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At 1:30 in the morning, the staff was dispatched collectively for each guest’s follow-up shots, so they quietly sneaked into the artist room, asked their own artist to get up, and took the most realistic shot of them getting up.

Yan Qingchi and Chen Xuanlang didn’t spend much effort because they had already been prepared, and they even felt that way.

However, Wei Lan’s portraits were a bit miserable. Wei Lan was woken up and was upset, especially since he didn’t get to sleep for a long time. When he was called, the whole person was hovering on the edge of the explosion.

“You go, go out!” Wei Lan roared and continued to sleep, and Sun Xun, who was in the same room as him, was scared by him.

The cameraman did not dare to call him again and looked to Sun Xun for help.

Sun Xun felt helpless, “I dare not.”

Just when the two were helpless, Yan Qingchi knocked on the door panel politely, pushed open a slit in the door left by the staff, and walked in.

Sun Xun was shocked. “What are you doing?”

“Waking him up,” Yan Qingchi raised his chin. “Wei Lan’s agent knows the routine of the show group, so after watching the program group’s flow the night before, he sent me a WeChat and told me that if there were night activities, and if he doesn’t get up, I should go help.”

He said, looking at the cameraman, “He also told me to either stop recording this section, including the clips where Wei Lan got up before, and cut it out. Or when Wei Lan wakes up, you can ask him if he wants to re-shoot the scene of getting up, okay?”

The camera was turned off immediately. “Yes, yes, of course.”

When Yan Qingchi walked to Wei Lan’s bed, he saw that Wei Lan had wrapped himself like a silkworm baby, lowered his head against the quilt, until only his black hair was exposed.

“You should still be careful.” Sun Xun reminded him.

Yan Qingchi nodded. He looked at Wei Lan’s mobile phone right next to the pillow, reached for his hand, and shook his shoulder. “Wei Lan, Wei Lan, wake up.”

Wei Lan frowned.

Yan Qingchi called him twice and shook him.

Wei Lan brushed his eyes and opened his eyes, as if to spit out fire, “F**k! Annoy me…”

“Your brother is calling you.” Yan Qingchi interrupted him immediately and passed his cell phone out.

Wei Lan picked up the sound at once, rubbed his face anxiously, and was a little impatient but had no way to take the phone, so his voice softened.

“Why call me at night?”

“Speak? Why not speak, brother?”

Wei Lan was a little confused, took the phone from his ear, and saw the screen was completely dark. He just woke up and was a bit embarrassed. He dully pressed the lock screen key and saw his handsome self on the screen. Then his slow-moving brain finally reacted, and he realized.

Wei Lan was furious, “Yan Qingchi!”

Yan Qingchi hurriedly ran out the door, while Wei Lan jumped out of bed and went to catch him, “Who gave you dog the courage to pretend to be holy? You are so capable that you can go to heaven!”

As Yan Qingchi ran forward, he reminded him, “How dare you run in pajamas? The image of the male god is gone. If you don’t change clothes, your team should lose again.”

Wei Lan quickly slammed the brakes and felt helpless, while cursing it must be his bad luck that he had to give in to Yan Qingchi. No one except his agent used this method. He was still wondering when his agent got together with Yan Qingchi, and how did he not know.

The cameraman saw Wei Lan sulking, and did not dare to mention the shooting, but just reminded him that he should go out to gather.

When Wei Lan hurriedly changed his clothes and came to the courtyard to gather, he saw there were still people who had not arrived yet.

He sneaked up to Yan Qingchi and whispered to him, “When did you get together with my agent?”

“Pay attention to your words, I just accepted his leave to help orphans and help him take care of you.”

“Oh, my agent is bold, and he dares teach you false precepts.”

“You can see how far you have pushed your agent, and you don’t know to worry about him.”

“Do you know how high my brother pays him?” Wei Lan asked him, “Absolutely enough for Guan Mei to shed envious tears.”

“But taking me along is easy, how good I am.”

“But I’m red. How red I am.”

“Are you redder than Jiang Mochen?” Yan Qingchi looked at him.

Wei Lan: “…”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “Go back to your team.”

Wei Lan snorted, “Anyway, everyone is there!”

He said as he went back angrily.

At night, they gathered everyone together, and everyone was still awake. The program team invited the examiner for this project, a dance teacher, and then told everyone that the evening game was to learn to dance with the teacher. Whichever team passed first would be the winner.

The crowd collapsed, and some even shouted, “Are you the devil?”

However, it didn’t work. The orders had been conveyed and the teacher had begun to dance.

Chen Xuanlang looked at Yan Qingchi next to him, “Can you do that?”

Yan Qingchi nodded, “OK.”

Chen Xuanlang couldn’t believe it, “Isn’t singing and dancing the same? With just your sense of rhythm and your singing level?”

Yan Qingchi was dissatisfied on hearing this. “Captain, you have an inherent impression which needs to be refreshed.”

“All right.” Chen Xuanlang said, a little worried, “Actually, the reason I’m telling you these is that I’m not good at this, so I’m a little worried.”

Yan Qingchi looked at him, “Can’t you dance?”

Chen Xuanlang sighed, “No.”

