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The inside was lost, but the small silk slings were still there, thinly covering a pair of beautiful breasts, which stood upright like little cherries.

The girl’s voice was trembling and embarrassed, but she persisted and gave in to him earnestly.

Huo Yunshen’s hot blood boiled in an instant, and his eyes became scarlet.

He was about to wrap his arms around her and couldn’t hold back any longer. He held her violently in his arms, rubbed her into his throbbing chest, all the while wanting to press her in, melt her to death, and embed every inch of her into his blood.

All the unease that had been restrained for several days and the fear of losing her, erupted at this moment.

Yan Qing hadn’t been hugged so hard by Huo Yunshen for a while, and there was a familiar pain in her bones. She touched his back comfortingly: “Shen Shen, don’t feel bad.”

Her ears were red, as she comforted the wolf in front of her. After hearing these words, he let go a lot, poked her waist as she asked, “The gift has been unpacked for you, do you want to taste it?”

Huo Yunshen bit the side of her delicate neck deeply, kissed her again, and said in a hoarse voice, “You are so courageous, when did you learn badly. I wanted you to coax me.”

She was so active, sticking to his body like a candy cake, but Huo Yunshen wanted more than a violent affair, he wanted to hold her dearly.

“Coax you?”

Yan Qing nodded: “I have nothing else.”

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes deeply.

She was involved in his life, and a little reaction or a few words from her, could make him alternate between hell and heaven.

Huo Yunshen hugged her deeply and asked, “Are you worried that I will go bankrupt?”

Yan Qing paused, remembering that she had indeed said this, she suddenly widened her eyes and pinched the back of his neck punishingly: “Huo Yunshen, do you think I care about your money? I’m afraid that the Huo family will go bankrupt, because I don’t want your hard work to be ruined because of a trivial matter, and then you will be questioned by those who are far inferior to you!”

She was brooding about the words in the headset.

Huo Yunshen should be the one who was standing at the top and strategizing, how could people talk with him in that kind of tone.

“But you also listen carefully,” Yan Qing said solemnly, “If you really go bankrupt, I can support you. I can write and sing songs. It’s not a big deal. Even though I don’t make much money, so I guess we won’t be able to afford such a big house, but I will never let you be homeless.”

She promised, “At least, I can give you a small home.”

Huo Yunshen hugged her in a daze, his vision gradually blurred, and his eye sockets were burning hot.

Those torn wounds over the past three years had been stubbornly entrenched in the bottom of his heart.

He lost the only one he loved.

He had no home.

He thought that he would be abandoned until his death, even if he jumped into the river while chasing her footsteps, he did not dare to expect to find her again.

Finally she said that she wanted to give him a home again.

Huo Yunshen’s voice was a little broken: “I’m easy to raise, I don’t need to eat or drink, I only want you.”

He didn’t want Qingqing to worry anymore, and said, “But I won’t make you homeless, baby. Don’t worry, whether it’s a temporary return to China or the contract, it’s not out of my control. It may not be peaceful for a while. Remember that your husband can do anything….I want you to coax me.”

Yan Qing’s heart rumbled down, and she couldn’t help but want to laugh, and pushed his shoulders away a little: “So Mr. Huo is so scheming, he deliberately pretended to be pitiful to deceive me, I’m still stupid and took off my underwear.”

Huo Yunshen kissed the corner of her mouth deeply: “If you want to lie to me, it means you care, and you feel sorry for me.”

Yan Qing looked at him clearly and whispered, “I’m willing to be deceived.”

Huo Yunshen’s patience was exhausted, and when he reached the limit, he pulled her on his legs lightly and pressed her hard on the big bed.

When lying down, Yan Qing murmured in his ear: “I love you.”

Since the reunion, it was the first time she was so frank and straightforward, saying the most heavy words to him, in exchange she got a man who was almost going crazy on her body.

In the second half of the night, when Yan Qing lay in his arms and had almost fallen asleep, she was still thinking about the big day that was coming soon, and asked him in a hoarse voice: “Shen Shen, the day after tomorrow is your birthday, do you have anything you want from me?”

