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When Wang Qing called, there were two criminal police officers waiting beside him. They were teammates of Wang Qing and Wang Changan, and they were all from the Caiyang District Criminal Police Detachment.

This matter started with a murder case in Hongfu Community.

Just the day before yesterday, a vicious murder case occurred in Hongfu Community. The male owner of a family in the community was killed without anyone noticing in the middle of the night. After the murder, the murderer chopped off the head of the deceased and hung the body upside down with a hemp rope in front of the deceased’s door.

After receiving the report, the detachment searched the surveillance cameras inside and around the community but did not find any suspects. From the surveillance footage, the body was hung upside down at the door out of thin air in the middle of the night.

One second there was nothing at the door of the household, and the next second there was a body hanging upside down.

They therefore suspected that the murderer knew hacking technology and had manipulated the surveillance.

Therefore, after the incident, while investigating the residents of the community, people were sent to secretly keep an eye on the community 24 hours a day.

Wang Changan and another policeman were the ones responsible for tracking last night. They changed shifts after dark and entered Hongfu Community to keep a close eye on them. Communication was normal all the way, but after dawn, no one showed up when it was time to change shifts. The policeman on duty contacted him and discovered that the person was missing.

Wang Qing only realized that Wang Changan was missing when he came to deliver something to Wang Changan at noon. He and Wang Changan were childhood friends, and after working together they became roommates. In addition, he still wanted to become a criminal police officer, so he had frequent contacts with the detachment. So, he was also familiar with these teammates of Wang Changan.

Caiyang District was a post-planned administrative district and was inferior to Hanyang District in many aspects. For example, no one in their team knew how to handle these special events. In other words, they didn’t think about unnatural factors at all, they just thought that the murderer was too rampant and Wang Changan and the two might have been killed.

But Wang Qing knew his origin and knew the circumstances of some cases. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong, so he suggested that Team Leader Chen of the detachment find foreign aid who was good at this.

That’s why he called Jiang Lan.

But the people in the detachment obviously didn’t believe in these strange things. Team Leader Chen put out his cigarette butt and said, “I will report this matter and ask for the city’s assistance.”

Wang Qing said: “But waiting for people from the city will definitely waste time. What if Changan and the others are not in trouble yet? The community is only such a big place, and they are still two strong men. Unless the murderer can subdue them instantly, otherwise how could we lose contact without any movement at all?”

After Wang Changan and the others lost contact, Team Leader Chen took people to search the community. The car was still parked there, but the people were gone. No trace of a fight was found at the scene.

There was indeed something sinister about this matter, but he just felt that the murderer was very clever.

But what Wang Qing said seemed to make sense.

His expression gradually became hesitant.

Seeing his hesitation, Wang Qing added: “There is no conflict between asking for help from the city and looking for foreign aid. Moreover, even if we report to the city, Jiang Lan will have to come in the end. Time waits for no one. We can find him first.”

Team Leader Chen only hesitated for a moment and then decided: “Then we’ll look for him first. When will he arrive?”

Wang Qing looked at the time: “It should be soon.”

While the two were talking, someone else came out with an ugly expression: “Captain Chen, another one has died.”

The phone call was still warm. It was from the policemen who were watching the community.

At about six o’clock in the afternoon, the headless body of the male owner of House 601 in the fourth building was hung upside down at the door of his house.

The hostess who had gone out to buy groceries had just arrived home when she saw her husband’s decapitated body hanging at the door. She was so frightened that she fainted immediately.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, people were coming and going into the community, and there were even four residents at home on the sixth floor of the four buildings. However, no one knew how the murderer killed people quietly and hung them at the door of 601.

Captain Chen’s face turned serious. He hammered the wall hard and said, “Go to the scene!”


It was almost seven o’clock when Jiang Lan followed the navigation and arrived at Hongfu Community.

In summer, the days were longer and it got dark late. It was still light at seven o’clock in the evening. Warning tapes had been put up at the entrances of the four buildings. In addition to police cars and police officers, there were also many residents of the community watching.

At this time, it was already drizzling. The rain was not heavy. There was no need to use an umbrella, but the thin raindrops fell on the face and body, which made it a bit chilly.

Jiang Lan found Wang Qing in the crowd, stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder: “What happened?”

Wang Qing was startled, and after seeing clearly it was him, he said: “Another one died. Captain Chen and the others went up.”

He quickly recounted what he knew and asked: “Like the previous deceased, the body was decapitated and then suddenly appeared in the corridor.”

The detachment was handling the case. After all, Wang Qing was not a member of the case handling team and did not follow them. But just listening to what the detachment detective told him, he thought it was evil enough.

Jiang Lan frowned, stepped back, and looked at the building.

Hongfu Community was an old community, probably the first batch of houses to be built. The buildings in the community were generally only seven stories high, with only stairs and no elevators.

The outer layer of the building had been mottled and discolored and looked dusty at first glance. The anti-theft net was still an old-fashioned iron net, which had become rusty due to wind and sun. Because it was night, every household had turned on the lights, and a dim light leaked out, making it look even more gloomy.

Jiang Lan also noticed that every household in this building had paper figures hanging on their windows. The red and green paper figures looked strange when illuminated by the gray sky and dim lights.

He asked, “What are those?”

