5BKCM Ch. 24: She is my Mother!!!

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The two girls in the dormitory were stunned.

Chen Yuting: “Woo…, have you seen it?”

Wang Yuehan: “My God, his mother, can this be his mother, is he teasing me? Is it fun?”

Gu Yuan listened carefully and went to check out the latest news.

Now the news about Ji Qisen had been sorted out by someone who had been specially cataloguing the latest progress. Although it had been posted and deleted many times, the people who were brave and gossipy had tried their best to send it out. After Gu Yuan opened it, she saw this latest and greatest news at a glance. It had climbed all the way to the most popular news.

The latest hot search tag was “Ji Qisen’s mother”.

The two roommates were still exclaiming there, Gu Yuan clicked in with shaking hands, and found that the hottest message was sent by a Weibo account named “J”. The language was very simple, and only had the words “this is my mother”, not to mention pictures, there was not even a punctuation mark.

This Weibo account named “J” was not even certified, but everyone guessed that this must be Ji Qisen, right?

Suddenly, there was an uproar on the Internet.

Although Ji Qisen and Nie Yu were both top rich and noble sons, but Nie Yu liked to appear on the Internet platform, so everyone knew that he was handsome, romantic, humorous and down-to-earth. From some of his words, everyone spied on the life of the upper class as it added to the fun of their ordinary life. However, Nie Yu talked a lot, so the money smell of the “top-class wealthy family” on his body was less, and he seemed more down-to-earth.

But Ji Qisen was different. Ji Qisen didn’t talk much, and he rarely showed up in front of people. The only time he was interviewed by the media was an interview with the well-known financial magazine “Wealth Theory”. Ji Qisen was mysterious which made people look up to him.

So, Ji Qisen just throwing out a few words was enough to set off a storm on the Internet.

Especially since he also revealed such important information.

Was this real?

That’s fucking mind-boggling!

There was only one expression on the faces of the majority of netizens at this time: black question mark face.jpg.

Incomprehensible, incredible.

Obviously the girl in the previous photo looked very young, how could it be his own mother?

If it was his real mother, weren’t these rumours and speculations on the Internet a big joke?

“Woo…, can you believe it?” Chen Yuting held her mobile phone and began to doubt her life: “How can it be his mother?”

They had already deduced the story of a Cinderella marrying into a wealthy family or a wealthy ugly woman marrying a handsome rich guy. There were so many stories thought up in comparison, but they turned out to be mother and son, it was not romantic, rather it was filial.

“No, no, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! How can I believe it?” Wang Yuehan said, this was really unbelievable!

She hurriedly opened her penguin and WeChat to read the news, and found that in the class group and in various groups of friends, they were all frantically swiping the screen. Some people questioned, some people were shocked, some said that this was the best drama in 2030 and seeing this she could laugh for a year.

Chen Yuting didn’t believe it either. She started to scan all kinds of news, complaining and asking everywhere.

In the face of this heated discussion, Gu Yuan swallowed and said slowly: “Actually, I believe it must be his own mother, Ji Qisen is really a good and filial boy.”

“How is it possible!” The friends expressed their disapproval in unison: “I heard that Ji Qisen and Ji Zhentian have a very general relationship, and the father and son don’t even talk!”

“People are the same.”

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “Have you seen it with your own eyes?”

The two roommates: “We didn’t see it, but it was reported on the Internet that the father and son seem to be fighting for power.”

Gu Yuan: “It was also said on the Internet that it was his girlfriend, but as a result, he confirmed that it was his mother.”

The two roommates were at a loss for words. Why did they suddenly feel that what Gu Yuan said made sense…

Chen Yuting thought for a while: “This Weibo account can’t be real, is it fake? Because I still think it’s impossible. The woman Ji Qisen was protecting looked very young, at most twenty years old, she is still a girl!”

Wang Yuehan bowed her head and looked through the news from all over the world: “No one has revealed who Ji Qisen’s mother is, I saw someone in the know saying that Ji Zhentian has never been married, how did Ji Qisen suddenly get a mother?”