“Yes”, he said.

“I want you to love me more.”

He was always greedy for her, like a critically ill patient who was always hungry, eager for her to give more.

Because of Ruan Jia’s network-wide blacklisting and blocking of Xue Zang, “Sheng Ge” had risen to a higher level from its original popularity. Before the feature film was broadcast, it occupied a series of topic on the hot list.

Immediately after the official trailer of the ancient puppet drama was launched, “Blue Silk” was released as the ending song, and the completed official version was also announced. Compared with the original interception, the whole song was better than the sound of nature, with excellent pictures and occasional interspersed words. A close-up of Yan Qing’s recording grabbed the hot spot as soon as it went online.

Yan Qing’s singing of “Blue Silk” was completely immersive, with a matching voice and emotional resonance. It was like clean water that had washed the dust, clear and moist, and the fine sand that had been caught in the ear was being washed away.

“Damn it, I got goosebumps!”

“Don’t say how good her singing skills are, just with this voice and the mood, you can’t find a second person similar to her in the circle.”

“I believe it now, some people really have God’s reward, the talent is here, no matter how dark it is, it can’t be stopped.”

“Raise your eyebrows! She was originally a kapok, and I cried to death when the whole internet scolded her as an idol and took away her opportunity. The young lady is obviously a talented singer-songwriter!”

When Xu Mohan lying on the middle of the bed heard it, she clapped the table and stood up: “Yun Qing, you little conscienceless person, you didn’t even call me. Baby, should I call her?!”

Ouyang on the bed on the right rubbed her short hair, closed Weibo, and squinted: “She called her like that when I was recording the show with Qingbao, which round will you get the goblin to object.”

Yan Qing who was being gently pinched by the masseuse lowered her eyebrows over her pleasing eyes. She waved her hands on both sides, as if the rain and dew covered her: “It’s alright, darling.”

She didn’t expect that Xu Mohan and Ouyang had known each other since Ouyang recorded “Rise It! Girls”. After signing with Huo Corporations, since the group activity, because of the different circles, she had been forced to reduce contact with her.

Until she met Xu Mohan, when Xu Mohan mentioned that she and Ouyang had worked in the same company in the past and had some friendship. During “Rise It! Girls”, she asked Ouyang to ask Yan Qing several things, and asked Ouyang to take care of her, but it was because Mr. Huo was in the middle that she did not dare to contact her without authorization.

In the days when Xu Mohan was the villain targeting Yan Qing on the Internet, Ouyang didn’t know the reason, thought that Xu Mohan was really here, and went to ask her in a low voice not to bully Yan Qing.

In the end, the three parties joined forces, and after a long time, they were all Yan Qing’s die-hard little sisters.

It was rare for the little sisters to get together for a bath or massage. Yan Qing had never gone out with friends in her memory, so she mentioned it to Huo Yunshen a little excitedly.

Huo Yunshen touched her head and said deeply: “Where you want to go, I will arrange it, you don’t have to prepare anything.”

Yan Qing was curious: “You don’t need to bring money?”

“No,” Mr. Huo smiled, “Mrs. Huo can do whatever she wants, with her husband behind to pay.”

So, amid this afternoon of busy schedules, Yan Qing lay lazily on the soft bed, thinking about this so-called high-end store that Xu Mohan said was expensive enough to kill people and required identity verification to become a member.

Xu Mohan pouted sadly: “Don’t argue, as soon as Mr. Huo comes out, we are all concubines.”

Ouyang sighed: “That’s right, I’ll continue to read the comments, I love watching those rainbow farts with affectionate words.”

Mr. Huo had been keeping a high profile recently, as if he couldn’t wait to hold Yan Qing up for people to see. Anyone with clear eyes knew that the wealthy little wife was just a favourite, and the stand-in was so prosperous that it caused others to be envious.

CP fans had also sprung up in the torrent.

“There is no CP that we can’t kiss!”

“Especially Zhengzhu is so sweet that it shocked the entertainment industry, that is, he loves this kind of stand-in like this, this abusive relationship is deep. Maybe couples who say goodbye one day should not be too emotional.”

