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Both Qin Yuanyuan and Jiang Xiaoqing had gone to BH Media’s scriptwriting training class, and Lin Nantian was the only close friend of Gu Nian’s she could talk to.

Although she kept the matter about Meng Zhi from Lin Nantian at the beginning but before joining the crew, she revealed it to Lin Nantian little by little.

Being pestered by Zheng Haolei this time, Gu Nian stayed at home all day and did not dare to go out.

She chatted with Lin Nantian during the day, but she didn’t expect her to make a video call at night.

As soon as she picked it up, she saw Lin Nantian beaming in the video: “I have good news for you!”

Gu Nian lay weakly on the sofa: “What good news, you are finally getting married?”

“Go away,” Lin Nantian said. She rolled her eyes fiercely, “It was useless for me to worry all afternoon after hearing what you said today, I even tried my best to help you find a way.”

Gu Nian tilted her head, her cheeks squeezed softly: “Can you? Is there any way?”

“Move out!”

“I’ve thought about it, but it’s too troublesome, and it’s so hard to find a place with a suitable location, price, and environment. Most importantly, if he still looks for me, he can still chase me even after I have moved.”

“No, no, I just came across a perfect plan here!”

Seeing Lin Nantian’s confident appearance, Gu Nian raised her eyes suspiciously.

Lying on the sofa cushion for a few seconds, she slowly got up: “What plan?”

“Qiao Xi, do you remember?”

“Qiao Xi? Which Qiao Xi?”

“It’s not the bridge, it’s the person, it’s Josh! The rich second-generation returnee who you went on a blind date with at the end of May this year!”

“…” With Lin Nantian’s efforts to remind her, Gu Nian finally managed to get a blurred picture from the back of her mind. Then she found out the character with his facial features.

Nesting in the corner of the sofa with a pillow in her arms, the girl drooped her eyes: “Remember, what does it have to do with him?”

“He’s going to live abroad recently and will seemingly spend a year in a small city in Northern Europe. Then his villa in the K City is now vacant, and he wants to invite people to live in it.”

Gu Nian: “…?”

Gu Nian was really confused by these words for a long time: “He is going to live abroad, and the villa is going to be ‘hired’ people to live in?”

Lin Nantian: “That’s right.”

Gu Nian: “Is this some kind of new charity activity?”

Lin Nantian laughed: “No! Many people believe that houses should not be left empty, so they will rent them out for others to live in if they are not going to live in them for a long time, so as not to waste the house.”

Gu Nian: “Then why didn’t he rent it out?”

Lin Nantian: “On the one hand, he’s afraid that people who don’t know the basics will spoil the decoration, but I think the main reason is because he’s not short of money.”

Gu Nian: “…”

What an unpretentious reason.

Like an enthusiastic sales lady, Lin Nantian pulled the map and described the advantages of this villa in various aspects such as security and privacy.

Gu Nian had to admit that she was very moved, but her reason stopped her.

It was really that this opportunity came too soon like a pie in the sky, and it fell at such a good time. Based on her more than 20 years of life experience, Gu Nian never believed that extreme luck would just happen to choose her among the billions of people on the earth.

So even though Lin Nantian was spitting, Gu Nian asked rationally after listening to it: “How do you know that he has such a villa that needs others to live in?”

Lin Nantian didn’t realize her intention: “I arranged a meal for you before, so he is added as my friend. He should have sent such a message to the people in the contact list, I just saw it and thought of you!”

Gu Nian wrinkled her face: “Then no one else has asked him? You and he are really not acquaintances.”

Lin Nantian thought for a while: “No, as soon as I found him, he was very happy to say that luckily the house could be rented out for free.”

Gu Nian: “Did no one else ask?”

Lin Nantian nodded: “Well, it’s normal.”

Gu Nian: “What’s normal?”

Lin Nantian said without hesitation, “All the people should be at least nouveau riches like me in his circle of friends, who among us doesn’t have one or two vacant villas in his family, and will go take care of his villa. If you don’t go to your own place, why live in someone else’s place?”

Gu Nian: “…”

The troubles of the rich were truly a luxury.

Hearing that Gu Nian was still hesitant, Lin Nantian persuaded her: “I know your temper, but you don’t need to owe any favors. It was originally because he sent mass messages to find reliable people to help take care of the house. We hit it off and we each give and take somehting.”

Gu Nian: “But objectively, I’m still taking advantage.”

