GLR Ch. 35.2

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Just as he was about to land, a huge mech suddenly appeared and hugged Su Yemu, and headed towards the open space in the distance. With one leap, they arrived in an instant. The silver-white battle armour put Su Yemu down, took a step back, and knelt down on one knee: “Master!”

Su Yemu was stunned for a moment before realizing: “Are you 033?”

Only 033 called him master.

“Yes, master.”

“It’s really you, how did you become so big? Where did you go?” Su Yemu felt very fresh when talking to mecha for the first time, and reuniting with 033 made him very happy.

Su Yemu reached out to touch the fuselage of 033, the material was a bit cold, it looked like metal, but it didn’t feel like it.

“Master, I’m by your side right now, I…”


A big hole was blasted out where Su Yemu was standing. If 033 hadn’t taken him away quickly, he would have turned into ashes. Su Yemu was angry, very angry.

“033, are you a mecha armor?”


“Bomb him!”

Su Yemu pointed at the iron-grey battle suit that appeared in the distance, his always cold eyes burning with fire.

“Obey! Master.”

The two-meter-high silver battle armour suddenly became bigger. The color was like a burning flame, beautiful and cold.

The silver mech held a big knife and rushed towards the iron-grey mecha. Su Yemu shouted, “033, you hit him, not chop him.”

“As you order, master.”

The huge armour with a light body like a little girl, turned around to avoid the shells fired by the iron-grey armour, and then, a cannon was placed on 033’s shoulder…


The iron-grey armour instantly became a block.

“Yeah, 033 is doing well, handsome…” Su Yemu jumped up happily, but when he landed, he fell into an embrace.

“I’ve caught you.”

The deep voice rang in his ears with a scorching breath, and Su Yemu’s body froze. He thought of Zeus and two other accomplices. Su Yemu raised his foot and stomped hard on his instep. When he was in pain, he turned around, bent his knees and bumped his lower body, and then gave him a punch.

After a set of movements, the speed was eye-catching.

The man snorted and let go of Su Yemu.

“It’s coming again, 033 save me.” Su Yemu turned around and ran, shouting as he ran, “033, hit him.”

Now 033 hesitated, and did not act immediately.

The man had already slowed down, and the monstrous anger could stare a hole in Su Yemu’s back.


An angry roar sounded, and Su Yemu looked behind him, and the man had already chased him, with those long legs and that pace, one step could reach Su Yemu’s three steps.

Su Yemu was in a hurry: “033, you are disobedient, hit him.”

“As you order! Master.”

“Kong Yi, dare to betray the master, I will melt you.”

The roar seemed to be squeezed out from between the teeth, but at this moment, the muzzle of 033 had been aimed at the man.

The man’s pupils narrowed slightly, watching Kong Yi press the launch button, his physical strength exploded instantly, he jumped suddenly, hugged Su Yemu who was still running around in front of him, fell to the ground, and rolled several times before stopping.


The light cannon blasted a big crater in the ground, and with the flames, the soil kicked up and sprayed the two of them all over their bodies.

Su Yemu was pressed down by the man, and was about to punch him when he raised his hand, but found out, why did this man seem to know him.

He Yunting tried hard to restrain himself from beating the child under him, and said hoarsely, “Why are you running?”

Su Yemu became angry, and said angrily, “Would I run if you don’t chase me?”

“You still let Kong Yi blast me while running away? He really listens to you.”

The designer of Kong Yi was Master Reis, who had designed the biological armour, with emotion and intelligence close to human beings, along with autonomy and self-discipline. When fighting alone, he could even judge the situation. Loyal and reliable, but now, his most loyal and reliable partner in the city had turned his guns on him. He should say that Kong Yi’s loyalty was still open to question, or that the child under him was too special.

“That must be done,” Su Yemu smugly chuckled, then the corners of his mouth froze: “Did you hear the sound of cracking?”

He Yunting smiled: “It’s already cracked.”

“Quick, run away, ah…”


After a long fall, both of them landed on the ground.

“The ground has been blasted, the exit has been exposed, activate the emergency plan, and change the orbit.”

The female voice sounded in the dim space, and the ground began to move, making a crackling sound. It felt like the mainland was separated and reassembled.

The ground kept shaking, and Su Yemu, who was smashed, was lying on the ground and groaning. He was kicked by Zeus before, but now he fell straight down, and was hurting more and more. Although he was lying on a man, it still hurt. And the man who padded his fall had already sat up. He turned on the terminal’s lighting and found that they were in a tunnel.

“01, confirm the situation.”

“Your Excellency, this is an underground city built six hundred years ago, with a depth of 1,500 meters and a width spanning half of Neptune.”

Kong Yi’s small cannon must be less than 1,500 meters of depth, most likely just hit the exit. According to the situation just now, the exit of the dungeon should be reorganized.

“Can you contact the ground?”

“Temporarily unable to contact, the signal here is blocked, and it will take at least two hours to break through the mastermind.”

After receiving the information, He Yunting saw that Su Yemu was still lying on the ground, so he walked to him and squatted down: “What’s the matter, are you physically so weak?”

Need to practice!