Yan Qing laughed, but her eyes were a little heavy: “Have you not seen the Weibo of ‘Are the Affectionate Couple getting Divorced Today?’? Every day, there are so many retweets and likes, waiting for me to be swept out by Mr. Huo.”

Ouyang wanted to speak, but Xu Mohan suddenly “shushed”, “Qingbao, are you sleepy again?”

Yan Qing was stunned, she really couldn’t open her eyes, but she had already slept when she arrived, so she shouldn’t be sleepy.

More importantly, subconsciously, she seemed to be trying to resist this frequent sleep.

Xu Mohan said, “You’ve been sleepy lately. It seems to be getting more and more obvious.”

Ouyang and Xu Mohan looked at each other, exclaimed, and lowered their volume: “I say Qingbao, you’re not pregnant, right?”

Yan Qing’s nerves exploded, and he sat up quickly: “Ah?!”

The two gossip essences came together: “Dizziness, lethargy, and lack of energy are all early symptoms of pregnancy.”

Yan Qing covered her flat and tight abdomen with both hands, her face flushed red, her voice stumbling as she said: “Impossible, we all have, that—”

Take measures.

Xu Mohan: “No precaution is 100% safe.”

She acted quickly, secretly asking her personal assistant to bring test strips over, and pushing Yan Qing to the bathroom, Yan Qing was really panicked, she studied the usage, and was so nervous that her mouth was dry and she stared at the small window of the test strip for several minutes. Finally, it showed that she was not pregnant. She changed to another brand, which was also a bar, and there was no sign of pregnancy.

This made Yan Qing feel lost, she cleaned up the test strips, and came out and said to them, “No.”

Xu Mohan and Ouyang didn’t know how much her memory was damaged, but they still insisted that there was a possibility, and seriously warned: “Maybe, it’s a late implantation, and the test will be slower. You should pay more attention to rest, as long as auntie flo[1] doesn’t come, you can’t make a conclusion.”

“By the way, I remember that Mr. Huo’s birthday is in two days,” Xu Mohan said mysteriously, “What are you going to give him?”

Yan Qing was still in shock, and truthfully said: “He has everything, I have nothing to give, I made some handicrafts, and wrote songs for him.”

In fact, there was… a full set of COS cat underwear, guess he would like it.

Xu Mohan snapped her slender fingers: “It’s good, maybe there would be more babies.”

The sister’s party ended at six o’clock, Yan Qing was restless as she walked into the car. Although she felt that the possibility was zero, she couldn’t help it. There was a lot of anticipation secretly, and a great sweetness came out.

If it’s true…

She didn’t know if Shen Shen would be happy.

The corner of Yan Qing’s mouth unknowingly rose in a smile, and as soon as she opened the car door and sat in, she was hugged by a pair of arms around the waist.

The light woody fragrance of her man invades her senses.

She was surprised: “Why are you here?”

Huo Yunshen pinched her face deeply, and his eyes were deep: “So happy to meet them? You were still smiling when you came out.”

It wasn’t for him.

He was always desperately hoping that every bit of her pleasure was for him.

Yan Qing pursed her lips, she couldn’t believe the pregnancy, she couldn’t believe it, so how could she tell him, she just said, “I’m laughing because it’s your birthday, tonight at 12 o’clock, you are going to be one year older.”

The look in Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes dissipated, and he kissed her curved lips.

When he got home, Huo Yunshen cooked by himself, stood in front of the cooking table, raised his knife and made a small private roast chicken for Qingqing. Qingqing was watching from the living room, the kitchen lights were bright, and her husband was standing there, with an apron tied around his waist, it pinched tightly and narrowly emphasised his masculine figure, which looked very attractive.

She was in a trance for a moment.

In the old house, the kitchen was still small, far less than the current area, and the tools were simple.

She had just gone to college and lived with him. He went out to make money desperately. After returning home, he rolled up his sleeves and studied cooking seriously, cutting countless holes in his hands.

The two figures instantly overlapped.

Huo Yunshen turned his eyes back suddenly, and raised the corners of his lips: “Come here, baby, I have cut fruit for you.”

