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The place where Qin He had invited Mu Yixi and the others to go was a hot spring hotel. This hot spring hotel was built on a mountain, with a natural geothermal heat spring which had running water, and the spring was also very clean and clear, which was very rare. The property of the hotel was originally recorded in the name of Qin He’s grandfather Qin Shichang, and it was not open to the public except for the people of Qin’s family. However, in order to celebrate Qin Zhengxin and Yan Kai’s reunion, Qin Shichang gave them the hotel with a stroke of his pen. But this was only in name, in fact, it was in the name of their only child Qin He.

Owning a hot spring hotel at the age of fifteen, Qin He was the only one in the Qin family.

This was not only because of Qin He’s own excellence, but also because he had a father named Yan Kai.

The Qin family had not been as good as before in recent years. Before Yan Kai and Qin Zhengxing seperated, Qin He’s second uncle Qin Zhengfeng and Yan Kai were fighting against each other, but because it was accidentally revealed that Yan Kai had a wife and son before marrying Qin Zhengxin. With the divorce of Yan Kai and Qin Zhengxin, Yan Kai’s family was defeated, since Qin Zhengxin found it difficult to support her position by herself. Qin Zhengxin and Qin Zhengfeng were born from different mothers, so Qin Zhengfeng was not polite to this sister, and thus Qin Zhengxin was gradually squeezed into the corner. Qin Shichang had already suffered a heart attack. Although he survived the death hurdle, his energy was not as strong as before. In this way, Qin Zhengfeng took over most of the power. Qin Zhengfeng, who had no Yan Kai as his opponent, slowly became arrogant and foolish. Even if he used to have some shrewdness, he lost it after that. Several scandals happened one after another, which made the Qin family disgraced and lost. It was so bad that Qin Shichang got so angry that he almost went to the hospital again. The lack of talents in the second generation of the Qin family really made Qin Shichang exhausted.

However, the company with poor performance that was handed over to Yan Kai before had become more and more prosperous under the operation of Yan Kai and had grown at an astonishing speed. In the past ten years, it had become an extremely profitable medium-sized enterprise, and it had turned to diversification in an orderly manner. Over time, it might not even be impossible for him to build another Qin family.

There were many shareholders of the Qin family who had been good friends with Yan Kai. Before Qin Zhengxin insisted on getting a divorce, some of them persuaded Qin Zhengxin against it citing her age and qualifications, but she pushed them back hard. Now that Yan Kai’s company had a promising future, it became that Qin Zhengxin let a chicken that could lay golden eggs slip away in their mouths, and they couldn’t help but criticize her in front of Qin Shichang.

Qin Shichang also regretted it. Qin Zhengxin was his daughter, born by the original wife, but because of Qin Shichang’s bad relationship with the main room[1] (Qin Shichang had married several people, and everyone was from a rich family, it was no wonder that the relationship with him were not good!) so Qin Shichang’s love for her was only ordinary, and he also thought that as a woman, she was not a good pampered lady, but wanted to go out to work like a man, so she was a bit embarrassing to him. Because of this, when Qin Zhengxin was chasing a poor boy at that time, Qin Shichang ignored it and let her toss about. Unexpectedly, this poor boy had some abilities. Originally, he only held a small position in the Qin family, but he managed to climb up slowly and steadily. Qin Shichang had the heart to use him as a whetstone for his son. Compared with his daughter, of course, it was his son that he valued more. With his support, Yan Kai immediately rose to the top and directly competed with Qin Zhengfeng, Qin Shichang’s only remaining son, who was still worth seeing. Qin Zhengfeng drove Yan Kai out. Qin Shichang thought that this son had really experienced everything. Given his physical problems, he finally chose to let go of his power. He never expected to let out a big thunder and ruin the company he had worked so hard for.

