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Fang Chang saw Ling Ren wandering in the corridor with a notebook and a red armband, and he rolled up his sleeves and ran out to quarrel with him: “Why are you like this?! There are so many classes in the whole grade. You just stare at our class 8, did I offend you in some way?”

Ever since Ji Wenfeng fell in love with Fang Chang, Ling Ren felt that Fang Chang was particularly pleasing to the eye, even his twittering like girls was cute. He pressed the ballpoint pen and approached him with his hands behind his back. And behind his lens was a pair of shrewd eyes: “What do you think?”

Fang Chang felt that today’s Ling Ren was weird, so he took a step back and said, “I think you are disgusting, don’t always act like I owe you money?! The tongue between individuals is fast, don’t raise it to the class level! We will have our turn to check after class 8, so be careful or I will also deduct it every time!”

Ling Ren said lightly: “Come more than once a day.”

Fang Chang raised his middle finger: “You say it again!”

Ling Ren raised his face: “I’m not joking with you.”

Fang Chang: “…Eh?”

Ling Ren put away his cold anger: “Are you free on Saturday?”

Fang Chang asked alertly: “You want our class to pull weeds on the playground?”

Ling Ren clicked his tongue: “I’m asking you about Saturday. Is there something wrong? Are you mentally retarded, can’t even answer such a simple reading comprehension?”

Fang Chang snorted: “I am the representative of the Chinese class, and you are the only one who can’t do the reading comprehension right-I have something to do. What are you doing?!”

Ling Ren: “Haven’t you finished your homework already?”

Fang Chang: “Reading.”

Ling Ren: “What book?”

Fang Chang proudly replied: “Jin Ping Mei[1]!”

Ling Ren: “…”

Ling Ren: “Follow me to play billiards.”

Fang Chang: “No!”

Ling Ren opened his notebook and began to deduct points from Class 8.

Fang Chang quickly pressed down on his notebook: “Go, go! We are all friends, don’t act like this!”

Ling Ren’s lips curled up, and he wrote down the time and place and tore it for him: “Don’t be late by even a minute.”

Fang Chang: “Can I bring Jin Ping Mei?!”

Ling Ren: “Do you want to refer to the poses in it?” After saying this, he ran away.

Fang Chang gave him a middle finger: Humph, Gestapo[2].

While Ling Ren was making an appointment with Fang Chang, Lu Rong sent a message to Liang Wendao, asking him if he knew Ling Ren well. Liang Wendao, Ling Ren, and Ji Wenfeng were all in Class 1.

Liang Wendao replied that it was okay.

Lu Rong was certain in his heart: Liang Wendao said it’s okay, that means the relationship must be good.

Liang Wendao was a geek with a very arrogant personality. For people he didn’t approve of, he looked at them like an idiot. For the people he approved of, he looked at them like his own idiot.

Liang Wendao felt that the only person in the entire grade who could match him in IQ was Lu Rong. Lu Rong’s EQ was very high, he could guess and use people’s hearts, and EQ was essentially IQ, so he was willing to work under Lu Rong. Lu Rong’s intelligence was obviously not in the same field as him, he was destined to become a great mathematician, but Lu Rong, he was an actual genius.

Lu Rong asked him, “Has there been any news about Ling Ren recently?”

Liang Wendao replied, “What do you want to ask?” With geniuses with high IQ, smart people should go straight to the center of the topic when dealing with them.

Lu Rong knew that his temper had come up, so he stopped prevaricating with him, and went straight to the point and said, “Go ask about Ling Ren’s relationship problems, and his emotional conflict with Ji Wenfeng.”

Liang Wendao looked at the line on the screen, surprised. This question… was really specific, but it went beyond his talents. How could he make him ask this?

School tyrant Liang Wendao panicked for a second, then calmed down, he liked challenges.

Liang Wendao put down his cell phone just as Ling Ren walked into the classroom.

Ling Ren had just set up a meeting with Fang Chang, and he was in a good mood. But when he met Ji Wenfeng’s cold gaze, he frowned, and straightened his slender body warily.

