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Zhuang Li had a lot of electrodes attached to his head, as he closed his eyes and half lay on the sofa soft chair with stretched brows. The several assistants standing beside him thought he was resting and left lightly.

Only Xuan Ming knew that the little curly hair not only had no time to rest but was actively preparing for a war.

He transformed his brain waves into the mental power of the system. Due to the split between the left and right brains, this approach had not yet posed a real threat to the system.

The system 7480 had not spoken for a long time, and no longer made those screeching noises. It was hiding somewhere quietly, as if it had suddenly disappeared.

The EEG connected to the right brain of the little curly hair was still generating brain wave patterns, but the ups and downs had not changed at all. Each line connecting the peaks and troughs was identical to the mental graph of the system that was originally used to simulate the comparison.

No one could keep their thoughts so consistent for a long time, this reflected how strong the willpower of the little curly hair was from the side.

In the silence, Zhuang Li also attached electrodes to his left brain, so the fluctuations of the left brain also appeared on the screen, forming a completely different pattern from the right brain.

Xuan Ming stared at the display screen and the curiosity and admiration in his eyes could not be concealed. He never knew that the human brain was so strange, and the human consciousness was not unified, but divided, but one of the consciousness could not express itself, so it was often ignored.

It was precisely because of this feature that the little curly hair had the opportunity to turn around against the wind.

While playing with the metal cigarette case, Xuan Ming stared at the display screen, his expression was calm, but he was extremely nervous. He worried that the left and right brain of the little curly hair would not be able to restore its connection, which would be the worst consequence.

However, Zhuang Li was not impatient at all, his eyes were tightly closed from beginning to end, his hands were folded on his stomach, and it looked like he was sleeping peacefully.

After waiting for more than half an hour, the two waveforms on the screen suddenly changed. The picture on the right was still the same as before, but the picture on the left was gradually moving closer to the picture on the right. The crests and troughs were like surging waves, undulating rapidly.

Zhuang Li’s left and right brains recovered as expected in a short period of time.

He opened his eyes and looked at the picture on the left, so the wavy line that changed countless shapes every second slowly stabilized, and finally completely overlapped with the picture on the right.

7480 also started to play noise at the same moment, and it also screamed and screamed.

But it was all just a futile struggle before death.

When the ice began to melt, the process could not be reversed unless it released a lower temperature than before.

For 7480, lower temperature was equivalent to higher mental power suppression, and higher mental power was equivalent to the instantaneous transformation of genes. In a different dimension far from the main god, this self-help method was impossible.

Its clamor quickly turned into a sizzling electric current, and the annoying noise disappeared.

Zhuang Li slowly removed the electrodes on his head.

Xuan Ming stretched out his hand to help him pick a few, and handed him a glass of warm water, perfectly playing the role of an assistant.

“Thank you.” Zhuang Li took the glass and took a few sips. His face looked very peaceful, but his mind was filled with gunpowder and war.

The mental power that was completely consistent with 7480 allowed him to quickly enter the other party’s management program. This process was like a drop of water entering into a lake, just so natural and so silent.

7480 clearly knew, but there was no way to put up a firewall to defend against it. Its spiritual power was the key to open the firewall.

Zhuang Li browsed all the programs of the 7480 system unceremoniously.

At the same time, interfaces also appeared in Xuan Ming’s mind, including a management background, a system mall, a world database, a favorability tester, and so on.

Of course, the mental power of the system was not unimpeded. Two of the programs were blocked by a very complex and powerful mental power. As soon as Zhuang Li got close, he felt a sharp pain.

There was no doubt that this spiritual power belonged to the main god.

Although he couldn’t spy on the secrets of those two programs, Zhuang Li could guess what they involved. One should be related to the technology of the world the system was in, and the other should be related to the reason the system travelled to this world.

Zhuang Li stayed away from these two programs.

He won’t disturb the so-called Lord God until he had absolute certainty.

7480 shouted angrily: “Robber, get out of here! I’m going to kill you!” However, these threats could only stay at the stage of empty vernacular. It had completely lost its initial advantage.

“Actually, you didn’t have an advantage from the beginning.” Zhuang Li broke into the database and found the noise data that the system had been playing these days.

7480 immediately retorted: “You fart! I could have killed you, but I gave you a chance to make a comeback because of my tenderness. I’m so sorry, I should have used infrasound waves to shock you to death in the first place, woo woo…” As it spoke, it cried in embarrassment.

Zhuang Li put down the water glass, put one hand on his forehead, tapped lightly on the table with the other, and closed his eyes again.

“There is no comeback, I have been winning from the start.” The corners of his red lips curved slightly, and his voice was full of joy: “I said, you already lost before you started.”

Xuan Ming looked at the little curly hair, his eyes full of surprise. He always thought that the phrase “lost before you started” was said just for coercion.

7480, who also thought that the host was pretending to be coercive: “…you, what do you mean?”

Zhuang Li remembered that there was a pen on the table, so he closed his eyes and fumbled around. Xuan Ming immediately moved the distant pen to within the reach of his fingertips.

Zhuang Li picked up the pen and began to rotate slowly, his tone becoming a little more comfortable: “What is the nature of noise?”

7480 did not dare to speak.

