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Yan Qing walked out of the visiting room, and was immediately embraced by Huo Yunshen, who was waiting at the door. He frowned tightly and stared down at her.

He had heard everything inside.

Yan Qing closed her eyes and sighed.

Maybe Yun Ling had said something sad and pitiful, but she really couldn’t sympathize.

She was both Yan Qing and Yun Qing now. She looked at the past like a flower in the fog, but she couldn’t understand the real feelings. She couldn’t even feel anything for the Yun family that “was killed by Huo Yunshen” as she had heard from Yun Ling’s mouth.

The only person intertwined with her life was Huo Yunshen.

Yan Qing held his cold hand and asked softly, “The Yun family treated me very badly in the past, maybe they even abused me, right?”

“I didn’t tell you.”

“But I can guess it,” she said. She looked at him seriously, “Shenshen won’t be violent to people for no reason. You must retaliate against those who hurt me.”

Huo Yunshen’s dark pupils brightened, and the corners of his mouth rose.

“So,” Yan Qing took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around him, stabilizing her emotions that had gone up and down, “…Huo Linchuan, he has bullied me more than once, right.”

Once the name was mentioned, the once violent and blood-stained scene returned. Huo Yunshen was in front of her eyes.

The scene of Qingqing wearing a school uniform, being choked by the scum as he ripped off her collar, whenever he thought about it, it ravaged his nerves.

He smiled, unable to hold back his anger.

Yan Qing understood everything, and was even more nervous: “The other day when I met He Xiangjin in the program crew, he secretly stuffed a note for me. I was afraid that he had another purpose, so I didn’t remove it immediately, and then I got busy with rehearsals. I didn’t have a chance to give it to you, and you took me home directly after the recording, and the note is still in the dormitory.”

She said cautiously, “I doubt…”

Huo Yunshen said in a deep voice, “You suspect that he has something to do with Huo Linchuan, and there must be useful information written on the note.”

Yan Qing nodded heavily.

If the person who threatened He Xiangjin really used an indecent photo of her and Huo Linchuan, then who was behind the scene who took the photo, knew everything, and could use it as a bargaining chip.

Yan Qing couldn’t wait to return to the show crew. Huo Yunshen took her to the car and made a few phone calls before allowing the driver to set off. He turned and stroked her hair: “The show crew is full of reporters standing guard.”


She forgot that she was being yelled at by everyone now.

Yan Qing lowered her head: “I can’t pretend to be an ostrich, otherwise I would always have to be an ostrich, I should go online and apologize without giving reasons or excuses, just apologizing, no matter if fans are scolding me now or are disappointed, at least they liked me and suffered because of me. They must also have been ridiculed by the whole network.”

Huo Yunshen’s deep lips tensed: “You don’t need to explain the reason, I will let someone tell them.”

She participated in this show and signed a contract to help An Lan get out of the siege, and she had never before been a part of any talent show. Taking this conditional marriage as a real marriage, it was only a week before she confirmed that she was Yun Qing and accepted his feelings.

No one gave her time to react.

No one would understand how much of an ordeal she had gone through.

They couldn’t make everything public, but at least they had to choose the key points, so that all the blame was not put on her, and she was not portrayed as the bad guy who wanted to be an idol and make profit, but then she deliberately fell in love and get married in the eyes of others.

The venue of the program team was deliberately cleared, and it was quiet and empty. The car drove directly to the door of the dormitory building. Yan Qing hurriedly ran out, but Huo Yunshen held her shoulders: “Don’t worry, I’ll go up too.”

Yan Qing thought that there was no one upstairs . She took his hand and entered the elevator. Unexpectedly, when the elevator door opened on the floor, the corridor was full. A group of players, led by Ouyang and Xiao Curly, and An Lan and the staff were waiting for her.

Both sides were dumbfounded.

Yan Qing was frightened by the battle formation.

After finally waiting for Yan Qing to appear, the group of people who came here to comfort her were also led by Qingbao, and Mr. Huo lost his fierceness again, and the gentle look on his face made them take two steps back in shock.

What a scene!

They were stupid, they were worried that Qingbao would be depressed!

But the problem was… Ouyang’s expression changed first, looking at Yan Qing with worry.

She stepped forward boldly and pulled Yan Qing’s clothes: “Can I borrow her for a few minutes, I have something important to say.” Before Yan Qing could answer, Huo Yunshen’s eyes lowered first and looked at her lightly.

Ouyang’s back froze, but when she thought of the news she just read on the Internet, she couldn’t help but get angry, she dragged Yan Qing aside, lowered her voice and scolded: “You don’t know yet, someone picked up Huo Yunshen on Weibo and talked about his old love and has exposed her old photos, she looks a lot like you…”

Yan Qing smiled: “Exactly the same?”