Yan Qing’s eyelashes were wet, and she jumped up and hugged his waist.

The love that was tumbling violently in her heart, as if it was colliding with something terrible, made her feel uneasy, and she just wanted to hug him with all her strength.

After dinner, Yan Qing really wanted to stay awake, but her sleepiness came back. Before being mentioned by Xu Mohan and the others about her pregnancy, she wanted to talk about the situation to Huo Yunshen, but now…

She had to make sure and talk to him again.

Huo Yunshen saw that she was lazy, and touched her forehead: “Are you uncomfortable?”

Yan Qing shook her head: “I want to take a nap.”

Huo Yunshen took her upstairs, dimmed the lights, and took her temperature. He massaged her temples again until she fell asleep quietly, then he raised his brows with a frown, walked out of the bedroom, and called Dr. He.

He felt uneasy after all.

Dr. He answered quickly: “Mr. Huo, what’s wrong with your wife?”

Huo Yunshen said in a deep voice, “She feels occasionally dizzy and sleepy.”

Dr. He thought for a moment: “As per your instructions, I’m looking for the possibility of something being done to your wife back then. The doctor who developed memory tampering is currently in San Francisco, and he will return soon. When he arrives in China, you can bring your wife for a check-up.”

Huo Yunshen had just cut off the call, when Min Jing’s information came in: “Brother, I am outside, I’ll report.”

In the courtyard of Huo Yunshen’s house, Min Jing held the documents and saw Huo Yunshen’s figure approaching, and hurriedly opened the car door to welcome him up.

In the interior of the car, Min Jing stated the trends within the group one by one.

After speaking in a clear manner, he looked at Huo Yunshen’s deep and half-drooping eyes, and said angrily, “Bo Lun’s contract is signed to another company at a price that is only one point higher than ours, doesn’t it mean that someone in the company has been leaking secrets? In such a hurry, they must be afraid that you will have a chance to make amends when you turn your head, so they want to make it clear that you have lost the American market, and they want to use this excuse to drive you out.”

Huo Yunshen said nothing.

Min Jing asked: “Brother, when will we fight back.”

Huo Yunshen said coldly: “It’s still early, let them toss as much as they want.”

Min Jing frowned as he thought about the rumours in the group and the so-called upper-class circle since he returned to China, and then thinking of Brother Shen’s overall plan, he put his heart down again, and said in a low voice, “The source of the email cannot be located yet…”

As expected, Huo Yunshen pushed the door and got out of the car: “Continue to investigate.”

Qingqing was by his side, he had to keep her firmly there, these dirty things, there was some time to clean it up.

Huo Yunshen took two steps, Min Jing chased after him, smiled and said, “Brother Shen, I can say this year, happy birthday.”

Brother Shen had passed so long, but only when Yun Qing was in love with him could he celebrate his birthday. What was mentioned represented beauty at that time, but at other times, it was a minefield of pain that could not be touched.

Huo Yunshen curled his lips toward him rarely: “This month’s bonus is doubled.”

The spring night wind was softening.

Huo Yunshen looked up at the second floor, the window where Qingqing was sleeping.

His childhood birthday was an excuse used by the Huo family to discuss business and hold cocktail parties.

Since his mother died in front of him, he had become gloomy and silent, and he no longer had the qualifications to excuse himself.

Years and months of darkness, so on every birthday, he recalled the process of that woman jumping from upstairs and her being torn apart. The day of his birth was never worth celebrating, and it was filled with the resentment and hatred of the poor woman.

After being expelled from the Huo family, he grew up savagely in a cold little house, was beaten until he bled, and turned into a lunatic who did evil in the eyes of others. Except for the nightmare that arrived as scheduled that night, he had long forgotten his birthday.

But the teenage boys liked to use birthdays as gimmicks.

There were always classmates who were hosting banquets, inviting everyone for meals, and giving gifts. He would only walk in the cold night, sitting on the side of the empty road in a daze for that one night. Sometimes Huo Linchuan would deliberately pick that day to find fault, he would hit him into the ground, quietly watching his blood flow down.

