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When he was about to touch his suppression collar, Fu Yuanzhou also wanted to stop the other person, but before he could do anything, Yuan Ye grabbed the man’s wrist first, almost breaking his hand with his strength.

Yuan Ye’s eyebrows were sharp, and when he put away his sloppy expression, he felt extremely oppressive in terms of both height and aura, and immediately stunned all the people present.

The room went silent for a while, and Fu Yuanzhou moved to stand up, a sneer on his lips.

He felt as if he was molested as an Omega. Since childhood, no one had ever dared to treat him this way. Wasn’t it just a fight? He would accompany him. Putting on a collar made people really think he was easy to bully?

However, with years of experience in fighting within the school, Fu Yuanzhou also knew how to fight. He knew very well that if he wanted the school to keep their eyes closed whenever he fought, one principle was absolute: he must force others to make the first move. Then he could fight back, and he won’t have to take the main responsibility.

If he started the fight now, the main responsibility would probably fall on the shoulders of Yuan Ye, because he moved his hand first. Seeing that the hold was so painful, it was estimated that the other person’s wrist won’t work for several days. How could they put the blame on those few people?

At this time, Fu Yuanzhou’s brain was very active. He even wanted to use his Omega identity shamelessly, pretending to be a weak, poor and helpless O, being molested by a wicked person, and Yuan Ye was just a good person who was justified in his actions.

Anyway, this was not a lie-although if his collar was really touched just now, his 1.8 meters tall body was particularly capable of hitting and this weak O would probably beat all these people till their body suffered severe pain.

In a blink of an eye, Fu Yuanzhou had already figured out the situation, and he was waiting for these people to come up to surround him and Yuan Ye, and he didn’t want them to take a step back.

But one of the persons took out his mobile phone to record and shouted: “Yuan Ye is going to do it. I will send the video of this beating to the principal’s mailbox of No. 1 Middle School! Report him!”

Damn, so they actually came up with this trick, so shameless!

Fu Yuanzhou was shocked. Yuan Ye reacted quickly and let go decisively. The person he had caught ran back and raised his red wrist to the phone camera: “Quickly, record it for me. This is evidence of the attack by Yuan Ye.!”

“What evidence?” Yuan Ye asked, “Your hands?”

The boy was very excited: “You do not admit to recognizing my hand that you caught?!”

“I say, I have nothing to do with it” Yuan Ye laughed, “Okay, over there, stop recording, he saw it all, I didn’t do it, am I right, boss?”

They turned to look at the restaurant owner, and the boss nodded. The boss told those several people: “Several students, we will ask you to leave, or I’ll ask my friends from the police station to come around here.”

“…… fuck”

The faces of the several people were livid, and they stared at Yuan Ye full of resentment for a long time, then turned and pushed the door to leave.

“Wait.” Yuan Ye stopped them, leaned on the chair, and raised his slender legs. “Who said you could go?”

“What else do you want?”

“Who asked you to touch my friend’s collar?” Yuan Ye said, “Apologize to him.”

“Apologize?” The man sneered, “I can consider if you kneel down and beg me.”

“Although I can’t do that,” Yuan Ye said slowly, “but do you really think that I can’t fix you?”

As soon as his words fell, pheromones smelling of ice mint flavor suddenly burst out in the small space, like a violent blizzard, instantly sweeping into every corner, rich as if it wanted to penetrate into the skin.

This smell was extremely aggressive. The several people went pale and were covered in cold sweat, and their lungs felt as painful as if a knife was cutting through their breathing. Not only did they not run out of the shop, but they also even directly kneeled in front of Yuan Ye.


Yuan Ye walked over, looking at them condescendingly.

“Yes… I’m sorry!”

The person who was about to touch the collar had felt the most pain before, and he couldn’t hold it back. He trembled and apologized, until the sharp ice mint smell finally abated.

The several people gasped thinking that the pheromone in Yuan Ye was too terrifying. They were thus too afraid to raise their heads in front of him and rushed out of the restaurant.

Yuan Ye sneered, but in the next second, his easy-going expression changed, because he suddenly heard a very low moan.


Fu Yuanzhou had fallen on the sofa, his face flushed, and his whole body curled up, shivering slightly, panting desperately while covering his mouth, but he couldn’t stop himself from inhaling the smell of ice mint. The Alpha pheromones kept moving towards him and his nerves were making chaos in his body as a response to the smell.

It was as if there was a fire burning in his body. This hot temperature was very familiar to him. It was exactly the same as what he felt when Xie Lin was in heat that day. This was also what he hated. He hated this instinctive sense of powerlessness.

His body was uncomfortable, so he had to think of some messy things to distract his attention, such as pheromones must be really advantageous in a battle; for example, if he fought Yuan Ye again, once Yuan Ye used Alpha’s pheromone to suppress him, he really would have to give in to him; he regretted that he was not an Alpha again…

Fu Yuanzhou looked up to Yuan Ye with difficulty, his eyes were red, dyed wet with water vapor, and looked a bit pitiful and very attractive.


Yuan Ye looked at him for a while, his Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and his voice was a little dumb when he spoke again.

“Sorry, it’s my fault. I didn’t think about your presence just now. I will ask the boss to give you medicine.”

Because the air conditioner was on, the windows were closed, so Yuan Ye opened all the windows and went to the back kitchen to find the boss. Just now the boss came to the back kitchen and hid, so that he was not affected by his pheromone.

“I’ll give you inhibitors.” The boss took out the spare medicine box, brought out the pills and handed them to Yuan Ye, and took out a bottle of spray. “This is a pheromone dispersant. Spray it on his clothes, otherwise he will smell like you.”

Yuan Ye stared at these two things for a few seconds, but only took the pills, not the spray.

“Isn’t the mint smell good?” He laughed, “It matches well with the peach flavor.”

The boss was puzzled: “Matches?”

Yuan Ye stopped talking to him, took the pills and a glass of warm water and walked out of the kitchen, squatting down. He coaxed Fu Yuanzhou in front of him: “Come on, take the medicine.”

Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes stained with water vapor and stretched out his slightly trembling hand to receive the water glass, but he was weak and couldn’t even hold the water glass, so Yuan Ye sat down and helped him. He made him lean in his arms, personally fed him water and helped him take the pills.

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