5BKCM Ch. 23

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Gu Yuan looked at the photo carefully. It was obvious that the photo was of her son taking her to dinner that day, but then she met that Nie Yu, and after a conflict between the two sides, her son took her away.

Because of the fight at that time, her son raised his arms to protect her, but the photos were not clear enough from the distance. At first glance, it seemed that her son had put his arms around her to hug her.

Her son’s face was photographed very clearly, and at first glance it was her son, but her face was not photographed because of the angle, it was just a blurred silhouette.

So, after a group of fans had sent sad and desperate messages, people from all walks of life began to frantically discuss who Ji Qisen’s girlfriend was. Some people had even made a professional analysis of the girl’s height, weight and body shape in the photo, and tried to restore the data of the blurred profile in the photo. Others started a big data comparison and searched for young female stars who looked similar and girls of the right age from various wealthy families were also not left out, they were all determined to find out who Ji Qisen’s girlfriend was.

Gu Yuan swept through these comments and watched the hot search for her son’s romance all the way as it became popular, and jumped directly to the top of the hot search list, which led to even crazier discussions.

The participants in the discussion were not only Ji Qisen’s inexplicable fans with wealthy marriage dreams, but also stakeholders. Everyone frantically analyzed the possibility of Ji Qisen falling in love, the possibility of AK Group’s heir’s marriage, and even the probability of the news appearing on the Internet soon. They tried to figure out the relationship between the heir of AK Group and the girl, to analyse which girl the heir of AK Group would marry.

After watching for a while, Gu Yuan raised her hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Very good, these analysis was very professional, and even who her son would marry in the future had been properly analyzed.

At this moment, Wang Yuehan suddenly shouted: “Hey, did you find out that Ji Qisen’s girlfriend looks a bit like Gu Yuan in the restored simulation!”

Gu Yuan was a little startled when she heard this, and waved her hand quickly: “It’s definitely not me, it’s probably a coincidence!”

When she said that, Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Chen Yuting: “Of course it can’t be you, Gu Yuan, you didn’t even know who Ji Qisen is in a relationship of that level, it’s not something we can imagine.”

Wang Yuehan looked at Gu Yuan and then at the phone: “It seems to be a bit similar, but that girlfriend is definitely not as good-looking as Gu Yuan. These rich girls, all of them are beautiful, and all good-looking celebrities in the capital, how can they be unknown? This rich girl is hiding her face when she takes pictures, and she is not confident, she definitely looks ugly.”

Chen Yuting sighed: “This is the rich looking for the rich, it doesn’t matter at all. Look at those female stars who want to marry the rich, how easy is it? It’s not just that, you also have to work hard to give birth to a son, and you may not be able to officially marry even after giving birth to a son!”

Wang Yuehan suddenly remembered Hu Yuejing: “So Senior Sister Hu is considered a good one. She has a successful career, and she has successfully married into a wealthy family, and even has two children.”

However, Chen Yuting pouted: “It’s different. Hu Yuejing’s husband is not at the same level as Ji Qisen, Ji Qisen is the top.”

Of course, the more top-notch, the more Ji Qisen was out-of-reach. Such a top rich crown prince and a handsome man, he was just put there to make people dream.

Gu Yuan listened to their discussion and was horrified. She hurriedly searched. Sure enough, she saw that someone had simulated her appearance based on her body shape and her fuzzy photos, and it was really similar to herself.

She hurriedly opened WeChat and went to her son: “Son, what should I do now? Hurry up, they all misunderstood, it’s embarrassing.”

Of course, her son failed to reply in time, and she typed again: “They are all looking at me, the simulated appearance is really similar to me, and my roommates say the one in the photo is similar to me.”

After she sent a bunch of messages, she finally saw her son’s reply.

JQS: “Didn’t you see it?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “I saw it, it’s the number one on the hot search, and there are all kinds of scolding people. I’m so anxious and scared, son, you need to deal with it quickly.”

JQS: “Look at it again.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “What do you mean?”

JQS sent a light sentence: “Didn’t I already deal with it?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “…”

With no more nonsense said, she quickly opened the Weibo search, but found that the hot search had disappeared out of thin air.

The speculations with those photos had vanished as well, and no matter how you searched, you couldn’t find them.

What followed was the exclamation of her roommate Wang Yuehan: “Oh my God, I was looking at this post, and it suddenly disappeared! I refreshed it and it disappeared!”

Chen Yuting also found out: “All the photos on the Internet are gone, they all show a 505 error! Fortunately, I saved it, I was too forward-looking, I knew that they would definitely delete the post later, haha… this is my experience gained from shedding blood and tears.”

Wang Yuehan didn’t give up, she looked at the slapstick Ji Qisen’s gossip posts about his schooling experience when he was a child, he had been reading it with great interest. Why did it suddenly disappear? She wanted to read it again, so she continued to search everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found.

She said disappointedly: “The speed of deleting this post is really fast, it disappeared in an instant, and the sky changed.”

Chen Yuting: “Of course! He is one of the top ten richest men in the world, and it is not difficult for him to block his news. It’s a matter of few seconds.”

Wang Yuehan: “This must be his guilty conscience. He has a good girlfriend, why can’t he show her face? Is it because she doesn’t look good so he dares not show her face?”

Chen Yuting suddenly exclaimed: “Oh, look, Nie Yu came forward, Nie Yu commented on this matter, and he actually spoke!”

Wang Yuehan heard Nie Yu and hurried to see it.

