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Due to Yan Qing’s relationship with the Huo family, some people had been paying close attention to the movements of the Huo family officials and Huo Yunshen himself, and they believed that Mr. Huo had slapped his face very hard.

But no matter what, they never expected that Huo Yunshen would make such a simple and straightforward announcement.

Yan Qing was indeed married, and it was he who she was married to.

This person in charge of the Huo family, who was among the top people in the entertainment circle, and also the most powerful person in the Huo family who no one dared to talk about and get involved with, actually voluntarily admitted that he was the legal husband of a rookie talent, and the words were so exciting.

The first second that Huo Yunshen’s Weibo was made public was equivalent to igniting explosives, completely setting off the battlefield.

The face was slapped, neatly and loudly, but it wasn’t Yan Qing who was beaten, it was everyone who took the opportunity to belittle and satirize her.

“…Fuck I’m blind!”

“Mr. Huo spoke out himself?! He took the initiative to show his marriage certificate to declare his sovereignty?! What magical development!”

“You think about who Huo Yunshen is, if he didn’t take the initiative, could someone force him?”

“My God, I’m crazy, this melon is ridiculously big tonight! Isn’t this Huo’s titled show just for her?”

“But this is not right, if I got married with Huo Yunshen, and got to live in the mansion every day to count money and spend, taking a private jet to go out on various vacations, and my husband even has a good face, a figure and a position, and he even sponsored a popular talent show for me to play in. Would I be crazy to try to flirt with two traffic stars in the show?”

Before, netizens who ate melons also praised Su Li and He Xiangjin to the sky, and identified them as the flowers of Gao Ling who were not qualified to be snatched to Yan Qing.

As a result, Huo Yunshen sat on the husband’s seat.

The two instantly downshifted and became “two traffic stars” in seconds.

With Huo Yunshen’s marriage certificate, more and more people were beginning to realize that there was a problem with this breaking news. Unless Yan Qing was stupid, it was impossible to leave such a handsome and powerful husband alone.

“My brain is broken, and I still don’t want to live.”

The online public opinion was completely messed up, those who were shocked and mad, those who were eating melons and watching the fun, and those who continued to curse Yan Qing as disqualified, at once crashed the server as it couldn’t bear the explosive heat that swarmed in.

Huo’s official blog went online in time, and forwarded Mr. Huo’s marriage announcement, with a cheap expression and the kissing expressions of two villains: “Miss Yan is our Mrs. Huo.”

Then He Xiangjin, one of the targets of the scandal, appeared in a formal dress, very sincerely to clarify the video.

He looked at the camera with a serious expression: “Yan Qing and I had a very simple mentor and player relationship, all the ambiguous rumours are not true, and the occasional closeness shown in the show is because I admire her unilaterally, but she did not accept it. She always behaved very professionally during the filming, and later, after I learned about her relationship with Mr. Huo, I voluntarily chose to withdraw from the show.”

He Xiangjin’s fans were reluctant to accept this fact, and kept using “If you are bullied by capital, just blink.” to refresh the screen.

But most of the netizens chose to believe it smoothly. After all, He Xiangjin and Huo Yunshen were not comparable at all.

No matter how many dark rumours Huo Yunshen had, according to his conditions, no woman could resist it. Yan Qing had no idea how many female celebrities and rich girls would bite their teeth and be jealous tonight.

Let’s see how Su Li responds.

At the recording site of the show, Su Li sat still among the commotion, his face looking extremely ugly.

He took the time to look at the phone just now. He thought it would be a one-sided scolding, but he was surprised to see Huo Yunshen’s official announcement.

The person she married was really Huo Yunshen… And Huo Yunshen didn’t even care about the the group’s image.

Su Li found it too unexpected, and his back was drenched in cold sweat.

He had secretly thought about it before, if Yan Qing had married someone else, Huo Yunshen might have given up on her in a fit of anger, but now…

Huo Yunshen would never let the person who broke the news off.

Su Li was a little flustered and tried to take advantage of the chaos on the scene to leave first. He didn’t dare to go alone, and motioned to the other four tutors: “Let’s go backstage first, it’s not suitable here.” They were undecided, so seeing him taking the lead, they naturally wanted to follow.

“Yeah, let’s go, let Yan Qing go too, the show must be abolished…”

“I don’t know how it will end, has nearly three months of hard work been for nothing? In the end, Yan Qing’s popularity really depended on her own ability, she didn’t go through the back door. With her singing skills and creation, she is stronger than many professional singers in the circle. It’s a pity for it all to end so hastily today.”

The instructors sighed and set off. Before they could take a step, the lights on the scene suddenly turned on.

The person in charge of “Rise It! Girls” hurried onto the stage, looked at Yan Qing in awe, turned on the microphone and announced, “Evacuate the audience immediately, and the others will stay in their places.”

