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Ji Wenfeng caught up with Ling Ren, turned around and stopped in front of him: “What are you going to do?”

Justice-upholding Ling Ren said solemnly: “Stop him from following you to the hot spring hotel on the weekend.”

“How do you know that we are going to a hot spring hotel on the weekend?” Thinking Lu Rong even told Ling Ren such a thing, Ji Wenfeng was furious, “Where we are going has nothing to do with you.”

“Nothing to do with me?” Ling Ren sneered, “He just promised me that he would play billiards with me on Saturday.”

Ji Wenfeng clenched his fists. He remembered that this morning when he told Lu Rong that they were going to the hot spring hotel in City H for the weekend, Lu Rong was not happy, but sad. This made sense, he had already asked Ling Ren to go out.

But what did it matter what he wanted? When was it his turn to call the shots?

Ji Wenfeng blocked Ling Ren domineeringly: “Your event has been cancelled. He has to satisfy me first.”

Ling Ren widened his eyes and reached out to poke his heart: “Ji Wenfeng, you are so dirty! You and I know very well what will happen when you go to a hot spring hotel, you two are still minors!”

Ji Wenfeng bullied him, and said in a low voice: “I think you are the dirty person, us going to a hot spring hotel is of course just for a soak in the hot springs, what are you thinking? What do you think I will do to him?! Besides, it’s not the first time we’ve been there.”

Ling Ren gasped: “Isn’t it the first time for you two?”

Ji Wenfeng grinned evilly from the corner of his lips: “We were at Boyue Longhu last week.”

This reminded Renren of those crazy wedding photos of Ji Wenfeng in the group, his glasses almost falling off: “The person who was with you at Boyue Longhu at that time, could it be him?!” Fang Chang looked so good-looking in women’s clothing?! It was like two different people!

Ji Wenfeng ruthlessly shattered Ling Ren’s dream: “That’s right.”

Ling Ren still couldn’t believe how beautiful Fang Chang in women’s clothing was: “The fair-skinned, beautiful and long-legged bride in that photo is really…”

Ji Wenfeng quickly admitted: “That’s right, it’s him.”

Ling Ren asked: “Then, you don’t have any twin brothers at all.”

Ji Wenfeng: “No.”

Ling Ren took off the gold-rimmed glasses with trembling hands, He hid it in his trouser pocket properly, and then suddenly jumped up, uncontrollably grabbing Ji Wenfeng by the collar and pressing him against the wall: “You married him on the third day after you transferred to another f***ing school?!”

Ji Wenfeng made a mistake, so he tacitly acquiesced, and tried his best to ridicule: “I’m not like some people who procrastinate. I have to do my best to get what I want.”

Ling Ren shook him off and walked quickly towards Class 8.

Ji Wenfeng pressed his shoulders from behind, and said in a low voice, “How dare you go to him?”

“Yes, you are still minors, how could you just get married in Boyue Longhu so casually!” The deep and introverted Ling Ren finally squeezed out the word “marry” from between his teeth.

Ji Wenfeng asked back: “Aren’t you both men and minors as well?”

Ling Ren: “…”

At this time, Deng Te happened to pass by and asked Ji Wenfeng: “Saturday, boxing, go or not.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “No.” Deng Te had asked him three hundred times, why did he just refuse to give up?

Deng Te walked away coolly. He planned to ask again later.

When Deng Te walked into the classroom of Class 6, Ling Ren continued to fight with Ji Wenfeng: “I can no longer procrastinate like this, I have to do my best to get what I want, monitor, this is what you taught me.”

The eyes of the two men met in mid-air.

“Go.” Ji Wenfeng let go of his hand proudly, “Go and ask him whether he wants to go to the hot spring hotel with me, or to play billiards with you.”

Ling Ren said proudly: “I think so too.”

Ling Ren strode forward, and Ji Wenfeng pressed on beside him step by step. While walking, Ling Ren asked Ji Wenfeng who was squeezing him: “What are you doing?”

Ji Wenfeng: “I want to witness with my own eyes the scene where my deputy squad leader is rejected.”

Ling Ren quickened his pace, and Ji Wenfeng was always blocking him by walking half a step ahead, the two of them walked faster and faster, and they rushed into the classroom of Class 8 sticking together in a strange posture. Ling Ren pushed open the door of class 8, and the door was slammed against the wall so hard that some white ash fell.

Ling Ren said in a deep voice: “Will you go to play billiards with me on Saturday or go to the hot spring hotel in H City with Ji Wenfeng, Fang Chang, you choose yourself!”

With a sound, Fang Chang stretched his head while closing the desk board, and looked at the two old enemies of Class 1 standing at the door of the classroom in a dazed manner.

In this silence, according to Lu Rong’s instructions, Li Nanbian calmly played the theme song of “The Temptation of Going Home” through a bluetooth speaker: “The pain that is persistent for all love ~ the pain that is persistent for all hate ~ I can’t tell the difference between love and hate~ Is it like this~ Blood and tears fall together~ My heart is broken and weathered~ My trembling hands can’t stop~ I can’t forgive…”

Instant climax!