Gu Yuan listened to this, so she calmly but hurriedly searched the Internet.

After a search, she found that Nie Yu was quite famous on social media. He posted almost every day, and each post was either sharply ridiculing or witty, and was highly praised by the people below. Nie Yu originally had a suave appearance, he wore stylish clothes, and had a wealthy family. Naturally, he attracted a lot of followers. Netizens paid attention to his words and deeds on social media, analyzed his every sentence, and even his previous girlfriends were familiar, in fact there were posts on the Internet that analysed gossip about all his past nineteen girlfriends.

And now, just after the photos of Ji Qisen and his girlfriend having a meal made a lot of noise, and after the thunderous method was used to delete the post harmoniously, people flocked to Nie Yu frantically, and they all asked on his Weibo: “What’s wrong, Mr. Nie?”

Nie Yu made a post in the face of everyone’s inquiries, but it was for Ji Qisen: “You people, think about others, maybe they are too ugly to show their faces? Maybe they got pregnant before marriage. Why would they want people to know about their pregnancy? Don’t keep asking questions, think about others, okay?”

However, as soon as these words came out, the popularity on the Internet exploded instantly.

This sentence had been reposted and analyzed by countless people, and various guesses had poured out. There was even an article that was quoted from the side. It was analyzed from the perspective of the previous photos and Ji Qisen’s care for the girl. Combined with the content of this post by Nie Yu, the netizens came to a summary conclusion: The woman is ugly, but because of her family background and Ji Qisen’s acquaintance, the two got into a relationship overnight, and the woman had become pregnant before marriage. Although Ji Qisen was not interested in the woman, out of a sense of responsibility, he decided to marry her and promised to take good care of her.

After this conclusion came out, netizens angrily denounced the woman’s belly which she was using to threaten Ji Qisen. Of course, some people admired Ji Qisen’s willingness to marry an ugly one because of his sense of responsibility.

After watching this drama, Chen Yuting sighed with emotion: “A handsome guy like Ji Qisen is actually marrying an ugly one. It’s better to be reincarnated in a wealthy family these days.”

Wang Yuehan seemed rational: “It’s normal. If you have a family background, you must get married in the end, right? Don’t look at Nie Yu’s fun on the Internet, a girlfriend today is a girlfriend tomorrow, in fact, it can be seen that he is just playing, and in the end, he still has to find the right one. Those awl-faced internet celebrities are all useless!”

Gu Yuan watched this farce from the side lines, as she frowned and studied Nie Yu’s Weibo.

The more she looked, the more angry she became. What did this Nie Yu know, he was talking nonsense here. Wasn’t this obviously a rumour?

At this time, Chen Yuting gave out another sigh: “It’s really a flower placed on the cow dung, but it’s a pity that Ji Qisen is so handsome, hey, it’s better to be ugly than to be taken advantage of.”

Gu Yuan heard all the gossip and her chest was beating wildly.

Although she knew that Chen Yuting was not scolding her, she still felt unhappy when she thought that they were referring to her, she was very unhappy!

Did these people have any brains?

Could that brain-dead Nie Yu still speak human words?

Gu Yuan remembered the fight that day, and wished she could have given him a few more hits with the stick at that time to teach him a lesson.

She felt aggrieved and didn’t want to talk to her son. After all, it was inappropriate to talk to her son, so she spit black mud at Camille and scolded Nie Yu.

“Haha…” Camille looked at Gu Yuan who was scolding Nie Yu, and laughed: “That person is like this, he thinks he is justice of the universe… so he is dissing this and dissing that every day!”

“He has a grudge against my son!” Gu Yuan pointed her finger and poked the screen directly, as she poked the words out: “He did it on purpose, maybe the photo on Weibo was exposed by him, he was there that day, and he also fought with my son, he deserved to have been beaten into a pig’s head.”

She thought that she should have also taken a photo, if she posted a photo of him being beaten on the Internet, then the whole Internet would be able to see how Nie Yu was beaten into a pig’s head, and then she would see how he would still pretend to be a suave man and not a dog.

“Is there such a thing?” Camille really didn’t hear Gu Yuan mention it: “Oh, there are rumours that Nie Yu and your son do not deal well with each other. I heard that when they are participating in an economic meeting, and their seats are obviously next to each other, they still don’t pay any attention to each other when they meet, but I thought it was a tabloid reporter chasing shadows!”

After all, they were both the heirs of a big group, not children, and a good relationship was good for everyone, even if they couldn’t get through it, nodding when they meet each other was also fine. It should, as for such a clear fight? She had no words.

Of course, Gu Yuan didn’t want to tell Camille about her son’s feuding past when he was a child, so she slightly modified Nie Yu’s perverted behaviour that day and told Camille: “Do you think this person is bad or not, he actually wanted to tease me? Bah!”

Camille was taken aback for a while, and the expressions that came out were all black question marks.

At the end, Camille laughed and leaned back and forth: “Haha…, you really don’t look like a 45-year-old. Young Master Nie must be thinking you are a 20-year-old girl. This is a big misunderstanding!”

Gu Yuan sneered, gritted her teeth, and said angrily: “That child has no mother, no one to discipline him!”

Fortunately, her son was Ji Qisen, not Nie Yu, or else once she woke up and found that her son has grown into a rambunctious son, she would still have been alive and angry!

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard two girls in the dormitory exclaim.

“Wocao, my God, my God!”

“What a turning point!!”

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