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Li Shengxia was inexplicably shocked to hear it, and couldn’t help but say in a panic: “Why do you say such a thing, what do you want to do…”

Her words disappeared with the strong kiss that hit her again.

She struggled for a while, but finally fell into his domineering and warm kiss. Unlike the previous kisses, this kiss had an inexplicable heart-warming and moving factor.

This was the Mo Nianchen that she didn’t know.

This was the Mo Nianchen she missed.

Mo Nianchen, who could make her drunk with a few sweet words…

She slowly closed her eyes and fell into the long kiss.

She didn’t know how long it took before he let go of her and whispered in her ear: “I will give you all the toys you want, but you can only be my toy forever, stay by my side, you can’t leave me, eh?”

Mo Nianchen’s tone had a hint of softness, but more of an inherent domineeringness.

Li Shengxia’s mood became messy…


In his heart, she was really just a toy…

That’s Mo Nianchen’s most unique mentality as a young master…

It’s just… Who was going to be his toy!

Although she felt like she was bewitched, she still cared about the word toy.

Why couldn’t this person always let her indulge longer?

Mo Nianchen rubbed her head vigorously.

Li Shengxia said loudly: “Hurry up, you’ve messed up my hairstyle!”

A smug smile appeared on the corner of his lips, isn’t it nice? His woman, only he could bully.

Xiaia, starting today, I will be responsible for making up for your wonderful childhood…

Just stay with me obediently and don’t go anywhere, okay?

“Mo Nianchen, it’s ok if you don’t want me to leave, but you have to promise me that no matter what in the future, don’t touch the people around me casually, okay?”

“Then you shouldn’t make me angry?”

Li Shengxia was stunned. After a moment, she nodded, “Ok.”

As long as he didn’t move the people around her, she won’t be angry, right? If she won’t be angry, she won’t make him angry, will she? Even if he was angry, it should be about something between him and her, and no one else should be involved…

“Remember what you said today. Come here and sleep with me.”

“Here?” Li Shengxia blushed immediately!

“What? Didn’t you just promise not to make me angry? Forgot it so soon? Can I also forget the agreement between us?”

Mo Nianchen, a bastard, really used her words to block her, but she actually was speechless.

Mo Nianchen, do you see me as this kind of existence? To be ravaged by you anywhere, casually?

“What are you doing, come here!” Mo Nianchen patted his position beside the bed, “Lie down!”

“…” Li Shengxia frowned and lowered her head, sitting stiffly.

He put his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to lie down.

“Why are you so stiff?”

“You are more…”

“What more?”

“More stiff!”

“You mean stiff, right?” Mo Nianchen raised his eyebrows slightly, turned over and pressed her down.

Li Shengxia’s body trembled slightly.

This guy must have done it on purpose!


“It’s clearly what you thought, I’m just expressing it for you.”

“It’s clearly your own track record, I just sketched it out in my mind.”

“What is the sketch?” He held her hand, ignoring it. Then he forcibly beought her hand to hold his hardness… “What? Are you satisfied with what you touched?”

“…” Li Shengxia was speechless, she felt Mo Nianchen was extremely hot, and tried to find an excuse to escape: “Aren’t you sick?”

He was very direct: “Who said that I can’t sleep with you when I’m sick?”

“Shameless!” She obviously just wanted to say, can he not be so energetic and rest early to recuperate? The body was more important, but he actually said something like this…

“Aren’t there any fresher words? For example, ‘I want’.”

“…” I want your uncle! Mo Nianchen, enough is enough!

Mo Nianchen stretched out his hand and hooked her jaw in a funny way, forcing her eyes to look at him, the corners of his lips curving into a shallow smile, as if he was playing with the toy he was most interested in in his life.

“You can say it if you don’t want it.”

“Can you stop here if you say it?”

“Will you try it?” He looked at her calmly.

Although I think it’s impossible, it’s still better than not trying…

Li Shengxia stammered and said, “I…I…don’t…don’t want it.”

God, saying such words made people blush.

However, he thought she was not blushing enough, and added fuel to it: “This ‘don’t want’ is a double negative? Does it mean ‘want’, eh?”

“No!” Li Shengxia immediately retorted, and then said: “This is a hospital!”

“Well, since you said you don’t want it, I don’t want to force you.”

“Are you serious?” Li Shengxia felt that she was having hallucinations.

“Of course, I will do whatever you say.” Mo Nianchen said with a smile.

Li Shengxia found it a little unbelievable, but she was still relieved, Mo Nianchen had changed?

As a result, he continued shamelessly: “However, I really want it, so you can help me solve it…”

“…” She knew it!!!

“If you don’t want it, I don’t need to touch you, but I want it, you have to satisfy me. Do you want to use your hands or your mouth? Do you want me to teach you?”

He said, leading her hands to move in and out.

In the dead of night, only shallow breathing flowed freely in the air.

That night, Li Shengxia’s integrity was sacrificed very heroically. And he was still shamelessly asking for another time, and he confidently said that it was not enough, not enough, not enough until she was exhausted…

She always felt that he, was, surely, yes, deliberate, intentional, yes!

In this way, Mo Nianchen slept all night in the hospital bed, hugging Li Shengxia. Every time she tried to run away, he would wake up, and then she fell asleep too.

The next day.

Li Shengxia returned to the company and found that Ling Yarang was transferred.

Many colleagues in the company felt sorry. Ling Yarang had always been the most gentle and elegant, how could he be transferred for no reason?

But Li Shengxia knew that this was the limit of Mo Nianchen’s tolerance for him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he promised that he would not embarrass the people around her, she was afraid Ling Yarang’s current fate would be even more tragic.

However, that’s fine too. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t know how to face Ling Yarang in the future.

When Ling Yarang was going away with the office supplies that belonged to him, many people saw Li Shengxia come over.

Everyone sat in their seats and could not help but talk in a low voice.

“Look, look, is this Li Shengxia an undercover agent sent by another company? Since she came to work, the elites of the design department have left one after another.”

“Reassignment, what means does she have…”

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