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He Xiangjin was stimulated by Yan Qing’s sincere praise, and after being surprised, he was heartbroken.

When he first entered the entertainment industry, he was very stupid and sweet. He had suffered a lot of oppression. He yearned to turn over his situation in the future every day. Unfortunately, the reality was cruel. The competition in the circle was like life and death. Everyone wanted favours in exchange for opportunities.

His own experience was not good, and he believed that everyone had to face difficulty in the entertainment industry, so when he saw Yan Qing coming to participate in “Rise It! Girls”, he always hoped that she would exercise restrain and be patient, and he would try his best to hold up a limited umbrella for her.

It seemed ridiculous now.

It was true that he liked her, but it was also true that he didn’t deserve her.

Maybe only someone like Huo Yunshen who had the ability to completely cover her under his wings was suitable to stand by her side.

He was never qualified to think about it.

He Xiangjin was relieved, took a step back, and formally bowed to apologize to Yan Qing. When he walked to the door, he warned anxiously: “You should pay more attention, don’t let other people know that you are married, you are not just a singer or an actor, you are also an idol, and the exposure of a relationship can be fatal for you, let alone you being married.”

Yan Qing didn’t speak, and after standing in the same position watching him disappear, she slumped her shoulders slightly and sighed absent-mindedly.

She put on her hat and was about to leave, when she unexpectedly heard a little noise in the room.

The creak sounded like a door opening.

She was startled and was about to turn around to look when the footsteps that followed started approaching her. A warm palm wrapped around her waist and asked in a low voice, “Why are you in a daze?”

Yan Qing’s heartbeat accelerated several times.

She raised her head and saw that the man’s face was turned against the light, his facial features were exceptionally sharp and deep, and his eyes were staring at her, faintly declaring his sovereignty that she couldn’t object to, and which even gave her a little pleasure.

It was no wonder that someone was unusually generous and refreshing today, since he secretly hid in a small suite and eavesdropped on them!

What to say about Mr. Huo’s monitoring was too cold, people were obviously going to fight, and they had heard all her rainbow farts.

Yan Qing pursed her lips and raised her almond eyes to stare at him.

Huo Yunshen rubbed her waist deeply: “Don’t be angry, I’m just…”

Yan Qing interrupted him, and started to blame him without smiling: “If you would have said you were here, would I have stopped bragging? If I knew you were listening, I would say at least ten different things, let my family be a little happier!”

Huo Yunshen paused for a moment, and immediately hugged her.

Beloved by Qingqing.

His bad qualities, she always tolerated in the most gentle way.

But Huo Yunshen still cared about her absent-mindedness just now, and asked again, “What were you thinking when you were in a daze?”

Yan Qing leaned against his shoulder, exhaled slowly, and told the truth: “I was thinking about what happened to the fifth player recently, and He Xiangjin reminded me of those words, which made me feel bad, I’m like this…is it a deception?”

Huo Yunshen knew that what she was thinking had nothing to do with He Xiangjin, his eyes were clear, he stroked her back, and asked, “Was it your intention to participate in the show?”

“No,” Yan Qing shook her head, “I only signed the contract to help An Lan.”

“Is the marriage of your own accord?”

Yan Qing dug into his clothes: “…No, I was trapped by my husband.”

“When did the love start?”

Yan Qing raised her face and said with her lips bent, “Shortly after marriage, a few days ago, it is very fashionable to fall in love after marriage. I couldn’t stop it.”

Knowing that she was Yun Qing was the only thing that counted. She had really started to fall in love with him.

Huo Yunshen deeply kissed her between the eyebrows: “So what’s wrong? Who are you cheating on? You don’t want to be utilitarian, and you only became popular because you are good enough. As for marriage, if you didn’t agree to me at that time, the entire show team would have disappeared, you are saving them, you can’t do anything about falling in love, that’s your instinct, you’re just retrieving your memory.”

Yan Qing was coaxed into happiness by him, and all the things secretly entangled in her heart were sorted out.

“The most important thing is,” Huo Yunshen praised his wife without restraint, “Qingqing can write songs and sing, learn everything quickly, she is a capable singer, and others only regard you as an idol, because they are confused by your beauty.

Yan Qing couldn’t help laughing: “Mr. Huo’s tone is too complacent.”

He said solemnly: “Of course, I am proud of marrying a fairy.”

Yan Qing made up her mind and had a lot of things to talk about with him, but her phone vibrated abruptly, and it was An Lan’s call: “Baby, are you okay? It’s about time, they’re going to record the next part in five minutes, come back soon.”

“This is special, and it would be bad if too many people found out.”

Yan Qing had to stop the conversation, she tiptoed and kissed Huo Yunshen’s lips, and said: “Shenshen, I probably won’t be able to go home in the next three days, I have to stay and prepare for the final debut match, please don’t worry. After the show is over, I won’t need to live in the dormitory and can go back often.”

