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A total of 100 servings of hot pot base ingredients were prepared, and after they were drawn out, people without a list stared at the red and white soup that was still boiling on the table.

Asking for a bowl of soup, let me brush two pieces of meat.

Why do I think bibimbap is also delicious.

“How about this! I’ll clear this table and pick up a few more,” Su Yemu said, “For viewers who left their names on my bulletin board and asked for casserole, today the casserole will also be sent together, so pay attention to check.”

Love Bobo, I have been waiting for a long time, and I always use a steel pan with less smell.

Bobo, I came in late, what should I do if I can’t buy it?

The one in front, this is not bought, this is broadcasted by Bobo, haha, the handicapped party used it as a commemoration, it would be better if Bobo could sign it.

The one in front is burned to death, if you want it, you have nothing to do!

“Don’t worry everyone, Grandpa Zong has opened an online store, and you can go directly to his store to buy.” Su Yemu gave out the address and began to draw the list of prizes on the table.

The people who were staring at that table of food at the scene instantly made a bitter face, thinking if they could eat it!

Erha sucked his saliva while biting his chopsticks, staring at the budding flowers outside the yard: “I wonder if the flowers outside can be brushed?”

Mai Tian: “I think the fish in the pond are more realistic.”

Erha: “The movement of catching fish would be too big.”

Mai Tian: “Let’s come at night.”

Erha turned his head and showed a kind and gentle smile to Mai Tian for the first time; hundreds of years later, later generations saw this written in Mai Tian’s “Biography” that in addition to his brother Su Yemu, Erha was the first person to welcome him. The reason was because of a fish, and the fish was not even eaten, because they were reported by No. 2 for stealing the fish that night.

So from that day on, the two of them began to study the rabbit feast.

Su Yemu: When the apprentice grows up, he will study the recipes of the ingredients by himself, not bad.

No. 2: Chirp, chirp, chirp!

After the prizes on the table were all drawn, the prizes were packaged and sent out one by one; that night, Neptune, Gemini, Sagittarius, etc., a certain place on a dozen or so planets close to Purcell, floated with a tempting fragrance at almost the same time.

Next door A: If I call the police, can I get a bite.

Next door B: Just knock on the door!

So, this night, the indifferent neighbours had a strong hot pot friendship with their indifferent neighbours, and it also attracted many new fans for Su Yemu.

That night, the Marshal’s Mansion also held a hot pot banquet. All the soldiers heard that these things came from Mr. Su, who they had never met before, and learned from the butler robot that Mr. Su stayed in the master bedroom that night, and everyone congratulated the Marshal with jealousy, envy and hate.

Everyone was whispering: Why did the butler robot come to tell us that Mr. Su had a good relationship with the marshal! Strange. Even stranger was why should we congratulate the Marshal?

The chief of staff covered his face again and sighed!

The old rascal was hopeless.

After deciding on the opening time, Su Yemu started to get busy. First, he took pictures of the farmhouse inside and out, and then uploaded it to the homepage of the live broadcast room, along with a picture and text introduction.

The antique and beautiful buildings looked noble and elegant, and fascinated the fans who came in later. More than 10 million people kept reposting these pictures and texts, such that they caused a huge sensation and even alarmed the Federation. This was what happened next.

At the same time, Su Yemu also bought five butler robots. Rich people were just so wilful.

The three apprentices also began to get nervous. Apart from memorizing recipes every day, they practiced in the kitchen.

When Su Yemu heard that Mai Tian wanted to stay here as a chef, he asked in surprise, “Aren’t you going home?”

Mai Tian sighed, “Brother, if you don’t take me in, I’ll have to find a job in Neptune.”

Mai Tian wanted to find a job in Neptune directly after taking the test for the chef certificate. Now that there were ready-made ones, why not do it.

“I know I’m not good at cooking, brother, please don’t mind taking an extra apprentice!”


There were several coughs at the scene, Erha: “Master, you already have three apprentices.”

Su Yemu thought that was right, and Mai Tian had already called him brother, and he was older than him, so it was really not suitable: “If you want to stay, you can help me, and a salary will be paid. You can learn recipes with Erha and the others!”

After the matter was confirmed, Su Yemu became busy again.

Mai Tian turned around and looked at the four people and one animal: “You are hostile to me, why?”

Xiaonan: “Humph!”

First Apprentice: “Who told you to get along with our master? You even hugged the master’s shoulders. As a big apprentice, I have never done it before.”

Second apprentice: “Because Xiaonan hummed at you.”

Third apprentice: “gloomy face.jpg”

No. 2: “Chirp, chirp, chirp!”

Mai Tian: “I won’t play with you anymore.”

At the same time, Bai Jun found Su Yemu and talked to him about the formula and vacuum food.

“By the way, there is no shortage of ingredients for the hot pot, it’s so delicious.” Boss Hei smacked his mouth twice, still wanting more.

Bai Jun said: “The shares are divided into three shares, Mr. Hei, my grandfather, and you; of course, your share remains unchanged.”

