KHSW Ch. 156

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The night was dark, but Xu Yizhi suddenly opened his eyes when he heard Ling Xi’s voice.

“No, no.”

It was her babble.

Xu Yizhi turned on the light and saw that Ling Xi’s forehead was full of beads of sweat, so he hurriedly removed the “teddy bear” between them, “Ling Xi, Ling Xi.”

“Woohoo don’t touch me, dirty, dirty.”

Although it was only a few simple words, Xu Yizhi immediately guessed it as long as he thought of what they had talked about during the day.

It turned out that the incident five years ago actually caused her such great harm?

He took her into his arms distressedly, “Ling Xi, don’t be afraid, I am here, and I am by your side.”

It seemed to be a familiar embrace, so Ling Xi gradually quieted down.

It seemed that the decision he made during the day was correct. For this matter, let it be sealed. He only needed Ling Xi to be good.

The next day, as soon as it was bright, Ling Xi was awakened by a loud noise, which seemed to come from outside.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she saw that Yizhi was sound asleep, but she didn’t seem to have been very stable at night, she had even kicked the bear to the ground again, and her guilty hands were on Yizhi. Then she gently removed her hands and got up.

After yawning lazily, she put on a coat, put on her slippers and walked out.

She saw that Xiao Nuo was wearing the grey robe from before, and was kneeling on the carpet and knocking on the wooden fish, still chanting words in his mouth.

As soon as Ling Xi opened the door, she was stunned there. Xiao Nuo’s facial features gradually became clearer in her eyes, like a little tiger who just came out of the cage and wanted to take a bite.

How long did Xiao Nuo knock on the wooden fish, that was how long Ling Xi stood at the door, “Baby, what are you doing?”

Xiao Nuo pouted and got up from the ground, “Xiao Nuo is doing morning exercise, does mom want to do it with Xiao Nuo?”

This time, she saw it more clearly. The little guy’s small eyes were looking at her.

Ling Xi smiled slightly, “Mom doesn’t need it. Baby has to knock wooden fish every day, ah no, do you have morning exercise everyday?”

The little guy nodded vigorously, “Well, the master said that Xiao Nuo must guard himself every day, and he must not relax. Xiao Nuo also needs to practice martial arts every day.”

Yes, she vaguely remember that Master Xuanzhen seemed to have said that he wanted him to practice well.

Not be even a little distracted.

“Mom, Xiao Nuo is going to practice first.”

Ling Xi nodded slowly, but the little guy had already run under the tree, put the little wooden fish on top of his head, and started to stand, motionless.

When Ling Xi saw this scene, her nose suddenly felt sore, and something seemed to flow down from her eyes.

He was just a four-year-old kid.

“Good morning, wife.”

When Ling Xi looked back, she realized someone was standing behind her, and she hadn’t even noticed it.

“Yizhi, look, our baby is really amazing.”

Xu Yizhi turned his attention to the little guy who was practicing martial arts and punching, he smiled lightly, “Well, he is very powerful.”

Although he knew that this was his own child, when he heard Ling Xi say “our baby” with his own ears, his heart was still very happy.

“I think, after Xiao Nuo gets used to it for a while, I will send him to kindergarten. What do you think?”

“That’s good, it’s time to let him get in touch with some children of the same age.”

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