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“Tick tick.”

The sound of the electronic combination lock unlocking sounded, and Gu Nian pushed open the door in front of her.

The door was equipped with an automatic spring lock, and when Gu Nian came in, she pressed down on the half thick anti-theft door here and smiled at the person outside the door with crooked eyes.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.” The tall figure walked into the door carrying the suitcase, and the voice was soft.

“Don’t be polite to me, aren’t we friends anymore?”


Gu Nian closed the door and put her handbag in the spacious entrance cabinet. She knelt down and slowly opened the steady and wide drawer at the bottom, taking out the spare pair of slippers she had bought before she moved in.

Unpacking the bag, Gu Nian placed the slippers next to Luo Xiu’s legs, and looked up at him: “After you change your shoes, let me take you up to find a room?”

Luo Xiu: “Okay.”

The suitcase was temporarily abandoned by the owner in the entryway.

Gu Nian stepped on her flip-flopping bunny-shaped slippers and led Luo Xiu up the wooden stairs leading to the second floor. The bunny ears on the top of the slippers on her feet were still dangling, showing a little cuteness.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and looked at his feet.

This pair was gray, in the same style and furry texture, with small, pointed ears at the top, it was impossible to tell whether it was supposed to be a cat or a fox.

When Gu Nian turned the corner of the stairs, she noticed that Luo Xiu’s attention seemed to have wandered away.

She slowed down and asked curiously, “What are you looking at?”


“Huh?” Gu Nian lowered her head subconsciously.

At this very second, Luo Xiu raised his eyes, subdued his gloomy emotions, and covered his face with a gentle smile, “You live by yourself, why did you prepare men’s slippers?”

“Girls who live alone should prepare men’s shoes outside.” Gu Nian said seriously, “Although Lin Nantian told me repeatedly that the security and privacy here are top-notch, I still don’t feel at ease. I bought a pair specially. Men’s shoes are too troublesome. I happened to see this pair when I was shopping for new slippers that day, so I bought them together.”

“So… that’s it.”


Gu Nian thought for a while, then turned around: “Otherwise, what do you think is the reason??”

Luo Xiu smiled but did not answer her question: “If you need this again, you can find me.”

“It’s okay, I don’t need it now!”


“Didn’t you come already?”


Dazed by the girl’s bright smile, Luo Xiu dropped his eyes and laughed in silence.

Gu Nian led him up to the second floor, and asked strangely, “What are you laughing at?”

“I don’t know.”


“Yes,” the man’s fine eyelashes curled up slightly, and his dark brown eyes were as gentle as amber, “I don’t know why I’m so happy to hear you say that.”


The little girl was stunned for a few seconds, and before a suspicious blush spread across her cheeks, she swished back and went forward: “I, I, I will take you to your room!”

The little bunny on her feet seemed to shake in a panic.


Luo Xiu smiled deeper and raised his legs to follow.

There were three bedroom suites on the second floor, Luo Xiu chose the one next to Gu Nian.

The suitcase downstairs was brought up, Luo Xiu hung up the clothes in the cabinet, and Gu Nian helped him clean the floor and corners of the room with a vacuum cleaner.

“I just moved in last week, and I followed the program team to record the program that day, so I haven’t fully understood the functions of the rooms in this villa.” Gu Nian was talking and noticed the shadow behind her being cast by the sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and Luo Xiu’s shadow appeared shoulder to shoulder with her shadow, inexplicably making her heart feel soft.

Gu Nian didn’t dare to let herself be immersed for too long, she looked back and smiled at Luo Xiu: “Why are you here? The things are unpacked?”

“No,” Luo Xiu looked at the vacuum cleaner Gu Nian was holding, “I’m learning.”

Gu Nian was stunned: “What are you learning?”

“Cleaning.” Luo Xiu gestured to the electrical appliance in her hand.

Gu Nian raised her hand dully: “Don’t you know how to use this?”

Luo Xiu said frankly, “I haven’t used it.”


Gu Nian came back to her senses and shed tears of distress in her heart: Baby must have lived a miserable life before.

At this moment, Luo Xiu finally had full confidence in mastering the functions of this vacuum cleaner, and gently returning to her eyes, he stretched out his hand: “Let me do it.”

“No, just sit and rest.”

“I want to try.”


Unable to refuse such a request, Gu Nian looked at him distressedly, and handed out the vacuum cleaner.

But theory and practice were obviously two different things.

Half an hour later, Gu Nian and Luo Xiu, who had been tossed into a mess, sat beside the bed with only cushions, looked at each other and turned away with a smile.

Gu Nian looked at the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment lying on the side and couldn’t help laughing: “I thought you would know everything.”

“Why?” Luo Xiu looked back, smiling faintly.

“Well… because you are perfect in my eyes, the kind without flaws.” Gu Nian tilted her head and joked, “Now I found out that I was wrong.”

Luo Xiu nodded: “Fortunately, you found out.”

Gu Nian: “Huh?”

Luo Xiu got up, went to keep up the fallen vacuum cleaner, and then he took advantage of the situation and sat by the floor-to-ceiling window opposite the girl’s toes.

The man raised his head slightly, his chin drew a beautiful and sharp arc, but his eyes were as gentle as a lake in spring: “I don’t want me to be perfect in your eyes.”

Gu Nian lost her soul for a few seconds, and asked instinctively: “Why?”

“Perfection means distance,” Luo Xiu chuckled, “and I want to be close to you.”


Gu Nian’s soul, which had just returned, was half scared away again.

