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Bed warmer!

The expression on Zhong Youyu’s face instantly became very exciting.

“Hehe, you can also bring bed warmers to the hunting grounds?” Several children from aristocratic families came over, one of them spoke in a frivolous tone, and glanced at Lin Xin nakedly.

Lin Xin wasn’t wearing the Zhu family’s crimson red dress, but a sapphire blue arrow sleeve dress. There was no extra adornment on his body, so they couldn’t see his origin.

“Luo Zhan, don’t be rude!” The crown prince stopped those people’s teasing in time, “This is the Marquis of Xunlu Lin Xin who is about to succeed.”

The young man who spoke just now was Luo Zhan, the second son of Marquis Wangting, “What? I have never heard of Marquis Xunlu. Ten thousand households or a thousand households?”

Marquis were the princes who led from one side, there was no distinction between ten thousand and one thousand households, only the households who were the subjects. The Zhao family that had raised Lin Xin for several years was the Marquis of a thousand households.

As soon as Luo Zhan said this, the family members who came with him all laughed. The big nobles look down on the little nobles, and always had.

“It’s not thousand or ten thousand households, it’s like your father…” Lin Xin paused, and seeing Luo Zhan’s expression suddenly change, he continued unhurriedly, “That kind of prince.”

“Hahahaha, It’s like your father—such a Marquis!” The girl’s clear voice came from the forest, and after a while, a beautiful figure came with a sword, and landed in front of Luo Zhan with a big smile.

Seeing the person coming, these children of aristocratic families involuntarily took half a step back. The girl was wearing a black dress, her hair was combed up, she had a rather heroic ponytail tied with a headband, and she carried a big bow almost as high as her back. It was Shen Yingying who he hadn’t seen for a long time.

The Shen family members were all beautiful. Last year when they came for the hunt, many descendants of the aristocratic family tried to show courteousness to Shen Yingying. But after she shot through the boulder with one arrow, the intentions of those sons disappeared.

Sure enough, Luo Zhan and the others, who were teasing wantonly just now, slipped away after being greeted, running faster than rabbits one by one.

Shen Yingying pursed her lips, turned to look at Lin Xin, and grabbed his arm accurately, “You are really A Xin! Do you remember me? You look better than when you were a child.”

The cold hair on Lin Xin’s back stood up in an instant, afraid that this aunt, who was born with supernatural strength, would accidentally break his newly grown arms again. In his previous life, this was the only person who came close to killing Lin Xin when his spiritual power was at its peak. Lin Xin was really afraid of her.

“Qiuting!” Shen Lou scolded sharply, and before he had finished speaking, he directly separated the two of them, “Don’t be rude!”

“Qiuting is here.” Seeing Shen Yingying, the crown prince couldn’t help smiling.

“Brother Prince!” Shen Yingying smiled very sweetly, she clearly looked like a delicate and exquisite girl.

“Tsk tsk, Yingying, tell me about it, when other girls come, the guys are all vying to please them, but when you come, it’s like locusts crossing the border, not a single blade of grass can grow.” Zhong Youyu leaned over and laughed at her.

“You talk too much!” Shen Yingying stomped her feet and pushed him resolutely and immediately into the mud, “What can I do? What are the rumors about women from aristocratic families in Yongdu? Zhou Yaer’s daughter ‘Buying peach blossoms’, Li Mingzhu’s ‘Weeping Tears Qingsi Bridge’, when it’s my turn, they are ‘Shen Qiuting pulls out the weeping willows upside down’!”

“Pff——” Feng Zhong couldn’t help but burst out laughing and was glared at by Shen Yingying. So, he covered his mouth.

“Okay, let’s go hunting, if you don’t go, you won’t even get fifth place.” Shen Lou chased his sister away.

“Understood.” Shen Yingying said with a smile, suddenly her face became serious, she drew out the mulberry arc bow on her back, put on a feathered arrow, and pointed it directly at Lin Xin.

