KHSW Ch. 157

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While Xu Yizhi went to work, Ling Xi watched the little guy practice martial arts, and she was frightened, for fear that he would hurt herself if he didn’t pay attention.

“Hey sister-in-law, I found it, you’re right, my mother is still alive.”

Chi Jingyu hadn’t slept all night. If he didn’t remember Ling Xi’s words not to act rashly, he would have definitely smashed those things in front of his father and ask him why he had been deceiving him.

Ling Xi heard his excitement from the phone, “Jingyu, where are you now?”

“I’m on my way to that mental hospital.” After that, he hung up the phone.

Now, he just wanted to see his mother as soon as possible.

Listening to the busy tone from the microphone, Ling Xi was slightly lost in whether she was doing the right or wrong thing.

“Ma’am, this child is…”

Ling Xi came back to her senses, it turned out that it was Aunty Zhang who came, and smiled gently, “Aunty Zhang, you are here, this is mine and Yizhi’s child.”

Aunty Zhang was shocked, and there was only a little surprise on her face, but she didn’t ask any more questions.

She was only on vacation for a few days. Why did she come back to them having such a big child, and he was actually a little monk?

Watching him kicking and punching, it was really cool.

“Baby, a stick of incense time has passed, let’s have breakfast, shall we?”

Xiao Nuo immediately retracted his little fist and smiled sweetly, revealing two small dimples, “Okay, Mom.”

He took the little wooden fish into his arms like a baby, and ran towards Ling Xi with his two short legs.

After a day of getting along, he became a lot more friendly to Ling Xi, thinking that something called “blood relationship” was “the right thing”.

“Baby, this is Aunty Zhang.”

Xiao Nuo looked at Aunty Zhang, and bowed his head politely and gently greeted her, “Aunty Zhang.”

She was far away just now, so Aunty Zhang didn’t see the little guy’s appearance clearly, but when he got closer, he seemed to be the good-fortune boy from the portrait.

“Hello, young master.”

Xiao Nuo didn’t seem to understand the meaning of “young master”, raised his head, and his immature face was full of doubts, “Mom, what is a young master?”

Ling Xi opened her lips, but said to Aunty Zhang, “Aunty Zhang, you should call him Xiao Nuo.”

“Okay, got it, ma’am.”

A smile appeared on Aunty Zhang’s face, this monk baby was really interesting.

At lunchtime, Aunty Zhang was washing vegetables in the kitchen, when she saw a small shadow running in.

“Xiao Nuo, are you hungry?”

Xiao Nuo pursed his lips lightly, shook his head gently, and became a little embarrassed, “Aunty Zhang, Xiao Nuo wants to cook for his mother.”

Hearing this, Aunty Zhang’s eyes showed a slight shock, and then she laughed, “Little baby, can you cook?”

He was reminded of what his mother said yesterday that he was his mother’s baby.

He thought that only his mother could call him that.

The little guy corrected very seriously, “Aunty Zhang, I’m my mother’s baby, you can’t call Xiao Nuo baby.”

The smile on Aunty Zhang’s face became even stronger. This little boy was so likable, “Okay, I’ll call you Xiao Nuo.”

Only then did the little guy answer her question, “Xiao Nuo can cook porridge, stir-fry cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.”

After reciting a long list, he looked at Aunty Zhang’s face, “Aunty Zhang, Xiao Nuo wants to thank his mother for bringing me into this world, so Xiao Nuo wants to cook for his mother, okay?”

Hearing the little guy’s soft voice, Aunty Zhang’s whole heart was about to melt, “Okay, what do you want me to help you with?”

The little guy clasped his hands together excitedly, “Thank you Aunty Zhang.”

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