In the classroom, with the deputy monitor standing at the main entrance and the monitor sitting at the seat as the core, two low-pressure cyclones were born, the air was convected, the storm was raging, and the temperature in the classroom dropped extremely rapidly. Even Liang Wendao shivered and thought—— Be in awe of nature.

Liang Wendao walked up to Ling Ren. Ling Ren had just returned to his seat and sat down, his eyes still glued to Ji Wenfeng, wanting to fight him to the death.

Liang Wendao blocked Ling Ren’s line of sight and stopped in the middle: “What’s wrong with you two?”

Ling Ren sat there silently, unable to speak.

Liang Wendao winked, making Ling Ren’s deskmate feel unbearable that the three most powerful people in the classroom were gathered around him, so he quickly got up to give way. Liang Wendao sat down and said in a low voice, “If you two can’t get along, think about what our class will become.” He knew that Ling Ren cared about class honor the most.

A trace of anger floated on Ling Ren’s ascetic and cold face, and he said to Liang Wendao: “The matter between us can’t be resolved.”

Liang Wendao: “Why?”

“We’re fighting over a man.”

Liang Wendao: “…”

Ling Ren regarded Liang Wendao as a good friend, so he told him what was in his heart. Liang Wendao used to be, was now, and would be the study committee member of the class in the future. Before Ji Wenfeng came, Class 1 was dominated by the two of them. When Liang Wendao’s first monthly exam results came out, Ling Ren not only loved him, but also respected him— was he a god who could get this score.

Ling Ren had asked Liang Wendao at that time: “Why? Why can you achieve perfect marks in almost all subjects?”

Liang Wendao had said lightly: “How do you feel when you get a test paper and do the first multiple-choice question?”

Ling Ren: “Scan the sub-question.”

Liang Wendao: “Do you know the answer at a glance, without thinking at all?”

Ling Ren: “Yes.”

Liang Wendao nodded reservedly: “The whole paper is like this to me.”

Ling Ren: “…”

Ling Ren didn’t quite believe it: “Could it be even the big question…”

Liang Wendao interrupted him and said: “All.”

The key point was that Liang Wendao, who was already so talented, sat there and did homework every day. Every day, various papers, from class 1 to class 11, from senior one to senior three, without stopping for a moment. Talented and hardworking, Ling Ren felt that Liang Wendao was a respectable man.

He thought that Liang Wendao, as a god of learning, did not eat fireworks in the world, but he did not expect that the conflict between him and Ji Wenfeng would be noticed by Liang Wendao, and his heart warmed. After he uttered the shocking “We’re fighting over a man”, he started the conversation, turned around and confided to Liang Wendao: “Obviously I came first, whether it was for the position of monitor or Fang Chang, but when Ji Wenfeng came, he took everything away. I think he seems to be targeting me on purpose.”

Liang Wendao said: “…Fang Chang? The two of you like Fang Chang who is in Class 8 at the same time? Is the cadre circle in our class so promiscuous?”

“I must remind you that you are also a member of our class cadre circle.” Ling Ren pushed his gold-rimmed glasses with his slender middle finger and fell into the long memory of the other party: “I used to think that he was an idiot, and he is really thought of well by others, so I thought he is quite pleasing to the eye.” As he spoke, he gave Ji Wenfeng a hard look.

Ji Wenfeng’s eye knife pierced Ling Ren’s heart non-stop, and Ling Ren turned his head numbly after glancing at him.

For a second at most, he could only last a second under Ji Wenfeng’s gaze at most.

Fear deepened his resentment: “Now Fang Chang has been fascinated by Ji Wenfeng. Do you know? He secretly wears Ji Wenfeng’s clothes inside and takes them out to smell them whenever he has time.”

Liang Wendao said: ” …he is really an idiot.”

“I tested Ji Wenfeng, and Ji Wenfeng said it didn’t mean anything to him at all, and that he was just playing with him. In the end, he won’t get anything in the end.” Ling Ren argued with Ji Wenfeng that day, Ji Wenfeng arrogantly asked him to go after Fang Chang, with a posture of “if I chase him, I lose”, as if he was sure that Fang Chang would come back to him. Compared with fighting fiercely with Ji Wenfeng, Ling Ren could see more clearly the power dynamics between the two parties in this relationship from the perspective of a third party. Fang Chang had no chance of winning against Ji Wenfeng, while Ji Wenfeng was just enjoying his kneeling and licking and watching his jokes.