This bow Sang Hu was rewarded to the prince by the emperor at the autumn hunt last year and was given to her in turn by the prince.

This was a spiritual bow filled with Luli. There were six jun[1] bows and nine jun bows among ordinary big bows. This mulberry arc was a hundred jun bow that even an immortal could hardly draw! Once the mulberry arc arrow was released, it could penetrate rocks several feet thick.

With abundant spiritual power, the arrow headed straight for Lin Xin’s head.

Shen Lou’s pupils shrank suddenly, and this scene instantly coincided with the scene of the scuffle at Tianlao Peak in his previous life. The arrow shot Lin Xin in the midst of the Wanjun, and the arrow pierced through his bones, nailing his whole body to the rock, as blood stained the entire mountain wall red.

The blood in his memory stained Shen Lou’s eyeballs red. “Whoosh—” The arrow flew over and was grabbed by Shen Lou. The power of the 100-jun bow could not be stopped by ordinary people. Even if Shen Lou used his spiritual power, the powerful arrow still slid for a long time in his palm, and it barely stopped at the tail feathers.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Shen Yingying was taken aback. With the sound, the stag who was standing a few feet behind Lin Xin immediately ran away.

Shen Lou folded the arrow in half and threw it on the ground, before Shen Yingying could say anything else, he slapped her.

The crisp sound of “pa” shocked everyone present.

“Shen Lou!” The prince stepped forward quickly, pushed Shen Lou away, and protected Shen Yingying behind him.

“Shen Da, you are crazy, why are you beating her?” Zhong Youyu also stepped forward to dissuade him.

Shen Yingying covered her face in disbelief, staring at her brother with wide eyes.

Feng Zhong walked to Lin Xin’s side who had a somewhat unhappy expression on his face. He didn’t know how Shen Yingying’s archery skills were, even if the arrow was shot just now, it could still brush Lin Xin’s cheek. One misstep and it would have shot through his throat.

“Archery is not for you to show off. If Gu sees you pointing an arrow at someone, you will not be allowed to use a bow in the future!” Shen Lou’s voice was as cold as ice.

Shen Yingying had never seen her brother be fierce with her, so she burst into tears.

Her archery skills were extremely high, shooting through stones and even feathers, even piercing Yang with a hundred steps, so it was impossible for Lin Xin to be hurt by her when he was so close. She used to play like this at home before, no one ever said anything about it, and it often even attracted a lot of praise.

“If I can’t use it, I won’t use it!” Shen Yingying threw the Sang Hu bow to the ground, turned and ran away.

“Hey, Yingying!” Zhong Youyu anxiously pushed his younger brother, “Hurry up and catch up with her.”

Zhong Wumo obediently chased after them, while the prince sighed helplessly.

Lin Xin regained his composure and pulled Shen Lou’s hand to look at it. There was a long bloodstain on the cold white and dry palm, which was worn out by the spirit arrow of the 100-jun bow.

Recalling how he was almost shot to death by Shen Qiuting in his previous life, at that time also when he opened his eyes, he saw Shen Lou’s face. At that time, the two were clearly at odds with each other, fighting to the death, but Shen Qingque, who had a disease of benevolence and righteousness, still saved him. This person was always like this, appearing suddenly when he was desperate, and leaving when he is hopeful.

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Small Theater:

“The Simplified Version of the Nie Yuan of the Past Life”

Loulou: Lin Xin, you can’t die, quickly find a doctor

Xinxin: Thank you for saving me, I plan to make a promise with my body

Loulou: No, I do good deeds without expecting anything in return

Xinxin: Then can you tell me your name so that I can come to propose marriage another day

Loulou: You can call me Red Scarf

Xinxin:  …

T/N: So guys let me explain, here the Marquis are of three types: those with thousand households under them, those with ten thousand households under them and those at the level of Princes, there is essentially no difference between the first and the second, however the third category has the most power and they are on par with imperial princes.

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[1] 30 catties.

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