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After writing the last item on the paper, Yan Yan stared at those words for a while, and then wanted to cross them out.

He remembered the last time he was kissed by Ji Juechuan on the bed, not only was it for a long time, but Ji Juechuan also licked his tongue and bit his lips, and finally his mouth was a little swollen.

If he had to do it every day in the future, wouldn’t his mouth be swollen every day?

This kind of tactic of killing one thousand enemies by sacrificing eight hundred of one’s own troops should not be used.

Yan Yan picked up the pen, and just as he wa about to cross out those words, he hesitated again.

Wasn’t it different for him to kiss Ji Juechuan than for Ji Juechuan to kiss him?

If it was him who kissed him, he would only touch Ji Juechuan’s lips with his lips, and it would only take a second.

Just this simple matter of one second, he didn’t know how much it could promote the progress of the plot, it would be a pity not to use it.

In the end, Yan Yan still didn’t cross out the last item.

He put away the neatly written plan, found another small notebook, copied the plan, drew a small box in front of each plan, and planned to tick it every time he completed one.

Just as he put away the small notebook, Ji Juechuan walked in.

He saw Yan Yan run upstairs as soon as he got out of the car, and thought he was going to put away the marriage certificate, but he didn’t expect to see the marriage certificate thrown on the bedside table as soon as he came in.

Ji Juechuan frowned, “Why didn’t you keep the marriage certificate away?”

Just as Yan Yan was putting away the planner and notebook, he was taken aback and his heart beat wildly.

After making sure that Ji Juechuan didn’t see him put away the small notebook, he picked up the marriage certificate on the bedside table and put it in Ji Juechuan’s hand. With the other hand, he gently grasped Ji Juechuan’s clothes and raised his head.

“Honey, help me put it away together.”

Ji Juechuan looked down at him for a while but did not take the marriage certificate.

“Keep it away yourself.”

Yan Yan curled his lips and was about to put the marriage certificate in the suitcase.

Just two steps away, Ji Juechuan grabbed the back of his collar.

“Yan Yan, there is no shortage of cabinets at home.”

Yan Yan blinked his eyes several times before he realized that Ji Juechuan meant to ask him to keep his marriage certificate at home.

He didn’t care about it, he just wanted to find a cabinet to put it in when he thought of something.

He turned his head to look at Ji Juechuan again, held his slender fingers, and lowered the corners of his eyes in grievance.

“Husband, we have already obtained the certificate, and you still call me like that.”

After saying this, Yan Yan saw Ji Juechuan’s eyes flicker, but he just kept looking at him without speaking.

Yan Yan still maintained an aggrieved expression on the surface, but he gave himself a thumbs up in his heart.

In this way, the weekly unreasonable troubles were completed once.

As soon as he let go of Ji Juechuan’s hand, he heard Ji Juechuan say, “What do you want me to call you?”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, but seeing Ji Juechuan’s normal expression, as if he was just asking an ordinary question, he didn’t feel that he had made such an embarrassing request.

When he didn’t answer, Ji Juechuan started to ask again: “Xiao Yan, Yan Yan[1], or…”

Yan Yan felt that he was about to say something serious, so he interrupted him quickly, “Just call Yan Yan.”

Ji Juechuan was interrupted by him, and he paused for a long time before nodding, “Okay.”

Originally, he just wanted to make trouble for no reason, but he didn’t expect Ji Juechuan to change his mind.

Yan Yan wrinkled his nose in distress, wondering if this was considered vexatious. Seeing that Ji Juechuan agreed so easily, it didn’t seem to be to the extent of being unreasonable, right?

While he was struggling in his heart, he put the marriage certificate into the small cabinet.

Because he had been thinking about the plan, Yan Yan threw himself into Ji Juechuan’s arms as soon as he put away the marriage certificate, his arms tightly wrapped around his tight waist, and his porcelain white chin rested on his chest.

“Husband, do you want to watch TV for a while?”

Apart from live broadcasting and editing videos at home, Yan Yan liked to lie on the sofa and watch TV. No matter what was on TV, he watched it with gusto, and even cartoons could make him sit quietly on the sofa all afternoon.

But Ji Juechuan was different from him. Even if he didn’t go to the company, Ji Juechuan often stayed in the study, not as leisurely as he was.

Not to mention that Ji Juechuan didn’t go to the company for the past two days, and must have accumulated a lot of work, so he must not have time to watch TV with him.

Yan Yan knew it well, but he still rubbed his chin lightly on Ji Juechuan’s chest, his pale eyes under his long eyelashes filled with anticipation.

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan raised his hand and gently pinched his chin, preventing him from rubbing against it.

Yan Yan hid his hand back, and thought of acting coquettish again, so he rubbed his face against that hand instead.

He felt the hand visibly stiffen, but he didn’t move away.

Today’s Ji Juechuan seemed to be very talkative, he even agreed to watch TV with him, and he didn’t look like he was in a hurry to take him to get the certificate, like he was in the morning.

After going downstairs, Ji Juechuan sat down on the sofa.

Yan Yan stood beside the sofa and thought for a while, then walked over and sat down on Ji Juechuan’s lap.

Because he was afraid that his own weight would crush him, Yan Yan didn’t sit down completely, but just sat lightly near his knees, saving some weight.

The body beneath him froze again.

Then, he saw Ji Juechuan’s hand stretch out from behind him, pick up the remote control on the coffee table, and start a movie.

