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Ten minutes later, Xie Ruheng sat in front of Tang Bai and was having a sumptuous lunch.

Twenty minutes later, Xie Ruheng, who was full, and he said goodbye to Tang Bai. He quickly went to take a shower and change clothes to wash away the smell of lunch. He then skillfully put on the human/leather mask and did not forget to put on the mechanical heart. Xie Ruheng, who had finished changing his clothes, rushed to the west gate of the Mechanical College to wait for Tang Bai.

Tang Bai happily joined Xie Ruheng, carrying a drawing board and a lunch box.

Tang Bai knew that military academy students had a lot of training, and the alphas had an astonishing appetite, so he specially brought a super rich lunch this time. Carrying the lunch box was a bit tiring, “Look! I brought you a Big Mac lunch box.!”

His black eyes going dull for a moment, Xie Ruheng looked at the heavy lunch box, and he struggled to squeeze out a smile.

“You must be starving, right?” Tang Bai said, “You should eat more later~”

The alpha beside him didn’t speak. Tang Bai raised his head and saw the pair of dark eyes staring into the distance with a hint of melancholy.

Mysterious and sad, it was said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Tang Bai seemed to be able to see the other person’s inner world that was difficult to touch through Xiao Cheng’s eyes. These were the eyes of a handsome and temperamental man.

Tang Bai, whose mind was filled with pink bubbles, thought a little shyly.

But what Xie Ruheng was thinking at this moment was: No, I’m so full that I want to burp.

The secret base discovered by Xie Ruheng was a secluded pavilion on the water. Sitting on the pavilion, you could watch the fish swimming in the water.

“Wow, this koi is so beautiful, but it’s a pity that I didn’t bring any fish food.” Tang Bai looked at the swaying groups of carp with a little regret but thinking that there was someone to feed next to him, Tang Bai was very motivated to open the lunch box and prepare to feed.

“This soup is really delicious. Take a sip. It has beautifying effects~”

“This seafood mango cup sounds like a dark dish, but it is delicious. Unfortunately, I am allergic to mango and cannot eat it. Come on, you can eat more!”

“And this dish…”

No, it was too much. If he ate it forcefully, he’ll probably get hiccups!

Xie Ruheng’s brain was working rapidly, trying to save his stomach.

“Since my mother passed away, no one has given me such a warm feeling except you.” Xie Ruheng said softly to Tang Bai, who kept picking up food for him.

Tang Bai stopped picking up food and looked at the alpha who was in a state of memory.

“She was very beautiful, with rosy eyes and long hair.” Originally, he just wanted to change the subject, but when he started talking about the person in his memory, Xie Ruheng’s chatter box nature suddenly opened up. “The dishes she cooked were delicious because she was willing to add oil when cooking only for me. She told me that she doesn’t like to eat meat and asked me to eat more.”

Then he said: “She had a lot of requirements for me, asking me to study hard and work as a servant in a noble family in the future. This was a good future in her eyes.”

Tang Bai didn’t know what to say, so he could only hold the drawing board while holding it to paint and listen quietly.

“My father worked in the underground arena, so my mother always told me that our family’s money is my father’s hard-earned money, which is earned by my father in each arena fight.”

“When I was very young, she would hug me and sit in the audience watching the ring performance. Her voice was very loud. Sometimes I felt that the whole stadium was filled with her cheers. When my father won and everyone cheered, only my mother couldn’t stop crying because my father’s body was covered with scars.”

“At that time, our family had some savings, but she said she didn’t want to have any more children, and she wanted to leave all her love to me. Because she didn’t have a good life at home when she was a child. Well, she was an omega, and her family just wanted to exploit her and cultivate another alpha child.”

“She had not been to school since she was a child. What she ate most was potatoes. Even eating rice was a luxury. She had to take care of everything. When she grew up, she was driven to work in the mining area. Her family would ask her to hand over every penny of her wages, but they would not confiscate the beautiful little stones she picked up from the mining area.”

“The one in my lucky charm, the small stones were picked up by her. They are silver and will emit colorful luster in the sun.”

“Actually, she was a very artistic person. If she had received a good education when she was a child, maybe she could have become an artist or a musician.”

Xie Ruheng smiled, “But she may not have known what a musician was at that time. She had never listened to musicals or taken music classes. She just liked singing and could sing anytime, anywhere. The first time my father saw my mother was when she was holding a vegetable basket and humming a self-composed tune like ‘Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick’ on a rainy day…”

“Later she got sick.”

Suddenly there was silence, and in the silence, he whispered: “She became very ill and we spent almost all the family’s savings, but it was still not enough. In order to collect money, my father went to a higher level to compete in the ring and died in the ring.”

“After she learned about my father’s death, her illness worsened and she died soon.”

“But I always felt that it shouldn’t be like this.”

“If possible, I hope she can sing happily in another world without discrimination and prejudice, can go to the school she wants to go to, so that her biggest dream would not be to work as a servant in a noble family, but to become a musician, or other professions related to the music she liked…”

Tang Bai showed the unfinished painting on the drawing board to Xie Ruheng, “Is that so?”

The woman in the painting was sitting in the clouds singing. She had long, silky black hair, and her hands were covering a silver stone that exuded colorful luster as she put her hands on her chest.

The sky was very blue, and the sunlight shining through the clouds was bright and gentle. She must be singing a very beautiful song, as the birds found it so beautiful that they were surrounding her.

Xie Ruheng stared at the painting blankly. He looked at it for a long time before saying, “This is better than all my imagination.”

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