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Wei Lan was shocked, “Why don’t I speak well, don’t I speak Chinese.”

Sun Xun held his forehead, “Your parents must love you very much.”

“That is obvious.” Young Master Wei Lan was not modest.

I can tell, Sun Xun thought, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to pamper such a character.

However, Sun Xun misunderstood, Wei Lan’s character was not spoiled by his parents, but purely because of his brother. Wei Lan’s mother was busy with her career when she was young and hardly stayed at home, so Wei Lan followed Wei Xun every day. Wei Xun was strict with Wei Lan, but he was very used to it. As long as Wei Lan did not do anything that Wei Xun expressly prohibited, Wei Xun would give Wei Lan whatever he wanted. Once when they were climbing a mountain when he was a child, Wei Lan became tired from running up and down, and didn’t want to go up the mountain, so he asked Wei Xun to carry him, even though Wei Xun scolded him for being disobedient, he carried him up to the top of the mountain, and then carried him down from the top of the mountain. As for Wei Lan, he lay comfortably on his brother’s back with peace of mind, and even sang a song for his brother to cheer Wei Xun up.

Wei Xun knew since he was a child that he was different from ordinary children and knew that the entire Wei family and the business of the family would be handed over to him in the end. So he had been very strict with himself, and he had lost the feeling of childlike fun and joy since he was a child. Because of this, he put all the joy he lost on Wei Lan. He didn’t want Wei Lan to live with the same responsibilities as him. He didn’t put any pressure on Wei Lan and let Wei Lan do whatever he wanted. Even when Wei Lan entered the entertainment circle first, Wei Xun only used his own strength to let him play happily in this circle.

For Wei Xun, he didn’t need Wei Lan to have any big ambitions, or even Wei Lan to work hard to accomplish something. There was only one life, and what he hoped was that when Wei Lan’s life was about to end, he could look back on the past years and feel happy, without any regrets or grievances, it must all be smooth sailing, carefree, and happy. That much was enough.

As for him, he would always stand behind Wei Lan, watching him all the time, not letting him run off the track or stumble, he would cover the wind and rain for him, and clean up all the stumbling blocks in his way, and he would always protect him and accompany him. So, Wei Lan didn’t need to do anything, he just needed to enjoy this life according to his own ideas.

In the end, Yuan Mingxu really became the only one who was left behind. Everyone else had passed the test, and only he was still practicing. The teacher was a little puzzled, and asked him, “Didn’t your teammates teach you? I thought they were teaching each other?”

Yuan Mingxu smiled helplessly, as if he couldn’t express his suffering.

The guests went back to the room one after another, and he was the only one left in the program group, and it was not good for him to dance till dawn by himself, so the crew greeted the teacher and asked him to pass the test for Yuan Mingxu, and when it was broadcast on TV, they would just cut his shot.

When the teacher saw the program group saying this, although he felt that this was a little disrespectful to his dance, he still agreed.

Yuan Mingxu thanked the program team as if he was granted amnesty, and hurried back to his room, but he still felt that everyone had passed, and only he hadn’t, this was very embarrassing. When he returned to his room, he felt a little uncomfortable. He felt that the recording this time was much more difficult than he had imagined, but when he thought that Yan Qingchi could do it, and he couldn’t, he gritted his teeth and decided to continue.

Lying on the bed, Yuan Mingxu unconsciously remembered the time when Jiang Mochen had been chasing him. Although he didn’t say it clearly, his actions always made people feel very warm. Yuan Mingxu thought, if he hadn’t left then, Jiang Mochen would still like him now, then maybe the character in “Lost” would be his and the resident guest of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” would also be himself. When he thought of this, he felt very sorry, and he was a little angry with Jiang Mochen. Didn’t he like him? Why did he marry someone else so soon? He also signed him to his own company and gave him so many resources.

Yuan Mingxu felt unwilling, he couldn’t see Jiang Mochen, and couldn’t talk to him, so he thought he would meet Yan Qingchi. He wanted to see what kind of little goblin this seductive s**t who hooked Jiang Mochen from him was like, to see what Yan Qingchi was good for, and talk to him by the way, and maybe see Jiang Mochen again through him. Yuan Mingxu felt a little nervous when he thought of this; tomorrow was the last day, and he would go to Yan Qingchi tomorrow night, and he didn’t know if Yan Qingchi would agree with him.

But it didn’t matter, Yuan Mingxu thought desperately, if Yan Qingchi didn’t agree, then he would naturally have another move.

