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At 3:00 p.m., the scene of the supplementary recording of “Gold-Medal Screenwriter”.

In the morning game, Zong Shiyi was finally eliminated as the fourth eliminated. And so far, the one-to-one pairing of the screenwriter team and the actor team had been completed, and the list of punishments had also been released.

First place, Zhuo Yixuan, 1000ml.

Second place, Yu Song, 500ml.

The third place, Luo Xiu, 200ml.

As a member of the first group, Gu Nian stood beside Luo Xiu, looking at the glass of liquid on the trolley that was being pushed over, with an expression on her face as if she was facing a formidable enemy.

Zong Shiyi and another female screenwriter were the second group, and the only group where neither of them had to accept punishment.

Zong Shiyi watched the whole process from the side, and couldn’t help joking: “Screenwriter Gu, it should be Mr. Luo who has to drink this, not you? Why do you look more scared than him?”

Gu Nian looked serious: “Don’t you think this looks very much like the purple poison soup brewed by an old witch that bubbles in a dark and strange-shaped container?”

Zong Shiyi smiled: “It’s green.”

“Green is even more terrifying!”

Gu Nian finished making Zong Shiyi stunned, and when she turned around, she found that the staff had already brought the witch soup to Luo Xiu.

She ran back in a hurry: “Let me do it.”

The staff was stunned for a moment, and then looked at her with distrust: “Does the screenwriter want to do some underhanded tricks?”

Gu Nian sullenly said, “My partner is about to drink such a terrible thing, of course I have to comfort him well, and then pass it to him with my own hands.”

The staff handed the paper cup to her suspiciously, and “threatened” by the way: “We still have a backup over there, so even if you accidentally drop it on the ground, we can refill the cup.”

Gu Nian: “……”

Plan A failed.

Gu Nian looked around and saw that there was a separate concrete space under their feet, and the nearest grass field was tens of meters away. It was obviously impossible to turn back and forth and dump it without being noticed.

So did Plan B.

Then only the last Plan C was left.

Gu Nian took a deep breath, put on a kind smile and turned to the staff: “Is there any candy?”

“Candy?” The staff was stunned.

Gu Nian raised her glass seriously: “Of course, such a terrible thing, if there is no candy in your mouth after drinking, how can you suppress the taste?”

The staff scratched their heads: “There should be no such thing.”

“Go ask the director team, there must be!”

After hesitating, the staff nodded: “Okay, wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”


The person in charge of the supervision turned and ran to the small shed not far away, and Gu Nian immediately holding the paper cup in her hand, turned to Luo Xiu who was behind her.

Luo Xiu kept looking at her with a smile from the corner of his eyes: “What are you going to do?”

Gu Nian: “Shh.”

The little girl turned her head quickly and made sure that she was blocking the lens of the nearest cameraman in the blind spot behind Luo Xiu. Immediately retracting her gaze, she hid herself in front of Luo Xiu at the closest distance.

Gu Nian raised her head slightly, and whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you drink!”

“No need…”

Before Luo Xiu could finish speaking, the little girl who was close to him already frowned, closed her eyes, and gulped down the liquid in the paper cup she had been hugging in her two hands.

Luo Xiu was stunned for two seconds, then suddenly coming back to his senses, he held Gu Nian’s wrist and pressed it down, forcing her to lower the cup in her hand.

Then Luo Xiu stretched out his hand and pulled out the paper cup from her closed hands without any refusal.

Gu Nian opened her eyes in a daze: “Luo Xiu?”

Luo Xiu didn’t speak but frowned slightly and looked down into the paper cup—the cup was full earlier, but now there was only a quarter of the cup left.

At this time, Gu Nian’s numb taste buds had slowly started to react, and the psychological nausea brought about by spicy, sour, bitter and various strange tastes directly impacted the sensory nerves.

Gu Nian stuck out her tongue and wrinkled her face for a while, then lowered her voice and said, “Give it to me quickly, this kind of thing is like a traditional Chinese medicine, you have to work hard to drink it at once or you won’t be able to swallow it after a few seconds.”


Before she could speak, a voice came running back from behind: “Screenwriter Gu, you wanted candy.”


Gu Nian’s figure froze.

She looked down at Luo Xiu’s hand, the disposable paper cup was still in his hand, and she hadn’t finished drinking, and there was a little red mark on the edge of the paper cup, which seemed to be…

Gu Nian’s expression froze.

——! ?

The lipstick the program group used for touch-ups had stained the glass!

“Screenwriter Gu?”

The footsteps of the staff members had come not far behind her, and the voice seemed to be a little suspicious. Gu Nian didn’t dare to delay, so she adjusted her mood and turned around immediately.

The other party glanced at Luo Xiu who was behind her and stretched out his hand: “There are only mints in the program group.”

Gu Nian’s mind raced: “One piece of candy may not be enough, can I trouble you to get another one?”

The staff frowned even more suspiciously: “You can wait—ah.”

The man suddenly raised his head and looked behind Gu Nian, as if surprised by an expression.

Gu Nian turned around.

She only had time to see Luo Xiu put down the paper cup, as his Adam’s apple rolled down on his slender neck.


Gu Nian lowered her head in a daze.

On the edge of the paper cup held in Luo Xiu’s left hand, the side with the trace of lipstick that was so faint that it could be ignored was facing towards his body.

Gu Nian slowly opened her eyes wide.

“Thank you.”

Luo Xiu handed the empty cup to the staff.

The staff came back to their senses in a hurry, and to Luo Xiu, who had not changed his expression from beginning to end and was still smiling gently, he nodded respectfully, turned around and ran away.

Luo Xiu rolled his eyes back.

Seeing the girl stunned like a groundhog, Luo Xiu couldn’t help raising his hand and rubbing her loose hair behind her shoulders: “I’m back to myself.”

Gu Nian stiffly raised her head: “Did you drink just now? “


“I’ve used that cup before!”

“Yes, I know.”

“But aren’t you a cleanliness freak?”

Luo Xiu bent his index finger and gently wiped the corner of his lower lip, smiling softly: “Probably, healed without medicine?”

Gu Nian: “…?”

The devil’s drink incident made Gu Nian anxiously guard Luo Xiu for an afternoon and a night until she was sure that the terrible liquid of about 50ml had indeed not caused obvious stomach discomfort to Luo Xiu, and then she reassuredly turned her attention back to the main task— preparing the script.

The common theme of the 4 screenwriters in the first issue was [online dating], Gu Nian personally picked the key word for the script was [roommate], and the key word Luo Xiu picked for the script was [criminal case].

So her script identified must include these three elements: online dating, roommate, and criminal case.

After two and a half days of writing the script almost without leaving her room, Gu Nian finally announced the completion of the script at noon on the third day.

A mini-series that will be performed within half an hour:


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