TBLF Ch. 97

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Ji Qian’s engagement banquet lasted until the afternoon. After the banquet, they had other fun activities. Ji Rang had no interest and didn’t want to be with these people. He took Qi Ying and left.

He took her back to their school.

Haicheng No. 1 High School was still conducting make-up classes for students of the second and third year of high school, and the myriad sounds could be heard across the wall. Obviously, it had only been more than half a year since graduation, but now when they thought back to high school, they felt nostalgic as it seemed like a lifetime ago.

Ji Rang dragged Qi Ying around the school, and when the school got over, he dragged her into the school and wandered around holding her hand.

Qi Ying didn’t realize his intention until they met his former teacher who saw that they were holding hands together and said in shock, “You are together.”

This person was here to show off.

The love that hadn’t been shown before, now all had to be shown.

When meeting with Qu Dazhuang, Liu Haiyang and the others, Ji Rang still pressed their heads and forced them to call Qi Ying’s sister-in-law.

After all, they were classmates at the same level as Qi Ying. They had been treating her as a little sister. Qu Dazhuang’s neck was red, but he continued to say: “No, the little fairy does not have the aura of a sister-in-law, I will not call!” Then he ushered in a familiar violent beating.

He had always hoped that the two would confirm their relationship, so that he would be better off. Unexpectedly, it was really not as per his expectations. Not only was it not good for him, but he was also forced to call his little fairy sister-in-law.

He couldn’t cry even if he wanted to.

After Yue Li went to college, she lost weight, and her face no longer had baby fat, but when she smiled, the dimples were still there, so she looked sweet and beautiful. Qu Dazhuang praised her: “You look much better than before, are you in love?”

Yue Li: “Thank you, no, but you have no chance. My whole heart and the whole person belong to our Junyi brother. Do not delay me from chasing stars.”

Qu Dazhuang: “I just praised you casually, are you still going to heaven[1]?”

Yue Li ignored him and happily rushed to Qi Ying’s side and shook her shoulders: “Yingying, let me tell you! In April, I will come to City B to watch the performance of Junyi brother. Then I will buy two tickets, and you can go with me!”

Qi Ying was also very happy to be able to play with her in City B and nodded: “Okay, when you come, I will show you around the school and take you to eat delicious food.”


The holidays passed in a flash. Nobody knew what Ji Rang was working on. After the new year, he wouldn’t see people all day long. After he was finished, school was about to start.

This time, he finally didn’t have to hold the person at the security checkpoint for half an hour. His school start time was the same as Qi Ying, so the two got on the plane back to City B together.

The overwhelming snow in City B had disappeared. After the beginning of school, the trees on the campus sprouted new shoots, which was a sign that spring was gradually coming.

Ji Rang was basically unable to leave the police academy during the week. He occasionally encountered some policy activities and could take a half-day off during the week, so he went to school B to accompany Qi Ying to attend class.

The medical students all knew about the handsome boyfriend of the department flower who loved her to the sky. They knew that her boyfriend treated her just like a little princess but had a bad temper. Except for the flower and her roommates, he treated everyone coldly.

Don’t think, thinking will make you sour.

Ji Rang felt that he was very lucky, as he finally had the opportunity to accompany his little baby to a class, the class he was attending was the anatomy class.

The old professor don’t know how, but he noticed him. After talking about his professional knowledge for a long time, he handed over the tools to him and asked, “Classmates, what should we do for the next step?”

Ji Rang looked at the corpse on the gurney. After holding the body for a long time, he said: “Secure the crime scene.”

Then he became famous among the teachers of the Department of Medicine.

Qi Ying had good grades and worked hard. She was always the darling of the teachers’ attention. Except for the medical students, even the medical teachers now know that she had a police academy boyfriend.

The teachers who were planning to introduce their children to Qi Ying died of sorrow.

In April, the weather became fine, and Yue Li, who went to Z University, travelled all the way to City B to see her brother’s performance. There was a lot of traffic on the same stage in this performance, and the tickets were not easy to grab. Yue Li took out warp speed, and actually grabbed two.

Qi Ying went to the airport to pick her up, and when the two met, they hugged each other and jumped in circles.

The performance was the next day as it was a weekend. Qi Ying first took her back to the hotel near the school to put her luggage, and then took her to the food court to eat and walk around the campus. She had a great time all day.

