LGHIHW Ch. 12.2: Arc 1.8

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“Okay, this is my immature idea about 5G algorithm construction. Does anyone need to ask questions?” Qiao Yanan, standing on the podium, scanned the audience.

Two engineers raised questions one after another, all of which were answered satisfactorily.

A major shareholder glanced at Xuan Ming and said in a timely manner: “Researcher Qiao’s idea is very mature. If we follow this pace, our 5G technology will definitely be produced soon. Mr. Xuan, I propose that Researcher Qiao be made the head of the R&D department. Leader, what do you think?”

Xuan Ming smoked his cigar slowly, without answering, but his eyes, full of indifference, flickered in the smog, as sharp as knives.

Being examined by him with such eyes, the corners of Qiao Yanan’s mouth twitched slightly, and she couldn’t even smile.

“System, why do I feel that the way Xuan Ming is looking at me is very strange, as if he is evaluating an object.” She complained silently in her heart.

“I’m sorry, I can’t understand the meaning of human eyes. I only know that he is looking at you. Isn’t this a good thing? If you want him to fall in love with you, you must first keep his eyes.” 248 read out the golden lines in the emotional tweets according to the script.

But as soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Ming looked away and looked down at the documents in his hand.

Qiao Yanan frowned, feeling both relieved and panicked.

“No matter what, I must win the position of head of the R&D department today. That’s an annual salary of 30 million!” she said in her heart.

“You can do it, after getting rid of Zhao Zhensheng, the possibility of you becoming the head is 100%.” 248 said proudly.

“Of course, in this critical moment, who in the R&D department is better than me? Who has better scientific research ability than me?”

After deceiving people for a long time, Qiao Yanan even deceived herself. She raised her chin slightly, and scanned the audience with proud eyes, as if she had really become the most outstanding scientist in Huaguo.

Many engineers raised their hands and said, “Mr. Xuan, I also propose that Sister Qiao take up the position of Dr. Zhao.”

“Mr. Xuan, only Sister Qiao has the ability to lead us to build a 5G framework.”

“Mr., everyone’s hearts are gone, let Sister Qiao go, we will all obey Sister Qiao.”

“Another person may not be able to take on this burden.”

“We are all engaged in scientific research, whoever is good and who is not, we know best in our hearts, we all agree to let Sister Qiao take over. Mr. Xuan, if you choose someone else to lead our R&D department, I’m afraid it will be messed up. The administrative staff can’t manage those of us who are engaged in scientific research, and they can’t even understand our reports.”

“Yes, we are a highly professional team. Our leader must be the one with the best expertise.”

All the engineers stood by Qiao Yanan’s side and admired her in every possible way, but no one knew that Qiao Yanan’s scientific research achievements were actually stolen from others. She killed Dr. Zhao and got the 5G algorithm to have this day.

Xuan Ming had no way to deal with Qiao Yanan and the 248 system at all. In order to stabilize the company, the best strategy he could adopt at present was to praise Qiao Yanan and coax her to obediently come up with the 5G algorithm.

But Xuan Ming didn’t want the other party to get what she wanted.

Why should he provide for a murderer and give her so many benefits? Xuan Ming’s eyes turned colder, shaking off the hot soot, he slowly announced word by word: “I will personally contribute 60 million yuan to stimulate your enthusiasm for research and development. From now on, whoever deduces the 5G algorithm first will be able to take away the 60 million, plus the position of head of the R&D department of Haiming Group, a villa worth 300 million, and an annual salary of 40 million.”

His sharp eyes swept over everyone, and his tone was cold: “This decision is not only effective for the internal personnel of the R&D department, but it is also effective for external personnel. Sun Jingshu…”

He ordered his secretary: “You log on to the company’s website immediately and publish this news.”

Sun Jingshu immediately nodded in agreement: “Okay, Mr. Xuan.” The laptop was right next to him, and with a flick of his finger, the news was announced.

Major shareholders, one look at me and I look at you, they all felt this decision was sudden, but also felt that it was understandable to do so. Haiming Group had been able to develop from a small workshop producing electronic components to a leader in the high-tech field, relying on generous capital investment.

The expenditure on research and development could not be reduced in any case.

