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After being brought back by Xie Luan to Gaia Star, the black dragon cub started living in the Yunbao Club and was a little uncertain, but after a while it could be said that it had almost completely adapted to the life in the club.

“Hmm–” The dragon cub flew in the air just slightly off the ground. The dragon cub spit out his dragon’s breath, and the scorching color of the flames appeared in front of everyone.

“Wow, Oni is amazing.” This was a sincere applause from several childcare workers in the house. Not only these childcare workers, but other cubs watching around also made sounds like they were responding to Xia Qi.

“I heard A Luan say that Oni rescued him in this way. The baby was very brave at the time.” Xia Qi tried again to reach out to touch the black dragon cub. The young dragon had avoided her twice last time. This time she didn’t know if there would be a different result.

The dragon cub slowly flapped its wings, but did not obviously hide this time. Xia Qi’s hand smoothly touched the young dragon.

The praise just now was not an exaggeration. Every cub of the Kesu clan seemed to have a natural grasp of flames. It didn’t take long after the cub was born to master the method of breathing out the dragon’s breath. Their inherent abilities were different from the fire abilities developed by people of other races.


Hearing the word “brave”, the magnificent golden vertical pupils of this black dragon cub seemed to glow brighter, and the golden eyes that were originally already like gold became even more dazzling.

Seeing the reaction of the young dragon, everyone present couldn’t help but smile. In the eyes of adults, the performance of this young black dragon was undoubtedly very cute.

Although afraid, she became very brave in order to protect the people close to her and took the initiative to overcome her fear.

If such a cub bravely rushed over to save you, which person would be unwilling to be in a mess.

Anyway, after Xia Qi and several others listened to Xie Luan’s description, everyone now wanted to spend some money from their salary to buy a small gem for the black dragon cub.

Speaking of this matter, not long after returning to the Yunbao branch with the two new members, Xie Luan bought a new small treasure chest for the black dragon cub.

It was customized by a merchant. Xie Luan used his painting ability to specially draw a model drawing and asked the craftsman to make it for him according to the appearance and details of the drawing.

To meet the aesthetics of the dragons, this small treasure chest was obviously golden with added decorations. It would be better if it could be inlaid with some shiny gems. The combination of gold and gems would always be the favorite of dragons.

After making sure that this small treasure box could be held with both hands, Xie Luan took advantage of the cub not being in the bedroom and put this exquisite and beautiful small treasure box made by the craftsman next to the black dragon cub’s bed.

Five or six gems of different shapes and colors were also put in the small treasure chest, then Xie Luan gently closed the small treasure chest.

When it was time to go to bed and the other cubs were taken back to the bedroom by the caretakers, the black dragon cub quickly saw the new small treasure chest beside her bed.

“Huh-huh?” She fell in love with this little treasure box just by looking at it. The black dragon cub flew past and fluttered several laps around this beautiful little treasure box that she didn’t know who put there.

“This is given to Oni by everyone.” Xie Luan walked behind and watched the black dragon cub flying around the treasure chest two times with obvious liking. He smiled and said warmly.

It was not wrong to say that everyone gave it. When Xie Luan said that he was going to customize a small treasure chest and buy gems for Oni, everyone else transferred him some credits from this month’s salary.

“Hey~” Her golden eyes stared at the small treasure chest, and the black dragon cub flew to the top of the treasure chest, trying to press the small treasure chest under her body.

But this little treasure chest was about the same size as the black dragon cub. This young dragon flew up and pressed down like this, then it slumped down and laid its body on top of the treasure chest, but still couldn’t hide this little treasure chest.

After lowering her body to nest down, the black dragon cub stayed on top and did not move. Seeing that the young dragon might sleep directly on the treasure chest, Xie Luan bent down and hugged the dragon cub and stood up.

“Oni can’t sleep here.” Xie Luan bent his eyes slightly, and said with a helpless tone, he met the black dragon cub’s eyes as he raised it to stare into her golden vertical pupils.

“Hey.” With a low voice, the black dragon cub arched into Xie Luan’s arms, and then turned her head eagerly to look at the little treasure chest.

“No.” Seeing the cub arch in his arms, Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the dragon wing of the black dragon cub, but still insisted on what he said just now, “Sleeping there would be too uncomfortable, and Oni can see the treasure chest when she wakes up.”