Ji Wenfeng was originally aggressive, overbearing and nervously staring at Lu Rong in the middle of the classroom, but when he heard the word “Fang Chang” coming out of Ling Ren’s mouth, and the bloodiest BGM in history, he slowed down. Then, he slowly, slowly turned his head to look at Ling Ren, with a bewildered expression on his face. He quickly realized that something was wrong, took a step back, and said humbly: “Let him play billiards with you…”

Ji Wenfeng’s humility was regarded as provocative by Ling Ren: “You think he will definitely choose you?!”

When the two of them rushed in, Lu Rong was selling handkerchiefs. At this time, the transaction was completed, and he put down his desk board gently, and looked at Ji Wenfeng quietly.

Ji Wenfeng immediately explained to him: “I don’t want to go to the hot spring hotel with that Fang Chang.”

Fang Chang also put down the desk board and hit it hard, making everyone’s hearts jump. Then he looked at Ji Wenfeng angrily: “What do you mean by that Fang Chang?” He knew that Ji Wenfeng was awesome, but Fang Chang was also a prominent figure in Chengnan High School after all. Why did Ji Wenfeng just not say, “What Fang Chang is that?” Ji Wenfeng still ran to Class 8 and his territory to do this, it was too much!

Ling Ren pointed to Ji Wenfeng and reminded Fang Chang: “I said he was just playing with you. You are so obsessed with him, but he can’t even remember your name.”

Class 8: “Oh~”

Fang Chang swelled. He blushed and jumped up, leaning on the table and yelling at Ling Ren: “What did you say?!”

This scene was just like a rational husband trying hard to expose the scumbag nature of his wife’s adulterer, so that the cheating wife would turn back like a prodigal son, but the cheating wife was not willing to believe that handsome adulterer was not true love but just playing with him.

Lu Rong glanced at Fang Chang, who was furious, and turned his eyes back to Ji Wenfeng. He crossed his hands in a leisurely manner, placed them on the desk, and signaled Ji Wenfeng with his eyes: “Say, continue, I’m listening.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

How did things turn out like this?

Li Nanbian sang the chorus again: “For all the persistent pain of love ~ for all the persistent pain of hate ~ I can no longer distinguish between love and hate ~ is it like this ~ blood and tears fall together ~ my heart is broken and weathered ~The trembling hands can’t be stopped~ I can’t forgive…”

Fang Chang saw that the class was causing more and more commotion, and everyone was looking at him with eyes filled with adversity, so he patted the table to defend his masculine dignity: “Silence! Silence! I didn’t want to go to the hot spring hotel with Ji Wenfeng!”

Ji Wenfeng hurriedly explained to Lu Rong: “I didn’t ask him out either.”

Ling Ren said in a strange way: “Hehe, you’ve all been there before anyway.”

Lu Rong cooperated by opening his mouth into an O shape, then he looked at Ji Wenfeng in disbelief. Ji Wenfeng shook his head lightly, no, it’s not what he said.

Fang Chang went crazy: “When?! Why don’t I know!”

Ji Wenfeng interrupted: “I don’t know either.”

“Weren’t you busy with a hidden marriage at this time? You didn’t say that in front of me.” Ling Ren turned his head and sneered at Ji Wenfeng, “Ji Wenfeng, do you dare to admit it or not!”

Lu Rong looked at Ji Wenfeng suspiciously: What did you say when you were alone with Ling Ren?

Ji Wenfeng didn’t dare to meet Lu Rong’s gaze anymore, he raised his head to look at the scenery outside the window, away from the hustle and bustle.

Fang Chang continued: “What hidden marriage?”

“He admitted it, how can you argue.” Ling Ren pointed to Ji Wenfeng, “You held a wedding banquet at Boyue Longhu last Friday.”

Everybody turned to look at Fang Chang.

After a long silence, the rotten girl spoke first: “Unexpected, Fang Chang.” You turned out to be such a little b***h. Ji Wenfeng transferred to another school and went straight to the triple jump in three days. He even jumped to get the certificate, so what should she do if he smashed it?!

Everyone booed.

Fang Chang blushed: “What a mess!” He saw the students singing “The Temptation of Going Home” in separate parts. He yelled, “Comrades! I declare this is a conspiracy by class 1! The two squad leaders of class 1 have colluded to sing the oboe to ruin the reputation of someone on our side! Don’t fall into their trap, believe me!!! I am innocent! I am upright!!! Be closely united around me!!! Don’t give them a chance!!!——Li Nanbian, you turn off “The Temptation of Going Home”!!!”

When Gu Yijun came to class, he was in the middle of this epic confrontation.