The engineers who were clamoring to choose Qiao Yanan as the head just now all became warm-hearted immediately. They secretly decided to start working on the 5G algorithm immediately after the meeting. Maybe when inspiration struck them, they would be one step ahead of Qiao Yanan?

The whole audience was excited because of this reward worth up to 400 million, including Qiao Yanan.

“System, did you hear him? A bonus of 60 million yuan, a large villa of 300 million yuan, plus an annual salary of 40 million yuan, I’m rich!” She shouted excitedly in her mind, but her face was very proud.

“Host, you have to be steady! If you take out the 5G algorithm now, Xuan Ming will pay much less attention to you than the original plan. Remember, you have to be the one who saves him in a life and death situation, not be the one who saves him casually. You have to be the deputy who will help him when he is in trouble.” 248 hastily persuaded her.

“That’s 400 million!” Qiao Yanan’s voice was trembling.

“Can 400 million be compared to eternal life? Don’t forget, you have already failed two missions. If you fail this mission again…” 248 didn’t finish speaking.

Qiao Yanan was so frightened that she fell silent.

She was silent for a while before reluctantly saying: “Okay, I will hold on.”

248 immediately comforted: “Host, don’t worry, I will monitor the scientific research results of the whole world at all time. Even if people can deduce the 5G algorithm. That is to say, even after three to five years, you will still be the king in this field, and you don’t have to worry about others surpassing you.”

“I have already sold the news of Dr. Zhao’s death to many domestic newspapers,” 248 said coldly, “Even with the help of the government, Haiming Group can’t suppress the news. I will create public opinion on the Internet, destroy Haiming’s stock price, and guide foreign forces to launch financial attacks on Haiming. Host, you have to grasp the timing.”

“Okay, I understand.” Qiao Yanan made up her mind.

The news of Dr. Zhao’s death was suppressed by the police and the government with the help of the Haiming Group. Currently only the backbone of the R&D department and a few major shareholders of the company knew about it.

These people all held shares in the company, so naturally they would not harm their own interests, but Qiao Yanan was different, her purpose was to capture Xuan Ming’s heart, for this, she could easily kick the Haiming Group into the abyss.

She applauded and said with a smile, “Mr. Xuan, don’t worry, our R&D department won’t let outsiders take away the reward.”

“Yes, the reward will definitely belong to us!” Several software engineers clamored.

After listening to the plan of Qiao Yanan and the system, Xuan Ming just wanted to kill these two inhuman things. He gritted his teeth and smiled: “Then you have to work hard. Today’s meeting will end here, everyone leave.”

Everyone left the meeting one after another, but Zhuang Li, who had been quietly taking minutes of the meeting, poked Xuan Ming’s arm with his slender index finger.

Xuan Ming’s bland smile melted away like snow, and his normally dark and cold pupils immediately became warm: “What’s the matter with you?”

He didn’t realize how intensely his heart was filled with expectations. Yes, this reward order was not to stimulate Qiao Yanan, nor was it to motivate other engineers, it was only for the young person beside him.

For some reason, Xuan Ming firmly believed that if anyone could immediately come up with a 5G algorithm, it must be the little curly hair around him. Didn’t Little Curly himself say it, he was a super genius who could drive the wheel of the times.

Zhuang Li covered his nose and said, “Look at what’s written on it.”

Xuan Ming followed his fingertips to look but saw a public notice board pasted behind the door, which read in bright red characters——Conference Room Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Xuan Ming: …

Zhuang Li twisted his slender eyebrows and coughed twice, then walked leisurely with a briefcase under his arms, his fluffy curly hair bouncing along with his brisk steps.

Xuan Ming’s full of expectations thoughts turned into embarrassing bubbles, his face was still stiff, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop curling up. The little curly hair parasitized by the system was not in a hurry, why should he be in a hurry? Let’s take one step at a time.

He immediately stubbed out the cigar and said to Sun Jingshu who was waiting at the side: “In the future, if I become addicted to cigarettes, please remember to remind me, especially when the little curly hair is around.” Sun Jingshu immediately realized who the little curly hair was talking about and nodded. At the same time, he couldn’t help thinking to himself: What is the background of that person, even President Xuan has to accommodate him?

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