RCFS Ch. 219

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The small wind swept the dead leaves across the background, and Di Wei’s head was covered with black lines.

Butler Zeng bit his lips tightly, otherwise he was afraid that he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The master spent so much time dressing up, but Miss Yunxi didn’t respond at all!!


He inexplicably wanted to laugh! Hahahahahaha!!

But, he couldn’t laugh, he must hold back!!

Butler Zeng bit his lips even tighter.

“Grandfather, are you going on a date?”

Di Junxie made up the knife in time, and Di Wei immediately spattered three feet of blood.

Dating, you bum!

I wanted to show my prestige, show her my prestige!!

It’s just that he didn’t succeed!!

Di Wei clutched his wounded heart, and got up exhausted: “Butler Zeng, help me to rest.”

I’m tired!!

The old man turned his head, covered his face, and burst into tears.

It wasn’t until the person left that Di Junxie subconsciously hooked the corners of his mouth, dressed so handsomely, and saying he didn’t like Yunxi?

After loosening his tie, Di Junxie went straight up to the second floor, opened the bedroom door, took off his tie, and changed his clothes.

“Young Master, dinner is ready.”

Di Junxie responded evilly, straightened his hair in front of the mirror, turned around and opened the door, and went downstairs.

In front of the long and narrow dining table in the dining room, a beautiful girl sat there quietly, with a gorgeous crystal chandelier above her head, reflecting her already fair face incomparably gorgeously.

This feeling made Di Junxie feel a little warm, he walked all the way, pulled away the seat next to Ye Yunxi, and sat down.

“What’s the taboo?”

Handing over the napkin, Di Junxie glanced at the dining table. The dishes were quite rich, but he wanted to know what Ye Yunxi liked more.

“The spicier the better!”

Ye Yunxi squinted her eyes, took a look at all the plates, and locked her eyes on a plate of twice-cooked pork.

Liked spicy?

Inexplicably similar to his taste, was this the legendary couple taste?

Di Junxie’s mood got better and better.

He picked up the meat and placed it on Ye Yunxi’s small plate. Di Wei twitched the corner of his mouth and silently glanced at his empty plate.



“Are you used to the school curriculum?”

Di Junxie picked up a piece of fish, carefully removed the fishbone, and continued to place it on the plate of Ye Yunxi.


Ye Yunxi ate very happily.

She had learned all of Junyao’s courses, there was nothing difficult, it should not be too simple.

In her previous life, she did not live in vain.

“There is soup at the corner of her mouth.”

Di Junxie picked up the napkin and gently rubbed the corner of her mouth.

Di Wei: “…”

Who is it that you want to abuse?

Can you still let other people have a good meal?

You just made an appointment now, and you are not a real couple yet, who the hell are you trying to abuse by sprinkling dog food like this!

The old man exhaled, inhaled…

“Eat more meat, you are too thin.”

Di Junxie’s chopsticks danced so fast that Ye Yunxi’s small plate was full again.

Di Wei: “…”

He didn’t want to eat anymore, he was full after eating dog food!

“I won’t eat!”

The old man dropped his chopsticks and left angrily.

Butler Zeng hurriedly followed, and after entering the study, he smiled and said, “Master, don’t you think the young master looks like a normal man now?”

Those families in Sword of Empire secretly said that the young master didn’t touch women because of his illness, if he didn’t do it there, wasn’t this a ready-made good opportunity to dispel those people’s ideas!

Di Wei gritted his teeth and nodded: “We should call all those people to see, but my grandson won’t do it? It’s obvious that he is too ugly!”

Ugly refused to understand!

Your own daughters are ugly and can’t attract my grandson’s interest. Why do you say that my grandson won’t do it!!!!

“Take some time to inform the young masters and ladies of those families to come to our house for a dance party!”

Yes, let’s do it like this, let them see who can’t do it!

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