In the hall, in addition to the tutor seat and the staff, the rest of the people were exceptionally obvious.

The largest light board still hung in the center, with a man standing in front of it.

The camera was still filming, and it moved towards him, and all the scared and stupid players in the backstage recognized that this was the super male fan who came to support Yan Qing for the first time in a public performance.

He stood there tall and straight, slowly raised his hand, and took off the hat and mask covering his face.

The recording hall and the backstage fell silent at the same time, and after a while, a gaffe exclaimed at the same time.

“…Fuck, it’s Mr. Huo himself?!”

Su Li’s pupils trembled, and he quickly avoided his gaze.

Yan Qing didn’t move, she insisted on standing in the position where she was singing, and when all the obstacles dissipated and Huo Yunshen could be seen, her eyes suddenly filled with enthusiasm.

He was here.

Not only Huo Yunshen was in the audience, but there were also some girls who also carried Yan Qing’s aids and stayed behind and refused to leave. When they saw that the venue was quiet, they raised their banners and shouted: “Qingbao, we are your fans! When you sang without showing your face, I liked you very much! Now, we are also a fan of your face and personality! The person who loves you and your ability! It has nothing to do with anything else! Don’t give up!”

Their voices fell, and the already empty seats at the scene refilled. It was lively, and new faces entered in an orderly manner, arrived at the seats, and gradually filled the auditorium. Everyone was well-trained with ready-made banners and light signs in their hands.

It was self-evident who arranged it.

Huo Yunshen took two steps forward, stared closely at Yan Qing, raised his hand to signal, and immediately someone gave him a microphone.

He said in a deep voice, “The show is not over yet, so we will continue to record. The last contestant has not finished performing. We should announce the results of three months of hard work.”

Yan Qing looked at him through the thick air, remembering the time when the primary assessment was conducted, he also appeared like this, stabilized the situation, and let her spread her wings.

She finally couldn’t stop her eyelashes from getting wet.

There was a scalding fire burning in Yan Qing’s chest, which made her want to cry and cry, but she wanted to stabilize and draw the journey of herself and all the participating girls to the finish line.

Su Li had a thorn in his back but he had to sit down and force a smile.

As if nothing had happened, the program flow continued. The other players were trembling at first, but later realized that Huo Yunshen was always supporting Yan Qing. They were being protected because of Yan Qing. There was nothing to fear.

To be able to be so vigorous to the end, it could be considered a brilliant show.

The seventeen contestants kept their best condition by coincidence and cooperated with each other to finish the last stretch.

The top nine were announced in order from back to front. When the first place was announced, Yan Qing looked at her name on the screen, tears streaming down her face, she wiped away quickly and smiled at the camera.

The smile was pure and radiant.

She said, neither humble nor arrogant: “From the first day I joined the show, until now, I have tried my best to present every act, I have no regrets, but this debut position, I give up, I hope it will be transferred to the tenth player.”

It was her business.

She didn’t want to mess with the show.

Huo Yunshen, as expected, adjusted the huge light sign that belonged to her to the brightest setting, and clapped his hands.

Following him, the scene was quickly overwhelmed by applause, giving Yan Qing the recognition she deserved.

Yan Qing was swarmed back to the backstage, and walked forward in a daze, top-heavy, unaware that there were fewer and fewer people around her, until the surroundings were empty, she was still moving mechanically, and finally it was dark, and she bumped into a hard body. Her body was tightly embraced by a familiar arm.

She raised her face, looked into the man’s deep eyes, and asked in a low voice, “Am I finished?”

Huo Yunshen smoothed her hair: “How is it possible.”

“But the marriage was exposed in the most brutal way.” Yan Qing said hurriedly, “You showed your face on the spot to take care of me just now. Others will definitely spread the word about it again. I think it will affect you—”

Huo Yunshen patted her on the back, helped her breathe, and turned on the phone to her to look.

“Wife, others don’t need to think about it, I have already given the answer.”

Yan Qing blinked, looked over in disbelief, and clearly saw Huo Yunshen’s official announcement.

She choked in her throat, and then frowned in place: “You, you, you made it public?! You don’t have to think about anything? There is Huo Corporation behind you! You don’t need to take care of the image of the whole group? I originally thought that I would just no longer be an idol. At least you have to prepare some foreshadowing, but you ended up picking the worst time for me.”

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, preventing her from saying anything.

“Qingqing, only you are important,” his deep voice hit her eardrums, calming all panic, “Nothing else counts.”

Yan Qing grabbed his clothes and struggled a few times, but the more she struggled the tighter he held her, so she slowly stopped resisting, and desperately shrunk into his arms, sobbing and said, “I don’t want to embarrass you.”

Huo Yunshen took off his coat. Wrapping her up, he simply lifted her up and said, “What a shame, don’t you dare to talk nonsense, this bad show is finally finished, it’s time to go home with your husband.”