Ouyang’s eyes widened: “You know!”

“You are dizzy, how can you jump into the fire pit! You’re a stand-in, his obsession with you is all for his old love! Now when the photo is exposed, those people are laughing at you, calling you pitiful!”

Ouyang was mad, “Marrying this kind of person makes you scolded, it’s too bad. Is it worth it! I’d rather not make a debut than sign with the Huo family!”

Yan Qing was helpless.

Ouyang was thinking of her, and even dared to scold Huo Yunshen.

At the same time, she realized that Yun Ling was ready to expose Yun Qing’s affairs before she was arrested, and she would have added more obstacles to her when it came.

But as she just talked about it, it was enough for her to know who she was.

Yan Qing told her, “I’m Yun Qing. I don’t care about the comments on the Internet. If they think I’m pitiful, they may be able to relieve their anger.”

When they returned to Huo Yunshen, the people in the corridor had already evacuated, and no one was left.

Huo Yunshen took Yan Qing into the dormitory. This was the first time he had come to this room. He looked around at everything. When he stayed up all night thinking about her at home, she had filled this room with her scent.

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes, he was actually jealous of a room she lived in.

Yan Qing closed the door and immediately went to the closet to find her clothes. Fortunately, the folded pieces of paper were still lying deep in her pockets, and wasn’t lost.

She held her breath and couldn’t wait to unfold it.

He Xiangjin had drawn a complicated pattern on the top.

Yan Qing was surprised, and before he had time to read the text below, she showed the picture to Huo Yunshen for identification: “Shenshen, do you know this pattern?”

Huo Yunshen’s pupils shrank, and his hands clenched slowly by his side.

His eyes turned into ashes.

He grinded out a few words between his teeth: “Huo Linchuan’s tattoo.”

Yan Qing was shocked, it was as she guessed, then she flattened the paper and looked down eagerly, the more she looked, the more her heart beat faster: “…What does he mean? Huo Linchuan took an indecent photo of himself and He Xiangjin!”

He Xiangjin had written this on the note.

He didn’t know the identity of the man, but he had seen the tattoo on his waist, and when the man answered the phone by chance, he vaguely caught “Huo” in the receiver.

He didn’t think of Huo Yunshen before, but after the accident, he learned that Yan Qing had lost her memory, so he thought of Huo Yunshen and the “Huo” who had sneaked him in, made him believe that they were from the same Huo family.

He was not sure whether Huo Yunshen was good or bad, so he secretly wrote to Yan Qing.

On top of that, he repeatedly recalled the anonymous photos that had been used to threaten him, taken from a bedside position, apparently with a camera set up.

As a “Huo”, it was impossible for that person to be watched in the bedroom without him knowing it.

Then there was only one conclusion, “Huo” himself was shooting.

Yan Qing couldn’t help feeling chills after reading it: “Either the photos were leaked later and used by others, or it was him from the beginning to the end…”

No matter who it was, the person who threatened He Xiangjin with medicines with the photos should have been the same person at the beginning. The one who took her and tampered with her memory.

She was suddenly afraid.

Huo Yunshen rolled the note into a ball and hugged Yan Qing, his arm muscles were hard and trembling slightly.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“What I’m afraid of is…” Her lips turned pale, “If it’s Huo Linchuan, what is he going to do, just make me forget you to take revenge? Or is there a deeper conspiracy! He took me. Where did he take me, how many things happened, I don’t remember…”

Every time Yan Qing thought of Huo Linchuan’s name, she felt like a knife was being stabbed in her nerves, and it hurt more and more every time, she gritted her teeth and murmured: “How can I not remember it at all!”

Huo Yunshen held her tightly, opened his coat and wrapped her in: “Qingqing, stop, don’t think about it, he’s already dead!”

Yan Qing was so nauseous by the headache and a tall and thin shadow flashed passed by her eyes that she had seen vaguely in her dreams before.

With a thin face and gold-rimmed glasses, he asked her with a gentle smile, “That lunatic fell in love with you. Tell me, what would happen to him if you became mine right in front of him?”

Yan Qing felt like she was being stabbed by a sharp knife, she pursed her lips and fell on Huo Yunshen’s chest.

Huo Yunshen carried her onto the bed and rubbed her temple with both hands.

Yan Qing forced herself to let go, gradually comforted by his warmth, she panted and opened her eyes, with water in them: “Shenshen, who is Huo Linchuan?”

Huo Yunshen wiped away the tears that slipped from the corners of her eyes, and the bottom of her eyes jumped. The fire was on, and his voice was hoarse: “I’ll tell you everything you want to know, don’t think about it anymore.”

