Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man


Lou Yao Yao wasted her life fighting over a man, only to find out he wasn’t worth it in the end. Because of this man, she accidentally killed her rival in love, and even ruined the man who had always been watching over her.

Getting reborn as her 20 year old self, there is still time to fix everything. Lou Yao Yao decided to live as a genuine vicious woman. After getting her hands on the loyal like-a-dog man, she would show that cheating couple what pure loving affection looked like.

Status: Completed (30 Chapters + 1 Extra)

NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/every-vicious-woman-needs-a-loyal-man/

Tags: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Remarks: I loved this novel because it is a new take on rebirth… In this the reborn FL does not try to take revenge or go against the people who had harmed her but rather she tries to protect what she can and she also realizes the one person who was always there for her and makes it her life mission to make him happy…

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