Yan Qing obediently lay on his shoulders, and suddenly thought of the key point: “The video is a candid photo of when I met He Xiangjin, so someone must have been following me…”

Huo Yunshen’s dark eyes were dark: “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

He knew who it was.

He had already guessed who was in the hotel and provided Yun Ling with information.

Huo Yunshen left someone to take care of the aftermath, took Yan Qing to the car, and Min Jing called in time: “Brother Shen, it’s so fucking dirty, those two have hooked up long ago, Su Li is flaunting his affection for madam, while using Yun Ling as a stand-in, and wanting to dump her after fulfilling his purpose, but Yun Ling tied him to a rope.”

“It was her twice.” Huo Yunshen said firmly.

“Yes,” Min Jing said, “From the time she was exposed on the spot in the variety show, she has been deliberately taking revenge. The hotel and the news were all her. She had built up some foundation in the industry for several years. Now, she still dreams of going abroad, our people are staring at her, the police will arrive soon, she won’t be able to run away.”

Huo Yunshen clenched Yan Qing’s hand, her eyes were half drooping, and he said coldly, “Before the police come, find a way to let her know that she is going to arrested, and it was Su Li who leaked the news.”

Min Jing immediately understood, and was a little excited: “Understood.”

Yan Qing was confused, and five minutes later, Huo Yunshen shut his phone screen and put it in front of her.

First, a Weibo page, which broke the news about her trumpet before, sent out a more exciting news than her marriage, and there were pictures and truths, full of real hammers from beginning to end.

The chief instructor of “Rise It! Girls”, a popular first-line traffic star Su Li, his upper body was naked, wearing a pair of home pants, smoking a cigarette and leaning on the bedstand, holding a woman in his arms and kissing, while the woman’s hand was stretched out, silently taking a selfie.

There were also larger-scale intimate photos in the back, which stimulated the eye.

Su Li’s previous image was completely destroyed.

The woman’s profile looked a bit like Yan Qing. At first, some people thought it was a scandal, but when they turned to the front faces, they all dropped their jaws: “He’s relying on the banned Yun Ling! It was because he framed Yan Qing that he was killed! I seem to have understood something incredible!”

Yan Qing was no less surprised than a passer-by.

Huo Yunshen touched her hair and changed the page again, this time it was a video.

After clicking on it, it was a passer-by’s perspective shot. A fully covered woman was taken away by the police at the airport. When she struggled hard, her hat fell off, revealing Yun Ling’s face.

The police cooperated with the real-time news and released the information. A woman surnamed Yun was suspected of reselling the private information of the artist and instigating a crime. She had now been taken away for investigation.

At the end of the video, Yun Ling was vaguely photographed gritting her teeth: “Su Li also has a share! I can’t be responsible for it alone! I’m legally responsible, and he’ll be ruined too—”

She couldn’t hear the latter, but how the intimate photos got exposed was already obvious.

Yan Qing rode up and down the roller coaster all the way, her heart couldn’t calm down at all, so she pulled Huo Yunshen and asked, “The two of them joined forces? Yun Ling thought that Su Li had denounced her, so she hurriedly posted photos when she was arrested, she wants to let him be finished with her together.”

Huo Yunshen deeply touched her finally bloody cheek: “Are you more comfortable?” Yan Qing was stunned.

He was quietly avenging her.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes flashed a stern look: “Whoever hurts you, I have to pay it back.”

Yun Ling, who was full of malice towards her, couldn’t escape and went to jail.

Since Su Li had high self-esteem, he would taste the taste of falling into the quagmire, and he used the most ugly method to set him up so that his image would collapse and he would be reviled by others.

Who doesn’t like exposure, then let him feel it himself.

Compared with the fact that an idol was married, this kind of unsightly pornographic photos were even more contemptible.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes deeply.

It was a pity that he was too slow. If he had confirmed it faster, it wouldn’t have hurt Qingqing.

When the car returned to Huo’s house, the Weibo server had crashed twice. Yan Qing swiped the page before getting out of the car, and saw two topics rushing to the hot search, with “hot” displayed on the back.

Neat and tidy.

One was “Su Li get out of the entertainment circle”.

Other was “Yan Qing get out of the entertainment circle”.

The one for Su Li was because he was being attacked in a group, and some of it was from his opponents who were waiting to put him to death. This was a perfect opportunity, of course, they desperately tried his best to force him to the dead end.

As for Yan Qing’s own.

She bit her lip sadly.

When she opened the topic, although no one said that she had an affair and admitted her marriage with envy and jealousy, they were still persevering in calling her a disqualified idol. No matter how high her status was, as long as she was married, it was a death sentence, and the rest of it was exempted from discussion.