He asked leisurely, “Let me stay alone in the vacant room for three days, and all I get is just a kiss?”

Yan Qing’s ears turned red.

The most intimate and intense things had already been done, but if she was provoked by a few words, she would still have an unbalanced heart rate.

Yan Qing lowered her eyes and said, “Then, I’ll give you a few more kisses.”

The girl’s eyelashes were trembling, her cheeks were red, and her lips were slightly pursed, Huo Yunshen bit them rudely, and he felt as if his obsession had deepened.

Not too long, just for a minute.

Huo Yunshen reluctantly slowed down his offense and asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you wearing lipstick?”

Yan Qing took it out with unsteady breathing, not knowing what he was going to do.

He lifted her small chin, unscrewed the cap, and took some lipstick with his fingertips, then he patiently filled in her slightly mottled red lips.

Yan Qing looked at him with bated breath, his eyebrows were slightly twisted, his black pupils were deep, and he stared at her lips intently. His fingertips were hot and rough, and his rubbing back and forth gently, made her heart beat wildly.

After Yan Qing walked out of the door, she ran back to the location where the show was being recorded with an unknown smile all the way, and when she was about to congregate with the group, she inadvertently touched her pocket, and then she remembered that she had forgotten to let Huo Yunshen read the note that He Xiangjin had given her.

Such an important thing couldn’t be ignored!

He was really handsome and seductive, and it was easy to make mistakes.

But the crowd was so close at hand that it was impossible for her to go back. Yan Qing reluctantly put away the note first, planning to wait till she went home after recording three days later.

Let’s not talk about what He Xiangjin wrote in it. After all, it had been a long time since her memories had gone wrong, so she couldn’t be in a hurry.

Affected by the player’s love affair, the popularity of “Rise It! Girls” was unprecedentedly high, and related topics had been on the hot search for two days. Because of the intentional guidance of the program team, the final focus had fallen on Yan Qing. The influence had turned to positive expectations for her.

The final debut match was coming, and Yan Qing, as the S-position from start to finish, naturally attracted attention.

The debut competition was 17 in 9, and the top nine would automatically make their debut as a group. This time the competition system was the simplest and most direct. Each contestant would prepare a performance individually, and the ranking would be comprehensively determined by the number of votes from the on-site review and online voting channels.

The rankings were different, so the resource tilt after debut would naturally be different.

Yan Qing had worked hard for so long and did not want to make any mistakes in the final game. Even if she was not suitable to debut on this stage, she did not want to leave any regrets all the way to this day. She wanted to use her best state to perform.

The night before the official recording, Yan Qing was in the practice room until late at night, Ouyang and Xiao Curly couldn’t bear to stay awake, and she was the only one left.

At the quiet door, there was a sudden sound: “Yun Qing.”

Yan Qing was startled, and quickly realized who it was. She frowned, and it was indeed Su Li who was standing in the shadows.

She was busy sorting her clothes and asked politely, “Mr. Su is still here, it’s so late, what’s the matter?”

Su Li looked at her with a complicated expression and said, “I didn’t appear on the show the other day, I wanted to apologize to you, I didn’t know how to deal with it. I recently came back due to the accident with the player, but I can’t let it go, I wanted to see you.”

The more Yan Qing listened, the more awkward it became.

Where did the apology come from, and why did he keep saying it to her.

She had nothing to do with this man, and she had clarified many of the ridiculous questions he had asked.

Su Li’s good singing voice seemed very heavy at night: “You didn’t know me, but I have had a crush on you for nearly ten years, this circle is so chaotic, I have seen all kinds of women and I have long been sick of them. Because I miss you and can’t forget you, I am willing to believe that there are still people in the world who are not polluted by the dust.”

At that time, she glanced at him countless times. He had heard from others how the young daughter of the Yun family was out of this world and how if you don’t follow her, your life would be ruined.

His family was left in the middle of the road, and he desperately climbed up, hoping to save her from the fire pit one day and turn her back to the innocent and flawless Yun Qing.

As a result, now…

She had a chaotic personal relationship, and protected Huo Yunshen in every possible way. She even got married, and he couldn’t even be sure who her husband was?

Huo Yunshen? He was no longer the gangster he used to be. He sat on the entire Huo family throne and played a pivotal role. Could it be possible for him to get married so easily?

Or someone she knew before she became popular and couldn’t get on the stage at all.

Thinking of this, Su Li became even more annoyed.

Yan Qing angrily laughed, then she packed her things and walked out: “That’s your business, but you’re not responsible for me, right?”