Gu Yuan said: “Everyone has a mother, how could Ji Qisen not have a mother? If she didn’t show up till now, it might be because she didn’t want to expose herself. Now that this topic has been picked up and there is still such a misunderstanding, people directly declared it.”

After speaking, she suddenly shouted: “Nie Yu has sent a message again!”

Chen Yuting hurried over to look: “Wow, he can really fight!”

Gu Yuan frowned suddenly, opened her mobile phone to read Weibo, and cursed inwardly, does this Nie Yu have a grudge against me? Is he doing this specifically to target my son?

As she was thinking about it, she saw Nie Yue’s new Weibo post.

The new Weibo post had only two words: “Hehe.”

Two words.

These two words attracted countless speculations, and the following netizens were expressing their opinions.

“Master Nie, we want the truth!”

“Master Nie, we ask for the truth!”

Some people lined up below to ask for the truth, and some people mocked: “Are you lame or stupid, doesn’t the two words express the truth? Do you know what hehe means?”

Everyone realized that the word “hehe” was mocking and indicating that what was said was false.

So it’s not a mother and child relation at all?

There was a lot of ridicule for a while.

“Haha…, I’m dying of laughter, it’s okay to be like this!”

“New way to refute rumours, ‘that’s my mother’!”

“New way to manage public relations!”

“New way to manage public relations+1!”

“Ridiculous and sarcastic, of course, more people are picking skins. That Weibo account is a copycat, and it was made to be funny. It can’t be Ji Qisen himself at all, and he listed one, two, three, four, five, six and seven pieces of evidence. It makes sense.”

In Gu Yuan’s dormitory, her two roommates were too lazy to go to the cafeteria for dinner, so they ordered takeaway directly, and screamed with laughter in the dormitory. Gu Yuan gritted her teeth, opened her laptop, and began to silently collect information about Nie Yu on the Internet. She wanted to study what kind of person he was.

It was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years. Sooner or later, this scumbag would pay the price for that “hehe”.

And just when everyone was laughing so hard, a Weibo sentence posted by “J” was reposted by the official account of the AK Group.

“@J This is my mother.”

Everyone was stunned, because they thought that since the previous Weibo account called “J” was not certified, it must not be a real person, but now, this “J”’s Weibo was actually reposted by the official account of the AK Group. What did this mean? It meant that the official AK Group recognized this sentence?

Could it be that this “J” was really Ji Qisen?

What kind of drama was this?

It was a shocking reversal, and the two people in the dormitory forgot to even eat their meals. The dormitory next door was obviously boiling, and they even ran over to the dormitory and started a lively discussion in person.

In the heated discussion, the topic became so hot, that finally Ji Zhentian, the former head of AK Group, issued a statement: “That is indeed my son’s mother, and my son just accompanied his mother to dinner.”

After saying this, Ji Zhentian said that a lawyer’s letter had been issued to file a lawsuit against those who violated the reputation and privacy rights of the AK Group and the president of AK, and that they would pursue legal responsibility.

These words finally pushed this Ji Zhentian gossip to the highest heat.

The audience on the whole network was now divided between hot topics and heated discussions, each of which was being talked about by everyone, there were also discussions such as how many girlfriends Ji Zhentian, the founder of AK Group, had, and whether he had ever been married, and who was Ji Qisen’s mother? Also, what kind of grievance and hatred did Ji Qisen and Nie Yu have that Nie Yu dismantled Ji Qisen’s image like this on the public platform?

These were trivial matters for parents, but once the person involved was either a mature and stable diamond figure or a top young handsome and rich man, then any topic would become interesting.

In the next few days, the popularity of the topic on the Internet was gradually suppressed, and other popular events came out. This incident gradually faded out of the public eye, but in the film school, when Gu Yuan was in the cafeteria, in the classroom, or in the dormitory, she could always hear people discussing this topic occasionally, and some people even gossiped privately, saying that a senior sister from their school once had connections with Ji Zhentian after her debut.

“It is said that after three days of contact, she got a villa in Chaotian Lake!”