Xie Luan transferred his hand from the dragon wing to the slightly bulging abdomen of the dragon cub. The cub’s scales in this part had not yet become as hard as an adult dragon. Xie Luan felt it. If it was even a little soft, it was of course impossible for this baby dragon to sleep on a small treasure chest inlaid with gems.

Xie Luan said no for the second time. This black dragon cub obediently settled down this time. When Xie Luan carried her to the bed, she obediently nestled inside.

Xie Luan covered the black dragon cub with a thin quilt from the side, and then said slowly: “When Oni wakes up, the treasure chest will definitely be there, and it won’t be missing.”

Understanding that dragons liked to guard their treasure, Xie Luan felt that the baby dragon wanted to do this even if it was a cub.

Hearing Xie Luan’s words, the black dragon cub closed her eyes.

The other childcare workers in the bedroom just saw the black dragon cub flying onto the treasure chest and refuse to get down. It felt funny, but they also couldn’t help but feel that this young dragon really liked their president.

This black dragon cub gave a small treasure chest full of beautiful things to the other party. For a young dragon, this was probably the most obvious expression of liking someone.

Since that day, the black dragon cub would stay on this small treasure chest for a while when she got up and when she went back to bed every day. When she lowered her body and nested on the top, her golden vertical pupils were slightly squinted, and her dragon’s tail was always moving.

Unlike on the floating island, now living in the Yunbao Branch, this young dragon has no place to find gems, and the task of filling the small treasure chest of this young dragon was basically on the adults of the branch.

In addition to Xie Luan, the other childcare workers in the branch would also bring out something beautiful and put it in front of this black dragon cub every few days. Some of them were not valuables, but they were all carefully selected before they were brought out.

The black dragon cub hugged it with its front paws every time, brought the objects up to fly into the bedroom, and put them into the small treasure chest.

It didn’t take long for the little treasure chest of the black dragon cub to be full.

In the beginning, because the young dragon had to adapt to the new environment in Yunbao branch, Xie Luan took special care of the black dragon cub. While guiding the young dragon to get along with other cubs, Xie Luan read the content of the required books for interstellar childcare workers every night….

There was nearly two months of preparation time, which was enough time for Xie Luan to read up on all the theoretical knowledge.

There was enough time to study, but there was no time to consolidate his knowledge. So just as Xie Luan had finished reading the content from the beginning and remembered most of it, the time for the childcare workers to take the formal examination arrived.

“We are waiting for your good news.” After Xia Qi said this, Xie Luan went out as everyone watched him with confidence. This time he was traveling alone.

After participating in the assessment, he would come back, and it would take up to three days as per the round-trip itinerary on a commercial starship.

To prevent his lover from being upset, Xie Luan lowered the head of the nox standing in front of him slightly before going out and kissed the other person’s fair cheek.

“I’ll be back in two days.” Xie Luan said after the kiss. When the assessment would get over, it would be close to Ya Yi’s birthday. Last time he thought about the compensation gift for the nox. But he didn’t decide what it should be.

“Yeah.” The voice seemed low and cold. From the side, the nox’s already beautiful appearance seemed to be more defined, and the winter-like clear blue vertical pupils reflected the figure of the young man in front.

Holding back the subtle urge to kiss the corner of the other’s eyes again because of the bewilderment in those beautiful eyes, Xie Luan moved his eyes slightly to suppress the urge.

The nox did have a very good-looking appearance, so since Xie Luan was moved by the other’s love, his gaze towards Ya Yi seemed to be less and less resistant.

Did this count as beautiful and misleading?

Suddenly, Xie Luan couldn’t help but come up with such an idea.

This time, he took the commercial starship to Lise Star again. Xie Luan arrived at the designated examination place, got his number plate checked and entered the examination venue.

The venue was arranged in a very spacious and large building, which was sufficient to meet the needs of the assessment.

He heard that there were thousands of people participating in the assessment of childcare workers every year. When Xie Luan arrived at the assessment site in advance, there were already many people of different races waiting in the venue.

There were more and more childcare workers arriving at the assessment venue, but Xie Luan seemed to stand out from the crowd, and there were eyes from all sides on him constantly.

If you wanted to ask why, it was because Xie Luan was the only human among the nearly 10,000 candidates.

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