Until that year, when he received a birthday present. The girl’s delicate hands knitted a very majestic kitten’s head out of wool, put it in his hands, as she said with a smile, “Huo Yunshen, happy birthday.”

He didn’t believe her tenderness because of his broken heart. He held the kitten tightly for a few seconds, threw it into the trash can, and looked at her coldly: “I don’t have a birthday!”

Her eyelashes were trembling, and her voice was very soft: “I just wanted to tell you that someone remembers your birthday.” He squeezed his fists painfully, watching her silently walk away.

In the school corridor where the sun was falling, the cleaners came to collect the trash cans. He was crazy and refused to give them. He grabbed the kitten and turned it out, put it under the tap and washed it over and over again until the wool was bleached before taking it back to his small house, pressed it under the pillow and touched it repeatedly, reluctant to fall asleep.

On his second birthday, Qingqing ignored him and regarded him as a stranger. He went downstairs to her and stood motionless all night.

Later at night, she opened the curtains and dropped a small cake without cream to him.

She didn’t even look at his face.

He laughed silently, picked up the cake and held it in his arms as a treasure.

In the third year, Qingqing promised him to be his girlfriend. He was so happy that he was at a loss, and he looked forward to this day he hated so many days in advance.

Huo Linchuan found a group of people to block him.

He lost his appointment and fought desperately in the dark outside the school’s back door, wanting to hurry up and find her sooner.

That night, he took down the pile of dregs with a stick. His legs were also injured. He struggled to walk. Every time he moved, he was sweating all the way.

Qingqing was still waiting there, but standing next to her was the squad leader who liked her.

She was always gentle and smiled at everyone.

The two of them stayed side by side, and the beauty of her raising her face to others ripped apart his bloated heart.

The squad leader was talking.

“I saw him go out to fight, I don’t think he will come to you, why would you wait for him here?”

“That kind of person, everyone hides from him, why do you go after him.”

“Yun Qing, don’t hurt yourself, whoever you choose. It’s better than picking a lunatic who is not mentally healthy.”

His leg was so painful that he couldn’t feel it, and he stared at her, he knew that he must look terrible now, his eyes were burning, his teeth tasted fishy, and his expression was sullen, as he stood there with bulging veins on his arm.

Anyone who saw him would avoid and stay away from him.

Qingqing turned her head, saw him, bit her red lips, and turned around in a pissed off way to go in the opposite direction.

He dragged his injured leg, trying not to appear unusual, and followed her.

Like a pervert, he followed stubbornly, trying to catch up with her, and told her that he wasn’t that bad, and he didn’t mean to fight late.

He had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

He had never had a birthday to celebrate.

But his legs hurt so much that he couldn’t catch up no matter how fast he was. When he was a little out of strength, Qingqing suddenly stopped in front of him. He tried his best to chase after her and hugged her under the street light.

“Why don’t you leave?”

She raised her red eyes: “I’m waiting for you, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch up.”

The wind that night was also soft, she squeezed into his arms and said softly: “Huo Yunshen, no matter what others say, I like you.”

She looked at him seriously: “I only like you in the whole world.”

Huo Yunshen stared at the warm light on the second floor, his eyes drooping slightly, and he smiled.

When Qingqing wakes up, he will say the same to her.

Huo Yunshen went up to the second floor, Yan Qing was still asleep, her brows furrowed.

He changed his clothes, lay down beside her, pulled her in his arms, patted her lightly, then his lips fell, kissed from her eyelid to the tip of her nose, lingering obsessively on her lips.

It was past twelve.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but intensify the kiss, hook the tip of her tongue, while absorbing the warmth that belonged to him.

Yan Qing raised her long eyelashes tremblingly.

He stroked her lips with his fingertips and called her hoarsely: “Qingqing.”

Yan Qing stared straight at him with blank eyes, her cheeks turning pale.

She hurriedly broke free, grabbed the pillow indiscriminately, and beat him mercilessly, her voice having changed: “Huo Yunshen! Why are you in my bed!”

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[1] A slang for menstrual cycle.

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