YXBG Ch. 34: Awkward

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It was raining outside, the temperature had dropped sharply, but the temperature inside the car kept rising, and even the windows were covered with fog. Yin Xiaomei was kissed so badly that she didn’t know where she was or what day it was.

Yin Zhefei was gradually no longer satisfied with a simple kiss, his hand was eager to reach under her shirt, and feel her sweetness more closely.

As soon as the big cold hand touched her hot skin, Yin Xiaomei immediately screamed: “It’s so cold!” The cold touch sobered her up, and she was completely stunned in the next second!

What were they doing?!

“Yin Zhefei!” She covered her mouth in horror.

Yin Zhefei glared at her blushing face, his hands were still in her clothes, and his face was flushed as well, obviously he hadn’t woken up from his romantic mood.

“Go! Drive!” She pushed him vigorously, and by the way, twisted away from him twice in annoyance. Yin Zhefei was still stunned, so he obediently climbed back to the driver’s seat.

“Drive! Why are you in a daze!” She screamed and waved twice in front of his eyes, as if if he didn’t start the car then, she would rush to tear him apart!

Yin Zhefei drove the car in a panic, his always calm and sober mind completely muddled.

He licked his lips unconsciously, as if her sweet taste still remained on it. He was even more shocked by his loss of control than Yin Xiaomei. He only knew that when she was near, his heart beat wildly, and he unconsciously did something terrifying.

Yin Xiaomei only kept looking out the window and he didn’t know what she was thinking, but her little red mouth kept whispering curse words.

The car was driving with the wind and rain outside and a weird and embarrassing atmosphere inside.

As soon as she got home, Yin Xiaomei jumped off the car and left without looking back. Although the rain had become a little lighter, she was still covered with a layer of rain when she got out of the car.

Yin Zhefei immediately chased her out: “Xiaomei!” He opened his mouth like a stranded fish but couldn’t speak.

“Don’t follow me!” Yin Xiaomei yelled angrily.

Yin Xiaomei rushed into her room immediately, when A Chun saw the two come back, she immediately said happily: “You are back?!”

Huh? It seemed that the atmosphere between them was not right!

Yin Xiaomei went upstairs, and Yin Zhefei chased after her and called her repeatedly.

“Bang!” He almost collided with the closed door.

A Chun stared at everything in front of her blankly, thinking what the matter between these two children was that they could get into such a situation just by picking the other up! Yin Zhefei turned around and ran into A Chun’s probing eyes. His face went red again, and he said unnaturally: “Auntie Chun… let’s eat.”

At this time, Yin Xiaomei hid in her room and she kept opening her mouth to scream silently. Her tender little hands were shaped into claws, as if wishing for Yin Zhefei to appear before her so she could scratch his face! She fell on the bed, buried her head in the quilt, but once she was surrounded by darkness, everything that happened in the car appeared in her mind. Frankly speaking, she didn’t hate Yin Zhefei. After all, that guy’s masculine charm could be said to be 100%, but why did he do this! Was he in heat? Or did he deliberately do it? Thinking like this, she suddenly lifted the quilt and jumped out of the bed again.

Yin Zhefei and A Chun were eating together in the living room when they saw Yin Xiaomei rushing down from upstairs like a mad woman: “Yin Zhefei, tell me clearly!” She screamed as if she had gone crazy.

The latter hurriedly stood up, he himself was ignorant, how could he tell her clearly. “Xiaomei…”

“Cut the bullshit!” She rolled her eyes, as fiercely as a bandit who had come to rob him, “You say, why did you treat me like that in the car!”

A Chun, who was drinking soup, instantly erected her ears. She even got up so that she could hear everything more clearly.

“Auntie Chun, your soup has been drunk to the end.” Yin Zhefei patiently reminded this old lady who had no regard for their privacy.

“Oh, okay, I’m going to scoop more now.” She deliberately got up slowly, hoping to hear more gossip. Yin Zhefei gritted his teeth and grabbed Yin Xiaomei: “You come with me.”

“I don’t want to!” She shook his hand away, “Just say it here!”

A Chun was almost in tears. It’s still the young lady who’s the best. Knowing that she liked listening to these things the most, she decided to make the ruckus in the living room!

Yin Zhefei was extremely embarrassed, and asked as if he was going to fight, “What do you want me to say?” He didn’t understand why he would do such a thing. He always thought he hated this cunning woman…

“You are asking me?” She laughed angrily, “Okay, then you can explain your motive!”

A Chun’s eyes widened, and the matter seemed to be serious.

“What’s the motive, I… I was just impulsive at the time.” He stammered. At this time, he was like a primary school student being reprimanded by the teacher, searching for reasons to excuse himself.

A Chun was so excited that she felt an itch in her heart-impulsive! The young master said he was impulsive! The two must have done something irreparable, eh, speaking of it, in this way, the young master and Xiaomei were indeed very good match!

Yin Xiaomei almost fainted with anger. How could this kind of thing be explained as impulsive! At least, he should say something else!

She suddenly squinted her eyes and slowly said, “You…do you like me?” When this question came out, she realized that she was a little expectant.

