RCFS Ch. 218

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“You agreed to go home.”

“But my luggage…”

“It’s already packed and stuffed into the trunk.”

Di Junxie decided not to give Ye Yunxi the slightest chance to repent and struggle.

Ye Yunxi: “…”

Do you want to be so quick?

Putting the person into the car, Di Junxie said again: “I remember that Junyao doesn’t have late self-study.”

In other words, school should be over at five o’clock, but he waited at the school gate until half past ten?

Di Junxie glanced at her, and Ye Yunxi was lazily slumped in the chair. The contrast with the strength of the day was obvious, and somehow it made people feel cute and soft.

“Well, for the campus festival, we’re going to dance, don’t disturb me, let me think about it first.”

Ye Yunxi simply closed her eyes.

High-end cars had good sound insulation and were stable. It felt like sitting in an empty classroom, which was convenient for Ye Yunxi to imagine.

Di Junxie glanced at her, curled the corners of his mouth slightly, and simply slowed down.

The host is big! Do you need to simulate a scenario? 10 Awesomeness XP for a virtual character!

Still have this hand?

Ye Yunxi responded: “Exchange for ten virtual characters!”

Okay! Ding! After the avatar has been exchanged, Awesomeness XP -100!

Ten black figures gradually emerged in Ye Yunxi’s mind. She couldn’t see the facial features clearly, but she could still clearly distinguish between men and women.

Immediately the music sounded slowly, and the figures in her mind began to dance with the music.

First come four boys…

Ye Yunxi frowned slightly, the figure in her mind changed dance steps with her thoughts, the rhythm of the music kept up, and then four girls took over, and then a boy and a girl repeated.

Whether it was the action or the timing of the substitution, it was clearly shown in the mind, and she could even go back to the problematic place, change the action according to Ye Yunxi’s thoughts, and so on.

Oh, not bad, system, you are not completely useless!

I got a compliment, the system is beautiful, don’t want it~~

The host is big, the Lun family will use examples to prove that the Lun family is not useless!

Chicken blood, chicken blood g~~~

The system was rippling.

However, at this moment, in the emperor’s family, the old man Di Wei, was standing in front of the full-length mirror, desperately taking photos.

“Butler Zeng, do I look serious enough?”

Butler Zeng blinked, stepped forward, straightened the old man’s tie himself, and nodded: “It’s very serious, and it will definitely give Miss Yunxi a blow!”

Satisfied, the old man deliberately looked at the full-length mirror again and again, nodded: “Very good!”

Continue to plan C! No matter what, let Ye Yunxi, this little girl know that he was the authority of the Emperor’s family! If Ye Yunxi didn’t please him, then she shouldn’t even think about living in this house!

Di Wei’s ambition was rewarded, and he sat on the sofa in the living room with a solemn face, waiting for Ye Yunxi to arrive.

After a while, the door opened, and the petite and pretty figure appeared in the living room on time. Di Junxie put down the suitcase indifferently and calmly, and Ye Yunxi came in slowly.

Di Wei straightened his back in an instant, his old face looked angry and majestic, but he was shouting in his heart: Are you afraid? Are you scared? This is the authority of the head of the imperial family!

The more he thought about it, the more energetic the old man became, the straighter his back and the wider his eyes, as if he were wide-eyed.

Hahaha, Ye Yunxi, be afraid!

But Ye Yunxi only exchanged glances with him, nodded silently, and said, “Hello, grandpa, good night, grandpa.”

Then, she quietly passed the majestic old man and went straight upstairs.

Di Wei: “…”

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