Lin Nantian: “I just knew that you are so stubborn, so I discussed with him in advance, and you will pay for the utility bills yourself, and then you will pay 1000 as the rent every month.”

Gu Nian smiled wryly: “With the basic rent in K city, 1000 is too little.”

Lin Nantian pretended to be fierce: “Why, I have been worrying about you all afternoon, you should have to pay me. I was so angry since you’re worried that you’ll run into the pervert and have nightmares so you won’t be able to sleep at night, right?”


Gu Nian choked.

Lin Nantian used her trump card: “Anyway, I have already agreed with the other side, if you don’t go, I will….!”

“So what?”

Lin Nantian grinned: “I will call Aunt Gu. Find a reason to bring her precious girl back to her side?”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian: “You’re ruthless.”

The rich second-generation returnee seemed to be very anxious to find someone to arrange the villa. After Nantian pulled the line, he took the initiative to find someone to ask Lin Nantian and Gu Nian to sign a rental agreement the next day.

Before leaving, the agent also made a special trip to convey Josh’s urgent wish –

“Mr. Qiao said that there are many rooms in the villa, and Ms. Gu can invite friends to live with her at any time – there is no need to explain to him.”

The expression of the scene of complete charity made Gu Nian feel overwhelmed for a long time.

By the time she regained consciousness, the agent had long since disappeared with the contract in hand.

Gu Nian asked Lin Nantian worriedly: “You really don’t think there’s anything wrong with this matter?”

Lin Nantian: “What’s wrong?”

During the heat wave, her voice was soft and lazy, “But I always feel like I’ve fallen into someone’s trap.”

Lin Nantian: “You just love to think too much, you’ve been like this since you were a child!”

“…Well, I hope I’m not thinking too much.”

Two days later, Gu Nian moved into “Josh’s Villa”.

However, before she had time to experience the villa life carefully, Gu Nian was taken by the “Gold-medal Screenwriter” program team to record the third episode.

When the whole week was over, she came back after a long journey, and before her feet could touch the ground, Gu Nian received another call from a small person in charge of BH Media Company whose position could be up and down.

The reason for the call was also simple: it was because of the Easter egg for the short play “Broken” that Luo Xiu had mentioned to her before.

Even though Gu Nian wanted to reprimand the capitalists for their disregard for humanity and the nature of slave owners, she had promised early on that in order to let Luo Xiu sign a contract with BH Media smoothly, she had to be patient.

So after going back to the villa that was still very unfamiliar to her to shower and change, Gu Nian immediately rushed to the temporary shooting location arranged by BH Media.

There, Gu Nian saw Luo Xiu and his suitcase.

Although it is only a short shot of one or two minutes, on-site scheduling also took time. Before the filming started, Gu Nian sneaked to Luo Xiu’s side.

“Luo Xiu?” She emerged from behind him.


Gu Nian pointed at his suitcase hesitantly: “They didn’t even let you go back, they just directly brought you here?”

“It’s nothing to do with them.”

“Then what are you doing?”


The man lowered his eyes, and the slender eyelashes cast a faint and fragile shadow, as if he was depressed and a little embarrassed.

Gu Nian definitely wouldn’t have the heart to ask him about normal things, but in this situation, and thinking about what Luo Xiu said earlier about “an accident happened to the elders in the family”, Gu Nian naturally couldn’t be at ease.

After thinking over and over again, Gu Nian took a step towards Luo Xiu, pulled down his cuff, leaned her head and asked softly: “Didn’t you agree that I will protect you? You can tell me if you have any questions. Maybe I can help you?”

Luo Xiu sighed softly, smiling helplessly: “It’s nothing serious. It’s just that my previous residence was an artist’s residence arranged by Dingke Media. Later, we terminated the contract. I originally contacted a new rental house in advance, but there is a temporary problem with the landlord.”

Gu Nian was stunned: “So you have no place to go now?”

Luo Xiu: “It’s okay, I can stay in a hotel for a few days.”

“But it’s too inconvenient to stay in a hotel—now you cannot walk casually on the street without worrying about being recognized.”


Seeing Luo Xiu’s silence, Gu Nian asked worriedly: “Do you have any relatives or friends in K City? Maybe you can—”

Gu Nian regretted it halfway through.

He had clearly told her about his family situation. His biological mother passed away, his father remarried, he was bullied by his younger brother and was alienated from his family, and he didn’t have any friends… Seeing the man lose the brilliance in his eyes, Gu Nian felt a pain in her heart, then she just blurted out without even thinking about it—    

“You should live with me for the next few days!”

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