Only then did Qin Shichang realize that Yan Kai was really not simple. He regarded this son-in-law as his son’s whetstone and planned to throw it away when he was finished. It was estimated that Yan Kai could see through his abacus from early in the game, and while he took advantage of his ideas, he did not forget to support the most capable of Qin Zhengfeng’s men. These assistants resigned after Yan Kai left the Qin family. Later, Qin Shichang checked and found out that they went to Yan Kai’s company. Whether it was poaching or a nail that had been arranged earlier, Qin Shichang would have lived his life in vain if he couldn’t see it still. Because Yan Kai knew very well that when Qin Zhengfeng was well, he would be well. If he really beat Qin Zhengfeng down, Qin Shichang would be the first to let him go. Qin Shichang was stubborn and conceited and could not tolerate people with foreign surnames aiming for the Qin family. If he found that Yan Kai had such an ability to take care of his plans, not only would he not be reused, but he would be completely blocked, making him unable to get along in Xin’an City, and even Qin Zhengxin would not be able to save him.

So, once Yan Kai left and established a firm foothold in Xin’an City, he allowed Qin Shichang to see the clues.

When Qin Shichang really saw his ability, it would be when he will get his wife, son, and even the Qin family.

Because Qin Shichang had no choice.

If Qin Shichang was twenty years younger, Yan Kai’s tricks would not be taken seriously by him at all. With just one finger, he could easily crush Yan Kai to death.

But Qin Shichang was old, and his body couldn’t stand the blow. He urgently needed a competent person to help him stabilize the Qin family’s situation, so as to give the Qin family a buffer period for the third generation to grow up.

Compared with others, Yan Kai was indeed the best choice. His ability was enough, his mind was deep and meticulous, but he was also very affectionate and righteous. At the beginning, he was able to divorce Qin Zhengxin for a son who was only related by blood but for whom he had no feelings. After that, he was able to get back Qin Zhengxin and Qin He, and he did not get involved with things like prostitutes or gambling even after nearly ten years, instead he concentrated on developing the company to make all of the Qin family look up to him. If his son named Yan Yu was a worry, Qin Shichang would have to worry that Yan Kai would train him to compete with Qin He for the inheritance, but Yan Yu didn’t even go to high school, and he was addicted to so-called art and had opened a small shop. Moreover, he was so pure and with so few worldly desires that he could even become a monk, and Yan Kai also left him alone…

Qin Shichang finally believed that as long as Qin Zhengxin and Qin He were there, even if Yan Kai was in power, the Qin family would not become the Yan family.

And if Qin He was capable enough, Qin Shichang would not refuse to let him take over the Qin family. Anyway, his surname was Qin, and he had half the blood of the Qin family.

So, while Qin Zhengxin was willing to reunite with Yan Kai, Qin Shichang lowered his noble head and began to show affection to them.

Over the years, Qin He had experienced the warmth and affection of human beings[2] in the Qin family, so he had grown up quickly. He had learned a lot under Yan Kai’s teaching. He thus would not be moved by such a thing as receiving a hotel as a gift.

However, after getting a girlfriend, this hotel could be regarded as something to entertain her, so Qin He felt that this gift was useful.

Yan Kai and Qin Zhengxin had given their one-sided support for Mu Yixuan as Qin He’s little girlfriend. Yan Kai was very clear about what the Mu family girl meant to Qin He, and he also knew that Mu Yixuan’s brothers were all good children who should not be underestimated, and they were good friends with Qin He. There couldn’t be better resources. Qin Zhengxin was on good terms with Mrs. Mu. She had watched Mu Yixuan grow up and was very satisfied with the teachings of the Mu family and Mu Yixuan’s appearance.

So, he gave the green light to Qin He’s behavior of pleasing his girlfriend and her brothers.

The people who were going to the hot spring were Qin He and Mu Yixuan, the three brothers, Yan Yu and Lin Pei’er. Mu Yixuan knew that Mu Yiqi was secretly in love, and the reason for not making it public was that the identity of the girl would not be approved by the elders in the family, but she was a younger sister, and she felt that as long as Mu Yiqi was happy, she also wanted to meet this “sister-in-law”, so it was implied that Mu Yiqi could bring a girl there, because “this time was just to be with each other” – this time they had gone to the hot spring hotel to spend the night, Mu Yixuan was in love, but her reason still existed, it was acceptable to hold hands with her boyfriend, but it was impossible for it to go further, she was still young! Her first love must be pure! And under the eyes of her brothers, Qin He also didn’t dare to do anything too much unless he didn’t want to live, and by the standards of her brothers, he might even be prepared to be beaten when he held her hand. Mu Yixuan would definitely live in a room alone and would not share her room with any men (including brothers). If there was one more girl, she would have a partner who could stay in the same room with her. Mu Yixuan didn’t know that Mu Yiqi and his girlfriend had broken up, and this invitation just hit his freshly healed scar.