Everyone was very envious after hearing this. Where was Chaotian Lake and a villa there, tsk…tsk…tsk…

These gossips about celebrities were interesting.

“I don’t know who Ji Qisen’s mother is, does she still need to worry in this life, just accepting her son’s filial piety, she can live a great life! How rich is Ji Qisen!”

“That Ji Qisen’s mother seems to be quite young, looking at her figure and face, she looks like a 20-year-old girl!”

“She has maintained it well, she is definitely not young, that Ji Zhentian is the founder of AK Group, such an awesome person, his wife must have been of legal age, so she must be in her forties!”

“Yes, it’s good, but it’s nothing. If you have money, you can spend it at whatever you want. I want to be so rich, and so that I can also stay young.”

Next was everyone’s envy time for Ji Qisen’s mother, a group of girls imagined how luxurious and enjoyable Ji Qisen’s mother’s life was, how her son had to support her and how happy she must be.

Gu Yuan, who was eating the badly flavoured stewed ribs in the cafeteria, sighed softly: “Maybe she’s not as happy as you think, maybe she’s also worried about her little troubles.”

However, her words attracted a lot of attention. Two, three, four, five, six, seven pairs of contemptuous eyes.

“Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand the life of a wealthy family.”

“What trouble can she have? Is she troubled that she can’t spend the money her son earns, or trouble that the founder of AK gives her countless alimony?”

Gu Yuan took the chopsticks and poked the soup in the bowl lightly, and sighed secretly.

What kind of alimony, it had nothing to do with her anyway.

As for the money given by her son, there were a few cards, but she didn’t seem to be able to use it.

After eating, the roommates were going to go shopping. Gu Yuan pinched a few unlimited black cards in her wallet, thinking that it was too ostentatious to take this one, and she refused.

Wang Yuehan watched her pinching her purse and looked at her sympathetically: “Even if you can’t afford it, you can still go shopping.”

Huo Sijia, who was white, beautiful and long-legged, swept her gaze over Gu Yuan with a smile. Gu Yuan’s facial features were particularly delicate, her figure was also quite good, and what she wore on her body and the purse she held in her hand seemed to be from a top big name brand.

But what made her doubt was that Gu Yuan seemed to be very casual when eating in the cafeteria, not picky at all, not like the daughter of a super-rich family, and now Wang Yuehan and their words made her confirm her guess.

She smiled and said: “Yes, follow us to see more, gain more knowledge and improve your taste. When you go to the mall, you don’t have to spend money, you can just have a look. If you encounter something you don’t understand, I can help introduce it to you. The more knowledge you have, the better your aura will come, it is better than using fake products every day.”

After saying this, her eyes swept over the bag in Gu Yuan’s hand, and she saw that it was the latest product of a top brand. It was estimated that it was a high quality imitation, and the imitation was quite like the real one.

But a fake was a fake, Gu Yuan must not be able to buy the real one.

When Huo Sijia said this, everyone else saw it and laughed without saying a word.

Gu Yuan felt their doubts, but didn’t explain it. The cottage was a cottage, and it was no big deal. Anyway, it could be used: “I won’t go, I wish you all a good time.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan expressed regret: “It’s stupid, you should go shopping with Sijia, that’s a great experience!”

After seeing off her few roommates and classmates, Gu Yuan planned to go back to the dormitory, but who knew that at this time, a call came in.

She hurriedly took it, it was her son.

“Mom, you didn’t have class this afternoon, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong, Qisen?”

In the past few days, when she was at school by herself, her son was quite warm to her, but he only communicated via WeChat, and rarely made phone calls. If he had made a direct phone call this time, there must be something wrong.

“I’ll ask Butler Sima to pick you up.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The Nie family wants to come over and apologize.”

The Nie family? Nie Yu? Apologize?

Gu Yuan suddenly became excited: “Okay, let Butler Sima pick me up, I want to go back.”

That Nie Yu, that hehe…, she remembered it.

Coming to apologize, right? She won’t rest easy if she didn’t humiliate him severely!

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