However, Yin Zhefei’s eyes widened suddenly, and he immediately began to laugh: “What did you say?! I like you? Hahaha…” However, he smiled and laughed, and then his lips seemed to pronounce-Yin Xiaomei looks like a female Tyrannosaurus Rex with her mouth full of fangs. She was especially irritated when he put the accent on the word “you” in his earlier words. Yin Zhefei’s heart suddenly went cold, as he was about to explain, Yin Xiaomei had already raised her foot unceremoniously.


“You deserve it!” She stared at the man on the ground fiercely, with a grinning face, “Aren’t you proud of your size? Are you proud now! I think your thing can not even stand up now?! Dead man!” She turned around and went back upstairs again.

At that moment, she really thought he would admit it.

But even if he didn’t admit it, she had nothing to lose. Yin Xiaomei tossed her hair-she would take it as if she was gnawed by a pig!

Yin Zhefei, the bastard, was avenging himself for causing him diarrhea, but it didn’t matter, she would get him back!


Yin Xiaomei might be free and easy taking it as if she had kissed a pig, but entertainment reporters definitely didn’t think so.

The entertainment headlines of the second day immediately published a large “spoof photo” of the two. All the entertainment magazines were as excited as if they were injected with chicken blood-Fiona had been a scandal insulator since her debut, so they couldn’t get anything against her at all. Now that they had caught such a big news fatefully, so they must make a good profit out of it.

Sean was so angry that he roared: “Rumors! Vicious rumors! I’m going to sue them!” The girl in the photo only had a back that resembled Fiona. How could this be counted!

Yin Xiaomei drank the rose tea leisurely and sighed: “It’s true.”

“Really?!” Sean screamed, “When did you fall in love, why didn’t you tell me! You are in love now? It could be a big blow to your popularity! How many artists shun this kind of thing! How could you get caught!”

“I don’t know, it was raining so hard that day, why were paparazzis there? They really have dedication!” Yin Xiaomei felt that she was too tragic, thinking in her heart that day, if Yin Zhefei admitted that he liked her, maybe she would be very happy! Thinking of this, her face couldn’t help but blush. Although Yin Zhefei was undoubtedly a bastard, in fact, she didn’t dislike his approach at all in her heart, and she even missed his solid chest a little. However, thinking of Yin Zhefei’s mocking reaction, she immediately frowned again, damn it, just treat him as a cheap! Bastard!

“Anyway, you really shouldn’t do this!” Sean criticized her harshly, “Didn’t you say that you will no longer be self-willed?”

“It’s not my waywardness! It’s that… that man!” She widened her eyes. Although she had done a lot of bad things, she definitely didn’t want to be blamed for what she did not do.

“That man?” He picked up the newspaper, as it hadn’t given a clear explanation of the man’s identity.

“That’s… it’s Yin Zhefei…” Yin Xiaomei’s face showed an expression of shyness for the first time.

“The man who spanked you? Your brother? He assaulted you again?!” Sean was shocked.

“What an infringement! He seems to be full of such thoughts!”

Xiaomei seemed to have seen an unethical love conceived in his mind, so she explained weakly, “He’s not my real brother, we are not related by blood.

“So, you… are in love?” He asked again.

“Not really.” Yin Xiaomei sighed for a long time, yeah, what was this? Could it be that both of them were too thirsty? So, it was like a match near dry firewood? Sean lectured her for a long time before leaving hurriedly to try to restore the situation. Yin Xiaomei looked at the cloudless blue sky outside and imagined Yin Zhefei seeing the news.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xiangyi was the first person to see this news.

Maybe others couldn’t see who the owner of the car was, but he was too impressed by Yin Zhefei’s broken car that he had been reluctant to change for too long. He never thought that his best buddy would dig his own corner! He was so angry that he rushed upstairs with a murderous look and pulled Yin Zhefei out.

“Xiangyi!” Yin Zhefei was startled by him, and he didn’t resist because of the guilt in his heart.

“Why did you do this after I treated you as a brother!” he yelled angrily.

“Xiangyi, you be calm, things are not what you think.” He panicked, never expecting that the two would have infighting because of Yin Xiaomei.

“What’s not what I think! Do you think I can’t recognize your car?!” He gritted his teeth, feeling betrayed in his heart.

“Xiangyi, listen to me. It was rainy that day. When I picked her up, her hair was wrapped around my waistband. The rain was too heavy, and I could only get into the car that way. It’s misleading.” He looked at his friend sincerely, explaining it in a detailed manner which he did rarely.

“You think I’m a three-year-old kid! Yin Zhefei, your eyes keep blinking when you lie, you know!?” He was so angry that he just wanted to knock him to the ground and give him a good beating.

Yin Zhefei’s heart jumped, he blinked when he lied? Why didn’t he know this? He smiled bitterly: “I was scared by you, you believe me, I absolutely only recognize you as my brother-in-law, I absolutely have no interest in that dead child. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her.” Now, he could only choose to tell lies, otherwise Zhang Xiangyi would definitely cut him up.

“Okay, I’ll ask her, if you lie to me, our brotherhood of so many years would be over!” He glared at him, turned and left.

Yin Zhefei breathed a sigh of relief, in a cold sweat, his heart beating fiercely.

Was it his illusion? When he denied his relationship with Yin Xiaomei, he felt very guilty in his heart.

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