RCFS Ch. 213: Campus Festival 1

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When the company was finally established, Ye Junpo looked up at the big words Yehuang Group with great emotion, feeling very excited.

Yehuang, his mind was full of his daughter’s words.

“I want the Ye family, like a phoenix to be reborn from nirvana, to return to its throne!”

Ye Junpo subconsciously clenched his fists, and his mood became excited.

He could no longer be decadent!

He hd to work harder!

“Hang this one here, put the bonsai over there!”

Ye Yunji commanded, at the moment he was wearing a well-fitting suit, with his bangs pulled back, he looked very similar to Ye Yunxi in men’s clothing, but without the wantonness. One could not feel the evil spirit from him, these were two different people after all.

The small items had been delivered, the new office had a bit of smoke and fire, and the company had also recruited many newcomers, and everything was getting ready for business.

“Yunji, let’s find a script as soon as possible!”

Ye Junpo was now full of fighting spirit, and the whole person was so excited!

A piece of “Latent” made 2.8 billion in four seasons, and 560 million was allocated to them. Although half of it was given to Ye Yunxi, he still had 280 million in his hands!

Two hundred and eighty million!

According to the investment of 10 million yuan for a movie, there were still 18 movies to be made!

Absolutely make a fortune!

It’s so cool!

Ye Junpo was gearing up, but Ye Yunji directly poured cold water on his father: “There is no script now, and there is nothing to shoot.”

“Huh? Why don’t you accept the script?”

Ye Yunji continued: “There are quite a few scripts we received, but none of them were nutritious, so I sent them all back.”

Ye Junpo: “…”

He had nowhere to use his energy!

He was in full swing now, did he want to be so unappetizing?

No script?

How could there be no script!!!

Ye Junpo clicked his tongue, feeling bored.

“Dad, if you are very free, go to your senior brother to go around the circle and broaden your network. We will always need actors!”

Ye Yunji didn’t even raise his head, and directly issued the task. He was so busy, although the company had been built, there were many details that still needed to be arranged. His Dad couldn’t help with anything except filming, which was really tiring.


Ye Junpo nodded, he had heard from his senior brother that there seemed to be a reception recently, and they were all people in the circle. It was good to get to know each other, maybe there would be a script to shoot soon?

Ye Junpo regained his energy, and he decided that he must go when the time comes!

At this time, Ye Yunxi was urging the members of her club to make progress together.

“This question uses this formula, so do this.”

“The test scope of this question is here, just memorize it!”

“I’ve said this question three times, can you still be stupid?”

Everyone: “…”

Everything can be done! Do you have to be so magical?

For a moment, everyone’s eyes became extremely solemn, looking at Ye Yunxi was like looking at a shining golden sculpture!

Qin Yuyi rubbed her blond hair, looked down at the practice questions, and with a movement of the pen, the answers came to life on the paper.


She couldn’t help but smile, solid geometry had always been her weakness, now, it felt like she could answer it, really good!

Ren Qi was also writing hard, and couldn’t help but say while writing: “Xiao Yiyi, I suddenly feel that the new club is nothing, with Yunxi here, is there any difference between us and the three major clubs?”

No difference, okay?

Who were both physically and academically challenged, if there was a difference, there may be only one, we have a small number of people, and our reputation is not as big as others, that’s all!

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