IHSB Ch. 18: Reluctance

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With the previous guesses, the more he looked at Nuan Nuan, the more he felt that she looked like the president…

Assistant Chen, “…”

He was a little embarrassed about his speculation, but his own president was very handsome and had a clear three-dimensional face, his narrow and long phoenix eyes were long and the bridge of his nose was high, while the little girl’s eyes were big and round, her eyeballs were very good-looking like black grapes, and her nose looked delicate and cute. She had no flesh on her face, but those lips were chubby and she looked very cute.

So that little girl really didn’t look like his own boss Gu.

“Assistant Chen, you go buy some food that children like, and then buy some small pillows and soft blankets. You can buy other things that children like as well.”

After instructing his assistant, Dad Gu softly asked his daughter, “Nuan Nuan, do you have any fruit you like to eat?”

Nuan Nuan’s little hand held one of her father’s fingers tightly. She was a little timid, especially when she saw strangers in a strange environment.


Nuan Nuan’s voice was weak and chirping like a little milk cat, and Dad Gu rubbed the little girl’s fluffy hair with his palm, especially pressing down the little dull hair on her forehead.

As soon as he let go of the dumb hair, it tenaciously stood up, and shook twice as if to say hello to him.

“Nuan Nuan, don’t be nervous.”

Grandpa Gu held the nervous little girl and said with a kind and trusting voice.

“Nuan Nuan, be as casual here as entering your own home. You can tell grandpa what you like and want.”

Dad Gu next to him was not to be outdone. “And Dad, does Nuan Nuan really have no particular favourite fruit? If they don’t have it, I’ll ask them to buy more.”

Nuan Nuan shook her head, “Don’t buy too much, if I can’t finish it, it will go to waste.”

She said with a puffed face and a soft voice. “I want… grapes, Nuan Nuan likes grapes.”

“Is that right, so is there anything else besides grapes?”

The cute little girl shook her head gently, and asked the two adults in a milky voice, “Then what do dad and grandpa like to eat?”

“Okay, then I’ll buy some more strawberries. I remember that many children like to eat them.”

He saw a pale pink stuffed bunny doll at the store.

It was not too big, and a child could hold it with one hand. Remembering that Mr. Gu said that he should arrange some things that children would like, he bought the doll without hesitation.

Gu Linmo was very busy. As the boss of a large corporate group, he did not need only to deal with trivial matters, but he also needed to control the general direction. There were many meetings every day with partners to discuss cooperation.

So, after he took Nuan Nuan to the office, he was called away without being able to accompany Nuan Nuan for a long time. When he left, he was filled with reluctance.

“Nuan Nuan, if you need anything, just go to grandpa, and leave the errands to those secretaries outside or the uncle just now, you know?”

“Okay, okay, what are you worrying about when the old man is here?”

Old Man Gu waved at his son impatiently, how come he never found out that his son was such a boot licker before.

Dad Gu looked at his dad enviously. He came to the company for fun this time, and he was playing with Nuan Nuan. He didn’t even have to go to work!

Nuan Nuan took a look at her father’s reluctantly admonishing expression, and stood up on tiptoe to kiss her father’s face shyly.

At the end, she said softly, “Dad has to work hard.”

Dad Gu was instantly elated, feeling full of motivation.

He hugged his good daughter and kissed her tender little face.

“Unfortunately, Dad has to earn money for you and your mother to spend. You can buy whatever you want to buy in the future!”

Then, under Nuan Nuan’s reluctant eyes, Dad Gu also turned back and left step by step.

The secretary who came to invite President Gu for a meeting “…”

From the beginning when she couldn’t bear to look to the current numbness, the ghost knows what she had gone through.

It was just a meeting, how could he make it look like she was here to break up the father and daughter pair!

But it was really shocking, the identity of the little girl that everyone was guessing about now turned out to be President Gu’s daughter!

Only then did they know that Mr. Gu actually had a daughter, and that she was such a baby. Mr. Gu really looked like a foolish father.

But after leaving, the secretary watched President Gu perform a second face change, from the childish and somewhat silly reluctant father just now, to the calm and powerful person in control of everything.

The secretary didn’t respond, it was like a different person before and after.

“Does Nuan Nuan only like Dad and don’t like Grandpa?”

Grandpa Gu looked at Nuan Nuan kissing his son and felt a sour imbalance in his heart, hmm! Don’t think he didn’t see the smug look in his son’s eyes when he left!

Nuan Nuan shook her head quickly, and said, “I like grandpa too.”

The old man squatted down and pointed to his face, “Then kiss grandpa too.”

Anyway, she has kissed her mother and her father, now she would kiss her grandpa. Nuan Nuan was not so shy anymore.

Nuan Nuan also kissed her grandpa on the face. The old man was so happy that he couldn’t see his teeth, and now he really wanted to call some old friends to show off his granddaughter.

No one could compare to his soft little granddaughter!

“Let’s go Nuan Nuan, let’s go to see the little bears!”

After getting the kiss of his little granddaughter, Grandpa Gu went to watch the cartoon with warm and high spirits.

Nuan Nuan very obediently followed her grandfather step by step, while sitting on a comfortable chair. Childish cartoons were playing on the computer in front of her, and both the old and the young watched it with great interest.

When Assistant Chen knocked on the door and came in, Nuan Nuan was given a light pink bunny that was very comfortable to the touch. The bunny looked obedient, and was hugged by Nuan Nuan, who felt it was too soft.

The chair where Dad Gu worked was too big for her. Assistant Chen also bought a set of tables and chairs at the order of Mr. Gu. The height of the small table was very suitable for Nuan Nuan, and a soft chair of just the right size was added for her to sit. Sitting on it, Nuan Nuan’s whole person was relaxed as she leaned on the soft backrest.

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