CFCS Ch. 183.1: Anyang Saga (4)

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Although seven years had passed, the Su family still had not secured the throne. The current emperor was Su Huai’s father, Su Yongsheng. Su Huai’s grandfather died two years ago, but Su Yongsheng remained, and too many unresolved issues also remained.

An Yang died suddenly in the palace. In the hearts of those old officials who were loyal to the An family’s dynasty, they were sure that the people of the Su family had killed An Yang. The Su family did not even leave the last blood of the An family. This made the hearts of these loyal ministers chill. Although these old ministers had surrendered to the Su family on the surface, their loyalty was not high. If anyone wanted to rebel against the Su family dynasty, there were quite a few ministers who could easily be won over.

Even if the Su family wanted to replace important official positions with people who were loyal to them, the relations between the officials in the court were so intertwined that even the emperor could not easily shake them.

The Su family’s throne had not been firmly established, and for that there was another very important reason, that was, the people of the Su family were not as popular as the people of the An family. There were constant external worries, so everyone did not want to cause civil strife to allow foreigners to take advantage, and this was the only reason why there had been no rebellion.

Xue Chengyu’s father, King Annan, had been blaming himself for not being able to preserve the An family’s dynasty all these years. Even if the Su family had taken the throne, in his heart they were just scoundrels. As long as he was still alive, he strove to remove the Su family from the throne, and to avenge the prince and the emperor.

King Annan’s family could be said to be the most feared existence by Emperor Su’s family. Even though the dynasty had changed, King Annan still held the military power firmly in his hands. The Emperor of the Su family couldn’t sleep at night as long as he thought of King Annan, but it was almost more difficult to take away the military power from him than it had been for the Su family to take over the throne.

Moreover, the three sons of King Annan were all brave and good at fighting, especially the eldest son Xue Chengyu, who had been fighting the Nanman over the past few years. He was called the “Battle God” by the soldiers and generals of the Nanman. As long as he led the troops, there could never be a defeat. Nobody in Nanman dared to confront him directly on the battlefield, and would only use some other means, such as sending death soldiers to assassinate Xue Chengyu, or sending spies to infiltrate the soldiers and the people in order to destroy the morale of the army and the people.

But Nanman’s various methods were ineffective against Xue Chengyu, and their own losses were becoming more and more serious. So, at this point, Nanman could only seek peace and accept all the surrender conditions.

Although they were about to make peace, their spies who were still among the common people were all found and killed by Xue Chengyu. Xue Chengyu didn’t care about negotiating peace at all, he just followed his own plans and ideas.

So, on the night that Jing Yang crossed over, Xue Chengyu sneaked into the territory of Nanman with his subordinates and infiltrated the palace to kill the king of Nanman, causing disruption to the country of Nanman, and at last calming the border of Dayan for more than five years.

Jing Yang learned through the system that Xue Chengyu’s visit would take at least three days. Could it be that he could only be tied to the quilt for these three days?

Jing Yang was so sleepy that he couldn’t care about other things for the time being. After he understood everything he needed to know, he fell asleep immediately.

When Jing Yang woke up the next morning, he opened his eyes and stared at the top of the tent for a long time before all the memories came back to his mind. He looked left and right and tried to sit up, but just as he was moving, a person walked in from behind the large wooden screen.

Jing Yang saw the plum blossom mark on the man’s neck at first glance, and subconsciously wanted to touch his own neck, but his hands were tied under the quilt and he couldn’t move.

In this world, males were generally taller, while females were generally weaker, but of course there were exceptions, so the way to distinguish males from females was that females would have plum marks on their necks from birth.

The female walked over to the bed to help Jing Yang untie the rope, then stood aside and asked, “Young master, do you want to eat?”

Jing Yang looked at the man in front of him, and saw that although he was thin, from his actions, Jing Yang could see that he actually knew martial arts. It seemed that this person was sent by Xue Chengyu to monitor him and take care of him by the way.

“What’s your name?” Jing Yang asked.

“My name is Zhu Xin, and the master asked me to take care of the young master.” Although Zhu Xin answered Jing Yang’s question calmly on the surface, he was actually shocked by Jing Yang’s beauty.

“Bamboo Heart[1]?” Jing Yang said, “Your name is really strange, how can Bamboo have a heart?”

“As the young master said, Bamboo has no heart.” Zhu Xin said calmly.

Jing Yang smiled, thinking that the name Zhu Xin was very interesting, and it must have some deep meaning, for example, he had no right to his own heart, and was just a tool that could only obey orders.

Jing Yang wanted to get out of bed but thinking that he had no clothes on except the quilt he was covered with, he said to Zhu Xin, “Go and get me a set of clothes.”

“The master told me when he left, that before he came back, you aren’t allowed to wear clothes.” Zhu Xin replied.

“How can I eat without clothes on? Don’t worry, I won’t run away.” Jing Yang knew that Xue Chengyu must be trying to make it inconvenient for him to escape, so he didn’t let him wear clothes, but he already had a rough plan in mind, so even if he was given a chance, he would not run away.

“I’m going to get some food for the young master.” Zhu Xin ignored Jing Yang’s words and turned around and went out.

Jing Yang sighed, he knew that it was impossible for a person like Zhu Xin to be persuaded by him in just a few words. It seemed that he could only wrap the quilt around him these days until Xue Chengyu came back.

Zhu Xin quickly walked in again with the food box. He put a safe low table on the bed, and after placing the food, he retreated to the outside of the screen.

Jing Yang looked at the two or three simple dishes and the bowl of rice on the table. Although it was not comparable to the food he was used to, he knew that in the military camp, food was the most important thing. To have such a meal was already pretty good.

After Jing Yang had eaten, he saw Zhu Xin pack up the leftovers and leave, then he laid down with the quilt in his arms.

He had a question that he hadn’t figured out yet. Now that he had enough food and sleep, and had a lot of free time, he could just think about it.

Why did he see what the original owner of this life had experienced in the last life?

Jing Yang had always been reincarnated at random, but if he could see what would happen in the next world, did it prove that the world he went to every time had already been arranged and could not be changed?

If this was the case, who helped him arrange the experience of these worlds, and why did he need to travel and be reborn again and again?

Thinking of his lover in every life, he was also constantly reborn. Although his lover did not have the memory of the previous worlds, it seemed that every time he was reborn earlier than him. Did this further illustrate that the world he would go to every time was actually predetermined and could not be changed? So, it was not that his lover had been reincarnated with him, but that his lover had been waiting for him in another world from an earlier time?

In fact, in the last two lives, Jing Yang had felt that perhaps his chances of reincarnation were running out. There were too many unsolved mysteries surrounding him. He didn’t know if there would be a day when he would be able to know the truth. He didn’t know what would happen to him and his lover in the end. He could only do his best to make every world happy while he could still control himself.

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[1] Meaning of his name Zhu Xin.

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