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“Are you thinking about what I said?” Shen Qinglan ignored the police and said to the man with the knife.

“Okay, come here, I agree to exchange hostages, but I have a condition: make these people stay away from me.” Shen Qinglan, who had no hope at all, heard the man’s words, paused, and looked at the leading policeman.

“Mr. police officer, please ask your men to move a little back.” Shen Qinglan said to the leader.

The leader heard this and took a look at Shen Qinglan, his eyes were a little contemptuous and disturbed, “Little girl, don’t make trouble here.”

His tone was very impatient. Now, this situation was already very troublesome, what else could this little girl add? What a mess.

“Police officer, please, save my wife.” The pregnant woman’s husband was very excited when seeing the policeman, pulling the police officer’s sleeve and begging.

The police officer didn’t move his sleeves, he looked over slowly, and said, “We will definitely save your wife. You please come here and wait.”

“What is happening here?” A deep, magnetic voice came from outside the crowd. With a breath-taking vibe, Shen Qinglan was startled.

The crowd turned aside, and Fu Hengyi’s figure appeared in Shen Qinglan’s line of sight. Instead of looking at Shen Qinglan, he glanced at the store. When he saw the scene inside, his brows wrinkled and he understood the thorny thing.

“What’s going on here?” Fu Hengyi asked the police officer in a low voice. The police officer was impatient, but when he saw the officer card that Fu Hengyi took out of his pocket, he stood in awe and explained the situation to Fu Hengyi in a low voice. In the end, Shen Qinglan could even feel the police officer’s eyes fall on her. It should have been him telling Fu Hengyi that she was going to be a hostage.

Then, Shen Qinglan obviously felt a sharp line of sight on her body.

“Hurry up, let these policemen stay away from me, or I will kill this woman.” The man with the knife was very annoyed when he saw that the police hadn’t moved for a long time, and shouted loudly.

However, Shen Qinglan noticed that the pregnant woman already had red liquid on her legs, and she was afraid that she or her baby would die, if she wasn’t sent to the hospital.

She took a step forward, but Fu Hengyi grabbed her arm and her eyes met Fu Hengyi’s heavy eyes. It was pitch black and she could see his emotions.

Shen Qinglan looked at him directly, telling him clearly from her eyes that she would be fine.

Fu Hengyi moved his eyes away, not wanting to look at her, but he let go of the hand holding her.

“Follow what she said and step back.” Fu Hengyi said in a deep voice, his face very ugly.

The police officer was startled, “This sir, this…”

Fu Hengyi repeated and said, “Step back.”

His aura was already compelling, but now his calm face was even more threatening. The police officer waved his hand and all the policemen moved back.

“The police have backed away, now I’m coming there, you have to do what you promised and let her go.” Shen Qinglan said to the man with the knife, her tone was calm, with no trace of nervousness and panic.

“Come here first.” The man with the knife stared at the policemen behind her closely.

Shen Qinglan moved and slowly approached the man with the knife. Behind her, Fu Hengyi stared at her, with his hands clasped tightly. He could have actually prevented Shen Qinglan from doing this, but at that moment, facing Shen Qinglan’s eyes, Fu Hengyi could tell how she felt, so he let go of her hand.

Everyone present was looking at Shen Qinglan, but saw that she was walking steadily, step by step firmly towards the man with the knife.

The man with the knife also stared at Shen Qinglan tightly. He was slightly relieved to see that there was nothing in her hand, but his hand holding the knife did not relax for a moment. His eyes were still scarlet, and his emotions were clearly still agitated.

The pained look on the pregnant woman’s face was getting deeper and deeper, her forehead was full of sweat beads, and her clothes were almost completely wet because of the sweat. Her hands were holding her belly, and the blood on her legs was flowing more and more to the ground such that a small puddle had accumulated on the ground.

“Have you called 120?” Fu Hengyi asked. He didn’t expect to see this when he went down to put the things away. When he came back, he saw the scene where Shen Qinglan took the initiative to be the hostage. At that moment, Fu Hengyi, who knew she would be fine, was still uncomfortable and very angry that she didn’t care about her own safety at all.

The police officer was stunned, and he didn’t respond. What Fu Hengyi said, but someone from the crowd next to him listened to this and said, “I called for an ambulance just now, and it should be almost here now.”

The distance was not far, and Shen Qinglan walked to the man with the knife, “I’m here, you let her go.”

The man with the knife didn’t move, but looked at the policeman, “You all move back and the one holding the gun, throw the gun on the ground.”

The police officer looked hesitant, they were a little far away from the man now, and close combat was not so fast in saving the hostages, so they might have to shoot the gun to subdue the man at the moment of the exchange of hostages. If there was no gun…

“Do whatever he says.” Fu Hengyi said slowly, but his hands tightened again, staring at Shen Qinglan’s back, not even daring to move away.

Police officer Yiyan told his subordinates to move back a few steps and put the gun at his feet, if he moved fast enough, he could still seize the opportunity to shoot.

“You, come here.” The man with the knife was still looking at the police, but he said this to Shen Qinglan.

The pregnant woman was also looking at Shen Qinglan with hope in her eyes.

Shen Qinglan tugged at the pregnant woman, gave her a soothing look, and approached the man with the knife.

The man with the knife removed the knife from the pregnant woman’s neck, Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes flashed, right away.

She saw her pace abruptly speeding up, but she came to the man with the knife in an instant. With a twist of her wrist, accompanied by a click and the scream of pain from the man with the knife, the blood-stained sharp knife fell on the ground.

With a backhand by Shen Qinglan, the man holding the knife was cut and the hand holding the knife fell weakly on his side.

In just a few seconds, the originally fierce gangster was subdued by Shen Qinglan’s two or three tricks, and everyone present except Fu Hengyi were stunned.

The pregnant woman had not reacted to the situation where she had escaped danger, so she hugged her belly and fell down. Shen Qinglan’s face sank, and it was too late to hold her. According to her face-down fall way, the child…, but then she saw the flash of a figure. Fu Hengyi caught the pregnant woman one second before she fell to the ground. The pregnant woman’s husband reacted and ran over and hugged the pregnant woman.

Other police officers also reacted and looked over. The officer picked up the pistol on the ground, ran over, and took out the handcuffs to subdue the man with the knife.

At this moment, the medical staff also rushed to the scene, just watching the blood all over the floor, they suddenly did not know where to start.

“First save the pregnant woman, her amniotic fluid has drained.” Shen Qinglan said in a deep voice.

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