The class was full of uproar, the principal and deputy monitors of Class 1 blocked the door, the monitor of his class Fang Chang was shouting at the radio on the table, and the whole class was singing the climax of “The Temptation of Going Home” in a chorus: “For the pain of all love and persistence~ for all the wounds of hate and persistence ~ who can tell me love and hate ~ whether it is the same in the end ~ blood and tears falling together ~ my heart is broken and weathered ~ trembling hands can’t stop ~ can’t forgive… woo woo woo woo woo ~Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Gu Yijun covered his chest. His heart was indeed broken and weathered, and blood and tears fell together.

So, he reluctantly invited all three of them into the office: “What’s going on?”

Ling Ren folded his arms and complained indifferently: “Ji Wenfeng invited Fang Chang to the hot spring hotel.”

Gu Yijun was taken aback, and cast envious and hateful eyes on Ji Wenfeng: He has grown up so much, but he had not yet dared to invite anyone to go to a hot spring hotel with him. At the age of 16, Ji Wenfeng did what he dared not do at the age of 26.

Fang Chang blushed with anger and thickened his neck: “Ji Wenfeng didn’t invite me to the hot spring hotel!”

Ji Wenfeng: “Well, I didn’t. It was Ling Ren who invited Fang Chang to play billiards.”

Gu Yijun reminded: “Uh… Playing billiards is a green and healthy way of leisure, which is different from going to a hot spring hotel.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Fang Chang lost his temper: “I didn’t agree to anyone! I just planned to read Jin Ping Mei at home on weekends!” It was really inexplicable.

Ling Ren added fuel to the flames from the side: “Ji Wenfeng is still married to Fang Chang. I don’t know how many heavy laws have been violated.”

Gu Yijun was taken aback and turned his envious eyes to Ji Wenfeng: He was so old, but he was still unmarried. He had never even talked about a girlfriend, and Ji Wenfeng was married at the age of 16, he was really popular.

Fang Chang: “Stop talking nonsense! We are both boys and underage!”

Ling Ren: “That’s why I say you don’t know how many heavy crimes you have committed.”

Fang Chang went crazy: “I didn’t follow him to get married!”

Ji Wenfeng: “Yeah.” He didn’t even know Fang Chang’s name.

Gu Yijun turned to Ling Ren: “Your accusations are all groundless.”

Ling Ren: “They are lying!”

Ji Wenfeng: “I don’t know him at all.”

Fang Chang: “Do you think I know you, Ji Wenfeng?!”

Gu Yijun quietly reminded his monitor: “Don’t you know him?”

Fang Chang went crazy: “I only know his name!”

The three of them finally finished arguing, each took a breath, and looked at Ling Ren in unison.

Gu Yijun: “Ahem, Ling Ren, so what are you making a fuss about?”

Ling Ren looked at the innocent Fang Chang and Ji Wenfeng in front of him, and suspected the hostility, stalemate, and jealousy between him and Ji Wenfeng this week, were they real? Fang Chang was so straight, Ji Wenfeng was not so straight but his eyes were so magnanimous… Ling Ren suddenly thought of a possibility: the world line had changed since he stepped into the classroom of Class 8. In the original universe, Ji Wenfeng married Fang Chang, but in this universe he had crossed into, the two of them didn’t know each other yet.

“That’s the only way to explain it.” Ling Ren hit the palm of his hand and figured it out.

“Go back to class when you figure it out.” Gu Yijun dismissed the three of them.

He thought for a while, then called Fang Chang back, and after a while, he finally said, “Is your Jin Ping Mei the complete version?”

“Gu-Yi-jun!” He reminded him that this is a manifestation of corrupting the teacher’s style.

Gu Yijun reined in his horse from the cliff, and patted Fang Chang on the shoulder: “Just kidding. What the teacher wants to say is… Boys should protect themselves well.”

Fang Chang: “…?”

When Ji Wenfeng came out of the teacher’s office, Lu Rong had just come back from the toilet, and the two enemies met on a narrow road.

When passing by, Lu Rong looked around and took out the swimming trunks from his trouser pocket and threw them on Ji Wenfeng: “Go to the hot spring hotel alone.”

Ji Wenfeng squeezed his swimming trunks: “… …”

Then Ji Wenfeng put the swimming trunks into his trouser pockets in a smooth manner, “…you listen to me.”

Lu Rong didn’t listen to him and walked back to the classroom with his hands in his trouser pockets, with a calm posture and brisk steps.

When encountering a misunderstanding, the weak would cry and explain, while the strong let the other party see the misunderstanding clearly, and then kneel down and apologize.

He fought another big war and won a victory. Now, Ji Wenfeng was on the decline.

Sure enough, he was the only king in Chengnan High School.

Ji Wenfeng turned his head to look at his back, Lu Rong walked so damn enchantingly.

Deng Te passed by Ji Wenfeng: “Saturday, boxing, whether to go or not.”

Ji Wenfeng looked away: “No.”

“Why?” Deng Te looked at him with his remaining right eye, “I heard, hot spring hotel is over.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ling Ren stepped out of the office and saw the scene of Deng Te pestering Ji Wenfeng: “Could it be him?!”

Ji Wenfeng put his hands in his trouser pockets, feeling melancholy looking into the distance.

Here we go again.

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