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Yan Qing didn’t have time to think about other things later, the man’s fiery breath was aggressive, driving away all the haze, until he became her only thought.

She suddenly remembered that when she was writing songs in Canada before, the melody and words that came out of her mind seemed to be supported by the tumultuous emotions in her heart.

Those songs resonated a lot, were liked, and she listened to them alone for countless nights, sometimes crying.

She didn’t know why she cried.

When she sang “Good Night” during the primary assessment, she didn’t know at that time who she was going to in her subconscious’s dream to say goodnight to.

It turned out that it was Huo Yunshen.

If those songs were sung for him unknowingly in the past, then… she wanted to sing for him all the time.

Huo Yunshen took Yan Qing’s cell phone, carried her to bed, and tried to make her forget the whole night’s turmoil.

She was crushed into the bed, her slender ankles swayed in the bumps, and her small round nails stimulated the blushing blood, tempting people to become obsessed.

When Yan Qing woke up, it was already the next afternoon. She was not in the bedroom, but was sleeping on the sofa wrapped in a soft quilt, facing the kitchen. Huo Yunshen had just come out with a bowl. Seeing her opening her eyes, he approached and rolled her up and kneaded her into a ball.

“Why am I here?” She just woke up, her whole body was sore, and she couldn’t tell the difference between east, west, north or south.

Huo Yunshen pinched her face deeply: “A certain kitten was screaming. I was afraid, you would be starving, when you wake up, so I came downstairs to cook. I would be worried if I didn’t see the kitten, so I took you with me and placed you where I can see you.”

Yan Qing tried to think about how stupidly she was screaming from hunger while sleeping, and felt a little embarrassed.

She arched the quilt and found that her mobile phone was not with her. She was worried, and she didn’t dare to ask if she was still being scolded badly on the Internet, for fear that her husband would follow her and annoy her.

Huo Yunshen took the initiative to say, “It’s still chaotic outside, but it’s calmed down a lot. That ‘Yan Qing get out of the entertainment industry’ is not true, it’s all caused by the rival show of “Rise It! Girls”, but you have too many topics, black and red all occupying the top searches. They are the ones who should get out of the entertainment industry. You can rest at home and leave the rest to me.”

Yan Qing was a little relieved and understood that such a commotion must be bloody, and her own movements was just one of all involved. The pivotal Huo Shi, the top-ranking Su Li, the entire “Rise It! Girls” program group, and Yun Ling, who was once popular for a while, comparatively her own affairs were the smallest.

Before the truth came out yesterday, she almost forgot about Yun Ling.

Knowing that both events were planned by Yun Ling, in addition to being surprised, she also felt unbelievable, how did she offend her when she was Yun Qing before, to make Yun Ling hate her so deeply.

In fact, she thought…

Huo Yunshen’s low-pitched voice sounded: “Do you want to ask Yun Ling in person?”

Yan Qing was stunned by his question, staring blankly at his slightly raised lips, thin and sharp, his appearance of being cold-hearted was actually so attractive, it made people want to melt into water for him, and she could easily express her heart.

Her chest was shaking: “You guessed it again.”

Huo Yunshen got up, straightened Yan Qing and sat down, then he picked up a hair band from the coffee table and wrapped it around her hair, his cold white fingers patiently tied her hairs. Her messy long hair were smoothed and tied into a ponytail.

His fingertips were slightly cold, so when he occasionally touched her lightly, it made her shudder.

Yan Qing felt numb all the way from head to toe, and her cheeks were red till her collarbone.

When the ponytail was tied, Huo Yunshen leaned over and kissed her earlobe: “Because I’m in Qingqing’s heart, I can see what you think.”

Yan Qing’s bones were going soft, and she was afraid that if this goes on, she won’t be able to hold on to the sofa. Thus, she hurriedly asked softly, “Then… can I see her?”

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were dark.

He could guess what Yun Ling would say. In fact, after Yun Ling entered the detention center, she kept clamouring to see Yan Qing.

