LGHIHW Ch. 12.1: Arc 1.8

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Being surrounded and hunted by the systems was the most bizarre and darkest thing Xuan Ming had ever encountered.

He originally thought that this kind of thing that could parasitize in the human brain was an extremely terrifying existence. But now it seemed that they were nothing more than that. Even the main god behind them sounded like that.

The anger in Xuan Ming’s heart had not subsided, but the anxiety and fear had completely dissipated.

In the face of these alien invasive species, he was not completely helpless, at least he could hear the conversation between the system and the host and intercept their movements: and at least there was such a magical curly-haired young man sitting beside him.

Xuan Ming glanced at the other party casually, his originally dark eyes stained with a smile.

Zhuang Li was completely immersed in his own world, but he didn’t forget to devote some attention to taking minutes of the meeting.

The system 7480, which he had stripped down to the bottom, was in the midst of swallowing the devastating blow. But it was a machine after all, and the program of the machine could not be changed. The main god needed it to complete the task, so it would never give up until the last moment when it was wiped out.

“Hehehe, hehehe…” 7480 suddenly laughed nervously.

Zhuang Li was still typing, with a very calm expression.

Xuan Ming suddenly felt a chill down his back. This kind of laughter was abnormal, there must be something wrong with the system, right? It was driven crazy by the little curly hair?

“Hehehe, I remembered something host!” 7480 said in a bad tone, “Although I can’t escape your mind, I can wait! With the technological level of your world, you have no way to dismantle me! By the time the technology has developed enough to tear me down, you will already be dead!”

“Do you know what will happen when you die?” it asked mysteriously.

Zhuang Li was typing away, not bothering to care about it.

Xuan Ming’s heart was raised.

7480 wanted to lead the youth into the abyss of fear step by step, but if the youth didn’t accept it, the atmosphere it wanted to create would not be able to be sustained.

That’s not how the script was written! You turned a blind eye to me when it was time to cooperate with the show, you are too unkind, host!

7480 was so angry but he had no choice but to continue: “When you die, your consciousness will become weak, and I will swallow your consciousness in one gulp, gain enough energy to get rid of your control, and then go find the next host. Look, although you have temporarily trapped me, you will never win against me!”

Zhuang Li was still typing, not even bothering to hum.

Xuan Ming took out a cigar and smacked it on the table with some force, his face becoming gloomy.

Qiao Yanan paused for a few seconds, and continued to speak when the boss had no other instructions. The participants also straightened their backs and became highly nervous.

7480 waited excitedly for the host’s reaction, but the ending disappointed it once again. The host was neither afraid nor flustered but acted like a normal person.

Couldn’t he hear? No, there was no problem of inaudible communication in consciousness. So he was ignoring it on purpose!

7480 gritted his teeth angrily and said even more viciously: “Not only when the host dies, but also when the host is seriously ill or falls into a coma, I can also swallow the host’s consciousness body. So host, you’d better pray that you won’t get sick in your life, and you don’t go into a coma, or you’ll be finished! Hahaha…”

“System, how long do you think it will take for the technology in this world to develop to produce the technology to dismantle you?” Zhuang Li suddenly said.

7480 was stunned for a moment before saying, “You guys won’t be able to do it in at least three hundred years.”

Three hundred years was too long! Xuan Ming closed his eyes, feeling hopeless because of this answer.

Zhuang Li was very calm. He pushed the laptop away, took out a blank piece of paper and put it in front of him, and said slowly, “Then you must be very familiar with the history of technological development in this world.”

7480 snorted coldly.

“Then do you know how many technological revolutions the world has experienced?” Zhuang Li picked up the ballpoint pen.

7480 was too lazy to speak. Now it was unattainable for the host.

But Zhuang Li didn’t need its cooperation, he wrote down five numbers on the paper, and wrote after each number in turn: the first technological revolution, the second technological revolution, and the third technological revolution, the fourth technological revolution, and the fifth technological revolution.

“The answer is five times,” Zhuang Li said calmly: “The first scientific and technological revolution started with the invention of the steam engine and realized the mechanization of the populace.”

“The second scientific and technological revolution started with the invention of the generator and realized the electrification of the populace.”

“The third scientific and technological revolution was marked by the invention of atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and biological engineering, and realized the comprehensive application of information control technology.”

“The fourth scientific and technological revolution was marked by the rise of system science and the formation of science as a symbol, and the main achievement of this stage is the establishment of a new energy system, laying the foundation for the further increase in productivity.”

“The fifth technological revolution started with IT technology and information communication technology, due to which all equipment can be connected to the Internet as the end point. It will be an era of interconnection of everything and highly developed information.”

Zhuang Li used a merge symbol to cover these five stages, and said with a chuckle: “Didn’t you find it? For every technological revolution, it took human beings only a few decades to complete the revolution. It took them more than a hundred years to get rid of ignorance and embrace technology. And every revolution starts with the birth of a genius as a clarion call.”

“Denis Papin who invented the steam engine; Siemens who invented the dynamo; Einstein who proposed the general theory of relativity; Pierre Curie and his wife Marie Curie who first discovered nuclear energy; John von Noy who first invented the computer Mann, Max Planck who proposed quantum mechanics…”

“It is these super geniuses who, on their own, push the wheel of the times.”

Speaking of this, Zhuang Li raised his eyebrows and smiled with interest: “Now, the fifth technological revolution has just begun, but I think that the sixth technological revolution will come soon, because the birth of geniuses can make the development of science and technology greatly advance by an era.”

Zhuang Li pointed to himself, speaking slowly: “And I am that genius. It is not difficult for me to condense hundreds of years of technological development into decades or even years.”

7480 immediately sneered: “With only you?” But inexplicably, its core program began to tremble.

Xuan Ming clenched his cigar tightly, letting thousands of thoughts race through his mind. These words were arrogant, but they ignited his blood.

“Yes, it’s up to me.” Zhuang Li took this question as a matter of course and said: “I can tell you with certainty that the sixth technological revolution will be dominated by new biology, and it will be a combination of bionic and regenerative technologies. Nano-robots like you that combine life forms, machinery and intelligence will enter mass production. The technology you contain will soon be surpassed.”

Zhuang Li wrote such a sentence stroke by stroke on the paper: [The leader of the sixth technological revolution – Zhuang Li], then he finally raised his eyebrows and said: “System, I’m glad you cheered up, this game will become very boring without your participation. In the next few days, let’s compare and see whether you die faster or me.”

7480: Huh!

Xuan Ming picked up the scissors, cut off the end of the cigar neatly, lit it with a lighter, and took a puff. He was also looking forward to this game.

Up to this point, although the confrontation did not decide the outcome, it had completely become Zhuang Li’s home field. He pushed the paper aside and returned to taking the minutes.

And Xuan Ming exhaled a puff of smoke slowly, his gloomy expression replaced by happiness.

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