The next day, a new game started. After finding the time hourglass and the paintball contest, everyone finally entered “Let’s Fight! Friend!” representative link – snatching wooden cards. This time, the location was an elementary school in City F, and the person who found the golden key could still pause the time. If neither team found the golden key within the specified time, the number of people would be counted directly.

Before the game started, Wei Lan said in front of his teammates: “Give me Yan Qingchi’s wooden card. Except for me and the captain, everyone should not approach him to grab his wooden card.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Yuan Mingxu and emphasized: “Everyone.”

After all, this should have the most severe physical collision among all the games, and it was also the link that was most likely to cause injuries.

Yang Xiaoxiao was the first to agree, “Okay, but Wei Lan, be careful, Yan Qingchi is very fast.”

Ruan Wenxuan wanted to take the opportunity to make trouble, but he soon realized that Wei Lan and Yan Qingchi seemed to have a good relationship. It was estimated that after he said it, Wei Lan would only find himself displeased, so he didn’t say anything.

Wei Lan finished emphasizing, and when he heard the sound of starting on the radio, he looked at Sun Xun, “Let’s go, captain.”

Sun Xun had no choice but to continue playing games with the young master in the team, but Yuan Mingxu didn’t want to go with Wei Lan, since it was a rare choice to be with other people.

Chen Xuanlang, Dai Hongzhuo, Li Meng, and Jiang Hanhui were all relieved when they heard that they had entered the stage of grabbing wooden plaques, and even put on a smile that victory was in sight. The two promotional guests were unknown, so Chen Xuanlang looked at Yan Qingchi, “It’s time for your show, Hero Yan.”

Yan Qingchi was a little embarrassed, “This time is difficult,” he said honestly, “If Sun Xun and the others specifically asked Wei Lan to watch me, then I guess I can only deal with him.”

Hearing this, Chen Xuanlang looked worried, “It was not easy for you to come to my side, but our team still can’t win?”

“I will try my best, try my best.”

A voice came from the radio urging the several people to start fighting, and Yan Qingchi and the others dispersed immediately. Yan Qingchi and Chen Xuanlang went up to the second floor to find the box, but just as they went up to the second floor, they ran into Wei Lan and Sun Xun. As soon as Wei Lan saw Yan Qingchi, his eyes lit up, and he rushed towards him like flying. Seeing this, Yan Qingchi turned around and ran downstairs.

By the time Chen Xuanlang reacted, Wei Lan had already chased him down. He was stunned for a while, and when he raised his head, he found Sun Xun approaching him. Chen Xuanlang was so frightened that he also ran downstairs immediately. Sun Xun who was frightened in two steps, laughed loudly and did not catch up, but entered the classroom and began to look for the key.

Yan Qingchi ran very fast, but Wei Lan’s speed was not slow either. Seeing that Wei Lan was approaching him, he could only speed up and run forward, and Wei Lan followed immediately. The cameramen of the two of them was so angry that he kept shouting, “Slow down, slow down, you two, we can’t catch up.”

Yan Qingchi turned around and shouted to Wei Lan, “Slow down, didn’t you hear that the big cameraman can’t catch up?”

Wei Lan said confidently, “Slow down first, I will slow down if you slow down.”

“What if I slow down, why don’t you slow down?”


Yan Qingchi stood still in front of the flower bed, took a breath, and saw Wei Lan also stop.

Only then did the cameramen of the two of them caught up with their cameras humming.

“Why are you chasing me?” Yan Qingchi asked Wei Lan.

Wei Lan looked at him, “Should I not chase you? Who else do you expect to chase you?”

“Either way, let’s make an agreement, I won’t take your wooden card, and you won’t take mine.”

“I told the team that you should be left to me.”

Yan Qingchi said affectionately, “We two are on the same crew, why bother to fight like this.”

Wei Lan reasoned, “Even if I won’t stare at you, other people are still staring at you, aren’t you worried?”

Yan Qingchi heard his implication at once, and secretly thought that Wei Lan’s careful thought was really delicate, and he was even afraid that others would play tricks on him.

“But it’s meaningless for us to be at such a stalemate, right?”

“Then why don’t we try and see who can snatch whose wooden card.”

After Wei Lan finished speaking, he was eager to try and rush forward.

Yan Qingchi couldn’t help it, so he beckoned to him, “Come on.”

When the big cameraman carried the camera and found a suitable shooting angle, he saw the artist he was following and the artist following the other side going back and forth.

