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On the return journey, they again took the Ark ship. It was the first time for the dragon cub and her grandfather entering such a large battleship. On the way back, the black dragon cub, who was lightly put down from his arms by Xie Luan, was also exploring the whole Ark while flapping her wings in this new and unknown ship.

Xie Luan accompanied the young dragon to explore together. When they arrived at the main hall, he stretched out his hand to hug the black dragon cub who wanted to fly forward.


When she was about to fly forward, she was suddenly caught by the young man behind her. The black dragon cub with black jade-like scales on her body did not resist, and only raised her head as she was hugged, and called to Xie Luan.

Xie Luan didn’t want to do anything more after hugging the black dragon cub. He just hugged the young dragon and placed it on the rectangular table in the main hall of the Ark, and then when the baby dragon raised her head to him again, he reached out and touched the dragon wing of the young dragon.

This place, the main hall of the Ark, could be regarded as the place where he and this black dragon had first met in a certain way.

However, the black dragon he met here was not a baby dragon, but an adult dragon in its humanoid form.

“Oni must be careful about everything in the future, don’t let yourself get hurt, your grandpa and I will be very worried about you.” Thinking of seeing her injured on their first meeting in both world lines, Xie Luan couldn’t help but feel frightened. The black dragon cub in front of him heard these words and looked at him with inquisitive eyes.

In both worlds, the black dragon cub was bandaged with wounds when they met. Xie Luan still remembered that when he was in the parallel world line, the black dragon cub was wounded on her arm.

If he cared more about her at the time, he might have been able to get along with her more. As for the grown-up Oni and Ain from the parallel world line, Xie Luan had met the two cubs who were still young in this world. It was impossible for him not to have such thoughts afterwards.

Although in fact he stayed in that world line for only a few days, no matter how much he got along with them, it would still be too short.

Knowing that the young man was caring for her by saying this, the black dragon cub who was placed on the rectangular table flew up to the height where she could face Xie Luan and placed her head lightly against Xie Luan’s cheek.

Having returned to the Yunbao branch, Xie Luan brought the two new members to greet the other people from the branch who were in the living room and described the situation in detail.

It was normal for a cub nursing branch to accept cubs. But they hadn’t heard of a precedent in which a StarCraft branch would also accept the cub’s family members. But after listening to Xie Luan’s description, everyone in the house nodded and expressed their understanding after thinking for a few seconds.

This black dragon cub had no parents. It had been brought up by its grandfather since its shell was broken. Now that the grandfather, the old dragon was already very old, and could be said to be almost reaching the end of his life span, logically speaking they undoubtedly should let both of them see more of each other.

However, the lifespan of a dragon was longer than most other races. From a human perspective, this old dragon could still live for many years.

“I will clean up a room for you later.” Xia Qi was more polite and respectful towards the elderly and took the initiative to clean up a room for him at this time.

When Xie Luan carried the black dragon cub into the hall, the other cubs in the hall had already consciously approached in his direction before he actually walked over. When Xie Luan reached near them, he found that the cubs had already surrounded him.

It was the first time for the dragon cub to stay in the same place with so many cubs of other races, and furthermore they would also be living together in the future. The black dragon cub nestled in Xie Luan’s arms, moved slightly, unconsciously.

Feeling the movement of the cub in his arms, Xie Luan touched the young dragon’s wings soothingly, “As long as Oni controls her strength, she won’t hurt them.”

“Hey.” She made a low sound. After hearing the sound, Xie Luan put her down on the ground. Her front and back paws stepped on a soft blanket, as she faced the other cubs nearby. The black dragon cub slightly folded its dragon wings and lowered its body.

She still didn’t dare to touch others, Xie Luan didn’t urge the young dragon when he saw it, and only stretched out his hand to touch the black dragon cub’s back.

As soon as Xie Luan sat down on the ground, the black dragon cub threw down its dragon wings and flew onto his lap.

Xie Luan sat still, and the cub was more at ease after nestling next to someone who she was familiar with and close to. When this young dragon adapted after a few days, she would naturally take the initiative to come into contact with other cubs.

Without moving his position, Xie Luan reached out and hugged the mermaid cub who had been waiting for him to come since the morning, so that the little mermaid could lean on him.


After seeing the young man, the ice-blue tail fin of the mermaid cub began to sway gently. The mermaid cub grabbed the clothes of the young man next to him with his hands, and there was a happy mood visible on his delicate face which usually had no expression.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan responded in a warm voice as he spread his hands flat, so that the tail fin lifted by the mermaid cub could slap in the palm of his hand.