Su Yemu slapped his terminal away with a palm, as the light hurt his eyes: “My back hurts.”

He Yunting pulled Su Yemu up and took off his clothes, and he saw that his back was scratched.

He Yunting rubbed his thumb lightly, felt Su Yemu’s body tremble slightly, and said, “Myrrh, how about I lick it for you?”

Su Yemu: “You, seriously?”

He Yunting: “Disinfect through saliva.”

Su Yemu swept He Yunting up and down, and shook his head: “No need.”

“What a pity!”

Standing up on his shoulders, he clapped his hands and looked around.

He Yunting glanced at Su Yemu’s hand, and said: “Six hundred years ago, the First Civilization attacked the Tiannv Department in the name of the Empire’s refusal to sanction General He. Since the Empire had just experienced a war with foreigners, there were not many troops left. In this battle, 90% of the empire’s troops were taken away to resist the attack, so this dungeon was built to hide in and create the illusion that the citizens of the main planet had been evacuated.”

Su Yemu was puzzled: “If Neptune was destroyed by the enemy, would staying below not be a problem!”

He Yunting said with a smile: “At that time, no one thought that General He would lose, they believed that even if Neptune was occupied, as long as they stayed in the underground city, General He would come back to rescue them.”

“But no one thought that the emperor would marry the princess of first civilization, and Marshal He, who was on the expedition, would die in battle and be lost in the boundless universe.”

The great irony was that one moment he was a hero, and the next moment he was sent to the interstellar military court; at the last moment the whole country was defending against the enemy, and at the next moment, they happily got married to the enemy.

Su Yemu blinked, inexplicably sad, it seemed to be a sad story.

“Why are you taking off your clothes?” Su Yemu turned around and saw the man pull out his jacket from his trousers and unbutton the bottom of his jacket.

Unbuttoning two buttons, He Yunting lifted his coat, grabbed the white shirt that was under it and tore it forcefully, tearing a piece of cloth from the left and right sides, he grabbed Su Yemu’s hand: “Wrap it, it won’t hurt when it touches something.”

He Yunting first blew the ashes off Su Yemu’s hands before wrapping him up. In the end, Su Yemu’s bloody hands were wrapped into webs.

Su Yemu made a gesture of surrender and grabbed it twice, thinking it was okay.

“How do we get out?” Su Yemu jumped up and down twice, the echo was very small, indicating that this place was very big: “Why don’t we look for it and see if we can find the exit?”

Su Yemu opened his terminal and went in first, He Yunting followed behind him, looking at his back and frowning, had he seen him somewhere?

It wasn’t that playground, nor was it in a dream, but where did he see him up close?

You hurt my brother, white-eyed wolf, you hurt my brother, return my brother to me.

A picture flashed in his mind, the young man was squatting at the door of the spaceship and chattering, and at this moment, the engine of the abandoned spaceship fell down, and A Sha rushed over.

He Yunting smiled, and stretched out his hand to pinch Su Yemu’s tender white nape.

Su Yemu’s goosebumps popped up in an instant, and he turned his head angrily, “What are you doing?”

Su Yemu asked angrily, looking forward, endlessly in the dark: “By the way, who are you?”

“He Jiabei.” He Yunting stammered and changed his name.

“He Jiabei, what a strange name, why do you call 033 Kong Yi? Is he your armour?”

“No, I’m going to melt him.”

“You dare,” Su Yemu blurted out angrily, and immediately remembered He Jiabei was his master, so he said: “Then what, I let him bombard you, don’t blame him.”

“Don’t you dare, 033 is very obedient, what do you want to do, such a powerful and handsome armour, he even washed the dishes for me at that time! He will also help me receive the courier…”

Su Yemu chirped, completely unaware of the man’s wicked smile in the dark.

“By the way, when I occasionally fell asleep in the living room, he would carry me back to the room and cover me with a quilt! He’s really super smart…”

He Yunting: Melt him.

The two walked straight for about ten minutes, when they heard the sound of water flowing, Su Yemu went in first, but He Yunting pulled him behind;

At this time, the battle on the ground on Neptune had subsided, but the number of dead was shocking. Neptune was as bright as day, and countless reporters were filming the tragic situation. His Majesty the Emperor brought the Queen and all the cabinet ministers to the scene. Seeing the situation, his eyes turned red.

“We must find the culprit and punish him severely.”

Kaman stepped forward: “Your Majesty, the second-level security has been activated, and they can’t get out of Neptune.”

“Second-level security? The security guard mecha team didn’t react, and you will be responsible for the investigation, I see that they went to the Heavenly Horse department, and your people are still running around in the imperial capital.” President Qin said without any mercy.

Kaman said: “I, Kaman, will never evade my responsibility this time, but are the head of the imperial bodyguard who is in charge of the palace security dozing off? Five people sneaked into the palace and stole the Qilin pendant. Everyone knows what it means to the empire.”

“That’s enough, the most important thing now is to rescue.” The old man couldn’t stand it any longer. He didn’t know when the trip would take place, forget it, let his grandson go!

Ever since Marshal He returned to the capital, he felt that the capital could no longer stay calm.

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