When she was fully awake, Gu Nian almost jumped up from the bed, picked up the vacuum cleaner, turned around and ran, while saying, “I’ll go down and put things away!”


Luo Xiu leaned against the window and smiled, resisting the urge to catch up.

A week later.

The official account of BH Media’s “Gold Medal Screenwriter” program group released a one-and-a-half-minute easter egg of the “Broken” short play.

As soon as the camera was pulled into the camera, it was still the strange rented house with three beds at the beginning, but this time there was only one girl left in the room.

Qian Yi had folded her arms and sat on the cold floor with her calves and feet bare.

The lights in the room were not turned on, and the curtains were tightly drawn. The darkness was like a continuous mountain, and the silence was like an endless deep sea.

Until the door was knocked and pushed open.

A ray of light cast from outside the door.

The girl trembled suddenly, then she raised her head, and looked at the figure tremblingly: “Don’t…don’t come here…”

“Qian Yi, your courier has arrived.” The man walked in and walked towards the girl who was cowering in the corner of the cabinet without any hesitation.

Then he stopped and knelt down in front of her.

The girl looked at him tremblingly: “What, what courier?”

“You stretch out your hand.”


She stretched out her hand uneasily and opened her pale palm.

His clenched hand reached over her palm, then opened—empty—and he squeezed her hand lightly and firmly.

Then he hugged the cold girl into his arms.

“My name is Qian Yi’s glue.”

“Qian Yi’s heart is broken into pieces, and I will put it back together.”

“They won’t come back.”

“…but I will always be here.”

The beam of light slowly expanded until the screen turned completely white.

The two lines of soft handwriting looked graceful on the paper.

“The crack is where the light comes in.”

—— “Broken…Dedicated to those who are waiting for the light.”


Once the “Broken” easter egg was released, it quickly set off the previous frenzy on the platform, and the popularity soared once again.

Under the comment section of the official account of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”, the number of comments increased exponentially.    

[Woooooooooooooooooooooo_     _ It’s so gentle, I didn’t have any hope for the Easter egg, but I didn’t expect to be able to be satisfied with a HE ending]

[Yes, I really liked the ending now. I also really like screenwriter Gu Nian and actor Luo Xiu!]

[The only problem is that Luo Xiu is so handsome, and the screenwriter Gu is so beautiful and cute, but the names of the characters that screenwriter Gu gave him and her own are all very popular haha]

[Speaking of the name, I found out that the female goose is really too cute when being lazy]

[Huh? What? I do not know how?]

[Put the names of the characters who have appeared together and you will know it]

[Zhao Jia, Qian Yi, Sun Bingbing, Li Ding, your product]

[Zhao Qian, Sun Li, A, B, C, D]


[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[? Knock, screenwriter Gu really deserves to be you]


On the night when the easter egg of “Broken” was released, a trending search for “screenwriter Gu really deserves to be you” slowly rose.

As soon as Gu Nian woke up the next day, she received N number of @ messages in the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” guest group.

After clicking in, she only saw “named waste screenwriter @Gu Nian” scrolling through the screen. Gu Nian was very at a loss and didn’t know what happened.

Before Gu Nian could find a way to find out, a phone call came in first.

Ms. Gu’s.

Gu Nian picked up the phone: “Mom?”

“Hey, you woke up?” Ms. Gu was very surprised, “I thought it was weird to call, but I would send you a message just in case you don’t answer the phone.”

Gu Nian was at a loss: “What? Message?”

Ms. Gu stopped the mahjong tiles in her hand and said affectionately and seriously: “Happy birthday to you, stay forever 18 years old, mom loves you, baby girl.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian felt both helpless and funny, turned her head to look at the electronic desk calendar on the bedside table.

September 29, 2020.

It was really her birthday.

Gu Nian leaned back into the bed and kicked away the thin quilt: “I would have forgotten if you didn’t remind me.”

Ms. Gu couldn’t let go of this opportunity, and immediately started to talk in a clichéd manner: “Look at you, you are so busy at work, even birthdays are forgotten, no matter how much money and fame you earn, what is the use? There is no one around to greet you and wish you a happy birthday.”


Gu Nian choked.

It was very rare that she was poked on her sore spot for the first time by Ms. Gu Yuan on this cold late summer morning.

It hurt her chest.

Seeing that Gu Nian did not respond, Gu Yuan asked, “Did you say that the villa is big?”

Gu Nian: “Big.”

Gu Yuan: “Is it comfortable to live in?”

Gu Nian: “Comfortable.”

Gu Yuan: “It’s that big. Is the house deserted?”

Gu Nian: “Desolate.”

Gu Yuan: “Then go on a blind date?”

Gu Nian: “No.”

Gu Yuan: “…”

Gu Yuan was made so angry by this stubborn girl that the mahjong table was almost thrown off by her.

The more important reason this did not happen was that her hand was black[1].

But the reason for persuading her daughter to get married could not be let go. Ms. Gu made a few special signal gestures to her partners, got up and gave up her seat, went to the quietest corner in the next room, and opened her mouth to start persuading her with earnest words.


She had just started.

“Duk, duk.”

There was a knock on the door of Gu Nian’s room.

Gu Nian was changing clothes, her mobile phone was thrown on the bedside table and turned to hands-free mode, she didn’t pay attention to this, she just looked at the mobile phone in a daze, then suddenly thought of something, turned her head and turned to the door: “Don’t…”

It was too late.

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[1] Full of black tiles.

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