He lay down beside her, tightly protecting her, his tall body curled up around his lover and his palms covered her eyes: “That kind of scum doesn’t deserve to be remembered by you.”

The Huo family’s grandchildren had two males, the oldest was Huo Linchuan. Huo Yunshen was born when Huo Linchuan was six years old.

A much-talked-about cousin in the extended family.

The head of the Huo family at that time, the grandfather of the two brothers, had a preference for his parents. The eldest son was gentle but had no business sense. The older son born to him, was Huo Linchuan, he did not love him, and his attitude towards him was always flat.

But Huo Yunshen was the younger son with great ability, so he was naturally doted on by him, he was held in his arms as soon as he was born, and he made a marriage alliance with the Yun family for him, who was on a par with the Huo family back then, no matter how much hatred he had for his daughter-in-law who had just gotten out of the bed.

The daughter-in-law was liked by his son, and he forced him to let them marry. Seeing that she was reluctant to give birth to a child, he felt was all hypocritical. He allowed her to give birth to the descendants of the Huo family, which was already flattering her.

The old man didn’t take his daughter-in-law seriously at all. It was not until Huo Yunshen was alone with his mother that he was always covered in scars, and then he realized that she gave all her hatred to this child and vented her anger on him in the form of abuse.

He was still very young, but he didn’t like to make trouble. He kept his eyes open when he was pinched and beaten, choked with tears, and refused to cry.

Ever since he was discovered, the Huo family separated Huo Yunshen from his mother, but every time his mother broke down, she tried to find him and vented in a twisted way. Once he he remembered, he was squatting in the small garden playing with piled up stones, and his hair was messy. His mother rushed up and beat him fiercely. That night, she waited for an opportunity to avoid the guards, touched the outside of his room, and smiled at him for the first time in her life: “Yunshen, come here, mother will show you something good.”

He was pleasantly surprised and followed, cautiously trying to get a little love.

The Huo family’s house was too big, his mother took him to the tallest building, squatted down and touched his face, laughing wildly: “The Huo family expects you to inherit the family business, but why? He destroyed me, yet I have to give him an heir.”

“Stand still and take a good look,” his mother pinched him, “See how this place ruined your mother!”

He was only a few years old, and he was ignorant. His mother finally treated him kindly, and he was honest and obedient. He watched her climb up the attic on the top floor, stand on the terrace, fall straight, and die in front of his eyes, as blood splashed on his tender face.

The only time his mother was nice to him was the last time.

Everyone said that this woman was crazy, and her brain had been abnormal since she married. They were afraid that she was born with madness. He didn’t know where the rumours started, and gradually evolved into her child must also have twisted blood, and they would be defeated in the future in the fight for family property.

The old man had some grudges.

Huo Yunshen’s father was busy outside all the year round, his love for his wife had long been abolished by her long-term discord, and he had no remorse for her death. As for his son, he was just used to block the old man’s mouth, so that he could be free to go outside without worrying anymore for the responsibility for succession.

Little Huo Yunshen hugged his knees deeply and thought.

It turned out that no one loved him.

Grandpa didn’t love him, as long as he inherited his family’s business, his father didn’t love him and uses him as a messenger at home. As for his mother, she treated him with hatred, and destroyed his childhood spirit with death.

At that time, Huo Linchuan appeared and cared for him as a brother. His heart was traumatized, and he didn’t get better under the treatment. It was Huo Linchuan who always came to accompany him and made him better.

Because there was too many going on, the old man couldn’t help but fall in love with Huo Linchuan. He was older, and he would please him and behave well, which made Huo Yunshen’s taciturn behaviour more obvious.

Huo Linchuan arranged a new nanny for him, who was kind to him and secretly showed him cartoons and movies outside of his schoolwork.

It was just different from the usual, the screen was full of blood, and the pictures were cruel and taboo. He was scared at first, but the nanny said that it was a good thing that only adults could watch. He struggled to adapt to it.

There were all kinds of killing, abuse, terror, and artillery fire.

Then one day, in the unmonitored room, the nanny guided him: “That’s how boys should be.”

She put the vase in the room into his hand, and his psychological problems had not been solved, and then under the malicious influence for a long time, he lost control in an instant, raised his hand, but it hesitantly did not fall.

The nanny grabbed his hand and hit herself on the head, then lay down, crying and shouting, “Master Yunshen is going to kill!”

He was locked up.

The nanny who had been with him all along was suddenly beaten to death by him, and his mother was a lunatic, so no one thought he could be innocent.

The psychiatrist said that his illness was very dangerous and he had serious violent tendencies. He wanted to explain, but the old man stopped coming to see him. He was unknowingly controlled by the friendly-looking Huo Linchuan, who kept outsiders isolated in the name of his younger brother only believing in him, so no amount of words could get him out.