Chen Xuanlang had a poor family when he was a kid, so he never learned any talents. After graduation, he accidentally got discovered by a scout. He entered the entertainment industry and started to play supporting roles. He gradually gained popularity. Chen Xuanlang was a well-known model worker in the circle. He could shoot three or four movies a year, and it was precisely because he shot a lot of movies that he had the movie that made him popular.

But it was precisely because of the continuous filming that Chen Xuanlang did not have much time to develop his own interests or cultivate his talents. He usually grabbed the wooden sign. He was just relying on his youth and physical strength, so he didn’t feel any difference. But this time, they suddenly added so many talent-related game links, and as a captain, Chen Xuanlang felt a little unconscious and was afraid of being not good enough.

Yan Qingchi didn’t know what he was thinking, but he still encouraged: “It’s okay, everyone is now confused, it is estimated that they all dance ordinarily, you don’t need to worry about it, captain.”

Chen Xuanlang thought that what he said made sense. Except for Wei Lan who was a draft debut, so he must be good at singing and dancing. The others were just like him. They were all actors and should not necessarily be good at these things.

It turned out that his idea was indeed correct.

After the teacher danced three times, Wei Lan was the first person to jump down and move very well. The teacher assessed Wei Lan on the spot, and the director also said that he could go back to rest.

However, Wei Lan was fully awake at this moment. He watched his teammates and enemy teammates jumping in a mess on the field, and there was no sleepiness. He moved a chair and munched on seeds while spectating. While everyone was being busy, he commented a few times, “Yan Qingchi, you move more, captain, you are not in the right rhythm, Team Leader Chen, you have two left feet, Yuan Mingxu, you are too soft, use some strength… Ruan Wenxuan, you move more!”

Everyone was speechless, and the teacher said, “Mr. Wei Lan is right, everyone cheer up and dance well.”

Yan Qingchi looked at the teacher with a high ponytail in front of him and felt deeply that this was probably a hidden fan of Wei Lan!

Sun Xun really couldn’t stand the look of the young master Wei Lan watching a monkey show, so he turned around and beckoned to him, “Come, young master, don’t just sit there, don’t you want to win? Won’t you come down to instruct? Just a moment.”

Wei Lan heard the words and felt he was right, so he handed the melon seeds to the cameraman around him, “You eat.”

Then he ended up teaching the others.

As the first member of the Blue Team to learn, Li Meng also began teaching to his teammates after passing the assessment. Soon, Yan Qingchi learned and danced for the teacher alone.

Sun Xun was a little shocked to see him dancing, “Isn’t singing and dancing the same? Someone can’t sing, but the dancing is good.”

Wei Lan patted his shoulder indifferently, “Don’t look at others, captain, you are still jumping in a mess, hurry up.”

Sun Xun had a headache and had to follow Wei Lan to learn again.

After Yan Qingchi passed, he guided Dai Hongzhuo and Chen Xuanlang. Dai Hongzhuo learned faster, compared with Chen Xuanlang, who was a bit slow. Chen Xuanlang was anxious at this time. Yan Qingchi patted him and pointed him to Sun Xun. “Look, Brother Xun is also not there yet, so don’t be too anxious, captain, just come slowly.”

Chen Xuanlang always felt that his anxiety should not be obvious, but he did not expect it to be seen by Yan Qingchi. He didn’t play too well in the whole day of the game today. So, he still felt a little pressure. Now he was cared for and comforted by players younger than himself. Now Chen Xuanlang had no choice but to adjust his mentality silently and relax slowly.

On the other side, Wei Lan was still directing Yuan Mingxu, “Raise your hands, keep your heels on the beat. Can’t you work hard, didn’t you eat at night?”

Yuan Mingxu looked at him and felt that what he said had shamed him in the public, and said, “You don’t need to guide me, you can guide other people.”

Wei Lan raised an eyebrow. “Then do it yourself. Don’t drag your feet.”

Yuan Mingxu really didn’t understand how anyone could be unhappy with every word he said. He didn’t want to talk to Wei Lan, so he nodded in response. Wei Lan also stopped tutoring him and went to others.

Slowly, under the guidance of their teammates, everyone passed the level one by one. Only Yuan Mingxu was still practicing by himself. When he saw Sun Xun passing, he wanted Sun Xun to teach him. As a result, Sun Xun did not speak, but Wei Lan refused first.

“He was brought out by me. You learn from him now, but you won’t learn from me, can’t you use my guidance?” Wei Lan said as he closed the path, and by the way, Sun Xun’s path as well.

As soon as Yuan Mingxu was told this by him, he had nothing to say, but could only look to Sun Xun with grievance and expectation.

Sun Xun was helpless, “It’s really not that I don’t want to teach you, but that I don’t know how I passed. I just redid what he said now.”

“That …” Yuan Mingxu was a little worried, and he couldn’t let everyone pass, and just let himself be the odd one out.

“Or you ask Wei Lan to teach you, although Wei Lan talks relentlessly when he teaches you, but he is talking about the key points, and you can live with the changes.”

“Don’t, I can’t teach Master Yuan. He always thinks it’s me who’s trying to target him.”

Sun Xun looked at him, “You can’t talk well?”

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