Yan Yan was a little curious about what movie Ji Juechuan chose. Before that, Ji Juechuan followed him to watch, and he had never seen him choose a movie on his own initiative.

He quickly turned his attention to the television.

Ji Juechuan behind him remained motionless, as if he was watching TV, but his eyes kept scanning Yan Yan’s snow-white nape.

He obviously felt that Yan Yan was clingier than before, as if he wanted to stick to him all the time and couldn’t leave him for a moment.

Could it be that Yan Yan became more attached to him because they had obtained the certificate?

He was still absent-minded, but Yan Yan on his lap was getting closer and closer to him, and his body was still trembling slightly.

Yan Yan watched it for a while before realizing that Ji Juechuan had just started a horror movie.

He was watching the plot seriously, but the music suddenly became gloomy, and then the lights on the TV became darker and darker, and the atmosphere became darker, and he realized something was wrong.

Yan Yan was originally afraid of the dark, so now he couldn’t help shaking.

He originally sat on Ji Juechuan’s lap close to his knees, but slowly he stuck to Ji Juechuan’s chest, and his waist also stuck to Ji Juechuan’s lower abdomen.

He had long forgotten that he couldn’t put all his weight on Ji Juechuan’s body, and half of him shrank into Ji Juechuan’s arms, staring at the screen nervously.

Suddenly, the ghost hiding behind the door jumped out, and a piercing cry came from the speaker.

Yan Yan shook his body, closed his eyes tightly, and twisted his body to hide in Ji Juechuan’s arms, as if he wanted to jump into his clothes.

His thin white fingers grabbed the corner of Ji Juechuan’s clothes, and his voice trembled a little: “Honey, can we change to another movie?”

After he finished speaking, seeing that Ji Juechuan didn’t respond, he turned around and hugged his neck again, and buried his face in his neck.

It was just that the scary sound effects of the movie were still piercing into his ears, so he could only hug Ji Juechuan even tighter, and press his body tightly against him.

Ji Juechuan seemed to like this horror movie very much, and he didn’t change the movie for a long time. He put his arms around his waist and watched the two-hour horror movie without moving.

Because Yan Yan didn’t dare to look any more, he kept burying his face in Ji Juechuan’s neck, singing a lullaby to himself in his heart to divert his attention.

By the time the movie’s ending song played, Yan Yan had almost fallen asleep on Ji Juechuan’s lap.

His posture had changed to straddling at some point, it seemed that because this posture was more comfortable, and he had become sleepier.

Just as he was about to go back to sleep, Ji Juechuan’s cell phone rang.

He didn’t know if he was afraid of disturbing him, but Ji Juechuan turned his phone to vibrate mode and didn’t answer the call for a long time.

Yan Yan straightened up from his lap, rubbed his eyes and looked at him, “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”

Because he was too sleepy, his voice was soft and weak, and there were some physiological tears on his eyelashes.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened, and he wiped the moisture from his eyelashes with his fingertips before answering the phone.

The two were too close, and the voice on the other side of the phone came out clearly.

Yan Yan felt that the voice seemed a little familiar, and after thinking for a while, he remembered that it was Ji Juechuan’s old classmate whom they met last time.

Although he didn’t want to eavesdrop, he still heard the voice on the phone clearly.

The man was talking about the class reunion, and he seemed to be asking when Ji Juechuan would be free, so that he could arrange the time.

“After hearing that you will also be coming, many classmates have contacted me. The box I booked before is not enough, haha.” The voice over there sounded very excited and enthusiastic.

Many students had taken over their family businesses after graduation, and they all wanted to establish a relationship with Ji Juechuan. This class reunion was a good opportunity that couldn’t be lost.

Yan Yan remembered that Ji Juechuan said that he would take him to the class reunion, and immediately pricked up his ears.

He was a little worried that his classmates would arrange it on a working day, and he would have to ask for leave in the live broadcast room again.

He had already promised the fans that the live broadcast would be longer from tomorrow. If he asked for leave again, his fans would be angry.

Ji Juechuan glanced at Yan Yan, and said in a calm tone, “Let’s do it on a weekend.”

“Okay, then on the weekend, I’ll send you the address later.”

After a few more words, he hung up the phone.

Ji Juechuan put down his mobile phone, and his movements naturally patted Yan Yan’s back, “Are you still sleeping?”

Yan Yan who was still waiting for him to drive him off, shook his head, and asked, “Honey, am I not heavy?”

He had already put all his weight on Ji Juechuan’s legs. The weight of a grown man shouldn’t be light, right?

Moreover, he sat on Ji Juechuan’s lap for two hours, and he didn’t know how Ji Juechuan endured it.


Yan Yan saw that his face was calm, and he couldn’t see the slightest bit of pretentiousness, so he moved his body and wanted to get down by himself.

He withdrew the leg that was resting on Ji Juechuan’s waist, but his center of gravity was a little unstable, so he could only put his hand on Ji Juechuan’s shoulder.

He didn’t know how he sat just now or how he turned around while sitting and hooked his legs around Ji Juechuan’s waist.

Yan Yan felt strange in his heart as he got off Ji Juechuan’s lap.

Ji Juechuan stretched out his hand to support his waist, as if he wanted to help him, but it happened to touch his ticklish spot.

The place where Yan Yan was touched trembled, his legs softened, and he sat back on Ji Juechuan’s lap, which was even closer than where he had been sitting just now.

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[1] This is different from his real name… There are two different variations of Yan in his name, here he is only using the second Yan twice which is a common way of creating affectionate nicknames in China.

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