“As long as you want,” Huo Yunshen stared at Yan Qing’s beautiful profile, “I’ll accompany you.”

Huo Yunshen did a good job of maintaining confidentiality and arranged an interview. He understood that Yan Qing would prefer to see her alone, so he restrained himself at the door of the visiting room, and patted her head: “I’m right here, call me immediately if you have anything.”

Since more than ten hours had passed, Yun Ling’s face was slumped and her eyes were grey, but when she saw Yan Qing come in, she was immediately excited: “I just want to ask you one thing, are you Yun Qing?”

With obstacles separating them, Yun Ling could never touch Yan Qing.

Yan Qing sat down and nodded calmly to her: “Yes, I didn’t mean to lie to you last time, I didn’t remember it, then.”

After receiving a positive answer, Yun Ling slumped back on the chair: “It’s not bad, at least I didn’t mess around for nothing, those sufferings have indeed fallen on you.”

Yan Qing frowned: “What kind of hatred do I have with you?”

“Your existence itself makes me hate you!” Yun Ling gritted her teeth, “I have always been a sidekick/replacement of you! Ever since I was a child, I have always been your low-profile fake, and I have been accused of imitating you in everything I do. The man I like only sees me as a stand-in for you to vent his emotions! When you died, I wanted to find Huo Yunshen to take revenge, to take the initiative to be your stand-in, Huo Yunshen directly made me unable to stay in the circle! In order to survive and have resources, I followed Su Li again, and I was again used as a stand-in. Everyone loves you, I’m just a joke.”

She sneered: “So you lost your memory? It’s really retribution. Huo Yunshen hurt Linchuan so much and was crazy for you, but now you forgot him! There is such a good thing, no matter how much he suffers, he deserves it!”

Yan Qing grasped the point, the man she liked was this Linchuan.

A sharp fragment flashed across her brain, causing her pain to stab her, and blurted out, “Huo…Linchuan?”

Yun Ling’s eyes are red: “You still have the nerve to mention him? After you and Huo Yunshen are divorced, the person who wants to marry you is Linchuan! He is so obsessed with you, but you insist on being with a lunatic and let him destroy Linchuan. As soon as you disappeared in the end, he went mad, robbed the Huo family, and forced Linchuan to death! He also ruined the Yun family!”

Yun Ling slandered Huo Yunshen, describing him as someone who should be cut with a thousand cuts.

But Yan Qing was not moved at all.

Yun Ling resented and pointed the finger at her again.

“Linchuan was also forced by you. Originally, he should be justified in being with you, but he couldn’t get you, so he had to find a substitute, so he found all kinds of starlets who looked a bit similar to you to vent his madness,” she twisted, “Isn’t he pitiful? I live in your shadow, am I also not pitiful?”

Yan Qing was shocked by these kind of remarks, but she didn’t have time to reason with her, and all her attention was focused on finding little stars.

He Xiangjin…

Could he be one of them, because Huo Linchuan, who had no impression of her, somehow saw the slightest resemblance to her eyes or brows, so he went crazy and dived!

He was also left with evidence, which was later used as a bargaining chip to force him to go to Canada every year to refill her medicine.

Then – He Xiangjin’s note!

When Yan Qing got the information she wanted, she stood up to leave. The note was still in the clothes she was wearing that day, and was placed in the dormitory of the program group. She hurried to get it.

Yun Ling roared madly: “Don’t think that if Huo Yunshen made it public, so you can sit back and relax. He has been looking for Yun Qing for so long, and everyone in the circle knows about it! But except for your face, you don’t match Yun Qing’s information at all, and you will also be rejected by others. Think of yourself as a substitute, not a real wife—”

Yan Qing looked back and bent her lips to Yun Ling: “Whoever likes to be who is, you can save your energy and don’t need to scream.”

She smiled particularly irritating: “After all no matter how others call it, I’m not a stand-in, I’m Huo Yunshen’s real wife.”

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