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In the Yunbao Club, the first batch of cubs who had been taken in to care for had now been adopted by different adults and had their own homes.

In order to ensure that the cubs could be cared for and loved by the new parents after they were adopted, Xie Luan and other caretakers in the branch were very careful and strict when reviewing the parents who applied for adoption. Interviews were necessary, and Xie Luan always checked the other person’s character first.

Later, the Yunbao Branch also adopted some cubs that were left uncared for due to various objective reasons, and also actively looked for suitable warm families for these cubs.

In recent years, there were many adults who wanted to adopt the nox cubs, but Xie Luan and the big nox were both in the Yunbao Branch, and these nox cubs who liked to follow Xie Luan around were very dependent on the only adult nox they could see as well as Xie Luan.

Every time Xie Luan tried to bring them into contact with the adults who were willing to adopt them, the nox cubs held by Xie Luan would use their small horns on their heads to gently push against Xie Luan’s arms, and then whimpered lowly to him.

The cub period of the nox race usually ended very quickly. Before reaching adulthood, Xie Luan often saw a few nox cubs running to his side, working hard to hook their little plush tails onto his waist.

Although it was impossible to enclose him every time, these nox cubs with round cyan vertical pupils and little round bodies still persevered in doing so. Whenever Xie Luan and other caretakers saw it, they thought it was kind of funny.

This behavior of these nox cubs was completely learned from Ya Yi, because the only adult nox these cubs had seen was Ya Yi. During the growth process, these nox cubs unconsciously imitated and learnt the way Ya Yi behaved.

It was the same as the cubs imitating their parents to learn.

The tail had a special meaning in the nox race and could only be touched by a parent or partner, regardless of whether the touch was active or passive, and using the tail to attack an enemy did not fall within the definition of “touch”.

Seeing that Ya Yi always wrapped his tail around the young man in his daily life, the nox cubs in the Yunbao Branch had followed suit and they also hummed when they successfully hooked their tail around the youth.

This batch of nox cubs had enough strength, and they were about to enter adulthood. Before these cubs reached adulthood, Xie Luan took these nox cubs to see their home planet according to his previous promise.

“This is the baby’s hometown and home planet. This entire planet belongs to you.” Taking a group of nox cubs to the central city of Attiah, Xie Luan bowed his head to the nox cubs who were following him and told them slowly.

This city that was rebuilt a few years ago was now a landscape of birds and flowers, with blue sky and clear lake water, and there was no longer the barren and dead silence that Xie Luan once remembered.

The planet was once destroyed, but now it had been given a new life, like these healthy nox cubs who were born unscathed.

To take nearly 100 cubs out, Xie Luan and Ya Yi also asked a few caretakers to help take care of them together as they did not dare to be careless in the process.

However, these nox cubs were very obedient, and each followed Xie Luan obediently, so there was no trouble along the way.

Xie Luan took these cubs all the way to the huge and solemn memorial monument. When the planet was still in the dead state, these nox cubs were still sleeping in the underground space.

When these nox cubs were born, Attiah Star had been rebuilt to its current appearance, so that the home that these cubs could see after birth was beautiful instead of dead and desolate, Xie Luan felt that this was the best thing ever.

The fusion of the world lines, and the fusion being led by the current world line, was the choice made by the “rules” of this plane world in order to truly save the world completely.

After the fusion, all the world lines would be unified, that is, there would be only one world line left.

The consciousness and emotions of people in other world lines did not disappear after the world line was merged, but as a supplement, they were combined with the “self” of the main world and they became a unified and complete individual will.

Perhaps in some worldlines, these nox cubs were not born at all, and Ya Yi did not find these cub eggs, so these nox cub eggs had been buried in the underground space, accompanied by the destruction of their planet. They must have slept together for a long time.

But in the only world line that existed after the fusion, these nox cubs were born, awakened from their slumber, and after being born with their shells broken, these cubs opened their eyes to see this world.

“Baby’s clansmen were all very great heroes.” Xie Luan squatted down and touched the nox cubs closest to him and asked these cubs to face the huge memorial monument in front of them. In a gentle but very serious tone, he stated, “They did their best to protect the world, but also to protect you.”

Not only for the purpose of racial continuation, but also because of their expectation and love for the birth of these cubs.

Although Xie Luan didn’t want these nox cubs to know that their planet had been destroyed, Xie Luan felt that it was necessary to let these nox cubs know about the fact that their tribesmen were heroes.


A pair of small horns appeared near the memorial monument. A nox cub, who was curious about this huge monument, lightly touched the monument with the horns on his head, although he still couldn’t understand the text on the monument. The other nox cubs also raised their heads and looked at the monument with their round cyan vertical pupils.

Ya Yi found these cub eggs in the underground space, and these cubs were born healthily from their shells, which undoubtedly comforted the lost souls of the nox more than this memorial monument.

When Xie Luan took the group of nox cubs back to the Yunbao Club, Xie Luan was stopped by the old giant dragon at the door of the living room, saying that he had something to discuss with him.

Asking other caretakers to bring the cubs back to the hall, Xie Luan and the old man went to the lounge to talk.

The content of the conversation was that the old man hoped that Xie Luan could be the guardian of the black dragon cub.

“I know that it will make you feel abrupt when I tell you this, but I hope you will consider this rude request of mine.” With a very earnest look, “Oni is a very well-behaved cub, except for the harm she has done to others because of her uncontrollable power, she has never caused any trouble to others or me, nor will she make trouble for other adults. What do you think?”