The Wek cub, who had heard the sounds from afar, also ran to Xie Luan and sniffed the breath around him like a little milk dog. Perhaps because Xie Luan had been out for a few days, the cub sniffed the breath for a longer time.

Xie Luan’s left hand was being patted gently by the tail fin of the little mermaid cub, while his right hand was also placed on the ground for the Wek cub to sniff. Xie Luan did not have any more hands to comfort the other cubs.

“Wang Wu.” After finally sniffing his breath to his satisfaction, the Wek cub licked the palm of Xie Luan’s open palm twice.

The other cubs that had approached him were seated in a circle around Xie Luan. A huge Muka cub brought in the other eight Muka cubs that looked much older from the outside. Then the huge Muka cub arrived on Xie Luan’s left hand side.

Xie Luan raised his hand to the Muka cub, just enough for the Muka cub to lower his head for him to touch it. When he touched the hard shell of the cub’s head, Xie Luan stroked it lightly.

“Nick.” Xie Luan softened his voice, and the movement of his hand on the head of the Muka cub was also very gentle, and he quickly heard the cub’s response.

Staring at him with scarlet vertical pupils, the Muka cub, who was lowering his head and butting the young man’s palm, made a low hiss obediently after hearing the call.

Relying on their ability to fly, the several chubby little flying cubs of different colors had flown to Xie Luan’s head very early and had been tweeting for a while now.

Seeing these cubs’ behavior towards the youth, the black dragon cub nestled on Xie Luan’s lap blinked its golden eyes. Although it still did not come into contact with the other cubs, the gathered dragon wings relaxed slightly and spread out on both sides. She also tried to lift up her front paws and stepped on the soft blanket next to it.

This was a good start.

Xie Luan, who was always paying attention to the movement of the black dragon cub, watched silently. When the young dragon raised her head and looked at Xie Luan again, she received the latter’s encouraging gaze.

There was no need to be afraid to approach others, nor to be afraid of being approached. In the parallel world line, Xie Luan could not tell the other party this. But in this world line, Xie Luan wanted this black dragon cub to know this fact earlier.

Speaking of which, adding the nox who was perched on his shoulder, Xie Luan found that he had already collected all the world-destroying combinations from the parallel world line. Except for the three who had been staying in their branch since the beginning, the other two had also turned up at the Yunbao branch.

“Papa?” Seeing that the young man next to him seemed to be distracted, the mermaid cub caught the young man’s clothes, moved his small fish tail covered with ice blue scales and made two repeated single sounds.

After returning to his senses, Xie Luan lowered his head slightly to meet the blue eyes of the mermaid cub who was looking at him, stretched out his hand to touch the soft blond hair of the little mermaid, and softened his expression towards the cub in response.

The parent turned their attention towards him again, thereafter the reaction of the mermaid cub was also very obvious. When he was touched on his hair, he couldn’t help shaking his tail fin, and his eyes gradually lit up.

These cubs would be taken care of and grow up well in this world line, Xie Luan put his eyes on the four cubs who were still babies one by one.

“A Luan, your exam registration went well?” Although there should be no surprises, when approaching the young man who had been surrounded by cubs, Xia Qi asked this question with concern.

Xie Luan nodded and took out the number plate with the chip embedded: “I have the number plate, and I have to wait for the official assessment which would be conducted later.”

The grade assessment of the childcare worker took place nearly two months after the registration deadline. During this period, the caretakers who got their number plates and were waiting to participate in the formal assessment were basically busy preparing for the assessment while taking care of the cubs in their charge daily.

“That’s good.” Xia Qi calmed down and said, “There is a written test in the assessment. If you need to read during this time, A Luan, you can do less work and just leave it to us.”

Xie Luan waved and said: “I have a lot of time, and usually taking care of the cubs does not tire me. “

The cubs in their branch were very well behaved, and the caretakers taking care of them did not need to worry at all.

“The evaluation rating of the chairman should definitely not be low.” Even though he was not the one taking the test, Zheng Zhou still had a confident expression.

In fact, it was not just Zheng Zhou, almost everyone in the Yunbao branch had a natural confidence in Xie Luan, which was formed by working and getting along with him since they joined the Yunbao branch.

At this moment there was no sound, Xie Luan lowered his gaze to take a look at the number plate he was holding in his hand. In fact, Xie Luan was also looking forward to the childcare worker assessment a little.

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