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The next day.

“This is the classic battle of the First Star Cluster, the Battle of Moran Sea. Which of you wants to come up and challenge it?” the tactics teacher asked.

Gu Tunan stood up. After he stood up, the military cadets who were eager to try all hesitated. After all, no one wanted to be the victim of abuse.

“Xie Ruheng, come on.” The tactics teacher named him.

Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng stood in front of the simulated sand table. Gu Tunan was holding an imperial chess piece, while Xie Ruheng was holding a federal chess piece.

The Battle of Moran Sea was a classic battle in which the Federation defeated the Imperial Army in the early days. In this battle, although the Imperial Army was strong, it was not familiar with the terrain and climate. In addition, it underestimated the Federation and suffered a big loss. The Federation Army’s disadvantage lay in its weapons and equipment.

The Imperial Army, commanded by Gu Tunan, fought steadily and step by step, while the Federal Army, led by Xie Ruheng, made dangerous and deviated moves. The two of them were going back and forth at the same time. Due to time constraints, the tactics teacher stopped the two of them.

“You two are both very good.” The tactics teacher commented with satisfaction: “You two have different styles: one is offensive and the other is defensive, and your styles complement each other. How about this, you will be study partners from now on, learn from each other and promote each other.”

Xie Ruheng: “…..?”

Wait, this sentence seemed particularly familiar?

Gu Tunan nodded coldly and said to Xie Ruheng, who seemed to be in a state of stillness: “We will resolve the unfinished game in the future.”

No, no, how come you accepted the teacher’s arrangement so naturally and thought about our future?!

The pupils in his phoenix eyes vibrated wildly, and Tang Bai’s words from last night came to his mind: “Gu Tunan is indifferent or even disdainful towards Xie Ruheng on the surface, but in fact Gu Tunan cares about Xie Ruheng very much in his heart.”

Gray-blue eyes stared at him lazily, rather than greeting his future partner, Gu Tunan’s indifferent expression was more like looking at the insignificant things on the roadside.

No matter how you look at it, this expression could not be the expression of someone who cared deeply about something!!!

Calm down and trust your eyes! Gu Tunan is just cold and disdainful towards you, don’t be brainwashed by Tang Bai!

When Gu Tunan saw that Xie Ruheng didn’t respond for a long time, he simply stopped waiting and walked to his seat, looking cold and unconventional like he and others were unruly people.

It was this kind of arrogance that made Xie Ruheng feel cordial: Yes, that’s it. He must have been infected by Tang Bai just now, so he had the terrible illusion that Gu Tunan liked me.

Xie Ruheng wiped a drop of cold sweat from his forehead and returned to his seat.

This study partner was just a coincidence. Yes, this was a terrible coincidence!


“Let’s analyze the test papers from yesterday’s afternoon test. Yesterday’s full marks were given to Bai Li and Mo Zheng. These two students did very well…”

Tang Bai browsed his test papers. He lost points on some professional courses. Those courses were written by the military school teachers themselves and were not sold to the outside world. They were not within the scope of Tang Bai’s self-study.

There was still more than a week left before the professional course inspection. Tang Bai didn’t know if he could master the teaching materials in a short time. He squeezed his sore thighs with his hands and raised his head to listen to Cheng Wenhui’s class.

Cheng Wenhui stood on the podium and quoted classics with ease. A simple test paper analysis lesson was made fascinating by him.

Tang Bai listened with great interest, but he didn’t expect that Teacher Cheng, who seemed weak and bullyable yesterday, would be so charming on the podium.

Soon after the class got over, Cheng Wenhui stopped Tang Bai, “I read your paper and found that your points lost were all related to the school’s exclusive textbooks. I can’t help you with other classes, but this one, I can usually help you with tutoring, what do you think?”

Of course Tang Bai nodded happily, he was worrying about how to review. Cheng Wenhui was the one who wrote the textbook for this course, and no one would know it better than him!

Tang Bai followed Cheng Wenhui to the office. Cheng Wenhui was a very responsible teacher. He helped Tang Bai focus on the questions and explained them patiently and carefully. With the help of Cheng Wenhui, Tang Bai’s learning efficiency soared.

A glass of water was placed in front of Tang Bai, “Tang Bai, do you have any plans to run for department chief?” Cheng Wenhui pushed up his glasses and asked warmly.

Tang Bai raised his head from the sea of questions and admitted generously: “Yes.”

Cheng Wenhui nodded and encouraged: “Although it is difficult to master these teaching materials in a short time, the teacher believes that with your intelligence and hard work, you will be able to fix your shortcomings.”

The novel in his mind said that the chief of the Mechanical Department was Cheng Yangbin. Tang Bai had heard that Cheng Yangbin and Cheng Wenhui were half-brothers, but Cheng Wenhui was a bastard and was not valued in the Cheng family.

The novel mentioned that Cheng Yangbin’s two high scores when competing for the top position were voting and professional course results. Tang Bai could understand that the voting support rate being high. In the timeline of the novel at that time, Cheng Yangbin happened to have won the championship in the mecha manufacturing competition. And his character as a manufacturing genius was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and he had become an idol in the mechanical department.

But it would be a bit strange for Cheng Yangbin’s professional course score to be almost perfect. Was it Cheng Wenhui who also helped Cheng Yangbin with tutoring?

But the relationship between Cheng Yangbin and Cheng Wenhui didn’t look good.

Could it be that the Cheng family put pressure on Cheng Wenhui to ask Cheng Wenhui to explain the questions to Cheng Yangbin?

Tang Bai picked up the cup and took a few sips, “Teacher Cheng, do you want to eat the excellent dishes from the Culinary Department of the Etiquette College? My friends came to bring me lunch at noon today, but they made a lot, and I can’t finish it alone.”

Cheng Wenhui was stunned for a moment, and his eyes fell on the table full of things. “Then let me tidy up the desk so that it can be used as a dining table.”

After Tang Bai spread out the lunch for Cheng Wenhui, he sent a message to Xiao Cheng: “Are you out of class now?”

Career: “Class is about to end, what happened?”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “I want to bribe you.”

Career: “?”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Bribing Mr. Xiao with a lunch box of love. The commander has found a high-quality alpha in this department~ You are not allowed to go to the cafeteria at noon. You have to come to me to get lunch!”

Xie Ruheng saw that the location was the office of a professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His first reaction was to refuse, although the command department was very mysterious in the Federal Military Academy and the list of conducting departments would not be published, but professors in each department had the right to check the internal list of students.

If he went to the office with a false identity, if his identity was revealed by the professor…

Career: “I have a secret base in school. It’s very quiet there. Do you want to have a look?”

This was an invitation for the world of two.?

Tang Bai was excited. Since Xiao Cheng was still in class, he planned to finish his lunch first and then go to Xiao Cheng to see the secret base that the other party said.

After seeing Tang Bai agree, Xie Ruheng just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, and then he received another message from Tang Bai on his phone: “Brother Xie, I remember that you didn’t have classes in the third or fourth period in the morning. Are you in the dormitory now? I’m having lunch here today, and my classmates cooked a lot of summer dishes…”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

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