Wang Qing took one look and said, “It’s Sao Qingniang.”

“Sao Qingniang?” Jiang Lan was puzzled.

Wang Qing: “You haven’t heard of it, have you? This is a custom in their village, and few people believe it now.”

The Sao Qingniang was a flat paper figure with a lotus head holding a broom. A thread was passed through the soles of the paper figure. On rainy days, it was hung upside down by the window or under the eaves. You could pray to Sao Qingniang to sweep away the raindrops in the sky and make the weather somewhat sunny in the morning.

“It hasn’t rained in the past few days, right?” Jiang Lan always felt that it was a bit strange to hang the Sao Qingniang upside down: “Why does every house have this hanging?”

Wang Qing said uncertainly: “The residents in the four buildings are all villagers from the same village. Ever since the murder, they seem to have hung this up in every household. It seems that Sao Qingniang can not only be prayed for sunny weather, but also be prayed for good luck and to drive away disasters. It’s probably just a psychological comfort.”

Jiang Lan’s eyes swept over the paper figures. He originally suspected that the paper figures had turned into spirits and were harming people, but after scanning them one by one, there were no other problems with these Sao Qingniangs except that they looked weird.

Wang Qing asked cautiously: “Brother Jiang, do you see anything?”

Jiang Lan shook his head: “I can’t see anything right now. Where is the body?”

Wang Qing pointed up and said, “It hasn’t been taken down yet.”

“Then go up and take a look first.”

Jiang Lan and Wang Qing went up together.

Sixth floor.

The detachment was cordoning off the scene and collecting the body.

The headless body hanging upside down had been taken down and was now being covered with a white cloth and placed aside. The door of Room 601 was wide open, and the police were looking for clues.

The deceased’s wife and son seemed tired of crying. At this time, they were all slumped next to the corpse with red and swollen eyes and a numb expression.

When Jiang Lan and the others came up, they saw them sealing off the scene and carrying the body downstairs.

Team Leader Chen was stunned for a moment when he saw Wang Qing bringing a young man with a tender face over. He subconsciously frowned and said, “Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to come up.”

After saying that, he suddenly realized something and paused: “Is this the friend you were talking about?”

Jiang Lan nodded: “It’s me, Jiang Lan. Can I see the body?”

Captain Chen looked at him with deep suspicion in his eyes. Jiang Lan looked too young, and his appearance seemed harmless to both humans and animals. He really didn’t look like the particularly awesome person Wang Qing said.

He was a little hesitant, but since he had already been invited, he couldn’t go back on his word, so he could only say: “Let’s take the body back for autopsy first, and we can look at it later.”

“I just need to see the body. An autopsy is for professionals.”

After saying that, seeing that Team Leader Chen didn’t object, he lifted up the white cloth and took a look. The headless corpse lay on a stretcher, his head chopped off from the shoulders up. The fracture was smooth and flat, without any adhesion.

“Have you found the head yet?” Jiang Lan asked.

Upon seeing this, Captain Chen also dispelled some of his doubts. Although this young man looked young, he was quite courageous. Not everyone could stand in front of a headless corpse and look at it for several minutes without changing their expression.

Let’s not talk about professional ability, at least he seemed to be reliable now.

He asked someone to send the body down first and replied: “Not found.”

The headless corpse suddenly appeared in the corridor, and the dripping blood was still fresh, indicating that the person had just died. But the strange thing was that the blood on the neck did not splash everywhere, just like dripping water, dripping from the broken neck and gathering into a pool on the ground.

“We suspect this is not the first murder scene.”

When he said this, Captain Chen twirled his fingertips irritably and took out a cigarette from his pocket but did not smoke it. He just kept twirling it with his fingers to relieve the anxiety in his heart.

“Let’s not talk about how the murderer transported such a big body upstairs. Let’s just say that the body was hung upside down on the top of such a high corridor. It is difficult to control the blood without splattering everywhere, but we are all aware of it inside and outside. We searched everywhere and couldn’t find any splattered blood.”

The aorta in the neck was close to the heart. When a person was decapitated, blood would spurt out, and the amount of bleeding was quite terrifying. According to common sense, it would be difficult for the murderer to hang a headless corpse upside down in the corridor without stains of blood. But judging from the scene, the murderer quietly moved the body from the murder scene to the fourth building and hung it on the top of the corridor without any effort. Not only was it silent, not even a drop of blood was stained.

This was also what they were most confused about right now.

The ceiling of the corridor was nearly three meters high. According to relatives of the deceased, there were originally no nails for hanging heavy objects in the corridor at their door. Those nails should have been put there by the murderer to hang the body. But it happened that such a thick nail was driven into the ceiling, but the residents and neighbors upstairs did not hear any sound.

This could not be explained by common sense at all.

Captain Chen said: “I am going to personally lead people to guard here tonight.”

Judging from the death conditions of the two deceased, this should be a serial killer. They were already urgently investigating the social relationships of the deceased and looking for similarities. But in order to prevent new victims from appearing, Team Leader Chen prepared to personally guard the community.

Jiang Lan thought for a while and said, “I’ll go with you.”

From the moment he entered this building, he felt a strong sense of disobedience. It was just that he was unfamiliar with this place and had too little information. It was unclear where this sense of dissonance came from. He was going to stay and see.

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