Ling Ren clenched the point deduction slip in his hand: he wanted to stop all of this.

Liang Wendao, who was on the side, had already sent a message to Lu Rong while he was doing a lot of mental activities: “The answer came out. Ling Ren and Ji Wenfeng both fell in love with Fang Chang of your class, and they are fighting over men.”

Lu Rong: “…Are you sure?”

Liang Wendao: “The lord has already said it, how can there be a lie? Ling Ren likes Fang Chang, Fang Chang likes Ji Wenfeng, and even secretly wears his clothes from time to time, he even takes them out and sniffs them secretly… F**k, why do you want to know such things.”

Lu Rong: “I don’t want to know such things at all.” He just wore Ji Wenfeng’s clothes and wanted to buy and sell them, and took them out from time to time to secretly smell, what the hell was this? Could it be that Ji Wenfeng’s mind was full of such coquettish operations these days?

Liang Wendao: “Anyway, Ling Ren argued with Ji Wenfeng about this matter, but Ji Wenfeng didn’t care at all, and he even said that Fang Chang would follow him if he was determined.”

Lu Rong: “Understood.”

Putting down the phone, Lu Rong put his hands together in a pyramid-shaped between the lips – what the hell was going on.

He quickly drew a diagram of the relationship between the characters in his mind: Ji Wenfeng thought he was crazy about him, and Ling Ren and Fang Chang might also have something going on. But Ling Ren and Ji Wenfeng had a chicken-and-duck conversation, which led Ling Ren to think that Ji Wenfeng liked Fang Chang, and Ji Wenfeng thought that Ling Ren liked him. As a result, Ji Wenfeng asked him to sign a letter of guarantee, and Ling Ren, he was going to challenge the most powerful alpha in the whole year.

Conclusion: Are all the people in class 1 crazy?

It was time to untangle this mess.

Lu Rong sent a message to Liang Wendao, put down his phone, and smiled with a dark belly——

Gentlemen, I like war.

There’s going to be a good show, it’s time to start~

Liang Wendao received Lu Rong’s WeChat and told Ling Ren beside him with black lines on his face: “There’s breaking news.”

Ling Ren became highly alert: “What is it?”

Liang Wendao: “Ji Wenfeng wants to take him to a hot spring hotel in City H to spend the weekend together.”

“Too much.” Ling Ren trembled with anger, “Too much.”

He had just asked Fang Chang to play, but Ji Wenfeng asked him out to stay in a hot spring hotel in City H on purpose, absolutely on purpose. Besides, this was not a contest of the same order of magnitude and the same age group at all, Ji Wenfeng had even used his money-making ability!

Ling Ren slapped the table and stood up, then he turned around and issued a solemn protest to Ji Wenfeng: “Ji Wenfeng, you are committing a crime, I’m going to call the police!” After finishing speaking, he ran out.

There was no sound in the classroom. Everyone in Class 1 looked at the back of the deputy monitor rushing out of the classroom angrily and turned their heads to look at the monitor in unison. They also felt that the aura between the monitor and deputy monitor had not been right in recent days, the monitor and deputy monitor were always staring at each other, and the deputy monitor looked humiliated. What did the monitor do to the deputy monitor, so that it could rise to the level of a crime and make the always tolerant and restrained deputy monitor helplessly call the police?

Ji Wenfeng didn’t give any explanation and chased him out with a cold face.

Class 1: “Oh~” Could it be…

Liang Wendao thought he knew the inside story: “It’s not what you imagined.”

He should kill the CP fans at the source.

The circle of class cadres was already promiscuous enough, there couldn’t be any rumors between the monitor and deputy monitor of their class 1 except for the relationship between rivals.

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[1] Jin Ping Mei — translated into English as The Plum in the Golden Vase or The Golden Lotus — is a Chinese novel of manners composed in vernacular Chinese during the latter half of the 16th century during the late Ming dynasty.

[2] The Gestapo was Nazi Germany’s infamous political police force.

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