During the period, under Huo Linchuan’s meticulous performance, the old man favoured him more and more. On the sixty-sixth birthday of the old man, the children and grandchildren celebrated their birthday according to the old rules. Huo Yunshen had not been seen by the grandfather for a long time. He carved him a gift with bamboo, but when he opened the gift box, it had been changed into a bloody knife.

The old man had a heart attack and was admitted to the ICU. In hysteria, he wanted to drive Huo Yunshen out of the Huo family and cut off their relationship.

His life, his family business, would never be allowed to be meddled in by such terrifying person. Huo Yunshen was indeed a mentally abnormal lunatic just like his mother.

When Huo Yunshen was really abandoned and kicked out, he was still a child.

His father had two illegitimate children outside, and he would not touch a hot potato like him.

While the Huo family spurned him, they were on guard against him, saying that it was exile, and they were also controlling, lest he do something that would be detrimental to the Huo family.

He was thrown in a shabby little house and went to a poor school. He grew up alone and tenaciously, and the feelings in his heart were completely wiped out.

The nanny harmed him, and his brother even more so.

All good was false, no one had loved him, so he would not love anyone.

Was he crazy? Very good, he was indeed crazy, he was mentally ill, and he was skilfully indoctrinated and guided in his childhood, which distorted his thoughts.

He curled up and cried that night, but he didn’t know why.

He was always alone anyway.

He heard that the only daughter of the Yun family who had some contact with him also turned her head and was promised to Huo Linchuan.

He just didn’t care.

Huo Yunshen was lawless in school and acted recklessly. By the time of junior high school and the first year of high school, he had grown into a terrifying demon king. It was rumoured that he took several lives and did all kinds of terrible deeds.

Huo Linchuan never let him go. As the heir, he appeared high and mighty, leading a group of people to beat him, smiling happily by the side, and said, “Your baby is so beautiful, but unfortunately she’s not yours anymore.”

He fought back and vomited blood but never admitted defeat. Huo Yunshen’s madness and ruthlessness always made Huo Linchuan fear him from the bottom of his heart.

Huo Yunshen’s heart had long been as cold as stone, full of icy mania, hating everything.

Until one evening, when he was blocked by a group of people in the alley to provoke him. He picked up a stick and beat them without a word, but a petite figure entered there by mistake, she was slender, beautiful, and flawless.

The group of people looked stupid and tried to get up and down. They saw the girl, so they turned around and beat her hard.

Soon the siren came, and the crowd dispersed in fright. He dragged his wounded body away from the path. It was dark in the morning and he was in great pain. After walking for an hour and a half, soft footsteps followed, and she put the handkerchief in his hand, and her voice was soft: “Thank you for saving me, the handkerchief is clean, it’s been soaked in water, please wipe the blood.”

He glanced at her.

The girl was wearing the junior high school uniform of the key middle school next door, with a bow tie, a small skirt, a slender neck, soft cheeks, and eyes like the moon in the sky, reflecting his reflection.

He was sweaty, bloody and filthy.

He sneered: “Stay away from me.”

Since that night, he had been entangled. The girl was younger than him, and she was more delicate. She was still a middle school student, and she was already the focus of the crowd.

She used recess, and brought all kinds of food and drink to find him. Whenever he appeared, she would bow her eyes and jump over like a small animal, calling him “Yunshen” continuously.

The name that this mother called once before her death was an explosion in his consciousness that could not be touched. It was implicated in all the pain, and he ruthlessly ignored her.

She lowered her eyelashes and said, “Yunshen sounds nice, you can also call me Qingqing.”

Qingqing, she was the daughter of the Yun family.

He gritted his teeth knowing that she was here to lie to him again, he was not that stupid anymore!

He bullied her even harder, drove her away, and fought desperately when Huo Linchuan came to ask for trouble.

Liar, he was not fooled, no one would treat him well, it was all fake.

But he was in so much pain.

The worst wound, he couldn’t walk, he was covered in bruises and bruised in a small bush outside the school, quietly waiting for the wound to dry up.

However, the branches that blocked him were pushed aside by a pair of thin white hands.

Qingqing ran in, tripped and fell on the road, and immediately got up and squatted beside him.

He thought, he was so embarrassed, she must have come to laugh at him and humiliate him.

Qingqing cried, and carefully picked up his left hand that was bleeding the most, lowered her head helplessly, brought his lips close, blew on it, looked up at him, and coaxed softly: “Yunshen, I’ll give you a blow first, it won’t hurt so much.”

He stared at her fiercely, and turned his face away after a long time. After many years, his eyes were red again.

In the dark night, he wept silently.

If she lied to him…

Could he beg her to stay for a little longer?

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