Zhuang Li continued: “It’s the vibration of the air.”

7480: “?”

Zhuang Li: “So it is physical, and physical attacks must involve the mutual conversion of energy. System, if I remember correctly, your energy has been exhausted, right? Then how do you vibrate the air to make noise?”

7480: “!!”

Xuan Ming lowered his head and smiled.

This kind of skinning scene was very familiar.

“So I knew from the beginning that you can’t make noise, you can only use your own mental power to simulate the signal of noise, transmit it into my neurons, and make me have the illusion of being attacked by noise. The damage of hallucinations to the human body is slow, unlike infrasound which can kill a person in seconds.”

“The so-called giving me ten days to consider was not your kindness, but your powerlessness. You wanted to kill me in an instant, but you couldn’t do it.” At this point, Zhuang Li laughed softly, as if reminiscing about the stupidity of the system.

7480 seemed to be struck by lightning.

Xuan Ming wanted to laugh very much, but when he saw the comfortable appearance of the little curly hair with his eyes closed, he held back.

Between the lightning and thunder, 7480 remembered something, and suddenly shouted: “You, you, you attacked me with the buffer overflow method…”

Zhuang Li truncated his words: “Yes, I did it on purpose. The computer cannot do without the command line. The command line is to open a DOS window in the Windows operating system and execute the Windows management program in the form of a string.”

“The command line of a primitive computer is a string, the command line of a DNA computer is a DNA sequence, and the command line of a quantum computer is electron spin. It is conceivable that the command line of a biological computer must be a special biological fluctuation.”

Looking at his own sea of consciousness, Zhuang Li said firmly: “System, you are a kind of biological computer, so I boldly guessed – the command line that enters your management background should be your spiritual power.”

“Then how do I get your spiritual power?” Zhuang Li asked with great interest.

7480 collapsed: “So you attacked me with a buffer overflow and induced me to fight back in the same way! You are so sinister!”

Zhuang Li opened his eyes, a look of interest flashing in his eyes: “Yes, from the beginning, what I wanted was your mental power sample, and not one, but hundreds of thousands, only in this way could I analyze the basic parameters and model of mental power from it. I didn’t expect you to be so cooperative.”

He picked up the water glass and drank it, his red lips dyed with a wet color, “I said, I will tear you down with my own hands, and invading your management background is just the first step.”

7480 screamed and cried out in pain: “You deliberately angered me, deliberately attacked me, and deliberately induced me to reveal a mental sample, you are so despicable!”

Zhuang Li put down the ballpoint pen and carefully straightened the curly hair on his forehead in front of the reflective computer screen. But the voice in his mind was lazy: “Now you understand where you lost?”

7480 just whimpered and had no time to speak.

Xuan Ming couldn’t take his eyes off the little curly hair. He didn’t know anything about what the system said just now, and it should have happened after the little curly hair left his sight.

Having missed so many wonderful confrontations, he felt extremely uncomfortable, and he couldn’t help but have the urge to tie the little curly hair to his side all the time.

Zhuang Li rhetorically asked the system: “Have you ever had the two things: advantage and disadvantage?”

7480: “…”

Zhuang Li shook his head and sighed, “You’re just an ant in my palm.”

7480 felt broken and angry, but also restless. It wanted to turn the situation around but didn’t know what to do at all. Although it was a powerful intelligent robot, when it came to the agility of thinking, it was not even comparable to Zhuang Li’s finger.

Perhaps from the moment of forcibly binding, this person had already set every step of dismantling the system. If it knew it would be like this, it should have run far away in the first place. Who would have thought that such a monster would be born in a low-level world!

7480 was immersed in remorse, unable to extricate himself.

Zhuang Li said with a chuckle, “I caught you.”

What, what caught? Caught what?

7480 suddenly returned to his senses, only to realize that he was too excited, causing the core program to jump and scatter. And Zhuang Li’s spiritual power was following the frequency of jumping to find it and was tightly attached to it.

Invading the management background of the system, his mental power had returned to its original appearance. The 7480’s defense system immediately identified the foreign object and sounded the alarm.

The antivirus program was released, and then forcefully attacked the intruder, while the intruder was tightly wrapped around the 7480’s core program. Then a “I beat myself” war began.

7480 was scanned over and over again by the antivirus program and formatted over and over again. On the other hand, Zhuang Li’s mental power was converted into 7480’s mental power at the moment of being attacked, avoiding the strangulation again and again.

Before fully figuring out how the system worked, he had already formulated an effective combat plan, which was to “attack the other’s shield with the spear of the other”, otherwise he may waste years of time trying to crack the system coding.

“You stop the antivirus program! Can’t I admit defeat? Master, master, I beg you!” 7480 knelt down completely.

However, Zhuang Li was constantly playing with the system and antivirus software. Although it was only an illusion, the suffering he had suffered must be paid back double.

“System, this is just the beginning, the next game will be even more fun.” He put his hands on the spire, lightly touched his forehead, and his long and narrow eyes flashed with interest. It was obvious that he enjoyed the process.

7480: “…Master I was wrong!”

Xuan Ming controlled the wheelchair and quickly slid to the door of the laboratory, but before he could reach a secluded place, he laughed out loud. After more than 20 years of living, he had never felt so happy!

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