not team up with him. He felt like he couldn’t refuse this temptation.

He looked at Yan Qingchi, who still looked gentle while asking for everything. Jiang Mochen felt that he could not refuse this temptation, so he followed his heart, reached out and pulled the wooden sign from his wrist.

“Thank you.”

Yan Qingchi shrugged, “You’re welcome, it was fun.”

A loud voice came from the radio, “Yan Qingchi, eliminated.”

Chen Xuanlang, Dai Hongzhuo, Yang Xiaoxiao, Zhao Qiang and Li Meng were simply shocked, how could their team’s humanoid plug-in be eliminated so quickly.

Sun Xun, on the other hand, laughed, thinking that God was helping him. Once Yan Qingchi was eliminated, their team still had hope of struggling. However, he did not laugh for long, because when he was being happy, Chen Xuanlang and Dai Hongzhuo took advantage of his unpreparedness and cooperated tacitly to steal his wooden sign.

Sun Xun, eliminated.

In the following time, Jiang Mochen single-handedly snatched the wooden signs from Dai Hongzhuo and Yang Xiaoxiao. Zhao Qiang found the key and paused time with Chen Xuanlang. Chen Xuanlang’s team won.

When everyone got together again, as soon as the members of Chen Xuanlang’s team saw Yan Qingchi, they couldn’t wait to ask, “How did you get eliminated? How did you get eliminated?”

“Brother Chen came to play for the first time, I couldn’t bear to steal his card, so I let him steal my card.”

Everyone thought that what he said “that’s why I let him steal my card” meant that he was killed by Jiang Mochen, and they all sighed, “Brother Chen, hello. It’s amazing, not only does he have strong business ability, but also good skills.”

Yan Qingchi knew that everyone seemed to have misunderstood, but he was embarrassed to say that he directly gave the wooden sign to Jiang Mochen, so he pretended not to hear everyone’s misunderstanding and smiled slightly.

Because he was robbed of the wooden card by Jiang Mochen, and Jiang Mochen also robbed the wooden cards of Dai Hongzhuo and Yang Xiaoxiao, a total of three wooden cards, so the MVP of this period was won by Jiang Mochen.

Jiang Mochen felt guilty, so he said directly, “Yan Qingchi gave up, otherwise the MVP should be him.”

However, according to the rules of the competition, Jiang Mochen still went to draw the prize.

The prize drawn this time was two gold bars customized by the sponsor. Everyone was very envious, but the conditions for winning the prize were not so enviable.

“In order to thank the enemy teammate who helped you win the award, please praise the enemy teammate in no less than ten words on the spot. Only when the opponent passes you, can you receive the award. If the opponent doesn’t pass the test, the prize belongs to the other party.”

Guests at the scene burst into laughter instantly, and the members of Chen Xuanlang’s team shouted “Choose me, choose me, choose me” one by one.

Jiang Mochen naturally ignored them and said in a gentle tone: “I just said that Yan Qingchi released water for him, otherwise the MVP should be him, so I choose Qingchi.”

Yan Qingchi came out amidst everyone’s “Aah” sounds, which was quite interesting. He was standing in front of Jiang Mochen with some expectation, he only regretted that he didn’t bring his mobile phone and voice recorder now, but it didn’t matter, he thought, anyway, this segment would be broadcast on TV and the Internet, so he could just download it and cut it.

The staff member said, “It’s time to start.”

Jiang Mochen looked at his expression of “quickly praise me” and thought to himself that it was lucky that he was recording a program, otherwise Yan Qingchi would probably be able to set up a DV in front of him.

——It can be said that he already knew Yan Qingchi very well.

“Smart, powerful, gentle, kind, good-looking, humble and hard-working, confident, cheerful, frank, honest, brave, self-disciplined, considerate, sensible… Is that enough?” He suddenly came to his senses and asked the staff.

“You can’t ask me, you have to ask Yan Qingchi. He will make the assessment.” The staff was very businesslike.

Jiang Mochen had no choice but to look at Yan Qingchi, “Can I pass?”

“Is that enough? I think you can continue talking.” Yan Qingchi obviously hadn’t heard enough.

Dai Hongzhuo suddenly laughed, “Brother Chen has just memorized the dictionary, and is heaping all the good words on you.”

“Tsk, I thought I was such a good person.” Everyone laughed when they heard this.

Then someone stood up and sighed, “Qingchi, I have never seen you be so narcissistic before.”

Yan Qingchi listened to them laughing, and in the midst of the laughter, he saw Jiang Mochen move his lips and say two words silently. One word – you are.

Then, Yan Qingchi also laughed.

In the end, of course Yan Qingchi gave Jiang Mochen a pass. After all, it was Jiang Mochen’s first time playing, and as a resident, he always wanted to make him happy. And receiving the award was undoubtedly a happy thing.

The recording of this episode ended here. Everyone thanked the sponsors and advertised “Lost”, then called it a day and returned to the hotel.

