RCFS Ch. 214: Campus Festival 2

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However, the answer to Ren Qi was a heavy punch, then she squinted her eyes and shook her fist: “Is Xiao Yiyi something you can call?”

“Xiao Yiyi, you answered this question well, keep working hard.”

Ye Yunxi glanced at the paper and smiled slightly. However, this time Qin Yuyi didn’t show her fists, but the little woman blinked and nodded with a smile: “Okay president~~”

Ren Qi: “…”

“No, why did you beat me up when I asked you?”

Qin Yuyi still squinted his eyes: “Are you the president?”


“Did you solve Gao Shuying’s matter?”


“Are you the one who is teaching us physical fitness?”


What’s so special about it!

Ren Qi clutched the bag on his head, making such a comparison, he was so incompetent… “So what face do you have to call me Xiao Yiyi?”


I can’t refute it!

Rolling his eyes, Qin Yuyi raised his hand: “President, I still have some questions!”

Ye Yunxi nodded and walked over: “What?”

Qin Yuyi glanced at Ren Qi proudly, and said with a smile: “National Day, the school will have a campus festival, and every association will come up with a program, President, what program do we have?”

Hearing about the campus festival, everyone raised their heads one after another: “Yes, there is also a campus festival!”

“What are we going to do?”

“How about a drama?”

Everyone couldn’t help but gather together to discuss.

The new community classroom was still being renovated, and so they could only study under the wisteria trellis in the garden, but this did not hinder their enthusiasm.

Ding! Trigger the task: Detonate the campus festival! Reward: Awesomeness XP +10000, stamina +50!

Another mission? Was it the campus festival?

Ye Yunxi didn’t make a sound, but looked at Qin Yuyi: “What good idea do you have?”

Qin Yuyi smiled, stood up, and turned on the music on the phone. When the passionate music came to mind, the blond girl twisted her soft waist, dancing passionately!

The rest of the people were stunned: “Okay, Xiao Yiyi, I have it for you!”

“Don’t call me Xiao Yiyi!”

Qin Yuyi clicked her tongue, brushed her blond hair, and looked at Ye Yunxi with a smile: “How about we dance modern dance? If there are ten people, we can perform a super powerful modern dance!”

“Hey, we can have this!”

“Yes, yes, I also like to see handsome people dancing!”

“Wow, yes, yes, it can attract girls, I like it!”

Everyone chattered, and Ye Yunxi also nodded: “Yes, but, who will choreograph?”


Qin Yuyi said awkwardly: “Well… I only know this, but I think this is very handsome, definitely more eye-catching than acting in sketches and dramas!”

The high enthusiasm went silent in an instant, and the rest of the people couldn’t help muttering: “Then I can’t dance!”

“Yeah, I still think it’s very exciting.”

“Hey, if we can dance, our club will definitely be popular! “

Seeing everyone’s disappointed faces, Ye Yunxi said: “Xiao Yiyi, lend me your phone to have a look.”

Taking the phone and watching the dance Qin Yuyi had danced, Ye Yunxi put down the phone and clicked on the music.

The elongated voice, the ambiguous rhythm, the fast and slow beat, while everyone was still in a daze, Ye Yunxi had already stepped on the beat accurately and started dancing!

This was a hot and sexy dance. In the video, the leading dancer’s powerful movements pulled out a suffocating arc, which made this dance full of sexy taste, but although Ye Yunxi was a girl, and dancing didn’t look easy at all, but her hormones seemed to be bursting!

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