The door was behind him, so Yan Qing had to pass him before she left, but she avoided him as much as possible. When passing by, he still grabbed her wrist: “Yun Qing, stay awake, I am your best choice, the past is not important, if you are willing to deal with those messy relationships, I..”

Yan Qing threw his hand away: “Who are you calling a mess?”

Su Li clenched his fists.

Yan Qing had a good temper and rarely got angry, but when it came to Huo Yunshen, she would explode at the slightest matter.

She glanced at Su Li coldly: “I think you are right, you should go to the hospital to get your brain checked when you have time. You always say that others are crazy when you open your mouth. I think it is you who is really crazy.”

He was still standing in the same place.

He pinched his hot mobile phone with hundreds of Yun Ling’s messages.

Yun Ling didn’t succeed last time, so she stopped whitewashing him, grabbed his handle, and asked him, the only person who could get close to Yan Qing, to provide her new opportunities.

Before he came, Yun Ling was hysterical: “Huo Yunshen smashed all those who were selling secret celebrity information in the circle, with his unrelenting attitude, it will only take him a few days to know that I was behind the illegitimate fan, and once I’m caught by him, I’m definitely done!”

“If I’m investigated, you won’t be able to run away! A little scandal can ruin your reputation!”

“I can’t take this breath, I don’t want to leave, you help me again, if something happens to Yan Qing, I’ll go to hide abroad immediately, and you’ll be safe.”

Su Li thought, if Yan Qing had changed her attitude and returned to the Yan Qing in his mind, he might have sacrificed for her.

But she intensified and completely shattered the beauty that belonged to Yun Qing in his heart.

Then she couldn’t blame him, she had the messy relationship and she got married, so she couldn’t blame others.

Su Li cautiously changed to a new mobile phone and a new account, and sent Yun Ling the video taken from the crack of the door. Before the progress bar was finished, he tried to stop several times, but his finger did not drop in the end.

He also booked a flight ticket for Yun Ling half a world away through a secure channel, and warned her: “Get out.”

The recording of the debut match started the next afternoon and continued until the end of the evening. This auditorium was the largest and could accommodate a large number of audience. The previous 1,000 public judges had risen to 3,000, achieving the effect of a small concert.

The online attention had also been soaring since before the recording. In order to play down the negative public opinion from before, the program team deliberately did not set up a strict confidentiality system, properly disclosed the photos of the scene, and also allowed the audience to bring mobile phones into the venue.

Before filming started, Yan Qing changed into her costume, leaned in the lounge with delicate makeup, and received the mobile phone provided by the program team.

“Yanyan, now the official blog is getting players to take selfies and post on Weibo. Everyone has already posted them, but you are the only one missing.”

Yan Qing asked, “Have you finished shooting and posted it yourself? What about the caption?”

“As you like, as long as you confess to the fans, and it’s not outrageous.”

Yan Qing hadn’t seen Huo Yunshen for three days, and couldn’t think of anything else, knowing that he should have entered the arena as an audience at this moment, and must be tying light signs to her everywhere.

She picked a good angle to take a picture, and couldn’t help adding a text: “The same is true today, I love you deeply.”

This was a kind of secret happiness.

Huo Yunshen arrived earlier than Yan Qing imagined. Not only him, but also a group of people led by Min Jing were scattered among the 3,000 spectators, conscientiously raising their hands and lighting up signs for his wife.

When he stared at the stage, someone next to him screamed: “Qingbao has posted on Weibo—” Huo Yunshen immediately refreshed, he was first attracted by the photo, then he zoomed in and observed each of her her eyelashes several times, and finally noticed the caption.

In the hustle and bustle of people, there was chaos everywhere.

His heart seemed to be held gently.

A few seconds later, the comment was rapidly growing and his was instantly drowned out.

“It’s the same every day, I love you deeply.”

Huo Yunshen thought that Yan Qing would not see it, but she had already secretly found his special account for star chasers and followed him secretly. Before taking the stage, she swiped the homepage with her mobile phone and saw someone’s confession at a glance.

Yan Qing’s shimmering eyes curled up, her super fan had sent the strongest support, and she must perform her best.

The first-round appearances of the players proceeded very quickly. After the end of the period, the single stage began immediately. From the last to the first, Yan Qing was to appear at the end.

She conscientiously waited till more than a dozen performances were iver backstage, and it wasn’t until about 8 pm when it was her turn.

Yan Qing stepped onto the stage in full costume. As soon as she appeared, she was overwhelmed by the cheers. She swept the audience, and her eyes stopped on the giant light sign in the center. She could only see his vague outline, but it was enough.

The lights dimmed, and the condensed light beams wrapped around her. Yan Qing closed her eyes with peace of mind and sang the first note.

Singing and dancing, her strengths and weaknesses, were all brought into full play in one performance.