Su Yemu provided the recipe, and Mr. Hei produced and exported it. For the position of the protective umbrella, Bai Jun could imagine how furious Grandpa would be when he found out that the big head had been taken by Boss Hei.

“I have cooperated with Tongrentang on several sauces before. I gave the list, and they provided the materials. If you want raw materials, they have them.” Su Yemu said, “In addition, I have another request. Let’s stay close to District 5 first.”

Xiaonan had been able to live smoothly and steadily with the original owner for so many years, which was inseparable from the kindness of the people in the District 5. Su Yemu couldn’t do much, but he would still do what he could.

“That’s no problem. There aren’t many people in your District 5.” Boss Hei didn’t care much about this, and said, “By the way, we’re ready to go to sea. We’ll do a preview first. It won’t be official until two days before your opening. If we start catching a large number, are you sure you can do it?”

The empire originally had only a few people cooking, and only a few people studied this fishy seafood.

“Don’t worry, there’s no problem.”

Su Yemu took a pen and paper, and drew crabs, shrimps, mantis shrimps, abalones, sea cucumbers and other seafood that they needed to focus on catching, and the rest could be brought back first. The technology was advanced, and there were robots that could measure food. And they could just scan it to know whether it was poisonous or not.

Boss Hei sighed after seeing Su Yemu’s picture: “When the time comes, we will go to sea, you should follow!”

Although he said so, Boss Hei was thinking in his heart: ‘It seems that the money for the equipment on these ships will be wasted. The creatures in the sea are so small.’

Bai Jun said: “The materials will be prepared first, and you still have to go to the site to have a look on the day the factory starts.”

Even if it was to enter the program for the robot to operate, Bai Jun still hoped that Su Yemu would control the field.

Su Yemu replied: “No problem.”

Then, Bai Jun asked another question: “One more point, big dishes and big ingredients, when you do live broadcast, it’s best not to announce too much, you are also opening a farm yourself, it will affect others, as it is very big.”

Su Yemu smiled and said, “Home-cooked dishes are fine, besides, knowing the ingredients doesn’t mean that you can copy the taste, just like fried rice with eggs, everyone knows the ingredients, but those who can bring fried rice with eggs to the state banquet level are the important ones.”

Boss Hei: “I can’t.”

“It’s good that you have a good idea.”

Originally, Bai Jun suppressed the topic of condiment formula grabbing patents, and it seemed that Su Yemu didn’t care.

“By the way, help me register patents for my recipes for sauces and seasonings!”

Thirteen spices, five spices, salt and pepper, etc., these were all huge profits.

Bai Jun: “?”

“I know that cooking is seriously monopolized. If these recipes are registered by them, not only will others not be able to use them, but I will also be in trouble,” Su Yemu said, “But after registration, I don’t plan to charge patent fees, anyone can use it.”

Boss Hei’s face darkened, yes, from this point of view, it was very important to seize the first market, build a brand, and take the first bite.

Boss Hei said angrily: “Then we will use your avatar for all the products we produce!”

Su Yemu was stunned: “Why?”

For products with the same formula, it was important to label authentic products.

Su Yemu protested, he didn’t want to be the man on the seasoning package, let alone the man printed on the vacuum packaging bag.

Boss Hei’s forehead twitched, and under Su Yemu’s stubborn gaze, he compromised. We’ll use a panda!

Just as Su Yemu was about to say something, Boss Hei slapped the table with his palm and said it’s decided, if you continue, we will use your full body photo, nude photo.

Bai Jun said lightly: “Add the logo of the farm!”

Then, the logo of the upgrade list with a pumpkin and two leaves on the head of the black and white panda appeared.

After the three of them finished talking, Bai Jun left with Boss Hei.

“It seems that Xiao Yezi still has some brains! I know that people from Neptune are not easy to mess with.”

Boss Hei thought that Su Yemu was planning to become a big philanthropist!

Bai Jun faintly felt that these things might not have been invented by Su Yemu himself. After all, there were too many of them. Instead, they were more like something left over from a long-standing civilization. It was formed over a long period of time. This was a huge fortune. The wealth that only Su Yemu knew about.

He was not stupid, and he was not Madonna.

“He just has his bottom line.”

Some things should belong to everyone, or they should belong to a certain nation.

After they left, Su Yemu began to write the menu; after having dinner with the president that day, Su Yemu found that the current tables were all visual screens, and the menu would be displayed on the table, so you can just order directly.

Su Yemu didn’t like this method. He bought five robots directly, and entered all kinds of knowledge about the dishes, including the provenance, historical events, etc., as long as the customers asked, they could report them accurately, although he didn’t know if anyone would ask. Su Yemu liked this.

He was the boss, even if it was strange, the guests couldn’t refute it, and of course, neither could the readers.

Food was not just food, it carried inheritance and civilization.

Su Yemu not only had to write the menu of the farm, but also write posts. The sharp pen was vigorous and powerful, which was completely different from his temperament. His master once said that he hoped to see Su Yemu’s different temperament one day, but he was afraid that he would never be able to see it now.

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