RCFS Ch. 203

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“What are you doing?”

Di Junxie’s voice on the phone sounded very lazy, even with a slight smile.

Ye Yunxi looked at herself in the glasses, and said calmly, “Getting ready to go out and buy furniture.”

“Preparing the dowry so soon?”

Di Junxie was in a good mood.

“Wait for me.”

Putting down the phone, Di Junxie turned around in a good mood and went to play with his wife.

Ye Yunxi did need furniture, whether it was for her company or her school club, it could be used.

But because she was very young, the salespersons in the furniture city basically didn’t pay much attention to her.

A student came here to see high-end furniture?

Hehe, no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like she is here to buy things, maybe she is here to relax in the mall?

No one paid any attention to her, but Ye Yunxi was happy and at ease, wandering around the mall by herself, choosing what she liked.

This sofa looked good. Each pillow had a different color, forming a rainbow, which was placed horizontally on the beige texture, which was quite bright and suitable for students.

Ye Yunxi reached out to touch it, and then tried to sit down, but was stopped.

“Hey, classmate, everything here is very expensive, don’t move unless you buy it!”

A fat aunt came over and looked her up and down: “If you want to lie down and rest, please go to IKEA, where you can sit on the sofa mattress, and you can use the air conditioner for free!”

Ye Yunxi glanced at the fat aunt, and sat down without saying a word!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

The fat aunt was anxious: “Hey, kid didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Did I say that I won’t buy it?”

The salesperson was really too powerful.

The fat aunt pouted, if Ye Yunxi wasn’t a customer, she would probably roll her eyes!

“This sofa is 4999, no discount!”

The fat aunt was not easy to mess with, and directly threw out four digits.

How much money could students have? A few hundred dollars a day was enough, could they even afford a 4999 sofa?

Shout out the price, scare you to death!

She thought that Ye Yunxi would stand up immediately when she heard the price, but she didn’t. Instead, she lowered her head to check the sofa, as if she really wanted to buy it.

Show off!

The fat aunt rolled her eyes.

In the distance, a group of people walked over surrounded by a young man.

“Master, this way, please. This is the latest furniture this year, and it’s all high-end products imported from abroad!”

Manager Zhao bowed his head and bowed like a grandson to compliment the young man in the middle. He was pretty handsome, but when she saw this face, Ye Yunxi wanted to lower her head and pretend she didn’t see him.

It was none other than Yu Zihang who came.


Yu Zihang obviously couldn’t understand the refusal in Ye Yunxi’s eyes, and leaned forward with joy, “Why are you here? Did you know I’m coming here today?”

Ye Yunxi rolled her eyes, if she knew that he was coming today, she would have never come today.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Yu Zihang thought she was still blaming herself for the cruiser, and said with a smile: “It’s not your fault that the car crashed, and that person also compensated me for a new car. I didn’t even have time to congratulate you, why don’t we have a meal together later?”


Before she could refuse, Yu Zihang said again: “Don’t be so shy, don’t you like me? Otherwise, as soon as the marriage was settled, why would you be admitted to Junyao. Now you are worthy of our Yu family, so you don’t have to bear the burden!”

Ye Yunxi only smiled dryly, why was this person’s face so big?

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