Because there were water sports in tomorrow’s recording, many guests took a short rest and then went to the swimming pool to warm up for tomorrow. When Chen Xuanlang and Dai Hongzhuo were going there, they knocked on Yan Qingchi’s door and asked him if he was going.

Yan Qingchi shook his head, “You go ahead, I won’t go yet.”

Chen Xuanlang didn’t force it, and he and Dai Hongzhuo left.

Yan Qingchi watched them leave before going up to the top floor to find Jiang Mochen.

Jiang Mochen opened the door for him, while he sat on the sofa, and played with his and Yan Qingchi’s wooden sign.

Grabbing the wooden sign as the iconic game of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” was the favorite of many people. It was most people’s first impression of the show, and in order to facilitate the competition for guests, the program team specially made the wooden sign very delicate and compact, and many guests who came to record loved it very much. Seeing this, the program team simply made two wooden signs every time a new guest arrived, one for playing games and one as a gift, which was then beautifully packaged and given to the guest friends who came to record. Unlike the guests, the resident’s wooden plaques would be made in large numbers at one time to prepare for emergencies.

Jiang Mochen snatched the wooden sign from Yan Qingchi. But by the end of the recording, no one came to him to ask him to return it, so he knew that the wooden sign was probably useless. But he couldn’t bear to throw away the wooden sign with Yan Qingchi’s name on it, especially since this wooden sign was handed to him by Yan Qingchi himself, so Jiang Mochen took the wooden sign back together with his own.

Yan Qingchi watched him tie the red threads on the two wooden signs together, then tie them into a knot and put them in his bag.

“Am I the first one to get your wooden sign?” Jiang Mochen asked knowingly.

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “You are the only one.”


“You are the recording guest for the last two episodes. After you finish recording, I will finish recording. You are the only one.” This was true.

“So, that’s why you didn’t join my team?”

Yan Qingchi nodded, very frankly, “You just happened to be here, so I thought of letting you be the first one to grab the wooden sign from my hand, otherwise if you didn’t snatch it, wouldn’t it be a pity if someone else robbed it in the future.”

Jiang Mochen felt that he probably had some candy before coming to his room, otherwise how could he sound so sweet, and say just what he wanted to hear.

However, he thought about what Yan Qingchi had just said about the future, “Do you want to continue recording next season?”

Yan Qingchi just said it casually, but now that he asked him this, he thought about it seriously for a while.

“Forget it,” he said, “I was originally the replacement for Guan Jingshen. Because Guan Jingshen had to go filming and was unavailable, I temporarily replaced him. There is no need, and I should not always occupy his position.”

Jiang Mochen nodded, “That’s what I mean too. If you like to record variety shows, I can pick up another one for you, but let’s forget about the third season of “Let’s Fight! Friend!”. Guan Jingshen will definitely return to the team by then. If you are here again, it will be a bit embarrassing.”

“Well, and if there is one more of me, it will not be easy to divide the team.”

“Then let’s decide this first, and we will see the details when the time comes.”


Jiang Mochen stood up, “Let’s go, let’s go eat.”


“Are you still going to swim tonight?”

Jiang Mochen heard this and asked him pointedly, “Do you want me to go swimming?”

Yan Qingchi shook his head, “I’m just reminding you that there are a lot of people in the swimming pool today.”

“So you are very sorry?”

Yan Qingchi said helplessly, “You are really narcissistic. I just reminded you, understand?”

“I understand, so I won’t go tonight. Let’s watch a movie tonight, just the two of us. Personally.”

“Going to the cinema?”

“In the hotel.” Jiang Mochen glanced at him, “What are you thinking about all day long? You just want to date me!”

Yan Qingchi: “??? You say it again?? I want to, what??”

“What are you thinking, don’t you have a clear idea in your heart?”

“Aren’t you sorry for saying this? Don’t you have a clear idea in your heart?”

“Did I say something wrong? You don’t think I love you enough. Who said that I will live or die for you, and I can’t survive a day without you?”

“I told you that was when I was trying to suppress Yuan Mingxu.”

“Admit it, this is what you subconsciously hope for.”

Yan Qingchi waved his hand goodbye, “I refuse to talk to people suffering from narcissism.”

Jiang Mochen stretched out his hand to stop him, “Who do you want to talk to if you don’t talk to me?”

“Sun Xun, Sun Xun is so good. He is loyal and not narcissistic.”

“Very good, we won’t have him for dinner tonight.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get it packed for Brother Xun.”

Jiang Mochen approached him and squinted his eyes, “Who are you packing for?”

“Brother Xun.”

“Who?” Jiang Mochen came a little bit closer again.


Yan Qingchi said no more because Jiang Mochen kissed him directly.

Gee, you are so petty, Yan Qingchi thought indifferently while letting him kiss him, Jiang Mochen’s heart was probably only as big as a sesame seed. Alas, a man in love!

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[1] This is a reference to an old Chinese idiom, “A husband and wife are birds of the same forest, but when disaster strikes, they fly separately.”

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