The two had the feeling of returning to high school, especially when they were lying on the big bed in the hotel at night, shrinking into the bed and chatting, Yue Li suddenly remembered something and asked her: “Yingying, do you remember that we sneaked out to wash our hair in the middle of the night?”

When it came to this, the two people laughed together. Yue Li said: “My motivation for college entrance examinations was to leave home early to realize the freedom of washing my hair!”

Now that they recalled all these things, they suddenly realized that the time has passed so fast.

The two talked until late at night, and the next day they slept in and woke up for lunch after 11 o’clock. The performance started in the evening, and Yue Li said that she would go to the surrounding area early. After dinner, Qi Ying would take her to the performance site according to the checked route.

As soon as she walked out of the hotel, Ji Rang called. Hearing that they were going to the concert, he was silent for a while and said quietly: “I will go too.”

He could only see her on the weekend. Wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t see her today? Would he have to wait for next week again?

Won’t do it.

Yue Li yelled next to her: “We only have two tickets.”

Ji Rang was almost killed by the popularity of his girlfriend, “I won’t go in! Waiting for you outside.”

Yue Li puffed her mouth next to her and muttered softly. “Why is there such a clingy boyfriend?”

Qi Ying was dumbfounded, and sent Ji Rang the address. Two hours later, the three of them met outside the concert venue.

The square was full of fans wearing various support merchandise. This time they had invited many celebrities, and all of their fans had come to the scene to support them. Yue Li also wore a red support suit and had her red clip-on hair prepared. She also clipped it on to Qi Ying’s hair so as to let her blend in with the rest of the people.

Ji Rang had a cold face, with an unpleasant expression when he looked at Yue Li.

Little student Yue Li was now bold enough, and she was not afraid of the boss at all. She smiled and asked, “Would you like to wear a red bracelet as a male fan?” She was almost killed by the boss through his killer eyes.

Three people were sitting in the milk tea shop waiting for the time to enter the venue.

Many star-chasing girls around were watching Ji Rang.

He wore a black baseball cap today, and put the cap of the sweater on top of the baseball cap. He looked outstanding. When sitting there with his head down and his hands on the table, he could easily be misunderstood as a star.

There was actually a little girl who came to him for an autograph.

Yue Li almost laughed to death beside them.

Ji Rang couldn’t help but feel that wanted to beat someone. Feeling the crisis, Yue Li quickly coughed and sat down tightly, pulling Qi Ying to change the subject: “Yingying, have you seen the girl in golden clothes at the opposite table?”

Qi Ying bit the straw and glanced, nodding “I saw it.”

Yue Li whispered: “That’s our opponent! Gold and red are not on the same side! Understood?!”

Ignorant Qi Ying: “Understood…”

Ji Rang: “… …”

Had a headache.

The sky was getting darker, the performance started in the evening, and everyone gradually entered the venue. Ji Rang sent them to the entrance and lowered his head to adjust Qi Ying’s hair, “I’ll stand here and wait for you.” The implication was that don’t let me wait for a long time.

Qi Ying nodded obediently, and Yue Li said, “Oh, it won’t be long. We will come out soon after watching Brother Junyi perform!”

When the words fell, Qi Ying was dragged in.

Watching her disappear at the entrance, Ji Rang pushed down the brim of his hat, and leaned against the handrail. His whole body was filled with an icy breath that warned everyone to stay away from him.

He didn’t know how many people took his photos that night, all fans were milling around the venue, and at the entrance, there was a little brother who was more handsome than a celebrity! Everyone was guessing which male God he was.

Yue Li said soon, but it was actually not that early. Her Junyi brother was a top performer and was scheduled to appear in the second-to-last position, and the last performance was his opponent. When she came out with Qi Ying, two hours had passed.

As soon as Qi Ying came out, she threw herself into the arms of the teenager. She knew that he must be angry, and she rubbed against his neck and acted like a baby: “Are you tired after standing for so long?”

Ji Rang’s little irritation against her was all gone: “I’m not tired, I’m used to standing in the police academy.” He put his arms around her waist, bowed his head and kissed her: “Was the show good?”

Qi Ying said, “It’s not good.”

Ji Rang: “Huh?”

Qi Ying: “It didn’t look good without you.”

Yue Li next to them: “?”

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[1] Thinking too well about oneself.

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