Everyone at the scene knew that her votes would be far ahead, and she would sit firmly in the S position and make the headlines tonight. She would officially debut after the show, and she had a bright future. It won’t be long before she would be able to compete with all the first-line actresses.

Only Su Li, who was in the position of chief mentor, was on pins and needles.

It was coming…

In the huge venue, when the excited screams continued, a voice suddenly burst out: “Damn!”

No one paid attention at first, but within half a minute, the strange roars quickly became louder, gradually overwhelming the cheers, forming a hazy swirl in the field.

“What’s the situation!”

“Yan Qing is already married?!”

“Isn’t she a girl idol! The marketing account posted a video! She admitted that she was married!”

“I don’t know who the other party is?! Could it be that she married someone casually and came to the talent show to become popular and make money! This is crazy!”

Yan Qing couldn’t hear clearly on the stage, but she also felt the sudden change in the atmosphere, so she couldn’t help clenching the microphone nervously.

The mentors got up one after another, signalling the security to quickly control the scene.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes under the brim of his hat were so dark and gloomy that he didn’t need to pick up his mobile phone, he had already seen the picture on someone else’s screen, with the huge subtitles specially attached.

He remembered every word deeply. It happened in the room where Qingqing and He Xiangjin met three days ago.

He Xiangjin asked, “Did you marry voluntarily?”

She said, “I was too happy to marry him.”

The recording scene had become completely chaotic.

Since the show started two or three months ago, Yan Qing’s popularity had been high traffic. Most people had come to chase her. Coupled with the efforts of the show team in the past few days, many people had turned their dissatisfaction with the fifth contestant’s love life into love for Yan Qing, when the more exciting thunder slammed down, it had the effect of shaking the earth and the mountains.

It was too late for the audience to find out. In fact, someone used a trumpet account to expose the video more than ten minutes ago. Once it was released, it immediately became a hot search topic. How could the major marketing accounts not take action when they saw such a shocking news, they quickly joined the army of public opinion, and in a short time, the whole network knew it.

Not only that, the trumpet account that broke the news also kept up with new content, and it reasonably claimed that Yan Qing behaved disorderly during the show, her private life was chaotic, and she was provoking everyone.

She had provoked He Xiangjin, such that He Xiangjin had to quit the show in name of illness. After changing to Su Li, she intensified and pretended to be as innocent as a white lotus flower.

The most outrageous thing was that she even dared to get involved with the head of the Huo family, relying on a possible family relationship, to make a fortune in the show group, so later, President Huo ignored her and used his actions to clear the relationship, treating her as a passer-by.

The faces of the mentors changed, and the program team was urgently notified to suspend the recording and evacuate the audience.

Yan Qing was still on stage, vaguely guessing what happened.

Her cheeks were pale, she bit her lip and straightened her back, holding on to not show any panic, her eyes could not help looking for Huo Yunshen’s position, but the crowd was so cluttered that she couldn’t see him.

The stage became an island.

Online swearing was at its peak.

Fans of other popular players had been suffering with no chance to vent, but this time they could be regarded as proud, spontaneous and rhythmic, each of them was attacking Yan Qing’s Weibo every second, at a glance, it was full of scolding, and marketing accounts had taken screenshots to lead the trend.

“After a few months of chasing, she turned out to be a married woman?! Who can marry someone before debuting! Maybe he’s married to a poor and ugly man, you can’t imagine that a person who is called the goddess every day will be called wife by a short and poor man when she gets home.!”

“This kind of hypocritical white lotus has the nerve to hook up with He Xiangjin and Su Li! It’s so bad for the fans!”

“Isn’t the funniest thing that she clung to Mr. Huo? She said that she is a family friend with the Huo family, and the daughter of a wealthy family. But it’s all fake!”

“Who doesn’t know about Mr. Huo, why would he take care of her? I guess he regretted helping her in the first place. After seeing such a commotion, the Huo family would be the first to block her!”

“Agreed, Mr. Huo is still the sponsor of the show. Wait for Mr. Huo to speak up online! Let’s see how Mr. Huo abuses her!”

At the scene of the show, security was dispatched, and a large number of staff rushed in to maintain order.

More and more shouting and roaring continued.

Huo Yunshen, with the sinister blue veins on the back of his hand, edited a few pieces of information as quickly as possible and distributed them.

He raised his head and looked at the stage, where her slender figure like a treasure stood alone, pulling her skirt extremely dazzlingly.

She made him crazy at a glance.

He couldn’t wait, and couldn’t stand it.

He didn’t hesitate to switch to the certified Weibo, and on the completely blank page, under the name “Huo Yunshen”, he posted the first piece of content that belonged to him.

First of all, it was Yan Qing, who was being scolded, with a photo of his marriage certificate from his album, and then he typed word by word, “I’m married, the person belongs to me.”

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