Mu Yiqi covered his traumatized heart and thought about it, so he pestered Yan Yu to accompany him, and asked Mu Yixi to invite Lin Pei’er to accompany Mu Yixuan.

Qin He and Mu Yixuan were a couple, and Mu Yiqi didn’t want to be an annoying light bulb (really?). Feng Weiming was still angry because he was rude to Mu Yixi last time. Besides, Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi had a better relationship than his relationship with him. They would definitely chat together and leave him alone. So, he called Lin Pei’er for Mu Yixuan’s sake. Lin Pei’er was familiar with the others, and she was well-rounded, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But Mu Yiqi didn’t want to give her the illusion that he wanted to date her, so he asked Mu Yixi to call her, and he pulled Yan Yu to accompany him. Yan Yu was Qin He’s eldest brother. Everyone knew him and would not feel uncomfortable.

As for whether Lin Pei’er would feel isolated when everyone else was “in pairs”, Mu Yiqi, who was a little careless in the relationship between men and women, never thought of this.

But Mu Yixi thought of it and reminded her when he called Lin Pei’er. Lin Pei’er happily agreed to go and said that she would not bring other people – just kidding, if she could get along with Mu Yiqi “alone” at close range, she would obviously not call other competitors!

Seeing Lin Pei’er’s expression, Mu Yixi guessed that Mu Yiqi’s calculations would not go so smoothly.

It was a good idea to go to the hot spring, but the real trip was to be made after the results of the high school entrance examination. Mrs. Mu didn’t want them to play wildly before the high school entrance examination, so she only allowed them to go after the senior high school entrance examination. Feng Weiming inexplicably said that he would wait for the results to come out before leaving, and Mu Yixi agreed that since he didn’t know the results, his heart was always hanging, and he would not be happy.

Mu Yiqi and Qin He were speechless. Mu Yiqi thought: With their grades, it is certain that they will be successfully promoted to the high school department of Ya’an High School Affiliated, so why worry? But recently, he had the heart to be nice to Mu Yixi. So, he basically agreed with whatever Mu Yixi said. This time was no exception. He agreed to go after the results come out. He also said that he wanted to know the results and rest assured.

Qin He took this trip to the hot spring a little bit as a process of getting the blessing of his girlfriend’s brothers’ and receiving their review and affirmation, but he was still feeling uneasy at this level. However, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, who were about the same level of intelligence and ability, delayed the date again and again. Qin He wondered if they saw through his mentality and were deliberately embarrassing him – it should and must be! Qin He would never forget the look in Mu Yixi’s eyes after Mu Yixuan confessed their relationship to Mu Yixi, and Qin He, who thought he was strong enough, couldn’t help but shiver. Mu Yiqi had also been thinking about finding a time to go to the playground with him to “talk about life” alone. Now it was easy to drag the time like this, and Qin He didn’t dare to say a word.

The results of the senior high school entrance examination came out. Sure enough, everyone was successfully admitted to the high school department of Ya’an Affiliated High School, and the results were good. The only surprise was that Feng Weiming, who had always been at the top of the list, only took the second place this time, and the first one was Mu Yixi.

When he got the results, Mu Yiqi saw Feng Weiming’s face become as black as the bottom of a pot for a moment, as he suddenly turned back to stare at Mu Yixi, his eyes cold and fierce, as if he wanted to freeze Mu Yixi and take a bite. And Mu Yixi smiled at him like Mona Lisa…

Mu Yiqi scratched his head in confusion, always feeling that something had happened behind his back…

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[1] Main wife.

[2] He is talking about the changeability of human relations.

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