Both of them were very fast in movement, and their moves were neat and clean. One removed a block, one reached for something, and the other avoided it cleverly. They just wanted to grab the opponent’s wooden card. The cameraman looked at it and felt as if he was watching a martial arts movie. The little fresh meat that he had been photographing for so long was not a fresh meat idol but a serious star!

While filming, he couldn’t help secretly cheering for Yan Qingchi in his heart.

But once Yan Qingchi got through the trick, he could see that if he didn’t fight Wei Lan seriously, he would probably be inseparable from Wei Lan in a short time, but how could he fight Wei Lan seriously, the camera was still recording, if he won against Wei Lan, he had no doubt that if he didn’t say anything, those who were secretly staring at Wei family should also come to him for cooperation.

So Yan Qingchi immediately withdrew his hand and ran forward.

Wei Lan was surprised, “Why are you running again!” He said and chased after him.

Yan Qingchi had no choice but to run one after another with him, running around the entire school before sitting on the parallel bars.

Two people sitting on the same bar, young and youthful, this scene was very pleasing to the eye, if you don’t look at the two people looking at each other helplessly.

It was at this time that the broadcast for the end of the game sounded. Yan Qingchi finally breathed a sigh of relief, and even felt a sense of relief.

He looked at Wei Lan, “Let’s go, return to the team.”

Wei Lan could only nod, “Let’s go.”

The two jumped off the parallel bars and returned to the gathering point. This time it was Chen Xuanlang’s blue team that won. The red team needed to draw lots to determine the penalty.

What Wei Lan got was a punishment drink, he almost spat it out after taking a sip, his eyebrows all wrinkled together, “What is this, it’s so bad.”

Seeing this, Yan Qingchi reached out and took his drink, finishing it for him in one go.

Wei Lan was surprised, “You, what are you doing?”

Yan Qingchi put down his cup and drank the mineral water next to him to rinse his mouth, “Don’t do anything, I promised your fans to take care of you, before we were in two different teams, I couldn’t take care of you, so I can only take care of you like this now.”

Wei Lan felt a little touched and he looked at the staff, “Can he drink in my stead?”

The staff looked at him, how dare they say no, and they could only nod their heads, “Yes.”

So the other members of the red team who got the punishment drink immediately began to sell misery, one by one begging the blue team to drink for them instead, and some people who got other punishments also asked, “What about that? What about me? Can I get someone to take the punishment for me?”

The staff smiled, “No, you can’t.”

The double standard was very obvious.

At the end of the program, the MVP of this episode was won by Chen Xuanlang who won two consecutive wooden cards in the wooden card competition. Chen Xuanlang sang a song as required and got his prize.

Everyone thanked the sponsors of the show together and ended the recording happily.

Chen Xuanlang was still the first one to leave, and everyone else would be catching the plane the next morning.

Sitting in Yan Qingchi’s room, Wei Lan asked him very curiously, “Do you think Yuan Mingxu will come to see you tonight? It can’t really be just for playing around.”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “He’s been quite calm so far anyway.”

“What do you know, this is the calm before the storm, the calmer he looks, the more it shows that he is brewing a big move.”

“Forget it, don’t think about it so much. If he should come, he will come naturally. If he shouldn’t come, it’s useless to guess. Let’s go and eat.”

Wei Lan stood up, “If he comes to you, give me a heads up.”

“You really don’t think it’s a big deal to watch the excitement.”

“Yeah, haven’t I always had this persona?” Wei Lan said confidently.

Yan Qingchi felt helpless, “Let’s go, you gossipy little prince.”

“You can talk better than Sun Xun, and you know how to call me gossipy little prince, while Sun Xun only called me a paparazzi. Have you ever seen such a handsome paparazzi? Hey, by the way, should we call Sun Xun when we eat? Isn’t he Jiang Mochen’s friend?”

“Forget it.”

“Tsk, he has a good temper to be able to eat with Yuan Mingxu. If it was me alone, Yuan Mingxu probably wouldn’t want to have dinner with me.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “You are quite self-aware.”

“Do you still have the face to laugh at me?”

“I’m not laughing at you, I’m just like you, and Yuan Mingxu probably wouldn’t want to have dinner with me either.”

Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan walked forward while talking. He didn’t know that when he came back after eating, he would see Yuan Mingxu who was full of grievances, knocking on his door with reluctance and irrational words, and wanting to discuss with him about feelings.

Therefore, he could still have a good dinner before being disgusted by Yuan Mingxu’s shameless remarks.

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