CFCS Ch. 183.2: Anyang Saga (4)

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Three days later, Xue Chengyu and his subordinates returned to the camp in the middle of the night. This time they not only successfully killed the king of Nanman, but also killed the last few generals. It could be said that the vitality of Nanman was completely injured, and it was absolutely impossible for them to attack Dayan again in these few years.

This time, Xue Chengyu had arranged for a long time, and every detail had been carefully studied, so they had succeeded easily. When killing those generals, although they successfully broke through the siege and escaped, they killed a lot of Nanman soldiers along the way, so all of them were covered with blood.

Xue Chengyu dismounted, took off his blood-soaked cloak, seeing which it it was no longer clear whether it was black or red, and threw it to the soldiers who came up to help him. After asking for water to be sent to his tent, he walked into his tent.

As soon as he entered the tent and felt that there was another person inside, Xue Chengyu subconsciously wanted to draw his knife. He had already killed until his eyes had gone red in the past two days, and his body and brain had not yet relaxed, but he soon thought that the man he had captured must still be in the tent.

Xue Chengyu put the knife back in the scabbard, went around the screen, and saw Jing Yang who was lying on his bed with his quilt in his arms. Suddenly, his fatigue and murderous aura disappeared.

Xue Chengyu walked to the bed and looked at Jing Yang’s sleeping face. He was shocked to feel that his heart was slowly softening. This was the first time in his life that he had such a feeling, and he didn’t know whether this feeling would bring him good or bad things.

“General, hot water has been brought to you.” The soldier said outside the tent.

“Carry it in.” Xue Chengyu ordered.

The three soldiers came in with a large wooden barrel and put the barrel on the ground. Xue Chengyu stood beside the bed to block their view of Jing Yang’s face.

While Jing Yang was in a daze, he suddenly heard the sound of water in his dream. He felt a little strange, how could there be such a real sound of water. He kept hesitating and struggling, thinking about whether to open his eyes to take a look, and that maybe Xue Chengyu had come back.

Jing Yang struggled for a long time, and finally woke up from his sleep, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Xue Chengyu standing naked by the bed.

Seeing something he shouldn’t have seen, Jing Yang was startled, and sat up with the quilt in his arms, then he moved back.

Jing Yang’s gaze turned upwards. After seeing Xue Chengyu’s face clearly, he resisted the urge to look away and said, “Are you back?”

These four words made Xue Chengyu’s heart tremble, as if he had been waiting for him for so many years. The person who could say this to him had appeared, and now he finally got his wish, so he was extremely satisfied.

Xue Chengyu was already clean. Jing Yang woke up as soon as he stepped out of the tub. He didn’t put on his clothes, instead he went directly to the bed and reached out to lift the quilt from over Jing Yang.

“You, you, what are you going to do?” Jing Yang hugged the quilt tightly and didn’t want to let go, but he wasn’t Xue Chengyu’s opponent, and Xue Chengyu snatched the quilt in just two strokes, and pressed his body against his.

Warning 18+ content

Both of them were naked, and now they were close together, Jing Yang stared at him nervously and said, “Go away!”

Xue Chengyu touched Jing Yang’s face and said, “The king of Nanman, I have already killed him.”

“…Oh, you are really amazing.” Jing Yang didn’t understand why he told him this, but because he didn’t know how to answer him, he could only praise him.

“What is your mission?” Xue Chengyu’s hand slowly touched his face.

“Mission?” Before Jing Yang could understand the meaning of his words, he had already opened his legs and squeezed his body between his legs, so Jing Yang cried out in panic, “No! No! Let me go!”

Xue Chengyu swallowed Jing Yang ‘s cry into his mouth, sucked his lips and kissed him hard, rubbing his hands between his legs.

“Well, hum!” Jing Yang grabbed Xue Chengyu’s shoulders and wanted to push him away, but he soon lost the strength and could only keep his legs from shaking as he was rubbed by his hands.

“Tell me, who sent you here, and what’s the purpose?” Xue Chengyu asked while kissing Jing Yang’s neck on the right.

Jing Yang tilted his head and breathed hard. He finally understood what Xue Chengyu was talking about. It turned out that he thought he was a spy sent by Nanman to seduce him.

Even if Jing Yang wanted to explain now, he was speechless, because Xue Chengyu was entering his body little by little. This man was a Tyrannosaurus rex, how could he be so big? Jing Yang shed physical tears, and his mouth couldn’t do anything other than breathe.

Warning end

In order to kill Xue Chengyu, the southern barbarians used various methods. Before, they also sent a very beautiful southern barbarian female to lure him, but when he saw the female, he drew his sword and killed him.

Therefore, when Xue Chengyu saw Jing Yang, his first reaction was to think that Jing Yang was someone arranged by the Nanman to seduce him, and the southern barbarians might have thought that he did not like foreigners, so this time they sent a person who was better than the last one and looked more like a beautiful Dayan person.

Xue Chengyu thought, anyway, the king of Nanman was dead, and those generals were also almost dead, so he would accept this beauty, and then he would take him back to the imperial capital to warm his bed. It didn’t matter if he was a spy, he was confident that he could tame him, and he had a hunch that if he missed this person, he would never meet such a person who suited his heart again.

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