Yan Qing refreshed again, Su Li’s popularity was still rising, but hers disappeared out of thin air…

It was Huo Yunshen who was protecting her. She went to search for her name, and sure enough, more people were speaking and scolding her for relying on her husband’s secret operation, just casually.

This was not her original plan.

She knew her relationship status was not suitable to be an idol, and she didn’t want Huo Yunshen to be discussed by the public because of her idol status in the future.

She discussed with An Lan whether to quit, or voluntarily give up her debut after the results were announced. The program team strongly opposed it. She thought that she would make a quick transition in the future and write songs and sing as before, and break away from the definition of idols.

However, reality did not give her a chance.

Was she going to stop here? She was scolded to quit the circle.

But she and Huo Yunshen were the officially announced husband and wife, and they both would suffer.

Yan Qing lowered her head and walked slowly upstairs from the garage, her feet suddenly off the ground, and she was caught off guard by Huo Yunshen.

“Shenshen, what are you doing…”

“Don’t move.” He coaxed.

Huo Yunshen hugged her deeply and stepped up to the top floor attic, kicked open a small door that was specially carved, put her down gently, and covered her eyes with both hands.

Yan Qing felt that the temperature was warming, and there was a strong fragrance of flowers floating in the air.

She couldn’t help but peel off the slender fingers from her face, and found herself in an exquisite flower room, each of which was her favourite variety and color, with scattered plants in full bloom, while she stood in the middle.

Yan Qing looked at Huo Yunshen in surprise.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were deep and soft: “Congratulations to my wife for completing her work, welcome home with a small gift.”

Yan Qing had maintained her composure until this moment, but at this moment, she couldn’t help crying and wrap her arms around his neck: “I didn’t do my job well, I’m going to get out of the entertainment industry.”

No matter how much comfort she had, it would still be uncomfortable to be completely denied.

“I don’t understand…” She choked slightly, “As long as you fall in love and get married, are all your previous achievements worthless?”

“I’ve never sold a character set, so people have fantasized about me, and every performance is a slap in the face. I gave a perfect answer sheet. Others sang out of tune and danced and paddled, but I didn’t even make a mistake except for the foot injury. I did the best in singing and arranging, and dancing also went from zero to the appearance level. Everyone witnessed it with their own eyes. A little…isn’t it worth caring about?”

“I’m so angry, just let me get out…”

Huo Yunshen hugged his girl hard among the fragrance of the room.

Yan Qing rubbed her face with tears: “It’s a fact that I’m married, I don’t blame anyone, and I don’t want to explain the cause and effect to anyone… I just want to tell my husband.”

She said sternly: “But if I was just like this Huo Yunshen’s wife would always be just a failed idol.”

Huo Yunshen was so distressed that his voice was hoarse: “Qingqing, I will—”

“I can’t always rely on you to settle it.” Her eyes were fierce.

“Now the whole internet knows that I’m Huo Yunshen’s wife. I really don’t want to just quietly withdraw from the circle and let you be talked about.”

Yan Qing thought of something, rubbing the tip of his red nose: “Shenshen, you said that I sing very well, right? I’m also good at writing lyrics and composing, so I can go back to the beginning and become a singer? I never thought of being an idol.”

She looked forward to asking: “I will write more new works and sing more. If I have really good works, will it change my image?”

Huo Yunshen’s chest was sore as he pressed on the back of her neck: “You don’t need to be so hard on yourself.”

Yan Qing said firmly: “This is what I need to do, I’m not just Yan Qing, I’m also Mrs. Huo, I represent you, I can’t give up and do nothing, escape to a safe haven, let you completely protect me, and be an existence that will be ridiculed every time I’m mentioned.

Her expression softened again, and she asked obediently, “You say… When I let others know that I have enough ability to do my profession, will I be recognized and liked again.”

Huo Yunshen stabbed his throat deeply, unable to speak.

After a long time, he leaned down and hugged her solemnly, and said in a hoarse voice, “Of course, I believe you can do it, I know how good you are, and I have always known it from before to now… But I don’t want you to do it.”


“Because,” he closed his eyes and buried himself in her neck, greedily seeking her warmth, “I love you, I want to monopolize you, and I don’t want anyone to judge you.”

Not willing to share her goodness with others.

Yan Qing’s heart suddenly swelled.

She didn’t say anything, just hugged him quietly.

Huo Yunshen knew very well that Qingqing would not be willing to stop, nor could he imprison her by his side.

With chains in hand, he prepared a comfortable prison.

But he had to step back and not tie her wings.

Huo Yunshen smiled deeply, raised his body, brushed Yan Qing’s broken hair, and stroked the ends of her red eyes.

Qingqing was not a caged bird, but his pride.

“Do whatever you want, don’t be afraid,” Huo Yunshen said softly. “The dark cloud can cover the sky and protect his marshmallow.”

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