“Because I know my lifespan is limited, I want to find someone who is willing to take care of her. Oni likes you very much. If you are willing to adopt her and be her guardian, she will be very happy.” After saying this, Modo added, “I have saved some treasures for Oni, and these treasures will also be handed over to her guardian in the future. If you are willing to be Oni’s guardian, I can put your name in and give you the key to the Reese Star Treasure Bank.”

Although it was just some treasure, it was actually quite a lot of money.

There were many treasury banks on the Kesu planet. The so-called treasury bank’s purpose was to buy treasury slots from banks. The dragons stored the treasures in the form of non-credit points in the treasury. The bank had special personnel to guard the treasury every day.

The old dragon stored all the treasures he got in the treasury bank, making plans for the future of his cub. The amount of treasures deposited in these years was as much as half a small treasury.

This money, the cub who had not grown up yet could not use it.

When the old man kept these treasures, he thought that with this treasure, the guardian of the black dragon cub in the future should be able to treat this cub better even if just for the sake of these treasures.

Although Modo said just now that the black dragon cub would not make a fuss about asking the adults for anything, but he wanted the cub to have whatever she wanted, so the old man actually hoped that the guardian of the cub would be willing to buy anything she wanted for the cub.

Xie Luan opened his mouth to speak before the old man mentioned the treasure, but the sentence got stuck when the old man mentioned the treasure, and then he quickly waved his hand with a slightly helpless expression: “You don’t have to do this.”

Xie Luan could use his mental power to detect the life response of the old giant dragon in front of him, and the other party’s life response was very weak. This was something Xie Luan had known from several years ago.

After listening to the old man’s words, Xie Luan was actually willing to be the guardian of the black dragon cub, but he definitely didn’t want this treasure.

“What you said, I’ll handle it in a few days.” He first used this sentence to reassure the old dragon in front of him. Xie Luan was going to get two adoption documents tomorrow. Not only Oni, but Xie Luan also wanted to adopt Ain, who was smelling the breath from his palms as he lay in his arms.

Since the world line merged, Xie Luan clearly felt that both Ya Yi and the other five cubs who had been members of the World Extermination Group in other world lines had become even more attached to him, although the latter probably did not have this self-awareness.

Both the Black Dragon and the Wek cub had become especially fond of eating the crème brûlée made by Xie Luan, and sometimes took the initiative to express their desire to eat pudding with Xie Luan. This was the influence of the fusion of the world line.

Xie Luan was talking to the old man, but he didn’t know that the black dragon cub was fluttering its wings in the low air at the crack of the door that was not closed. The young dragon heard the conversation between Xie Luan and the old man and was blinking her golden vertical pupils slowly at this moment.

As a result, that night, Xie Luan, who was sitting for a short rest in the living room, saw a black dragon cub who was holding a document with both front paws and flapping its dragon wings as she flew in front of him.

The black dragon cub flew to the table in front of Xie Luan, put down the document held by its front paws, and then put the golden gem in its mouth on top of this document.

Before Xie Luan could react, the black dragon cub flew away again, and when it flew back with flapping dragon wings, it was holding another gem in its mouth, which was also placed on the document.

This time Xie Luan reacted and did not let the black dragon cub fly away again. Xie Luan reached out and hugged the young dragon that was about to flap its wings again and called out the name of the other party: “Oni.”


Staring at the young man in front of her with golden eyes that had become very beautiful and magnificent after awakening, the black dragon cub snorted in response.

This document was the adoption document that Xie Luan had prepared and put on the desk in the office. He didn’t know how this black dragon cub ran into the office and took out this document. He saw that this young dragon kept trying to go to the small treasure box in her room to put more gems on it. Xie Luan probably understood the meaning the black dragon cub was trying to express to him with the act of putting the gem on the adoption document.

In the branch, the cubs were taught to learn Interstellar Common Language. The words on the title of this document, this black dragon cub probably knew.

The first thing she bit over was the big golden gem, which was the favorite gem of this black dragon cub, apart from the emerald gem that Xie Luan had given her.

She wanted the young man to be her parent, so the black dragon cub secretly ran into the office and took the document. After putting down the document in front of the young man, she bit the gem and placed it in front of Xie Luan.

“I will be Oni’s parent, but not because I want these gems.” Xie Luan met the black dragon cub’s magnificent golden vertical pupils, and his voice was gentle and clear, “It’s because Oni is a good baby, and I like Oni as much as everyone else.”

“Mum, um—”

This black dragon cub’s golden eyes were originally very magnificent, but when she heard the young man’s words, her golden eyes brightened even more, and she became like a little sun.

Xie Luan put the document on the table and the other adoption document together and put the two gems on the table back into the small treasure chest of the black dragon cub in the bedroom, and then Xie Luan put the young dragon down and the Wek cub was carried to the hall by the grown-up nox.

The little mermaid and the Muka cub were also there, and the three little fat chirpy cubs were chirping crisply above Xie Luan’s head, and soon landed on Xie Luan’s shoulders and head.

“Chiu Chiu!”

Just the fact that the three chubby cubs were chirping together was enough for Xie Luan to hear, not to mention when the chubby cubs from a tree not far away also started chirping along with them.

The noise revealed a different kind of tranquility. In this world line that only existed after the fusion and unification, these cubs were now very pampered and happy.

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