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The office door suddenly opened, Lu Ji brought a box of lunch in his hand, and was stunned when he saw Yan Yan.

He quickly reacted and smiled at Yan Yan: “It turns out that Master Yan has come to deliver the meal, so I’m going out.”

Yan Yan quickly bounced away from Ji Juechuan and called to Lu Ji with red ears: “Assistant Lu, do you want to eat something together?”

He took out a box of individually packaged vegetables from the bag, with a slightly embarrassed expression on his face: “This is a salad I made myself, but it’s the first time I’ve made it, so I don’t know how it tastes.”

Lu Ji fell back again, looked at the box of beautiful salad, then he smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

The next second, the box of salad was taken aside by a big hand.

Ji Juechuan glanced at Lu Ji warningly but said nothing.

Yan Yan was a little confused and blinked: “Husband, that’s for two people.”

Lu Ji also echoed: “Mr. Ji, I think that salad is quite heavy. Let me help you with a bowl.”

“Lu Ji.” Ji Juechuan looked up at him as if he couldn’t bear it anymore, “Don’t you have a wife yourself?”

Yan Yan and Lu Ji were both stunned.

After realizing what Ji Juechuan just said, Yan Yan’s eyes widened with disbelief on his face.

Was this really what Ji Juechuan said?

Lu Ji was also a little shocked and silently took a step back after a while.

It’s so terrible, men in love were so terrible.

In the end, Lu Ji didn’t touch the box of salad. He said hello to Yan Yan and slipped out of the office, not daring to stay any longer for fear of choking on the overwhelming smell of vinegar.

After Ji Juechuan set up the cubicle, Yan Yan became a frequent visitor to Ji Juechuan’s office and would come to the company with Ji Juechuan almost every day.

People in the company were surprised at first, but soon got used to it, and would greet Yan Yan warmly every time they saw him.

The happiest person was Lu Ji. Since Yan Yan came to the company often, Ji Juechuan’s mood had improved a lot, and his working atmosphere had also improved.

It was a lot easier.

When he went to Ji Juechuan’s office to deliver documents, he would occasionally bump into scenes of the two of them sticking together, and the number of bumps was becoming more and more frequent.

He didn’t know what tricks Ji Juechuan used. When Lu Ji entered the office, he would always see Yan Yan, who was supposed to be in the cubicle, running out and either sitting on Ji Juechuan’s lap or being held on the desk.

After being seen by him, he would blush and hide in Ji Juechuan’s arms.

If Lu Ji hadn’t been aware of the relationship between the two, he might have thought that Yan Yan was a goblin outside, seducing his workaholic boss into confusion.

Everyone else preferred separation over newlyweds, but why did his boss and his wife go out for a honeymoon and started becoming more and more clingy.

Seeing that their relationship was getting better and better, Lu Ji no longer thought about Yan Yan’s previous idea of purchasing a house in J City. Thinking that their relationship was progressing so quickly, he should have made things clear long ago.

Lu Ji was quite relieved that he didn’t have to be caught in the middle. He had to help Yan Yan keep the secret while hiding it from Ji Juechuan.

The days passed quickly, and it was early winter in the blink of an eye.

During these days, Yan Yan had long been accustomed to living by Ji Juechuan’s side. If Lu Yiming hadn’t sent a message asking him when he planned to move into the house in J City, he would have almost forgotten about leaving.

In the past, he had been looking forward to the day when Ji Juechuan would give him a huge sum of money to kick him out. Although he was still waiting for that day, he was no longer as hopeful as before. Instead, he had a more complicated mood.

But the ending in the plot where the cannon fodder was driven away was like a sword hanging over his head, and he didn’t know when it would fall.

Yan Yan wanted Ji Juechuan to quickly give him a huge sum of money and kick him out so that he could be completely relieved. At the same time, he secretly hoped that that episode would not happen.

But if that plot did not happen, Ji Juechuan would not be able to be with his true love and have a happy ending like in the book, and as cannon fodder, he would not be able to stay with the protagonist all the time.

After thinking about it, Yan Yan didn’t know what to do, so he could only continue to wait and see.

If the power of the plot was strong enough, when the time came, maybe it would find a reason to let him leave.

Although he had been mentally prepared for it, Yan Yan didn’t expect that day to come so quickly.

One weekend, Yan Yan woke up naturally from his sleep and subconsciously moved to the side, only to find that he was the only one on the bed.

He opened his eyes drowsily, sat up with his messy hair, and looked around, but did not see Ji Juechuan.

As soon as he climbed out of bed, he noticed that there was an open drawer next to him, and there seemed to be something else in it.

Yan Yan walked over and took a look, and instantly woke up.

This was the drawer where he kept his planner.

He originally planned to throw away the planner, but never got around to it, so he kept the planner in the drawer untouched.

He quickly took out the schedule and took a look at it and found that the edges of the paper were wrinkled, as if someone had pinched them hard.

Yan Yan bit his lower lip, knowing that Ji Juechuan must have seen this piece of paper.

He sat back on the bed and stared at the planner in his hands.

Below there were two simple drawings he drew, which were a suitcase and a small plane.

From these two simple drawings, you could see how excited he was when he first made the plan. Unexpectedly, facing this plan now, he felt a little complicated.

As if waiting for execution, Yan Yan sat on the bed for a long time and finally heard his cell phone ring.

He pursed his lips and picked up the phone.

The above was not a message from Ji Juechuan, but a transfer message.

A huge sum of money was transferred to his bank card.

Yan Yan stayed holding the phone for a long time.

This was the message he had dreamed of receiving when he first entered the book. Now that he had actually seen it, it felt a bit unreal.

Although Ji Juechuan didn’t come to drive him away, according to the plot in the book, this was equivalent to letting him leave, right?

Unexpectedly, the power of the plot was so powerful. In the end, it was for this reason that he got a huge sum of money.

Ji Juechuan must have been angry when he saw the schedule, otherwise he wouldn’t have pinched the paper like that.

If you make plans to do things that others hate the most, anyone would get angry.

Yan Yan felt a little guilty, mixed with some other complicated emotions, but couldn’t tell what they were for the moment.

After sitting on the bed for a while, he jumped up, dragged his suitcase in, and started packing.

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